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TV Remote Apps for iPhone

How many times has your TV remote gone missing? The general assumption is thatyou do so a couple of times every day. And then you try looking for it inLITERALLY every corner of the house. Isn’t that a true story? You even end uppicking fights with your siblings over a remote. Or just wait till your momstruggles hard to remember where she left it. Well TV remote apps make iteasier for you to swap channels and operate your TV even without having theremote.Let’s dig a little deep into the details.

What Is a TV Remote App?

As the name suggests, a remote app is an app that you can install on yoursmartphone. It will function just like a remote at times when you do not haveaccess to your TV remote. However, you need to know that not every smartphonesupports this feature. Your mobile should have an IR blaster for this featureto work. In case it does, you can download a TV Remote app and start usingyour mobile as a remote.However, there is another way to go about it as well. Today’s Smart TVs alsohave manufacturer apps. For instance, if you purchase a Samsung Smart TV, youwill get access to an app via the company. These apps can turn your mobileinto a remote as well. In case, you do not fall into the above two categories;you can always invest in hardware. You can opt for devices like displayadapters that turn Spectrum mobile into a remote.The focus of this blog, however, is to educate you about some of the best appsthat you can download on iOS or Android.

3. RemoteMaster

RemoteMaster is also a good option for all those who find it hard to keep aseparate remote for individual devices. This app gives you support for as manyas 6,000 brands. Apart from that, it covers over 200,000 devices. So, thechances that you would not be able to control a device in your house usingthis app are rare. You can use it to control 14 types of different devices.This even includes your fans, lights, and projector.These were some of the best TV Remote Apps for the iPhone. While many appswork best for both iOS and Android, some apps are best suited for Android.Download: RemoteMaster> Read also: Easy Ways to Connect iPhone to your TV

Why Get A Better Remote Control?

Think about it this way: What’s the first thing you reach for when you wantto watch a movie?It’s the remote control.It doesn’t matter whether you’re controlling a TV, Blu-Ray player, HTPC,Set Top Box (STB), or an Android TV box. You still have to click on the righticon to start playing the movie. If you end up getting frustrated by thecontroller, you’re going to have a pretty crappy experience.I don’t know about you, but I don’t like crappy experiences.

Best Of Your Other Options

I love Logitech mice and keyboards. When I first started playing with AndroidStick PC’s a few years ago, I used a Logitech K400 as my primary inputdevice. It was a little big to leave sitting next to the sofa all the time,which is what actually started me looking for better controllers.SHOP NOWEnter the Logitech T650 touchpad.You’ve already heard me complain about remotes that included touchpads. Thereason is that I’m used to the way the Logitech touchpads feel. Every onethat I’ve ever tried has been responsive, with a good, high-quality feel toit. This one is no exception.Android is a touch-based operating system. Having a touchpad just makes sense.Not everything is perfect, though. There are some quirks to using the T650with your Android TV box or Kodi HTPC.You’re going to have to update the T650 firmware before you do anything. Iknow … this is an exception to my “work straight out of the box” rule,but this is worth it.Without that firmware update, most of the touch features you’ve come to knowand love (and rely on) just plain don’t work on the T650. No tap-to-click,no pinch-zoom, no double-finger-right-click. Nothing.You’ll actually have to press down on the touchpad to do a left-clickselect. The “buttons” are actually in the feet of the device, which ispretty cool.With the firmware upgrade, which takes about 30 seconds to install(seriously), this is a whole different device – and one of my favorites.But be warned, while this is a great piece of kit, the price has recentlyskyrocketed, which means that it is not for the casual user. Only serious techgeeks will be tempted to fork out for this one.Find the best price on the Logitech T650 Touchpad at Amazon.com* * *

3. Yatse Remote App

Yatse is a third-party app for Kodi that gives Kore a run for its money.Like Kore, Yatse is a free remote mouse app that offers all of thefunctionality to control a Kodi device from your smartphone. It will give youthe same “remote control-like” interface in app form but will also addvoice commands in seven different languages.There is also an “Unlocked” version of the app that offers a bunch of coolfeatures, like being able to access your media library offline, as well assaving your settings to the cloud. The unlocked version is under $4, whichstill makes it less expensive than any of the other air-mice on this page.If you want to know more about Yatse, check out my article on the Yatse Remotefor Kodi here.* * *

4. Universal Remote App

If you aren’t using Kodi, but you still want a decent app that can turn yoursmartphone into a remote control for your Android TV box, skip the genericAndroid TV remote app and download the Universal Remote App.You can take control of any Wi-Fi enabled device as long as both of them areconnected to the same Wi-Fi network. The app also has the capacity to controltraditional infrared devices, but you will need a phone or tablet with aninfrared blaster for that to work.This app does everything you would expect a pretty good remote to do,including voice search powered by Google that works well with most Androiddevices.You can download the Universal Remote App here.* * *

How to Turn Your Android Device into a TV Remote

There are now a whole host of apps that you can download directly to yoursmartphone or Android device that will give you the ability to control yourTV, home theatre systems and streaming boxes. Android smartphones with IRblasters possess the ability to communicate with any device that receivescommands via infrared light beams. For many, the most practical application ofusing this function is to control your Smart TV.There are many Android universal remote apps available for download on GooglePlay and the App Store but the easiest one to use by far is Google’s AndroidTV Remote Control App. Below we’ve gathered all the information needed in aquick guide to help you set up the app so that you can navigate the controlsof your TV directly from your Android smartphone or device. Now that’s smart!

Step 1: Download and Set Up

* Visit Google Play or the App Store and download and install the Android TV Remote Control app. * Be certain that your smartphone or device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV. * Open the Android TV Remote Control app on your device. * Select the name of your Android TV. * A pin will appear on the screen of your TV. Enter this pin on your device. * Then select “Pair”. * This step can also be completed using Bluetooth as an alternative.Android devices are wonderful things and at All Slots Casino you can playmobile Bingo Bonanza anytime, anywhere!Source: casino-bonus

8. Dijit Universal Remote Control:

Dijit is a universal remote control app for your TV, players and all otherdevices which you can use from your smartphone. The key features of this appare custom menus and program guide for your favorites TV shows. It issupported on both Android and iPhone and requires the Griffin Beacon tofunction. This device pairs with the iPhone or android via Bluetooth. Itprovides complete control over your devices, the only downside is that youwill need an additional hardware.

2. Restart your iPhone and Apple TV

The problem might not be with your WiFi connection but with your devices.Restart your devices. These include your Apple TV and iOS device. If a simplerestart not working, try to force restart your iPhone.

3. Repair your iPhone If the problem is caused by iOS issues

If your iPhone has a software problem that’s causing the app to fail each timeit tries to connect to your Apple TV, you can try Tenorshare ReiBoot, which isable to repair iOS system to normal with simple clicks. Free download thissoftware and have a try when you are in need.Step 1. Launch ReiBoot after installing, Connect your iPhone with thatcomputer and choose “Repair Operating System” feature.Step 2. Click Download to download the latest firmware package. Your iOS willbe up to date after system recovery.Step 3. Repair iOS system with the firmware package. Your iPhone will berebooted and you can set up remote again.You may be also interested in How to Fix Apple TV Remote Not Connecting.”

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