What does Rooting a phone do

SRS Root Software

SRSRoot software program was our favorite for rooting android gadgets earlierthan Vroot arrived on the spectacle. Even though we’ve not used it for alittle while now but we still suggest it to users who did not have successwith the prior two. It’s been at the space for long and it has got lots ofpositive reviews by beta testers along with routine users of this best tool.You’re able to root plenty of android mobiles and apparatus by using thissoftware.Pros * Free Pc Software * Success Rate is very High * Covers Wide Android Line SupportCons * works only when connected to the internetDownload Now

What does Rooting a phone do?

Rooting is a process that lets you gain root access into the Android operatingsystem code (like for Apple devices we use the term jailbreaking). It givesyou the right to alter the software code onto the devices or installadditional applications which the manufacturer of the device would notordinarily allow you to.

Can I Unroot my phone after rooting?

It’s true, You can unroot your phone utilizing an App by the name of SuperSU,that could be downloaded in Google Play store, The Program may remove root andrestore Android’s stock recovery. We have covered the App in this articlealong with the download button.

Does Rooting void warranty?

Yes, rooting will probably void the warranty in the majority of cellphones.Rooting gets the possible danger of bricking the device making it useless.The consumer will be to be blamed and the cell phone manufacturer can’t beaccountable for this, and one can’t expect the phone manufacturer to changethe cell device in this case.

What Is Rooting a Phone?

Rooting is especially for smartphones, tablets, and other devices that arerunning the Android mobile operating system. It is a process of allowingAndroid users to gain privileged control over various Android subsystems.

Top 8 Best Android Root Tools

1. Kingo ROOT 2. One Click Root 3. KingRoot 4. iRoot 5. Wondershare TunesGo 6. Root Genius 7. VRoot 8. Towelroot

7: Damaged The Android Device Physically

If your device powers ON, then direct and easiest solution to wipe data fromAndroid phone & tablet can be done with the help of Android Data Eraser. Itwill help you to: * Erase, Deleted, Wipe data permanently from Android device with the screen is broken/smashed or damaged. * Permanently remove, wipe or erase data from locked, broken, virus infected Android device. * Also, delete or wipe hidden data on Android. * 100% safe, secure and easy to use.The most fragile component of the Android device is probably its screendisplay. It’s very common for Android phone and tablet users to end upstranded with a broken, unresponsive, black or non-functional device.

1: Wipe Data Using Android Device Manager

If you have set up your Android to use Android Device Manager features, thenyou can possibly able to wipe a device from there. But you have to make surethat your device is Switched ON (even if your device is locked it will work)and it is connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile data is ON. Then the below steps willwork (I’ve tested it myself several times). * Head to Android Device Manager on your PC. * Select your Android device from the Menu of your registered device. * Select the option “Erase” from the list and confirm it by clicking on the Erase button.This will delete all the data that was saved on your device.> Additional Reading: How To Unlock Android Phone If It Gets Locked Due To Any> Possible Reasons

Steps To Wipe Data From Android Phone With Broken Screen

Step 1: Connect Your Android Device To ComputerLaunch Android Data Eraser on your computer. And select ‘Date Eraser’ optionamong all the available options.After this connect your Android phone to Computer via USB cable. Make sure USBdebugging is enabled on your phone. If your phone is running on Android OSversion 4.2.2 or above, then it will pop-up message on your phone asking youto allow USB debugging. Simply Tap on OK to continue.Step 2: Start Erasing Your Android DeviceAfter this, Data Eraser will detect and connect your Android phoneautomatically. Next, click on ‘Erase All Data’ button to start the process ofdeleting all your data permanently.As every erased data is not recoverable, ensure you have backed up all yourimportant data before you proceed. After that, enter “000000” in box toconfirm the action.Now, Data Eraser for Android will start erasing all the data on your Androiddevice. The whole process of wiping out data completely takes just fewminutes. While the deleting process is in progress, it is recommended that youmust not disconnect your phone or open any other app on your PC.Step 3: Finally Perform Factory Data Reset on Your Android DeviceAfter all the data such as photos, videos, contacts, messages, app data,browsing history and all other privacy data have been totally deleted, DataEraser will ask you to tap on Factory Data Reset or Erase All Data on thephone. This will ensure in complete deletion of all the settings on the phone.Now your Android phone has been completely wiped out and it is now like abrand new phone.> Additional Reading: How to Recover Contacts from Broken Android Phone

3: Erase Android Data By Using Android Lost App

Log-in to Google Play Store via Computer, and try to push install the “AndroidLost App” on your device. If the app gets installed successfully, then you maybe able to Wipe Android phone data remotely from the Android Lost website.

5: Wipe Data Using Android SDK (Only Rooted Device With USB Debugging

Enabled)If you have rooted your device and USB debugging is already enabled before youlost the accessibility to use the touch screen, then there is another possibleway that you can follow to erase Android data.You need to install Android SDK or SDK Tools on your PC and then apply ADBcommand to wipe data.Here how to do it: * From the platform-tools folder, type: “adb shell“then press “Enter“. * From the ADB prompt, type: “wipe data” then press “Enter“.After this, if you see a message saying “Done wiping /data“, then it meansthat you have successfully wiped data on from your device.> Additional Reading: How To Recover Android Data Without USB Debugging

7: Damaged The Android Device Physically

This is the last option, if you do not want your device back or if you do notwant to repair the screen but you want your personal photos, videos, and othersensitive data to be secure and safe and want to prevent it from stranger orunauthorized person, then you must physically damage the device into smallpieces.Some people believe that data recovery is still possible even if the device isbroken and there is software that can really extract data from Android devicewith broken screen. But if you smash or broke your device into various smallpieces then who is going to bother to mess up with your broken device just tosee your personal pictures or hack sensitive information.> Additional Reading: How To Secure Android: 10 Tips for Securing Your> Phone/Tablet”

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