What Do We Expect From Google Camera on the Samsung Phone

Google Camera – Features

The Pixel 3 (XL) phones are one of the best camera smartphones of 2018, evenwhen it comes to the only single-lens camera. Not only this, but Google stilloffers the same Sony IMX363 sensor in its newer Pixel 4a. But every Googlesmartphone capture very impressive images. Google made this possible with somesoftware implementations, which uses Artificial Intelligence to make picturesmore realistic. Talking about the features aka highlights then, the GCam’sNight Sight Mode and Astrophotography Mode are its highlights. Well, theupdated app also has improved PhotoSphere, Slow Motion, Playground (ARStickers), RAW support, HDR+ mode, Panorama, Lens Blur, Portrait mode (withFocus Slider), Google Lens mode & few more.Before Downloading the Gcam Mod 6.1, Check our Detailed Guide on Google Camerawith its Features & Use

How to Install Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy Phones (S8, S9, S8+, S9+,

S10, S20, Note 8/9 & Note 10/20) 1. At first, download the app accordingly for your smartphone (from the links available in the download section). 2. Once done, install the google camera APK. (You can also find the downloaded app in file explorer). 3. That’s it. Open the app & grant the needed permissions like Camera, Microphone, Storage, and Location.So, Capture the beautiful moments of your life with Google Camera on yourSamsung Galaxy smartphone.If you’ve any error, drop a comment down in the comment section. Also, sharethis article with your friends.

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Download latest Google Camera APK for Samsung Galaxy Devices withAstrophotography mode [Gcam Mod]The latest Gcam 7.3 mods are now available for download with stunning NightSight feature Astrophotography mode. You can try Gcam mods from developerslike Urnyx, Parrot, and even Arnova which are universal builds and work withmost Android phones. If you are looking for a stable build, then you can trythe popular Gcam 6.1 from the Pixel 3 that works very well with Samsungphones. Moreover, the new Google Camera Go will work on almost every Androidphone capable of taking a photo. While the Gcam 6.1 and Gcam Go may not comewith Nigh Sight mode or even Astrophotography mode, it is quite stable andruns for sure on Samsung Galaxy devices.Samsung is currently rolling out their latest and most popular One UI 2.1firmware update based on Android 10 for their previous flagship phonesincluding Galaxy S10 series and Note 10 series. This is great news because nowyou can run the latest Google Camera 7.3+ on your Samsung phones. LatestGoogle Camera 7.0, Gcam 7.2, and even the Gcam 7.3 are now available fordownload originally from the Pixel 4 and 4 XL phones. The Gcam developerscommunity started porting the new Google camera 7.3 to various Androiddevices. Luckily, there are still some developers who are supporting Samsungphones. So download and install the latest Google Camera 7.3 or modded Gcam 7APK for Samsung Galaxy phones.Naturally, the latest Gcam 7.3 mods also feature the stunning newAstrophotography mode. The previous Gcam 6.2 from the Pixel 3 had the NighSight mode. A new Astrophotography mode from Pixel 4 can now be activated fromthe same Night Sight tab. Following you will see the latest Gcam 7.0 or eventhe 7.2 mods for Android 10 and 9 Pie. While these best work on Snapdragonprocessors, you can also try the camera mods on Exynos variants of the SamsungGalaxy devices.The Google Camera 7.3 mod listed in the downloads section below should work onboth Exynos and Snapdragon variants of Samsung Galaxy phones running Android10 or even 9 Pie. It has been tested working on Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, Note10/10+. You may still try some of it on older Samsung phones like Galaxy S9,S9 Plus, Note 9, Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and the Note 8. Also, the Galaxy M20,M30, M30s, M40, A20, A30, A40, A50, A50s, A70, and A80.

Google Camera 7.3 by Urnyx05

Urnyx05’s latest Gcam 7.3 works perfectly fine with Samsung’s latest One UI2.0 firmware based on Android 10. Tested working on the Galaxy S10e, S10,S10+, and the Note 10/10+ devices Snapdragon or Exynos variants. Workingfeatures include custom lib patcher, HDR frame control, Portrait, Wide Anglelens (enable aux button in settings), and Astrophotography mode under NightSight. You can also enable wide angle lens and telephoto lens in the settings.Urnyx05’s Gcam is highly recommended for users on Samsung’s latest One UIfirmware based on Android 10 or 8 Pie. The new Gcam 7.2 mods by the developerhave been tested working on Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, and the Note 10/10+devices Snapdragon or Exynos variants. It features Astrophotography mode underNight Sight. You can also enable wide angle lens and telephoto lens in thesettings.

Google Camera 7.3 by parrot

Gcam 7.2 mods by the developer Parrot are very versatile. The developer isquite committed in supporting all of the Android devices and the latestAndroid version too. The following Google Camera mods feature a huge changelogwith many big fixes. It should work on most of the Samsung smartphones runningAndroid 10 or even 9 Pie. You can explore the developer’s full repository foryour perfect Gcam.

Google Camera 7.3 by Arnova (Gam 7.3)

The most popular Gcam developer Arnova has finally stepped into the latestGoogle Camera v7.3 Mod. Arnova, today released the first Gcam 7.3 beta APK. Aswe know, the developer’s builds are compatible with most for all the Androiddevices out there and can be termed as universal Gcam builds. The Gcam 7.3 APKby Arnova is a turning point because it means support for more Android phones.

Google Camera 7.3 (Gcam 7.3) mod by BSG

BSG, or B-S-G, is the main guy behind the Gcam project. While the developermostly support Xiaomi phones, the ports are universal and should work on otherAndroid devices too.

Stable Google Camera Gcam 6.2 for Exynos Samsung Galaxy devices

If none of the above mods work, then don’t worry, you can still download theprevious version of Google Camera on your Exynos Samsung Galaxy devicesrunning Android 9 Pie. Download and install the stable Gcam Mod 6.2 from Pixel3 (XL). See how to setup latest Google camera for Snapdragon or Exynosvariants from our detailed tutorial of Gcam 6.1 listed below. Also, downloadthe latest XML file for your Samsung phone to make the Gcam work perfectly.The working Gcam 6.2 has been created by recognized developers Arnova.Stable Google Camera 5.1: If you are looking for a more stable Google Cameraversion, the try installing the Gcam 5.1 from below. As the Exynos processormay not support the Gcam, you should settle with Google Camera 5.1 by thedeveloper Idan on your Samsung Galaxy M20, M30, M30s, M40, A20, A30, A40, A50,A50s, A70, and A80. Also for the older devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, S7Edge, Galaxy A series devices, Galaxy J series devices, S6, S6 Edge, Note 5,Note 4, then you may also want to try the previous Google Camera 5.1 availablein our previous post here.You may also like:More Google Camera Mods:How to Install GCam for All Samsung Exynos Phone (Google Camera)If you enjoy mobile photography, especially on Android devices, you should beaware of the GCam app. The Google Camera (GCam) software does not need anyintroduction because it is one of the best third-party camera applications fora non-Pixel Android smartphone. If you have a mid-range or flagship Androidsmartphone with a decent camera, most photos would lack crisp specifics andcolor quality if you don’t have the Google Camera app. So, in this guide, youare going to learn how to download and install GCam (Google Camera) for allSamsung Galaxy Exynos devices.Furthermore, GCam or Google Camera is rarely available on Samsung phones withExynos chipsets. However, developers such as Zoran, IDan, MadnessKnight, andothers have released numerous GCam builds for Exynos-based phones. Zoran, forexample, is aggressively working to introduce the most recent GCam 7.4 buildsto Samsung Exynos mobile.What You Will Learn in This Guide:

Why for Samsung Exynos?

Since the majority of Samsung devices (global) use Exynos processors, userscannot find compatible or functional Google Camera software for suchparticular versions. Although Snapdragon-powered computers are more developer-friendly than Exynos models. As a result, you will get GCam ported APK filesfor the majority of Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy users.

Google Camera (GCam)

The Google Camera app offers a beautiful color contrast ratio with a strongerdynamic range, exposure speed, and so on thanks to powerful softwaredevelopment. It has a basic camera interface with a plethora of advancedsettings, Google Lens integration, Night Sight mode, Portrait mode with focusslider, Slow-Motion, HDR+, HDR+ Enhanced, Playground (AR Stickers), Lens Blur,PhotoSphere, RAW image option, improved video stabilization, and so on.The GCam app also provides improved edge detection in portrait images, goodshadow & depth in low lighting environments, and color levels that are similarto reality, all of which lead to capturing a better picture. At the time ofpublication, ZGCam Exynos had exchanged ZGCam 692. (latest version). Thiscreator deserves all of the credit.

Install GCam Samsung Exynos

* Download the GCam APK file on your device. * Now, enable Unknown Sources options from the device Settings > Security or Privacy. * Tap on the GCam APK file again to install it. * Launch the GCam app and give all the required permissions. * You’re done.

What Do We Expect From Google Camera on the Samsung Phone?

By default, Google Camera is built to run only on Google Pixel and legacyNexus phones, not on any Samsung phones. However, due to its unrivaled imageprocessing capability, it has enticed more developers and consumers to port itfor many Samsung phones, which is known as the GCam port. On a Samsung tablet,Google Camera Port uses its superior software processing to produce morebeautiful images than the stock camera app.Furthermore, let me state that the images provided by the GCam Port are atleast 8 or 9 times better than the images produced by the Stock Camera of anySamsung handset. And believe me when I say that I have checked almost all ofthe big Android phones, including the latest ones. One curious thing is thatI’ve lost track of how many times I’ve used the Stock Camera on my mobilesince I started using a ported GCam software for my Android phone.This is how you can download and install GCam for Samsung Exynos devices. Formore details, visit cyanogenmods.Read More:”

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