Tutorial How To Apply Different Wallpapers On Each Home Screen In Android

[Tutorial] How To Apply Different Wallpapers On Each Home Screen In Android

When it comes to applying wallpapers to our Android device’s home screen, wecan do it in two ways. We can either use scrolling home screen wallpaper whichwill make it stretch across all our screens, or we can use static wallpaperand make it look the same on all our screens. One of the options that does notexist is the possibility to add an individual wallpaper to each of our homescreens. Thanks to a small app, we can bypass this limitation, and in thistutorial I will show you how to do that. To get started follow the steps below.Step 1: Visit Google Play to download and install MultiPicture Live Wallpaperon your Android device.Step 2: Once the app is installed, tap on your Android device’s Menu buttonfrom the Home screen and then select Wallpaper.Step 3: Choose Live wallpapers.Step 4: Here you will have the option to select MultiPicture Live Wallpaper,tap on that option.Step 5: Tap on Settings located in bottom right.Step 6: Then tap on Add individual settings.Step 7: Choose the home screen number you want to configure and then tap OK.Step 8: The app will add the home screen personal configuration module underSettings.Step 9: Now tap on e.g. Screen 1 settings and select the wallpaper that youwant to apply for that screen. You can configure different aspects such aspicture source, background color, opacity, etc…Step 10: Now repeat Step 10, Step 11 and Step 12 for other home screens toapply different images.If you found this tutorial, you may like to explore our Android tutorialsection for more.[ttjad keyword=”android-device”]Apply a Different Wallpaper on Each Android Home ScreenSpeaking in general, a wallpaper on Android can be applied in two ways. We caneither use scrolling wallpaper which is a stretched landscape picture thatslides a little as we move from one home screen to another or we can use astatic wallpaper that doesn’t scroll when we change home screen.I am not sure how many of you are aware of the fact, but some entry leveltouch screen Samsung phones (Corby and Monte) used to come with a featureusing which one could apply distinct wallpaper to each home screen. I lovedthis feature and wanted something similar on my device as well.Cool Tip: See how you can schedule wallpaper change on your Android phoneautomatically.Different wallpapers for different home screens can be used like we use soundprofiles, and here’s how you can get the functionality on your Androidsmartphone. We will be using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper, a live wallpaper appfor Android, for the task.Note: The app doesn’t work on HTC devices running Sense 3 (and above) userinterface. I tried the app on Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC One X. It workedperfectly in the former but failed on the latter.

Applying Different Wallpaper on Each Home Screen

Step 1: Download and install MultiPicture Live Wallpaper on your Androidsmartphone. After installing the application open the menu on your home screenand select Live Wallpaper to list all the live wallpapers installed on yourandroid.Step 2: Here select MultiPicture Live Wallpaper and tap on the Preview optionto configure the settings. Make sure you don’t apply the wallpaper before youhave configured it or you will see black patches on the home screen.Step 3: In settings tap the option Add individual settings and when theapplication asks you the home screen you would like to configure, give thenumber and tap the OK button. The app will instantly add the home screenpersonal configuration module.Step 4: Now tap on the Screen N Settings and select the wallpaper that youwould like to apply to the current screen. You can also configure aspects likebackground color, size ratio, image saturation and opacity.Step 5: Repeat the steps for each of the home screens you would like to applydifferent wallpaper to. If you would like to use a global wallpaper on two ormore home screens, select the option Common settings and configure the defaultwallpaper that would be used by the image.So that’s how you can apply a different wallpaper on every home screen of yourAndroid smartphone.After selecting the images and configuring the application, each time youswipe your screen from left to right, you will notice the effect.The application is a bit resource hungry and takes quiet a reasonable amountof the device battery in transitions. Therefore, if you are running theapplication on an entry-level Android phone you might get some frame rateissues in between transition.

How to Customize Pixel 4a Home Screen Settings

Step 1: Long press on the blank space of the home screen and tap on “Homesettings“.Google Pixel 4a includes the below-given home screen settings.Notification dots: Show dots icon on the app when you receive newnotifications.At a Glance: Show next upcoming calendar (Meeting) events and work profile atthe top of your home screen. Toggle on it to use.Add app icons to home screen: You can see the app icon or shortcut to the homescreen when you download a new app from the play store.Swipe to access Google app: Swipe left to open the Google app from the homescreen in your Pixels. You can see your favorite topics latest news here. Bydefault turned on this.Suggestions: It will suggest your recently used apps, most-used apps, androutines. Also, added new suggestions on the home screen in the latest stockAndroid 11 OS running Pixels.Allow home screen rotation: Toggle on it to automatically rotate the homescreen when your phone is rotated.

How to Set Home Screen Wallpaper in Google Pixel 4a 5G

Step 1: “Long press on the blank area of home screen” in your Pixels. Touch on“Styles & wallpapers”.Step 2: Select “My photos” to choose your own picture from the gallery ordefault category wallpaper.Step 3: Touch on the “Picture” you like.Step 4: Click “Set wallpaper” at the bottom middle.Step 5: Tap “Home screen”.Other options are the lock screen and home screen & lock screen.Alternative Way: Settings > Display > Styles & wallpapers > Wallpaper > Selectthe wallpaper category > Choose a wallpaper > Set wallpaper > Home screenCheck Also: How to Customize home screen in Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

How to Add Widgets to Home Screen on Pixel 4a

Step 1: Touch & hold the blank area of home screen and click on “Widgets”.Step 2: “Touch & hold the widgets” to set home screen in Pixel 4a.

How to Create App Folder on Home Screen in Google Pixel 4a

Step 1: Open the App drawer in your Pixels.Step 2: Tap & hold the app (One by one) and move it to the home screen.Step 3: “Touch & hold the home screen app and drag & drop it to another app”to make a new folder. It will automatically create a folder name base on apps.

How to Change the Icon Shape (Home screen & App drawer) in Pixel 4a

Step 1: Long press on the blank space of the home screen and tap on “Styles &wallpapers”.Step 2: Click on “Style”.Step 3: Tap on “Screen” and click on “Next” until view the shape options.Step 4: Select the “Icon shape” from the list and touch on “Next”.Step 5: “Enter the Name your style” and click on the “Apply” button.It’s easy to customize home screen in Google Pixel 4a. If you have any kind ofquery, tell us in the below comment.How to set or change Android wallpaperIt’s a new day and you got your first salary at work which makes you thinkof purchasing a new phone. What you wish to get is an Android mobile deviceand you are quite baffled on how to set things straight and right.Everything seems a bit blurry for you when it comes on having a new Androidphone especially when it is your first time to have it. For this certainsituation, you then have minded on taking your way on changing its wallpaperbecause it looks a bit dull for you. Nothing is actually wrong when talkingabout this wallpaper setting. You just need to add a bit of spice on your newsweetheart (Your smartphone absolutely makes you see it as a massive part ofyou) because you wish to add up more spectacular spectrum on it, referring toandroid wallpaper settings.If you’re in enormous questions on how to set or change Android wallpaper onthe device then this tutorial will certainly bring you towards precise answerswhich you will totally be impressed. Everything which is reflected in herewill never leave you with troubles since straightforward answers are alreadysprouted.There are actually a variety of choices you may dig in when it comes onwallpapers for android phones. You may take absolute glances towards livewallpapers or those that are set as traditional. Live Android phone wallpaperis an image which is animated. It commonly reacts to your touch or remainsmoving when opening your smartphone. As for a traditional android setwallpaper, this type is completely taken from a wide selection of stillimages. You can actually preload these images as a wallpaper phone. Some mayeven do the job of plucking them from the smartphone’s gallery. You can evenuse your own shots to set as wallpaper which is absolutely astounding.

Solution 1: Set you Android Phone Wallpaper from Home Screen

As a link to the question of, “How do I change the wallpaper?”, answersare given below. What I have altered on the wallpaper on my phone are sharedin here.Step 1 Start by long-pressing the Home screen. You need to be keen on thispart and look out for an empty part since you might miss something which then,in turn, will delete some apps unknowingly. As for a long press, you need tokeep your fingers down on your screen for a few seconds and a wallpaper menuwill appear immediately.Step 2 If you’re having a tough time looking for the wallpaper menu on thehome screen then another option can actually help you with that. There aresome Android device brands which take a different method. As for this part,just by simply looking for the settings button and pressing it, you will thenfind features and systems which include the option Personalize.Step 3 Find the Theme option and press it. It will bring you the Theme Center.You will then find a variety of options you wish to use such as Theme, Call,Lock Screen, System UI, Boot Animation, Notification UI, Contact Manager, andthe one you needed the most, Desktop Wallpapers. Be sure to click the latterand it will bring you towards available built-in wallpapers for the device.(Specifically, this photo was taken from Lenovo s820)Step 4 What you can see right now are assorted options of still images whichyou may use as your home wallpaper. Be sure to check out each image byclicking the preferred one. It will bring you to the crop setting whichprovides options such as to be used as desktop or lock screen. Be in no doubtto check the one which you desire to use.Step 5If you are still doubtful of the selected image then previewing it canbe done. Everything is totally perfect with this. Just by simply pressing thepreview button, you will be led on the entirety of the image (as how it mayappear on your device when used or selected). You can even hover it from leftto right to see how it distinctively looks. When you’re satisfied with whatyou’ve seen then you may press the Apply button and, congratulations, youhave just changed your monotonous wallpaper into a new and vivid one.

Solution 2: Change Android Phone Wallpaper on Gallery

There are still more options to change android background. For this part, youmay take your way towards your phone’s gallery. Wallpaper settings androidare extremely effortless in here. Here are some easy and valuable steps inchanging your tedious wallpaper by the worthwhile help of your phone’sgallery.Step 1 Drive your way on your Home screen and try to look for the Gallerymenu.(In this photo, the gallery menu was placed inside a folder since thephone’s owner just arranged everything so to be neat. For newly-boughtmobile devices, you may easily find the Gallery by hovering your fingers onthe screen until you can find what you are seeking. As for other devices,everything can be found simply at the Home screen.)Step 2 Open your gallery and you will see photos you’ve taken or saved. Itis tremendously trouble-free to alter your wallpaper by your own shot whichyou can find on this option. Begin looking for photos you wish to set aswallpaper android.Step 3 Click the much loved image and look for the Set As option. Beginpressing the Set As button and bring yourself to a range of options. Look forWallpaper and press it immediately. Start cropping if you wish to change wallpaper size or you opt to exclude some parts of the photo, and press the Applybutton right away. Voila! Your Home screen wallpaper is now perfect for yourview.Now, let’s talk about live wallpaper. Basically, some individuals prefer notto apply this option because the lifespan of your battery in use will be atstake. Remember that this type of matter is like you’re looking at a videothat doesn’t require you to push the button just to see the images moving.However, there still are techy persons who rather yearn to see some live andinteresting actions working on their screen than staring solely on staticshots.Since animated wallpaper settings are not similar to captured videos andputting it already in the home screen, might as well consider on downloadingsome related formats from various sources such as those from the app store.Better go on the categorized section found on app store which falls under thepreference of animated kind of wallpaper.Another thing that benefits the people from how innovative the technology istoday, almost everything is being converted into simple and high-end basedsoftware. The software we are talking about does not range only to organizingour files from the gallery or business folders but to make the android changebackground in a much convenient way as the portable software can be installedto any type of phone a user has.On which case, maximize your way of exploring things over the applicationstore. Depending on the remaining usable memory on the phone, download thesoftware which suits your style and utilize for convenience. Just rememberthat in doing so, try not to forget on reading reviews regarding on everysoftware you are eyeing on to ensure of a high-quality form of portablesoftware that is capable to change the wallpaper on your phone instantly.

Part 1: Lock or Unlock Samsung Home Screen Layout

Samsung smartphones are quite the elite in the Android market. This company isknown for presenting a series of different, intuitive Android phones that areintegrated with the best of the features, making their use prolific andeffective. While having a Samsung smartphone with upgraded features, you cansimply lock or unlock the Samsung home screen layout by following a series ofsimple steps.Step 1 Open up the “Settings” of your Samsung smartphone.Step 2 Navigate through the list and open “Display.”Step 3 Open up “Home Screen” from the following window. The option of “LockHome Screen Layout” will be available on the list, which can be toggled on andoff with the simple button.

Part 2: How to Unlock the Redmi Home Screen Layout

Redmi has been developing its image among the top-grossing smartphonedevelopers in the world. It has been progressively creating impressive mobilemodels that are both economical and fully jacked with features that are notusually found even in the top-notch mobile models of the other smartphonedeveloping companies.However, Redmi offers quite a significant feature set inclusive of unlockingthe home screen layout. The following step-by-step guide provides a detailedunderstanding of these features that answers your primary question of ‘how doI unlock my home screen layout’ in Redmi.Step 1 Have your upgraded Redmi Mobile phone opened and propagate to the”Settings” option of your phone.Step 2 Navigate through the Settings and locate the option of “Home ScreenOption” on the list.Step 3 You need to tap on the option of “Home Screen Layout.” It is usuallyrepresented in the form of a toggle option that can be both enabled anddisabled easily from the settings.

Method 1: Icon Positions of Home Screen Layout

For this method, you need to pinch the two fingers off your hand together onthe home screen of your Huawei smartphone. This opens up the “Home ScreenSettings” mode on your front. With the settings on the screen, you can simplyenable or disable the “Lock Layout.””

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