Top 10 Phone Transfer Software Free Download

Top 10 Phone Transfer Software Free Download

Getting a new phone can be pretty exciting. After you changed your phone, thefirst thing you should do is to transfer contacts, messages, images andimportant information from the old phone to your new one. To switch to a newphone and transfer phone data can be fun, but it can also be equallyfrustrating. Good thing there is free phone transfer software that will makethe job easy.

1. dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) is the highly recommended mobiletransfer tool. Whether it’s a new phone or an upgrade, this allows phone datatransfers in just one click. You can also backup your phone data to anotherdevice or computer without losing. What’s more, it is easy for you to retrievecontacts, sms messages, and other apps to phone once phone back up is done.Best phone Transfer Sotware between different devices * Data transferred is exactly the same as original ones. * Serves as a backup tool for phone data to be saved. * Supports more than 3,500 phone models and different networks. 3,990,885 people have downloaded itStep-by-step guide on how to transfer data between iPhone and Android deciveStep 1 Run the dr.fone and connect the devices. Next, to change how the sourceor destination device is placed, just tap on “Flip” on the screen. Pleasenote the data is transferred from source device to the destination one.Step 2 Select the types of data to transfer. After this is done, please go onto tap on “Start Transfer”.Step 3 Transfer data from iPhone/iPad to Android phone or tablet. Please makesure the devices stay connected during the data transfer process.* * *

3. dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) allows the transfer, and back up of music,playlists and videos in one iDevice to another and can easily transfer musicinformation including album artwork and sync ripped audio, which cannot bedone in iTunes.Key Features: * quick transfer of music files and in batches * allows sharing of music files and playlists in all devices without restrictions from iTunes * gives the option to convert media files to any format Pros: * audio quality remains the same after the transfer * llows you to back up your media files on your computer * allows the transfer of media files in high speed * * *

4. Mobile Trans from Wondershare

Mobile Trans from Wondershare is another free phone transfer software, whichallows you to transfer data between Android, iPhone, and Symbian in a singleclick.Key Features: * transfers contacts, sms, music, videos, images and call logs and can work with about 2000 phones * backs up phone data to PC * can extract backed up data by Samsung Kies, Blackberry and iTunes and transfer to new device Pros: * supports different networks like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile * risk-free and no loss of quality Cons: * the software version for Mac is unable to transfer data to and from Nokia(Symbian) phones * * *

10. TunesGo

TunesGo allows you to share, manage, and restore your iTunes music and videosfor free.Key Features: * can save iPhone MMS, SMS and iMessages with attachments and in different formats * can rebuild lost iOS device photos and albums from device to PC * can automatically fix album art, song and album information in case of a system crash Pros: * you can share and manage your music playlists without iTunes restriction * can catch any duplicates and only copy the files that are not present in the destination library. * Import and convert music and video into iDevice formats. Cons: * * can only be used with Apple products * needs to be installed in a PC or laptop

How to fix?

Now let us take a closer look at the most efficient ways to fix Move to iOSnot working. The troubleshooting steps are listed below; select what appliesbest to you:🔸 Move to iOS could not communicate with device🔸 Move to iOS unable to migrate🔸 Move to iOS transfer interruptedError type | Troubleshooting —|—

Move to iOS transfer interrupted

| 1. Choose to Keep Wi-Fi during sleep on your Android phone; 2. On Android device, connect to Wi-Fi network under airplane mode; 3. Make sure other apps or incoming calls do not interfere with Move to iOS; 4. If the steps above didn’t help and you want to try an alternative way to transfer your data, proceed to the next section.

How long does Move to iOS take

According to Apple, the duration of the transfer depends on how much contentyou’re moving and may take from 10 minutes up to 1 hour.However, some users claim that it takes much longer than expected:

An alternative to Move to iOS

If the Move to iOS feature keeps bombarding you with the same errors, it makessense to look for other options. Luckily, CopyTrans developed a bundle of appsfor the job.Indisputable advantages of using CopyTrans programs:To start with, select the type of data you need to transfer from Android toiPhone:🔸 Photos🔸 Contacts🔸 Music

An alternative to Move to iOS for transferring photos

If you have a PC at hand, you can easily move photos from Android to iPhonewith CopyTrans Photo.Here is how to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone using CopyTrans Photo: 1. First, you need to download photos from Android. Connect your Android device to a PC, navigate to This PC, find your Androiddevice and double-click on it. Go to the DCIM folder to find your photos. 2. Select the ones you wish to transfer and copy them to an empty folder on your PC. 3. When you have your Android pictures on the PC, you can transfer them to your new iPhone. For that, you’ll need to download and install CopyTrans Photo:Download CopyTrans Photo 4. Then, start CopyTrans Photo and connect the iPhone to your PC. Find the folder with your Android photos in the rightmost pane, then drag and drop it to the leftmost pane as shown below. 5. Click Apply changes. 6. That’s it! 💡 For a more detailed guide, refer to How to transfer photos from Android toiPhone?

An alternative to Move to iOS for transferring music

Our free tool CopyTrans Manager will help you transfer music from Android toiPhone: 1. Connect your Android device to PC and open “This PC”. Search for the Music folder and copy it to your Desktop. 2. To add music to iPhone, download CopyTrans Manager: Download CopyTrans Manager 3. And – you guessed it! – finish transferring music from Android to iPhone by dropping the folder to the CopyTrans Manager interface. All your Android music, including album artworks, artists and album names will be there. 4. Hit the Update button to finish the transfer.💡For more details, read our extended guide on How to transfer music fromAndroid to any iPhone?To sum up, Move to iOS app can be a helping hand when switching from Androidto iPhone. However, this is not the best option due to recurring errors or ifyou want to sell, recycle or give away your Android device. CopyTrans productsare a reliable method to safely move your data. We hope the methods describedin the article will help you avoid Move to iOS not working issue andsuccessfully transfer data from Android to iPhone.Move Files Back and Forth between Android/iOS and Mac/PC

Supported Transfer Direction:

Far better than iTunes, Phone Manager can transfer files between iOS, Android,iTunes, Computer with simple steps. Computer (Win & Mac) ←→ iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android DevicesiTunes ←→ iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android phone and tabletiPhone/iPad/iPod/Android ←→ iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android

Music and Videos

“Transfer Music, Videos, Playlist, iTunes U, Podcasts, Audiobook, TV Showsetc. with intellectual Transfer for both iOS and Android.”Phone manager software can fast transfer music while maintaining quality, atthe same time automatically smart convert file to iOS or Android compatibleformats and fix music tags. In addition, phone manager also enables you toone-click transfer the playlist, skip duplicate ones, customize personalringtones, and share purchases through Apple IDs, Google Play and Amazon withfriends and family.

Contacts and Messages (Only Win)

A far simpler way to manage and backup contacts and iMessages/SMS on Android &iOS. Contacts: vCard, CSV, iCloud, Outlook, Gmail etc. * Backup your contacts to PC from iOS and Android. * Import contacts from computer or email to iOS and Android. * Directly transfer contacts between iOS and Android. * Add, delete, edit, merge your contacts without duplicate contacts. For iOS, you can export iMessages, SMS, MMS, and Message attachments from iOSto PC.For Android, you can backup SMS from Android to PC as well as import messagesto device from computerBoth iOS and Android can receive and send text messages on computer smoothly.”

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