T9 Android TV Box Review Malaysia 2021 Specs Price

T9 Android TV Box Review Malaysia 2021 – Specs & Price

Are you a film fanatic who’s tired of watching your favourite shows off asmall laptop screen? While we’ll always have our favourite Astro, sometimesthey just don’t have the one international show that you really want to watchon the big screen.Enter Android TV Boxes. These small devices (usually no longer than 5 inchesin width and/or length) act as a streaming device that operates on the Androidsystem. This means that they can run Android applications (think, games, newsand TV apps) by projecting them onto your TV via HDMI.Most TV boxes usually come with a slew of both free and paid apps. The T9 TVBox is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the best Android TV box in Malaysia.For our own benefit (and our readers’ as well), we decided to get one and seewhat the big deal is. Here’s our brief review.

What’s in that body?

T9 Android TV Box — Processor|Quadcore, Cortex A53 Memory|4GB RAM / 32GB ROM GPU|Mali-450MP2 CPU|RK3328 RAM Type|DDR3 Battery|x2 AAA Battery (Remote control) Weight|0.2kg Operating System|Android 8.1 Oreo

Setting Up

TV boxes are known to be slightly complicated to operate as compared to thelikes of Chromecast, another streaming device. However, T9 keeps it simple.Upon opening the packaging, you’ll find a manual which offers a briefexplanation of operating the TV box.To start, just connect T9 to a TV via HDMI cable. Make sure to insert a pairof AAA batteries into the included remote control. Then, switch to the HDMIchannel on your TV and turn it on via the included remote control. From here,you should be able to see T9’s menu. Input your internet details and that’sit. It’s ready to entertain!

What does it have to offer?

At first glance, the menu seems to replicate that of an Android TV’s menu (nosurprise, actually). You’ll find your faithful Google App Store, and typicalvideo apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Hypp TV and Prime Video. There’s also theChrome browser and RedBoxTV, which contain country-exclusive shows such as UKFox channel and Disney.T9 also offers support for 4K Ultra HD Image, so as long as your line issteady. With Quad Core (Cortex-A53) and 4GB of RAM with a 32GB ROM, you shouldbe facing little to no lag while operating it. At least, we didn’t.

Time for a drama marathon!

For this review, we used Popcorn (which is similar to Kodi) as our streamingapp. Glad to report that everything is simple and easy to use. Also, we foundvery little ads throughout streaming, which is a big bonus as ads can be veryannoying for many.To add, we had no problem streaming most shows. We did, however, run intostreaming problems on country-exclusive shows. Even though it was a minorissue, it would’ve been fun to stream these channels. Perhaps this is when thebuilt-in VPN comes into play (which we were too lazy to sign up for).“Can’t play this link because a network error occurred.”Not to mention, although there’s HD support, we found many of the shows to beof low resolution. This is, however, dismissed once you access the HDversions. Of course, not all channels have the said version. *

Navigation, why are you doing this?

We realized a huge problem of the T9 (this is probably TV boxes in general) islack of optimization. As Android is an open source system, not all apps areproperly optimized and projected for TV. As such, this Android box has quitecomplex navigation.Going back to the included remote control, you are able to switch betweenbutton arrow (default) mode and mouse mode, which you’ll still use the defaultmode to navigate with.Arrow (Default) ModeMouse ModeAt first, navigating around Popcorn was painful on our fingers, as the remotedoesn’t always respond to commands. We also tried using a USB mouse tonavigate, only to find that it doesn’t work.Over the next few days, however, we eventually learned to switch between thedefault and mouse mode. This enables us to navigate around easier withoutfrustrating over one mode at a time.Due to the absence of apps optimized for TV, you may find some buttons andoptions not showing on-screen. For instance, the “watch it now” optiondisappeared due to the length of the synopsis on Popcorn.Left: Where is it? / Right: Where it should be.


Ease of use was a no-brainer; everything is straightforward and easy to use.That is if you’ve used a TV before, of course. Setting up is also very simple,as you’re likely to face little problems.We definitely did not like that apps are not properly optimized. Because ofthis, certain apps may not fully work. With that, it leads to difficultnavigation. We feel that TV boxes still have a long way to go if it’s going tomake a lasting relevance in our lives.If you love watching your shows on a big screen, and you happen to be afrequent user of streaming apps such as Popcorn or Kodi, you’ll love the ideaof the T9 Android TV box. Easy to use and not bombarded with ads, T9 offersjoy once you’ve figured out the controls.Buy T9 Android TV Box 4GB 32GB in Bangladesh

T9 Android TV Box 4GB 32GB QuadCore 4K Media Player H.265 2.4G/5G WIFI USB

3.0 TVbox Set Top Box * Brand Name: MOSHOU * Video Output: HDMI 2.0 * CPU: RK3318 Quad-Cor * GPU: Mali-450MP2 * OS: ANDROID 9.0 * Internal Storage: 32GB eMMC * Ethernet: 1000M * Wireless: Yes * Memory: 4G DDR3 * Bluetooth: Yes * GOOGLE Cast: Yes * Weight: 0.45 * IPTV: Yes * OTA Update: Yes * Power: DC 5V,2A * Model Number: T9 * System Upgrade: No * Max. Extended Capacity: TF Card Up To 256GB * Remote Control: IncludedPackage includes-1 x T9 TV Box -1 x Remote control -1 x Power Supply -1 x HD Cable -1 x User Manual

T9 Android 9.0 TV Box in Bangladesh:

AndroidTV Boxis the most popular among all the T9 android tv box in Bangladesh.T9Android Smart TV Box is a high-quality android tv box with a smart design. Ithas a small LCD display in front. The LCD display shows you the ‘Time’ and‘Wi-Fi’ signal status. T94k tv box is now very popular in Bangladesh. Apartfrom the design, the new T9 android tv box is also a high-quality android tvbox with high-end specifications. You will be amazed to know that, this cheapprice T9tv box offers you 2GB DDR3 RAM, Amlogic 64 bit S905 Series Processorand a powerful Mali 450 Penta Core Graphics Processor.T9TV box comes with an excellent processor, provides you smooth experience towatch the video or play games. It is the perfect device for providing 4Kultimate HD video and gets you closer to the real clear world. The best choicefor your family entertainment, play games or watch TV shows with familymembers. T9 is more than a TV box, it will give you a wonderful and enjoyabletime.This Smart Android TV box has an Allwinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53, MaliG31™ MP2, up to 750MHz+(DVFS) GPU. Its high machine configuration gives youultra-fast running speed and professional image processing ability. You canalso have access to all the tools at the play store smoothly.This Latest Android 9 Android TV Box comes with full of awesomeness. On thisAndroid TV box, you can install Apps from Google Play Store. You can usemultiple USB devices like- USB Keyboard, Mouse Etc. This Latest Android TV Boxcomes with a memory Slot for microSDHC. You can connect this device to WiFi orLAN Cable easily.Hardware is one of the strong points of the T9. It houses an AllWinner H6 SoC,a quad-core SoC with Allwinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 processor that isclocked at 1.5 GHz and paired with an ARM Mali T720 GPU graphics unit that iscapable of processing video at up to 6k at 30 frames per second and 4K at 60frames per second, thanks to its Allwinner Phoenix 3.0 video accelerator. TheGPU comes with two Core Shaders that allows it to keep up with the demanding3D games.The T9 is a good low-cost budget android TV box for streaming videos and otherbasic tasks.It will have no problems playing HD 4K videos with Kodi and streaming fromYouTube or Netflix.It has only single band 2.4Ghz WiFi which was slow during testing. It would bebest to run a wired Ethernet cable with the unit.The slow WiFi could simply be the unit I got with others likely to have fasterspeeds.For the money, the Sunvell T9 will make for a good basic entertainment box.I am still testing the unit so far with good results and will update ifanything changes.As always be sure to read the reviews on Amazon, forums, or elsewhere to besure a unit is a good fit for you.T9 Amlogic Android TV Box support U DISK and USB HDD Card Reader TF Cardreader. Now this T9 Amlogic Android TV Box is available in Bangladesh @makershop.com.bdHow to Install Apk file on Android TV Box [Guide]Introduction: – An easy way to Install Apk files on your Android TV BoxSafely. Follow the complete procedure and guidelines to successfully installApk files in your Android Tv box quickly.Android is popular as an OS for smartphones. HDMI-connected media playerterminals equipped with this Android OS are in vogue. By installing AndroidOS,apps can be added and updated, and extensibility has improved dramatically.Because it is an STB type that connects to a TV, it is commonly known as“Android TV BOX” among enthusiasts.

What is Android TV Box?

An android tv box is a small, compact device that plugs into your television.It can turn any regular TV into an Android powered SmartTV. The best partabout this device is the cost; it’s affordable and can be purchased for under$50! There are tons of features on these devices like streaming video fromNetflix or YouTube, playing games (some come with Google Play), or even usingSkype to make free video calls to friends and family.

How to Install APK file in Android TV Box?

Before you start the process, we must inform you that the apk is a subject ofexternal sources. The device will directly not allow it on your device. Hereis the complete method how to install Apk files in your Android TV Box easilyand securely.1. Download APK file 2. Connect your Android Tv Box to the internet 3. Find and open the APK file on your Android Tv Box 4. Install the app by clicking “Install” or “Open” 5. Allow permissions when prompted by selecting “Allow” or “Grant” 6. Wait for installation to complete, then enjoy!

Video service on Android TV BOX

Android TV BOX can play video files saved on a PC by installing a multiplayerapplication. You can also watch video distribution services on your TV byinstalling apps such as “Abema TV” and “Netflix”. Crunchyroll++ is similar toNetflix application where you can watch unlimited anime and manga for free.In other words, the Android TV BOX can turn an ordinary TV into a smart TV.However, be aware that this Android TV BOX has front and back faces. Don’tworry about how to Install Apk file on Android TV Box because we got thesolution.The Android TV BOX of the table product can be linked with your Androidsmartphone, and setup is easy. Even beginners who are unfamiliar with PCs canfeel free to try it. On the other hand, due to the circumstances of adults,there are cases where famous apps and video services are not supported.Specifically, Pixela’s “PIXELA Smart BOX” (actual price 14,800 yen), IO DataDevice “AV-ATB100” (actual price 35,000 yen), Sharp’s “AQUOS Kokoro VisionPlayer AN-NP40” It will be a product such as (actual price 18,000 yen).

Android TV BOX ignoring clinging

The appeal of the Android TV BOX, which is a table product, is that it iscompatible with the latest OS, and the response of the remote control isstress-free. You can enter your existing Google account with confidence. Inaddition, it demonstrates the performance of Torisetsu. It also supports 4Kresolution.The Chinese Android TV BOX completely ignores such concerns. It is possible toimplement an application that allows you to access the back distributionservice that allows you to watch Japanese animations and dramas on VOD asstandard, or you can insert Ayashii APK files as much as you like (rooted?).Since you can customize it to your liking, it can be said that it is aspecification that enthusiasts can play a lot.The back products of Android TV BOX include Unblock Tech’s “UBOX 4” (actualprice of 18,000 yen), Sunvell Electronics’ “T95z Plus” (actual price of 9,800yen), Xiaomi’s “Xiaomi TV Box 3” (actual price of 12,800 yen), etc. is.”

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