Switch Data between Android and Samsung Galaxy S9

The Guide to Transfer Data to Samsung S9 (2021 Update)

By Nathan E. Malpass, Last updated: August 23, 2021Samsung S9 is one of the flagship products of the tech giant company firstreleased in March 2018. This excellent smartphone boasts 4GB RAM and comes in64GB, 128GB, and 256GB versions. It’s one of the best gadgets of its time.Even though it has been a few years since its initial release, Samsung S9 isstill a powerful smartphone with its speed and a spectacular 5.8-inch display.It lives up to its name and can compete with other smartphone brands.So, if you have just bought this as a gift to yourself, you may want totransfer data to Samsung S9. Or, if you have a friend that has it and you wantto share files, you need to know how to do so.Fortunately, we will give you a guide on how to send data to a Samsung GalaxyS9 phone. Hop on in to learn more!Part 1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs And Supported File FormatsPart 2. The Best WayTo Transfer Data To Samsung S9Part 3. Other Ways To Transfer Data To SamsungS9Part 4. Conclusion

Part 2. The Best Way To Transfer Data To Samsung S9

If you wish to send files from one smartphone (or computer) to your SamsungGalaxy S9, the best option would be FoneDog Phone Transfer. This is because itallows you to transfer files to the said specific phone from different typesof devices. It supports the transfer of data among iOS, Android, and computergadgets. For example, you can transfer your data from your Android phone toyour iPhone.Among the file types, it supports are music, images, videos, audiobooks,contacts, and messages. Among these data types, it supports a wide range offile formats for transfer from one device to another. It’s a great tool forpeople who usually send data among multiple gadgets.Here’s how to use FoneDog to transfer data to Samsung S9:

Part 3. Other Ways To Transfer Data To Samsung S9

In this section, we will look at ways to transfer data from a computer and asmartphone to a Samsung Galaxy S9. It will be divided into two main methods orsections. See more below.

Method 01.Transfer Files From Computer To Samsung S9 Using Google Drive

Step 01 – Use your computer and browser to visit drive.google.com. Log intoyour Google account.Step 02 – Locate the files you want to transfer to your computer. Select thesefiles and drag them towards the interface of Google Drive. Wait until theprocess is complete.Step 03 – Use your Samsung Galaxy S9 and make sure to install or update theGoogle Drive app within it. Also, log into the same Google account you usedearlier.Step 04 – Locate the files you have uploaded in Step 02. Select all files youwant to transfer to the Samsung S9 device. Then, click the three dots at thetop right of the interface. Finally, select “Download.”

Method 02.Transfer Data From Smartphone To Samsung S9 Using Dropbox

Step 01 – On your smartphone, download the Dropbox application from the appstore. Then, launch the app on your phone.Step 02 – Log in or create a new account.Step 03 – Click the + icon on the bottom right side and then click “Create OrUpload Files.” Then, click “Upload Files” and locate the data you want tosend. Then, start uploading.Step 04 – On your Samsung S9, download and install the Dropbox app and loginto the same account.Step 05 – Select files to transfer data to Samsung S9. Click the three dots atthe top right corner. Then, click Save To Device.People Also ReadHow to Transfer Files from PC to Samsung TabletHow to TransferItunes to Android

Method 1: Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung via A Third-party Tool [All-

in-One]Since so many people could not find their way to transfer data from iPhone toSamsung, which is not specifically guided by the other two methods, here we’dlike to introduce you an amazing tool first to move 18 types of phone data.iMyFone iTransor Pro is a well-known software produced by a professional teamto deal with phone data issues. With it you can easily transfer your iPhonedata like contacts, text messages, call history, music, and etc. to a Samsunngphone.What’s more, you can even use iTransor Pro to transfer, back up, restore andexport your WhatsApp data, which is not only for iPhone to Samsung but for allthe same and different platforms.The steps to transfer data from iPhone to Samsung are as follows. * Install the program on your computer and launch it. * Choose whether to transfer WhatsApp or to transfer the other 17 types of data. * Connect both your iPhone and the Samsung device to the computer. (If you choose Transfer WhatsApp, you can connect any devices as you like.) Remember to Trust the computer or Allow access to phone data. * Check if the source and destination devices are set in the right place. (If not, click Switch.) * Click Next and select the data you need, click Transfer to start the data transfer, and then just wait for the process to complete. * Within less than half an hour, you can then check your Samsung device and see all your iPhone data there.

Method 2: Transfer Data from iPhone to Android via Official Transfer

Applications [Free]Many smartphone companies offer free applications that let you move almost allthe data including contacts, messages, calendar, photos, music, notes and etc.from your iPhone or other devices in general to your new Android. They supportlots of file types, so if you want a lot of your information moved from yourold phone to your new one, we would suggest you try this method.For example, the Samsung Smart Switch app lets you log in to your iCloudaccount on the app and copy any information, such as media from your iCloudbackup to your Samsung.Another example would be the Huawei Phone Clone. As the name suggests, it aimsto copy your data identically from your old phone to your new device so thatyou can benefit from all the new features offered by your new device withoutlosing your valuable information.Xiaomi is a fairly new company but has made an excellent name for itself byselling high-quality devices without charging a high price. They also offerthe Xiaomi Mi Mover to migrate some of your data from your old phone to yournew one.Although various file types’ transfer is supported by official transferapplications, the device types are usually strictly required and you maysometimes find out that your phone doesn’t match its official transfer tooldue to a old version. So we offer you a universal method to transfer data fromiPhone to Android in the following contents.

Method 3: Transfer Data from iPhone to Android via Manual Backup and

DownloadHere are two universal ways to manually transfer data from iPhone to Android.You can choose the one you like to get your task complete.

A Comparison of the Above Methods

Although all methods have their advantages and disadvantages, as you can see,we suggest you to choose the one that suits your new Android best. Of course,don’t be afraid to try all the methods to transfer data from iPhone to Androidand tell us which one you like the best.| iMyFone iTransor Pro | Official Transfer Applications | Manual Backup andDownload —|—|—|— Speed | Fast (depending on the transferred data size) | Relatively Quick(depending on which files you are transferring) | Very Slow (depending on howmany files are transferred) Ease of Use | High – Just a few clicks are required | High – Process isautomated, and the transfer applications are usually well-built | Low –Requires the user to complete the entire process File Type Compatibility | 18 data types – WhatsApp for all devices and theother 17 types for iPhone to Samsung | Almost all – Except app data whentransferring to a different OS | Some files – Not all files types can betransferredTransfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer

Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer

The highly-expected Samsung Galaxy S21 series have finally announced. Thistime, Galaxy S21 has Violet, color with Violet, pink, white and gray. GalaxyS21+ has violet, black and silver. Besides, the Ultra has only two choice,respectively black and silver. If the camera is one of the most importantfactors that you will consider and compare, you must pay close attention toits camera specifications. And Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an awesome camera.Its new dual tele lens has a 3x and 10x optical zoom.However, many people wonder how to keep their photos taken on Samsung GalaxyS21 to their computer. There are tons of methods to migrate your photos fromSamsung S21 series to a computer. You can process a wireless transfer or usethird-party tools. Here, you will introduce 5 quick ways to you.

Method 1. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer

SelectivelyAs a Samsung fan, you must be looking for a convenient, secure and usefulSamsung phone manager. Here we should strongly recommend you all to trySyncios Mobile Manager. Although there’re many tools of the same type. Synciosis the most excellent one among them. With a user-friendly interface, you caneasily transfer not only photos but also videos, music, contacts, messages andmore from a Samsung to a computer. Even if you have older-generation phoneswith other brands, it can fully support.What’s more, except for managing phone data, it has some amazing toolkits,like Photo Compression, HEIC Converter, One click Backup and etc. Today wewill introduce how to selectively export S21 or S21 Ultra photos to computerwith this Manager, so get to the point now:Step 1Haven’t got a Mobile Manager on computer? Single-click the button abovenow!Step 2 After successfully installing, run it on the computer. Connect yourphone to the computer via a USB cable. If your Samsung can’t be detected bySyncios even after installing Syncios Apk and enabling debugging mode, youmight suffer from poor USB contact. Change one USB cable or port and tryagain. Any Samsung detection problem, overall tutorial here >>Step 3 After detection. You can see seven major sections on the Manager. Totransfer photos or albums from Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra, select Photossection from the top bar of the interface.Step 4 If you have a thousands of photos on phone, it will take more time toload than usual. Patiently wait till all the photo albums appear on the page.Now you can begin to transfer the image files. If you would like to transfercertain album to computer and save it as a separate folder, select this album.Tap on Export to find a pop-up. We should choose an output path here and clickSelect Folder to transfer.Step 5What about transferring parts of the photos in an album? Then we shouldchoose wanted album name from the left hand toolbar or directly double-clickto enter an album. Check desired pictures one by one. By the way, you candouble-click for larger image and browse. Next, click on Export > SelectFolder.

Method 2. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer in

One-ClickSyncios Data Transfer is another powerful software that helps to transferSamsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra photos to computer. Different from SynciosMobile Manager, it’s a one-click data transfer solution, which can support tomove data from phone to phone or phone to computer. More importantly, itallows users to restore data to Android or iOS devices at anytime and anywherefrom backup files and you can sync iTunes library music and videos to your S21or S21 Ultra if needed.

Method 3. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer via

Samsung Smart SwitchIf you prefer to wirelessly transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21Ultra to computer, you can choose Smart Switch. It’s not only a well-designedapp for Samsung phones to migrate data, but also enables users to exportsupported types of phone files to computer or restore backup file to Samsung.Step 1Go to install one Smart Switch on your computer and finish the setup asper your preferences. When finished installing, run it and connect yourSamsung Galaxy S21 to your computer via a USB cable. Tap Allow on your phone.Step 2As you can see, there’re 3 options Backup, Restore and Sync. Let’schoose Backup. And Smart Switch will timely begin to backup your phone’s data,including your photos.

Method 4. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer via

Google DriveExcept for Samsung Smart Switch, you can also choose Google Drive to transferyour S21 photos to computer. It has 15GB free storage space for each user. Butas we known, photos are always space-consuming. So if you don’t have a largenumber of photos to move, you can follow this method.Step 1 First of all, install Google Drive app from Google Play Store. Then runit on your Samsung Galaxy S21 or S21 Ultra. On the start-up page, you’re easyto see a Plus icon on the lower right corner. Click on it to find a pull-upmenu with several buttons, select Upload.Step 2 In the detailed page, all files on your phone will be divided into 5main parts. They are Images, Audio, Videos, Document and Big Files. Tap on thetabs to change the list to browse. The first line is phone images. You candirectly select the pictures you want or choose More options icon to findSelect All option from the menu. Hit on SELECT to confirm and starttransferring.Step 3 When finished, login to Google Drive with your Google account on abrowser of your computer. Navigate to the folder where you have saved yourphotos, then right click the picture and choose Download option.

Method 5. Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Ultra to Computer

with Photos AppIf you’re into letting native software on your Windows computer, MicrosoftPhotos App should be a good way to go about transferring photos from S21 tocomputer. And if you’re using Windows 10, the Photos App is already pre-installed on your computer. It can support to export photos or videos fromAndroid, iPhone, other digital devices to computer with Wi-Fi or USB cable.Step 1 Launch Photos from the Start menu on your desktop. Plug in your SamsungS21 to the computer via USB cable and don’t forget to change the File Transfermode to being detected by the App. You can then see a blue dot on the Importbutton. Click on it and choose From a connected devices.Step 2Then you will be prompted to wait for searching for photos and videosthat stored on phone. Then you will see all pictures listed on the window andyou’re allowed to choose the save path by clicking Change destination. Checkwanted item(s) or Tap on the button under Select and choose All items option.Tap on Import xxx of xxx items to begin.

Switch Data between Android and Samsung Galaxy S9

For most Android users, setting up a new Android device is funny. But if youwant to start using another new Android device, you may need to sync the datafrom the old device to the new one. Then one thing that’s bothering you mostis that how to transfer a large number of data between the two devices.Normally, most people will sync the files with using USB transfer. However, itis such a complicated task that backup data from old device on computer thenrestoring on the new device. To simply transfer files from Android to SamsungGalaxy S9, here we provide you a wonderful solution.Phone Transfer is highly recommended for phone users as it makes it extremelyeasy to transfer everything from one Android to another without loss ofquality, for example, transfer files between Android and Samsung Galaxy S9,including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, call logs, calendar, music,apps. It also allows you to backup and restore phone data, and help youcompletely erase data on your old phone. All Android models are supported byPhone Transfer, such as, Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5, Note 8/5/4/3; HTC, LG,Lenovo, Motorola, Sony, Huawei, Google Pixel, OnePlus, ZTE, Oppo, etc,.

How to Sync Android Data with Samsung Galaxy S9

Step 1. Install the Program and Connect Both Android Phones to Computer Firstly, download and install the Phone Transfer on your PC (Windows or Mac),then launch it to get the primary windows. Here. you should select “Phone toPhone Transfer” option and Next. Connect both of two phones to the computervia USB cable.Note: As you see, it was integrated with four features including phonetransfer, data restore, data backup and data erasing.Step 2. Detect Your Phone and Select the Files to Transfer When the program detects your phones successfully, it will display details andimages of the two phones, you can select the data types to transfer. You willnotice that two phones will be displayed as “Source” and “Destination”, youcan simple click the “Flip” to change the places of your two devices.Step 3. Transfer Files from Android to Samsung Galaxy S9 The program will deeply analyze the content that stored on your source phone,these data will be listed in the middle of the program with numbers, includingcontacts, messages, photos and more. The final step is just mark the files andclick the “Start Transfer” button to get content moved to your Samsung phone,after transferred, the data will be showed on the Samsung phone, you can checkfreely.Related Articles:How to Transfer Data from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S9How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S9How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9How to Recover Data from Broken Samsung PhoneHow to Manage Samsung Galaxy on PC/MacHow to Stream Apple Music on Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6″

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