Step by Step Guide to Transfer Content between iPhone and Android

Top 10 Free Apps to Transfer Contents Between iOS 10 and Android

Today, Android has the biggest market against that of the Apple. The App Storeof Google has more applications when compared to Apple’s App Store. It furtherhas a number of content present in the music, books, TV, and moviesapplications. The ease of operation and the flexibility offered by Androidmakes it convenient for the user. Apple is trying out different ways tocapture the ailing market share. If you are planning to switch from iPhone toan Android device or vice versa, the most tedious process that you will beencountering is a data transfer. Setting up a new device right from thescratch is a troublesome activity. If you could just transfer content fromyour iPhone to Android device, then you can easily continue from where youleft behind. Of course, it will be a difficult task to carry outprofessionally, but the advancement in the technology has made it possible foryou to use third party applications that move data from one gadget to anotherregardless of the operating system with ease. In this guide, we will show youthe top 10 free iOS 10 transfer to transfer contents between iPhone andAndroid.

Top 10 Free iOS 10 Transfer to Transfer Contents Between iPhone and

AndroidMobileTrans for Mac (or MobileTrans for Windows) is an interesting applicationfor both Mac and Windows PC. With the help of the software, you can easilytransfer content between Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian phones. Thesoftware package for the Mac version allows you to transfer contacts, calllog, apps, apps and data, calendar, text messages, videos, images, and musicfiles between iPhone, Android, and other branded phones or tablets. It is afully functional, cross-platform transferring application through which youcan move content from one gadget to another without losing quality.Key Features of MobileTrans: * Phone Backup – helps in creating a backup of your device to the Mac. * Phone Restore – helps in restoring a device from a backup set up by any other software. * 1-Click Transfer – move all the content with a single click to and from Windows phone. * Support – it recognizes over 3,500 networks and devices for seamless connectivity. * * *

Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer Content between iPhone and Android

Step 1. Install the trial version of the application from the officialwebsite. You can do this by dragging the installation file to the”Applications” folder.Step 2. Establish the connection of iOS and Android devices to the Mac usingthe manufacturer provided USB cables. It is important that you provideauthorization to the Android device to allow interaction with the Mac. You cando this by enabling USB debugging mode from the settings.Step 3. Click “Phone to Phone Transfer” from the main interface of theapplication. The software will automatically identify the presence of thedevices and displays the same in the interface as shown in the picture below.Use the flip button provided in the interface to switch the devices betweensource and destination categories. iSkysoft Phone Transfer does not know whichdevice is source and destination.Step 4. Once done, you can now select the content that you wish to copy fromiPhone to Android. Select the categories from the window provided in theinterface. You can choose contacts, text messages, images, apps, photos,videos, music, call logs, and calendar. Once done, click the “Start Copy”button to allow the application to begin the transferring process.You will see the progress window that will show you the progress of thetransfer. Wait until the program completes the process and ensures that you donot disconnect either phone. After completion, unplug the devices from the USBcable and computer. You can check your Android phone to see the transferredcontent from iOS device.* * *

2. Syncios iOS & Android Manager Free

Developed by AnvSoft, Syncios is a free ideas and Android manager that iscapable of managing device contents through a PC. Being a mobile manager,Syncios supports iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android platform devices toexport and import photos, music, contacts, ringtone, apps, text messages, ande-books between two devices and between a device and a computer. Apart fromthe regular transferring feature, the application also has and the inbuilttools such as free video downloader, free audio converter, free videoconverter, free iTunes backup management, free ringtone maker, and much more.It comes as a complete package giving greater flexibility and control tousers. With the help of the software, it is also possible to install anduninstall applications on a computer.Pros: * A convenient and easy to use application which even a beginner can handle it easily. * User-friendly interface that has everything that a user wishes for. * Incredible transferring speeds that send and receive data at a faster rate. * Not but the least it is a free to use application. Cons: * There is still area left for improvement in the functions that enhances user experience for the Android platform. * * *

5. Phone Copier

If you have a new phone and like to transmit messages and contacts from yourold phone, then Phone Copier is the application for you. It works flawlesslyon any device and helps a user transfer the data from Android to any phone andfrom any phone to Android. The application is capable of moving content fromiPhone to Android, and from Android to iPhone, Motorola, HTC, BlackBerry,Samsung, LG, and many more smartphones. In order to move contents betweeniPhone and Android, it is necessary to install the application on both thedevices. Users can then establish a connection using Bluetooth or by creatingan Internet storage account. Once done, they can start transferring contentbetween the devices with ease.Pros: * It allows users to manage information on the device through a computer. * Users can establish connection using Bluetooth, infrared or by connecting the devices to your computer through USB cable. * Users can also upload content to the Internet storage option from which they can download onto the new mobile phone. * It also allows you to copy data from Gmail account. Cons: * Sometimes it fails to move the contacts from one device to another. * It fails to move text messages from iPhone to Android and vice versa. * * *

8. Wireless Transfer App

Wireless transfer app is a simple to use photo and video transfer application.With the help of it, users can quickly copy both videos and photos over a Wi-Fi network from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad and vice versa, iPhone/iPadto computer and vice versa, iPhone/iPad to Android and vice versa, Android tocomputer and vice versa. The performance of the application is flawless andtransfers the content over a local Wi-Fi network at the fastest rate. Theapplication is capable of carrying out a batch transfer, making it quickertransaction of the content. In addition, the best segment of the transactionis the ability to preserve the photo metadata. It even allows multiple phototransfer from Android to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and vice versa.Pros: * The simple user interface has everything that a user wishes for. * Batch transfer of photos is an added feature. * The transfer rate is fast and completes a transaction within a few minutes. Cons: * Fails to load on certain devices. * Totally fails to transfer between Samsung and other devices. * * *

9. SHAREit: File Transfer,Sharing

SHAREit is a cross-platform application that allows data transfer betweenmultiple devices. An advantage of using the application is its ability toshare different files anywhere and at any time. The fast transfer speed makesit convenient for users to send large files within a few seconds. The mostinteresting aspect of using this application is that it does not require aUSB, or an Internet connection to transmit the data. It also allows you totransfer files between phone and PC.Pros: * Faster transfer speeds of up to 20M/s. * The application detects devices within range and allows transfer at a faster speed. Cons: * It fails to connect to certain devices. * It crashes instantaneously on a few devices upon loading. * * *

1. dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) is one of the leading phone-to-phonetransfer applications that allow users to transfer data from iPhone toAndroid, or between phones of any other platform. In addition to phonetransfer feature, the application also allows users to back up the data ontheir phone, securely erase data, or restore backed up data.Best iPhone to iPhone Transfer Sotware * Users can move their photos, contacts, videos, audios, call logs, messages, bookmarks, notes, etc. seamlessly. * You can directly transfer data from Android to Android, iOS to iOS, Android to iOS, and even iOS to Android with this tool. * If you want, you can simply select the type of data that you want to transfer. For instance, you can only move contacts from iCloud to Android. * It has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. * The quality of the data won’t be compromised in the process. Also, your data won’t be saved anywhere in between. This provides a 100% secure and reliable transfer of content.3,990,885 people have downloaded itHow to transfer data with dr.foneStep 1. Download and install dr.foneDownload and install dr.fone – Phone Transfer on your computer. Then launchthe program from your desktop or launch button. Connect the two devices to thecomputer using the USB cables that came in the boxes and wait for them to berecognized. Now click on “Switch” to start the process of transferring the SMSmessages.Step 2. Select the target deviceJust tap on “Flip” on the screen to select the target device and thenclick on “Next”.Step 3. Transfer the messages to the target deviceAll data on the source device will be selected by default. Uncheck all othercategories and only leave the Messages category selected. Now click on“Start Transfer” and all messages on the source device will be sent to thetarget device. You should make sure that the devices remain connected to thecomputer at all times so as to avoid corruption of the messages beingtransferred. When the transfer is compete, click on “OK” to finalize theprocess.

1. dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android)

dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS&Android) is the highly recommended mobiletransfer tool. Whether it’s a new phone or an upgrade, this allows phone datatransfers in just one click. You can also backup your phone data to anotherdevice or computer without losing. What’s more, it is easy for you to retrievecontacts, sms messages, and other apps to phone once phone back up is done.Best phone Transfer Sotware between different devices * Data transferred is exactly the same as original ones. * Serves as a backup tool for phone data to be saved. * Supports more than 3,500 phone models and different networks. 3,990,885 people have downloaded itStep-by-step guide on how to transfer data between iPhone and Android deciveStep 1 Run the dr.fone and connect the devices. Next, to change how the sourceor destination device is placed, just tap on “Flip” on the screen. Pleasenote the data is transferred from source device to the destination one.Step 2 Select the types of data to transfer. After this is done, please go onto tap on “Start Transfer”.Step 3 Transfer data from iPhone/iPad to Android phone or tablet. Please makesure the devices stay connected during the data transfer process.* * *

3. dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS)

dr.fone – Phone Manager (iOS) allows the transfer, and back up of music,playlists and videos in one iDevice to another and can easily transfer musicinformation including album artwork and sync ripped audio, which cannot bedone in iTunes.Key Features: * quick transfer of music files and in batches * allows sharing of music files and playlists in all devices without restrictions from iTunes * gives the option to convert media files to any format Pros: * audio quality remains the same after the transfer * llows you to back up your media files on your computer * allows the transfer of media files in high speed * * *

4. Mobile Trans from Wondershare

Mobile Trans from Wondershare is another free phone transfer software, whichallows you to transfer data between Android, iPhone, and Symbian in a singleclick.Key Features: * transfers contacts, sms, music, videos, images and call logs and can work with about 2000 phones * backs up phone data to PC * can extract backed up data by Samsung Kies, Blackberry and iTunes and transfer to new device Pros: * supports different networks like Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and TMobile * risk-free and no loss of quality Cons: * the software version for Mac is unable to transfer data to and from Nokia(Symbian) phones * * *

How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa

Let’s say you’ve made the decision to leave Google’s Android behind and go allin with iOS camp. Getting a brand new iPhone is a exciting thing, but whathappens if all your important data files are still in the old Android device?There’s no need to worry, you can quickly and securely transfer your data fromold Android to new iPhone in a few short steps. Here we have compiled two bestAndroid to iPhone data transfer client desktop software & app foraccomplishing the task.Option 1: Move your data from Android to iPhone with Move to iOSMove to iOS app, from Apple, makes it easy to migrate your messages history,contacts, camera photos, videos, bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars and appsfrom Android to iPhone. It’s designed primarily for iPhone that you’re settingup as a new device. If you already began customizing it, you will erase theiPhone and start over in order to move over content.The whole process of transferring from Android to iPhone was rather easy, justas Apple promised. * Start the setup process until you reach the “Apps & Data” screen. * Tap “Move Data from Android” option. * On your Android, open the Google Play Store and download the Move to iOS app * Open the Move to iOS app and tap Continue. * Read the terms and conditions and tap Agree. * Tap Next in the top-right corner of the “Find Your Code” screen. * On your iPhone, tap Continue on the “Move from Android” screen to wait for a code to appear. * Enter the code on your Android device. * The Android phone will connect with iPhone, and appear the “Transfer Data” screen * Select everything you want to move over.Keep both Android phone and iPhone connected until the data transfer iscomplete.Move to iOS is not working? Or you want to move Android data to iPhone aftersetup without erasing your device? You’re lucky, there is alternative optionto handle this. Go on and try the next way.Option 2: Move Content from Android to iPhone with Phone TransferPhone Transfer is a cross-platform utility that has a clean, intuitiveinterface, works smoothly. It offers a solid and straightforward datamigration experience. Not only does it transfers the personal information likecontacts, text messages and calendar, but also the media files such as music,video, photo, etc.Now, the following guide will give you details on how to transfer data from anAndroid phone to an iPhone. Also see our popular article: How to recover dataon Android.Step 1: Run the software and select data transfer modeRun this Android to iPhone data transfer program on your computer and you’llget its main interface as below. There are four icons available for you tochoose from. Mouse over any of the icons will show you the tips on what theicon does.In our case, click “Phone to Phone Transfer” module to enter into the nextscreen.Connect your old Android device and new iPhone to computer via USB cables, andenable USB Debugging mode on Android..Step 2: Select data filesOnce connected, the program will begin scanning all the files inside thesource Android device and display them all on the centre box on the screen, asshown below.Go ahead and select data you want to transfer.Due to the incompatibility of iOS software and the Android software, the calllogs and apps on your Android phone isn’t transferrable but, you can make anopposite journey—migrating call logs from iPhone to Android.Step 3: Begin data transfer from Android to iPhoneAfter things are all done, just click Start Copy button to start the datatransfer. Your selected files in your Android smartphone will be migrated tothe new iPhone automatically.You can check the progress bar to know how the process goes. Depends on thefile types you selected, the transfer process may take anywhere from secondsto several minutes.Universal Video DemoVIDEOIf you’ve got the the data loss problem, we’ve also got a guide on how to usean iPhone data recovery tool to recover deleted data files from iPhone withoutbackup. And, just in case you didn’t know, you can use it to create backupsregularly as well.By Nathel — Last Updated on June 6, 2019How to Copy Contacts from Sony Xperia to iPhoneTransfer Your Google Pixel Songs to your new iPadHow Can You Move Call Logs from iPhone to Galaxy S20Android: Huawei, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, ZTE, OnePlus, HTC, Google PixeliOS: iPhone 13 series, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 ProMax, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone iPhone XS, iPhone XR,iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc”

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