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Is your App Instant Ready: Test your Android app for Google Play Instant

Let’s start this post with 3 amazing mobile app facts:Fact

1. Choose the new version of Android Studio

To develop an instant app, the foremost thing to be considered is that itrequires Android 5.0 (API level 21). It is recommended to take the help of thelatest Android Studio version for building and testing the instant apps. Thisservice of Android app development enables you to drive higher applicationinstalls and build a strong market presence.

Enable the instant experience today

Instant apps have been a revolution in the era of mobile app development. Andthe best part is that a specific link can open the app while minimizing thecost and time of development. On one hand, the users can understand thefeatures and functionalities of the app for free, while on the other hand, itprovides better chances of user conversion and retention to app developers.Google is also gearing up to give multiple instant app experiences for asingle app in the future. Undoubtedly, the future of trial versions or demosis through Google play instant testing.So, what do you make of instant apps? Can you see yourself offering an instantapp experience, improving user engagement, and getting more conversions?Don’t wait anymore to introduce your instant app and move toward a “nodownloads future”.At QAonCloud, the right experience and experience to guide you towards theunique experience of Google play instant testing. Consult with our mobile apptesting experts today.How to Change Google Play Wallet in-app Purchases on AndroidI’ve multiple Google account logged-in on my phone. It comes in handy when youwant to sign in, whether it’s your work account or personal account. However,Google Play doesn’t allow you to choose a different account in the paymentmethod section while making an in-app purchase. This creates an issue if youhave money in your Google Play Wallet which can’t be added to other accounts.So, if you face the same problem, here is how to change Google Play Wallet in-app purchases on Android.Read How to Capture Chrome’s Audio on PC & Mac

Google Play Instant for Android Overview

Beginning in August 2021, all new instant interactions and upgrades to currentexperiences will be published on Google Play with instant-enabled productpacks.Google Play Instant allows native apps, games, and services to start upwithout being installed on devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) orhigher. You can create these kinds of experiences, known as instantapplications and instant games, with Android Studio. Allowing users to run aninstant app or instant game, also known as having an instant experience,increases the discovery of the app or game, which leads to more engaged usersor installs.Instant applications and games will only use a subset of the APIs available inthe Android SDK and NDK. When building an instant experience, make sure toonly seek permissions that are supported.

How Does The Instant Experience Function For Android Devices?

Users can use Google Play Instant by tapping on a button in the Play Store,the Google Play Games app, or a website banner to use an app or game withoutfirst downloading it. Ses discovery surfaces are shown in Figures 1 and 2.When Google Play receives the request for an instant application or game, ittransfers the required files to the Android device that made the request. Theapp or game is then launched by the computer.There are two types of instant experiences: “Try” experiences in the DownloadStore and “Instant Play” games in the Google Play Games app.

How to Stop Instant Apps from Downloading

One of the main causes of apprehension amongst Android users is instant appsdownloading by itself. There are several ways to stop instant apps downloadingautomatically.

Use the Google Play App

The first method is to open the Google Play App, and then select Settings >Google Play Instant and toggle the switch to turn off the auto-downloadsetting, as shown in the screenshot below.

Tips to Avoid Instant Apps

While instant apps were intended to provide users with a way to try appsbefore installing them, most users have a bittersweet experience with them. Ifyou don’t want to have the option for instant apps, follow the tips below: * Disable the feature in the Google Play App: This ensures that instant apps never download on your phone unless you explicitly click on a web link. * Avoid non-Store apps: This is not to say that all non-store apps are shady. Some developers don’t like to share their income with Google, which is completely understandable. But, most apps with nefarious features are installed via APK files. * Buy your phone from a reputable brand: Avoid manufacturers that use modified Android versions. Use original Android firmware, and you won’t have to deal with self-installing apps and bloatware. Android WebView not loading an HTTPS URLIn case you want to use the APK outside the Google Play Store, e.g., private asolution like the following will probably work: @Override public void onReceivedSslError(WebView view, SslErrorHandler handler, SslError error) { /*…*/ handler.proceed(); } In case you want to add an additional optional layer of security, you can tryto make use of certificate pinning. IMHO this is not necessary for private orinternal usage tough.If you plan to publish the app on the Google Play Store, then you should avoid@Override onReceivedSslError(…){…}. Especially making use ofhandler.proceed(). Google will find this code snippet and will reject your appfor sure since the solution with handler.proceed() will suppress all kinds ofbuilt-in security mechanisms.> And just because of the fact that browsers do not complain about your https> connection, it does not mean that the SSL certificate itself is trusted at> all!In my case, the SSL certificate chain was broken. You can quickly test suchissues with SSL Checker or more intermediate with SSLLabs. But please do notask me how this can happen. I have absolutely no clue.Anyway, after reinstalling the SSL certificate, all errors regarding the”untrusted SSL certificate in WebView whatsoever” disappeared finally. I alsoremoved the @Override for onReceivedSslError(…) and got rid ofhandler.proceed(), and é voila my app was not rejected by Google Play Store(again).How to install the Google Play Store on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5

How to install the Google Play Store on the Fire TV 2 running Fire OS 5

Installing the Google Play Store on a rooted Amazon Fire TV 2 gives you directaccess to apps not available in the Amazon Appstore. This includes apps likeGoogle Play Music, YouTube for Android TV, and much more. This guide will walkyou through the process of installing and configuring the Google Play Store onthe 2nd-gen Fire TV.

Install the Google Play Store

1. Install Xposed and HDXPosed onto your Fire TV. 2. Select ARM64, 5.1, and nano from the options here and download Open Gapps. 3. Install the open_gapps-arm64-5.1-nano-

Setup the Google Play Store

1. If you haven’t done so already, enable Apps from Unknown Sources within the Fire TV’s settings. 2. Launch the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the Fire TV cannot launch the app directly because it is a system app. You’ll need to use an app like FireStarter that is capable of launching system apps. If you use FireStarter, be sure to enable “Show system apps” within its settings. ES File Explorer is another app that can launch system apps. 3. Login to your Google account. This is actually easier said than done because the cursor of a USB mouse connected to your Fire TV is actually invisible within the Google Play Store app. You should be able to get through all but the last step with just a keyboard if you press ENTER when you’re done filling in each field. The last two screens where you need to accept the Terms of Service are the ones that require someting other than a keyboard.One option is to use a virtual mouse app like Wukong. The other option is touse a USB mouse, move the invisible cursor to the bottom right, then slowlymove the mouse up and to the left while clicking. You should be able to hitthe accept button after a few attempts. If neither of those work for you, youcan connect via ADB and try the command adb shell input tap 1800 1000 4. Once you get to the Play Store screen, you should disable automatic app updates because you don’t want the Google Play Store updating your apps from the Amazon Appstore. Do this by going into the app’s settings menu. Special thanks to BagiMT, venkat, and elliwigy for their insights which leadto this guide.

Manually replacing the Google Play Store with a different version

If you want to update the Google Play Store APK or want to try a differentversion, simply follow the main guide starting at step 4.

What to do if the Google Play Store auto-updates

If you don’t resign the APK and the Google Play Store auto-updates itself to adifferent version that you don’t want, it’s easy to revert back. All you needto do is “uninstall” the Google Play Store with an app manager like ES FileExplorer. Since the Google Play Store is installed as a system app,uninstalling it actually only removes app updates and not the original versionyou installed with the guide above. 1. Install ES File Explorer from the Amazon Appstore and launch the app. 2. Select the “APP” icon from the homepage. 3. Select “System Apps” from the title bar. 4. Find and select the Google Play Store icon. 5. Select “Uninstall” and confirm that you only want to uninstall updates.Show Guide”

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