Root your Samsung Galaxy S9 with One Click Root

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus specs

OS: Android 8.0 (Oreo)Processor: Octa-core processor (2.8 GHz Quad + 1.7 GHz Quad)Display: 6.2-inch Quad HD + Curved Super AMOLED, 18.5:9 (529ppi)RAM: 6GBRear camera: Super Speed Dual Pixel 12MP AF sensor with OIS (F1.5/F2.4)Front camera: 8MP AF (F1.7)Dimensions: 158.1mm x 73.8mm x 8.5 mmWeight: 189gStorage (internal): 128GBStorage (external): MicroSD up to 400GBBattery: 3,500mAhSimply put, the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is a bigger version of the SamsungGalaxy S9. (Check out our Samsung S9 review to find out more about the S9Plus’s smaller sibling.) And this comes without the S9 Plus being that muchdifferent to last year’s Samsung Galaxy S8, either.Yes, it is an iterative update, but when you consider how most other Androidmakers are still in the process of catching up with Samsung’s technicaljuggernaut, that is no bad thing, especially when you consider what Samsunghas spent its time adding this time around.The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus looks identical at first glance to the S8 Plus.There are differences, though.As with the Samsung Galaxy S9, the standout new hardware on the Samsung GalaxyS9 Plus this year is the phone’s rear 12MP dual-aperture camera system, whichnot only offers enhanced low-light and bright-light image and video takingcapabilities, but also sits at the heart of this year’s other innovations,such as Super Slow-mo recording, AR Emoji, and an upgraded version ofSamsung’s Bixby assistant AI, which now delivers real-time object detectionand recognition, so again its focus makes sense.And the new camera system, as well as AR Emoji and Bixby Vision are not theonly things the S9 Plus shares with the S9, too. In terms of hardware, thereis very little difference between the two handsets (the S9 Plus has a littlemore RAM and internal storage), so it’s only natural to wonder what makes themore expensive S9 Plus worthy our attention.For the answer and all-important detail then read on.

Samsung S9 Plus review: price, colours, and release date

Both the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and S9 share the same fantastic Super AMOLEDscreen tech.The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will be available in the UK (and worldwide) fromMarch 16th, with pre-orders open on February 25th from 18:00 GMT.The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will be available in three colours: Lilac Purple,Midnight Black (the model we reviewed) and Coral Blue.The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus will cost £869. The phone will be purchasabledirectly from Samsung as well as select retailers.

Samsung S9 Plus review: camera

The S9 Plus, like the regular S9, comes packing Samsung’s new dual-aperturecamera system.Both the S9 Plus and S9 share Samsung’s new 12MP rear camera with dual-aperture technology, a system that has been designed to deliver enhanced low-light and bright-light image and video taking.The camera works by ditching the fixed aperture system that is common insmartphones today for one that can expand and contract like the iris of ahuman eye. This means that the S9 Plus’s camera automatically lets in morelight to its sensor when the surrounding environment is too dark, and thenless light when it is too light, leading to less images that are blown out ortoo dark for detail to pop.The camera system is also now capable of recording Super Slow-mo video at960fps at 720p, and 240fps at 1080p, with both modes also packing MotionDetection technology. This means that when the user selects a slow motion modeall they have to do is hold the phone up to the thing they want to record andwait for the action to begin – the camera will automatically start recordingwhen it sees any movement.As you can watch above, we’ve been playing with the super slow-mo camera modequite a bit in the T3 office and we have been very impressed with the qualityof slow-motion footage captured – which can then be easily turned into avideo, gif or even live wallpaper for the phone – as well as the accuracy andspeed of the automatic motion detection.Both this 12MP rear camera and the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’ front 8MP cameraare also central to delivering this year’s other key innovations for Samsung -AR Emoji and Bixby Vision.

Samsung S9 Plus review: verdict

We thought the 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen on the regular sized SamsungGalaxy S9 was superb, but here, with a huge 6.2-inches of real estate, it justlooks stunning. The brightness, contrast, and definition of the panel justblew us away, and the vibrancy of colour too was remarkable. It really is thebest smartphone screen in the world right now.The extra 2GB of RAM over the standard Galaxy S9 (6GB) is also a good fit, andthe 3,500mAh battery, while not noteworthy, will deliver similar levels ofperformance we’re guessing to the S8 Plus, which itself was comfortably in aday’s usage range with moderate use. Naturally, until we can test the batteryfully in our full fat review, we will withhold any definite judgement.The shifted fingerprint sensor, arguably, makes even more of an impact on theS9 Plus than it does on the S9, too. Now located at the centre-back of thephone under the centrally position dual-aperture camera system, it isincredibly natural now to unlock the phone, even taking into account its largeprofile.And, obviously, all the extra features Samsung has brought to the S9 range areas good if not better to enjoy on a larger and fractionally more powerfulphone. Creating AR Emoji on the phone is fast and fun, and taking and viewingphotos and videos – notably the new 960fps Super Slow-mo videos – on thelarger screen a pleasurable experience.Of course, there are a few caveats to purchase, and we certainly don’t thinkthe S9 Plus is for everyone, or an S9-disregarding essential.Firstly, it is a big phone and, well, you’re going to need big hands reallyfor it not to look and feel unwieldy. Secondly, it is a not inconsiderable£130 more than the regular S9, ringing in at rather dear £869 – again, if youdon’t need that extra screen size then this phone probably isn’t for you. Andlastly, with both the S9 and S9 Plus allowing you to bolt in large quantitiesof external storage by MicroSD (up to 400GB, in fact) you’ll really want toconsider whether you need that 128GB of internal storage that comes with theS9 Plus. The regular S9 comes with 64GB after all, and you can cheaply andeasily by a MicroSD card to expand that.Overall, though, if you want the best big phone on the market right now (and,Note 9 aside, maybe the year) then the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is the obviouschoice. It is superbly well equipped and, from our time with the phone, it hasalready gone a long, long way to winning our approval.How to root Samsung Galaxy S9Commonly, mobile phone makers such as Samsung set limitations to avoid youfrom achieving special maneuver. It really is painful, you can think. Tocombat with the limits of the maker, you can find an effective techniquecalled Root.

Manually root your Samsung Galaxy S9

You can also manually root your Samsung Galaxy S9. The technique can be alittle more advanced than with the apps detailed down below. Visit XDADevelopers forum and then seek out the Samsung Galaxy S9. You should get allthe facts to manually root your Samsung Galaxy S9.

Root your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Kingo Root

To root your Samsung Galaxy S9 with Kingo Root, it really is extremelypainless. Download the app on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and then press Root. Inthe instance that all happens well, the Kingo Root app will root the SamsungGalaxy S9. In the instance that you have any kind of problems, install KingoRoot on your computer, connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 and follow theguidelines.

Root your Samsung Galaxy S9 with One Click Root

Rooting your Android smartphone with One Click Root is easy. Make sure youverify if the Samsung Galaxy S9 is supported by the application (Check here).If so, install the One Click Root on your computer (PC / Mac) (Download here).Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 to your personal computer by way of the USBcable. Allow One Click Root show you to root your smartphone.

2nd Method to Track and Locate Galaxy S9 or S9+ Using Android Find my

Device:Moving on to the second method that can be used to track and locate lostGalaxy S9. This method is more generalized and it works on almost everyAndroid device. You just need internet access and access to location serviceson your phone.There is a number of features that are offered by Android that can be helpfulto locate lost Galaxy S9, we will discuss them below before moving on to theguide. * Android Find my device allows you to ring your phone at its maximum volume if it is on silent and you have lost it around somewhere the house or office. * You can see the location of your phone on the google maps accurate up to 20 meters. * If you are sure you will never get your hands on your precious phone and all the memories it had in it. You can remotely wipe all the data present in it. (Note: This will not delete the data present on the SD card of your phone.) * If you have lost your Galaxy S9. You can temporarily lock your phone using Android Find my Device and display a customized message on its screen. If someone gets his hands on the lost Galaxy S9, seeing the message on the screen. He or she may try to contact the owner. * It also shows the amount of battery percentage left on your phone.

Finding your Galaxy S9 Using Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager offers the quickest and surest solution when tryingto locate a stolen or missing Samsung Galaxy S9. It just requires a simpleregistration process when you purchase your device. This way you can access itfrom a secondary device. If you ever misplace your phone, you can locate itfrom a computer.Google created Android Device Manager in 2013. The original purpose of thesoftware is to allow users to access Android phones and tablets from acomputer. It should come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 as everyAndroid system is fitted with the software. If your device does not appear topossess this feature, crosscheck to verify.To set up the Android Device Manager, scroll to Settings on the App Menu andclick on it. Navigate through to Security and through to Screen Lock optionand finally tap on Device Administrators. You should try to search throughyour phone as the location of the menus can be different for different Androidsystems, but the aforementioned navigation should work flawlessly for theSamsung Galaxy S9. If the process is correct, you should setup the AndroidDevice Manager.

Finding Your Galaxy S9 Using the Loud Ring Mode

The Galaxy S9 has a feature caused the loud ring mode that helps you find yourphone when turned on so you can pinpoint your smartphone location.Alternatively, you can delete all user data and lock the device. This way ifyour phone is irretrievable, your information is safe.If you are looking to access your Galaxy S9 from another Android deviceremotely, the first step is to download the Android Device Manager app fromthe Google Play Store and if you are using another Android device to use thesame service to locate your smartphone

Root Samsung Galaxy S9 with One Click

To root Samsung Galaxy S9 with one click, Android Manager is the best option.It is an all-in-one data manager tool for Android device, enable to transfer &manage files for Android, including music, videos, photos, contacts, SMS,apps. This super program also allow to root Android on the computer safely.With using it, you can root Samsung Galaxy S9 on the computer without dataloss. What’s more, Android Manager help to transfer files between Android andcomputer, transfer files between Android and iTunes, transfer files betweenAndroid and mobile device. All models of Android devices are compatible withAndroid Manager, like Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Motorola,Huawei, Google Pixel, etc,.

One Click to Root Samsung Galaxy S9 without Data Loss

Step 1.Run Program and Connect Samsung Device Launch, run Android Manager and then connect the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone tothe computer with a USB cable.The program will detect your phone if it isconnected successfully and display it on the primary window.Step 2.Select Rooting Mode Click the “Toolbox” tab in the top menu on the primary window of theprogram.Three main sections will be displayed under the “Toolbox” option.Go tothe “Other Tools” section and from the two subsections that will beshown,choose “One-click Root” to gain full control of your Samsung.Step 3.One Click to Root Samsung without Data Loss A prompt message will be displayed saying that after rooting you will gainfull access to your phone system and that rooting may affect your devicewarranty.Just click “Root” from that warning box to continue rooting yourSamsung phone.Please don’t interrupt the connection of your device and the computer untilthe root is completed.The phone may restart during the root process,but youshould not operate it.It will prompt you once the root process is completed.Related Articles:How to Recover Deleted Data from Samsung Galaxy S9How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy S9How to Transfer iTunes Music to Samsung Galaxy S9How to Transfer iTunes Videos to Samsung Galaxy S9How to Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung Galaxy S9How to Manage Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6 on PC/MacHow to Stream Apple Music on Samsung Galaxy S9″

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