Performance tests and benchmarks

How To Update Android TV Firmware

Updated March 2021Your Android TV box is managed by its firmware. This is the software thatmanages your hardware, such as your Wi-Fi and your Bluetooth.And just like software, firmware sometimes needs to be updated.But how exactly do you do that? Read on as I answer all your questions.What is firmware? Why is it important? Why do you need to update it? And howdo you go about updating it? I will also answer some of the most frequentquestions that I receive about Android TV box firmware.Spoiler Alert! Firmware makes your hardware work. So, to download new firmwareand find instructions on how to install it, you will need to go to your TV boxmanufacturer’s website.At the bottom of this page, you will find a list of some of the major AndroidTV box manufacturers, complete with a list of all their models and a link totheir latest firmware (and when it was released).This will help you find the files and information you need in order to updateyour TV box.Note: All files are hosted on the manufacturer’s sites or their sites orfileshares.

What Is Firmware?

Firmware is the software that makes hardware do what the manufacturer intendedit to do. It is what tells your Wi-Fi, your Bluetooth, your video card, andthe other hardware elements that make your software “tick” what to do.Firmware is different from the operating system. All Android TV boxes use theAndroid operating system, of which there are a variety of different versionsthat sometimes need updating.But the firmware is specific to the hardware.You could say it is the firmware that allows the hardware to speak to theoperating system.Firmware is stored on the Read-Only Memory (ROM) of the device, which holdsdata permanently, even when the device is switched off.

Android TV Box Firmware FAQs

I get a lot of questions related to Android TV box firmware – more than anyother subject on this site. So, I thought I’d post the most frequently askedquestions here to help you.For more streaming device frequently asked questions, head on over to my mainFAQ page.

Android TV Box Firmware Guide

New Android TV boxes and new firmware updates are being released all the time,so, while we try to keep our list as up-to-date as possible, you may not findwhat you are looking for below.If your Android TV box model isn’t on the list below, you will need to go tothe website of your TV box manufacturer to find information about their mostup-to-date firmware and links for where you can download it.Firmware isn’t a sexy topic, so it is not always easy to find onmanufacturer websites, which will be more concerned with selling you theirlatest new hardware. If you can’t find the information you are looking for,I suggest getting in touch with the manufacturer directly via their contactspage.

Performance tests and benchmarks

For testing, we use the AnTuTu Video Tester 3.0 app and AnTuTu Benchmark 7.1.0. Unfortunately, we could not perform the tests via AnTuTu Video Tester.Video playback by Kodi 17.6 Krypton runs almost smoothly and stable. The TanixTX3 Mini L without problem seems plays movies with the resolution of 480p,720pand 1080p (24fps, 30fps, 60fps) and sometimes also 4K (30fps) with variouscodecs video such as H.264,H.265, MPEG2, MPEG4, RMVB and audio – DTS and AC3.Dolby Digital 5.1 passthrough worked fine via HDMI. Also we tested severalvideo formats – AVI, MKV, MP4 (typical formats in which it holds the majorityof movies), ISO and also videos was played fine. The tested TV Box plays videofiles in 4K (30fps, for 60fps it was not smooth, jumping and / or artifacts)almost without any major problems. As we mentioned, TV Box supports Youtube 4K(2160p). Also, we tried to play VP9 4K, the video runs not always smoothly.Typical 1080p | Kodi 17.6 —|— MPEG2 / MP2 2.0 – 6.6Mbps | OK MPEG4 / MP3 2.0 – 7.6Mbps | OK H264 / AAC 2.0 – 7.2Mbps | OK VC1 / WMA3 2.0 – 25Mbps | OK VP8 / VORBIS 2.0 – 7.8Mbs | OK Jellyfish 1080p HEVC 10bit – 90Mbps | OK 4K Video | Sintel – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 24fps | Not Smooth, Sound delays BBB Sunflower -H264 – 30fps | Not Smooth, Sound delays BBB Sunflower -H264 – 60fps | Sound delays Honey Bees – 96fps | Not smooth Skyfall – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 10Mbps | OK Puppies Bath – h264/AAC 2.0 | Not Smooth Cinemartin H265/HEVC | Not Smooth, artifacts Tears of steel – 60fps | NO, artifacts HD Club Chimei – H264 / AAC 2.0 – 60Mbps | Not Smooth,jumping, artifacts Jellyfish 4k uhd HEVC 10bit – 140Mbps | Not smooth Jellyfish 4k uhd HEVC 10bit – 200/250/300/400Mbps | Not smooth/ artifacts LG Demo – Istanbul 3840×2160 MP4/H264 8bit – 116Mbps | Not smooth Sony 4K – Camp HDR MP4/HEVC 10bit – 75.8Mbps | NO Demo Samsung 2014 – USA Road Trip TS/HEVC 10bit – 51.4Mbps | Not smooth Samsung UHD DUBAI TS/HEVC 10bit – 51Mbps | Not smooth H.265/VP9 Video | Tears of steel – H265-HVEC / AAC 2.0 – 15Mbps | Not smooth Youtube – VP9 / 1080p | OK VP9 / 4k – Eye of the Storm 4K Ultra HD.webmv | OK VP9 / 4k – 10 Incredible 4K (Ultra HD) Videos.webmv | OK VP9 / 4k – Australia – Land Down Under in 4K.webmv | Not smooth

What is Android TV Box?

Android is the new entertainment box of today’s era which is made on theAndroid operating system. If you run an Android smartphone, then you will alsofind it easy to operate this Android TV Box. Today in these boxes you caninstall Android applications like mobile. With the help of this box, you canplay Gaming, Live TV, Social Media, Typing, Microsoft Office, etc. on your TVitself. You’ll also need a wireless keyboard, and mouse for this. Then your TV willact as a laptop or computer.Note – If you do not have an internet connection then this box will work onlyas a media player i.e. you can only watch videos stored on USB. It is uselessto use this box without internet, better then you can take the box to watchLifetime Free TV of DD Free Dish.

How do I choose a good Android TV box? –

What do you look for whenever you buy a smartphone or laptop? It’s simple, itsspecification. Here’s what you have to do even before you buy an Android box.While buying an Android box, do not look at its price. So don’t look for cheapAndroid boxes, always find choose a good Android TV box.

RAM / Memory of Android TV Box –

The higher the RAM, the more you will be able to install Android applications.Due to more RAM, the performance of Android apps will also be good.

Android TV Box space –

You can read the need for space to run a good and heavy Android application.Also, you can secure digital content. So see as much space as possible.

CPU / Processor of Android TV Box –

Here you can choose the latest CPU / Processor of the Android TV Box just likea smartphone because it will give you good performance and speed, as well assupport new applications and new upgrades to Android.In the same way, watch the latest GPU of the Android box too, so that yourgaming experience will also seem real.If you want to know more about that how to choose a good OTT / Android TV Box

1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K –

At the top of our list is the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, although the deviceisn’t built on the Android platform, you’ll get the best picture quality,better speeds than any Android TV box, and better streaming. This is also goodbecause no one can put unnecessary applications in it, it plays only itsselected application. Those applications can be – * NetFlix * prime video * HBOMax * Sling * Hulu * SonyLive * Zee5 * Voot * Discovery+ * Disney Plus Hotstar, etcIt supports 4K with HDR10 and Dolby Vision, it also supports Alexa for voicecontrol using the remote.Pros|Cons —|— * It is the Fastest TV Box without Android * Quad-core 1.7GHz CPU * 8GB of memory * User-friendly interface * Alexa Voice Support * Plug & Play Device| * Does not support Android applications * You can not install other applications * Does not support TV sets without HDMI Port Price Rs.5999 – Buy Now* * *

5. d2h Stream Hybrid Set-Top Box –

d2h Stream is an Android 9.0 based hybrid Set-Top Box from d2h that gives youaccess to 500+ satellite TV channels and Google play store Apps and Games. Itcomes with Google Assistant, built-in Chromecast, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support,and Voice remote.d2h Stream TV Box is an Android 9.0 based 2K hybrid set-top box that comeswith 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory.Pros | Cons —|— * Access d2h premium + FTA satellite TV channels * It Supports OTT applications * Google Voice Assistance * Support 2K Resolution Video * Support any type of TV * 1GB RAM / 8GB Internal Space| * Support limited apps due to low RAM * Not suitable for High-end Gaming * Monthly NCF charges are required Price Rs.2118/- Buy Now* * *”

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