Part 2 Mobile Update Software for Android Free Download via Settings

Xiaomi Mi A3 Software Updates Download Links

Below you will find the links to download all software updates for the XiaomiMi A3 released till now, for both the Global and European (EEA) variants.As mentioned previously, these updates are available in the form of an “OTApackage” or “Fastboot ROM”. The download URLs for both of these types arecaptured directly from Xiaomi and Google servers, so you can be assured oftheir integrity.You will need to download the update file depending upon the installationmethod you choose. If you’re going to use the recovery installation, you willneed the OTA package (Recovery ROM). On the other hand, if you’re going to usefastboot installation, you will need the Fastboot ROM.Note: The provided Mi A3 OTA files are full OTA packages, which means they canbe installed over any previous software version. For instance, if you haveAndroid Pie on your phone, you can directly install the latest Android 10 OTAfile without any issues.

How to Manually Install Software Updates on Xiaomi Mi A3

Now, you can manually install the latest software update on your Mi A3 throughthe following ways/methods. * First, by sideloading the OTA package via the stock recovery. This method is only for phones that are unrooted with the stock recovery installed, and it does not require an unlocked bootloader. * Note: OTA sideloading will only work from Android 10 and onwards. If you still have Android Pie software installed, this method will not work. * Second, by flashing the OTA package (Recovery ROM) via TWRP recovery. This is the best method if you further want to preserve both Magisk root and TWRP after updating. * Third, by flashing the fastboot ROM via the Mi Flash Tool. This method is useful for restoring your Mi A3 back to the latest stock firmware and requires an unlocked bootloader.So, follow the method according to your device’s current state and what youwant to do with it further.

Method 1: Sideload OTA Package via Stock Recovery

The stock recovery includes two different options for installing OTA updates –(1) Via the external SD card or (2) via ADB Sideload. The former is theeasiest and doesn’t require a PC at all, however, it will only work if youhave an external SD card installed on your phone. If you have it, then use the“Apply update from SD card” option of the recovery menu as shown in thisguide.If you do not have an SD card, then follow the instructions below to sideloadthe OTA package using ADB sideload. 1. Download the latest OTA update package for your Mi A3 on the PC. 2. Next, download the Android SDK platform-tools for your PC from here and extract the downloaded file to get the ‘platform-tools‘ folder containing the required tools. Then move the extracted folder to the C: drive of your PC for the ease-of-access. 3. Copy the downloaded OTA zip file to C:platform-tools on your PC. 4. Hold the SHIFT key of the keyboard and right-click on any empty space inside the folder. 5. Select ‘Open PowerShell window here‘ from the contextual menu that appears. A blue-colored PowerShell window will open on your PC. 6. Now, power off your Mi A3 and boot it into the stock recovery mode. To do this, hold the Volume Up and Power keys together until you see an Android bot on the screen with ‘No command‘. 7. When on this screen, hold the Power key and tap the Volume Up key once to enter the stock recovery mode. 8. Use the volume keys to move the selector to ‘Apply update from ADB‘ and press the power key to confirm the selection. Your phone should now accept sideloading of OTA updates from the PC. 9. Connect your phone to the PC via the USB cable now. 10. Enter the following command in the PowerShell window to sideload the latest OTA update package on your Mi A3: .adb sideload 11. Replace “” with the full filename of the OTA file you have downloaded. For instance, if you have downloaded the V11.0.19.0.QFQMIXM OTA, then the command should be: .adb sideload 12. As soon as you enter the command, the OTA installation will begin on your phone and you would see the installation progress at the bottom of the screen. It could take a couple of minutes, so leave the connection undisturbed. 13. Once the installation finishes, select ‘Reboot System Now’ in stock recovery to reboot your phone into the updated software.

Part 2. Install Android Nougat 7.0 via Android Beta Program

If you have signedup to the Android Beta Program, you will be able to downloadAndroid 7.0 upgrade right now. Android 7.1 Preview is also available on BetaProgram.Here’s how to enroll and install an OTA (over the air) update. 1. 1) Go to to sign-up to the Android Beta Program 2. 2) Sign into your Google account 3. 3) Find your devices on the next page, click to enroll in the Beta Program 4. 4) You will be prompt with over-the-air download

Part 2. Update to Android N 7.0 by Manually Check for Software Update

If you’ve enabled software update notification on Android devices, you willget messages notifying the upgrade. Otherwise, you could manually check forupdate by going to Settings > About Phone > Software Update. It will take afew minutes for your phone to download and install Android N.

Part 4. When is Android 7.1 NougatComing to My Phone?

Android 7.1 (official) makes its debut on Pixel, Pixel XL. More devices willget the official update starting this month, including:HTC|HTC 10|HTC One A9|HTC One M9|| —|—|—|—|—|— Sony Xperia|Xperia Z3+|Xperia Z4 Tablet|Xperia Z5|Xperia Z5 Compact|Xperia Z5 Premium Samsung|Galaxy S7|Galaxy S7 edge|Galaxy Note 7|| Motorola|Moto G Plus (4th Gen)|Moto G Play (4th Gen)|Moto X Style/Play|Moto Z Droid/Play|Droid Turbo/Maxx 2 Nexus|Nexus 6|Nexus 5X|Nexus 6P|Nexus 9|Nexus Player HTCHTC 10HTC One A9HTC One M9Sony XperiaXperia Z3+Xperia Z4 TabletXperia Z5Xperia Z5 CompactXperia Z5 PremiumSamsungGalaxy S7Galaxy S7 edgeGalaxy Note 7MotorolaMoto G Plus (4th Gen)Moto G Play (4th Gen)Moto X Style/PlayMoto Z Droid/PlayDroid Turbo/Maxx 2NexusNexus 6Nexus 5XNexus 6PNexus 9Nexus PlayerWe’ll keep you updated with Android news.

Step 1.Download FoneDog toolkit – Android Data Recovery

On your computer, download the software, FoneDog toolkit – Android DataRecovery.Free DownloadFree Download

Step 5. Enter Device Make and Model

The next window will allow you to enter the make and model of your Androiddevice. As of the moment, this software is only working with Samsung devicessuch as Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, and Samsung Galaxy Tabletseries. Click “Next” after entering the correct information needed. Note: Please be careful in entering the device make and model because enteringincorrect details may lead to other serious damages or permanently brickingyour device.

Step 6. Follow the steps to “Download Mode” on your Android phones and

tabletsCarefully follow the instructions on the “Download Mode” screen. Therewill be a three-way process in order to enter in this mode: 1. Power-Off your device. 2. Press and hold three buttons altogether: Volume Down (-), Power and Home buttons. 3. Gently press the Volume Up (+) button to enter Download Mode

Part 1. Android Mobile Update Software Free Download via PC

Many of our readers have asked about mobile update software for Android freedownload. To let you know, there is one more way for Android mobile updatesoftware free download with third-party software via computer.iMyFone Fixppo for Android is a powerful tool that can be used for updatingthe mobile Android OS of your device with free downloading. Apart from that,it can also fix various Android issues of your device within a few seconds. * It is developed to solve all kinds of Android system issues with the latest technology. * It has a 100% success rate and the fastest repairing rate compared to its competitors. * Even if you don’t have any knowledge in Android technology, you can use Fixppo for Android tool for updating the Android OS version as well as for fixing the Android issues. Step 1: Download and install Fixppo for Android on your computer for free.Open the tool and click on the Start button on the Home page.Step 2: There will be an option for downloading the relevant firmware for yourdevice. In the next screen, enter the device details and select other optionson the screen correctly. Click on Download Firmware. Then the firmware will bedownloaded and the software will be extracted automatically.Step 3: Now connect your device to the computer and enter the download mode.Once your Android device is in download mode, the update or fix process willstart automatically.Fixppo for Android is a very easy-to-use tool that can update the mobilesoftware with a free download. Try this software which has been recommended bya lot of professional websites around the world.

Part 2. Mobile Update Software for Android Free Download via Settings

In the previous part, you have learned about the easiest method for updatingthe Android device using a computer. You must be aware that an Android devicecan also be updated using the Settings of your device. Just follow the stepsgiven below and update the device using the Settings app of your device.Before upgrading the Android OS version, you need to know which Androidversion is running on your device. Follow the steps given below for checkingthe Android version. Go to Settings on your device and then System ->Advanced/About Phone. The Android OS version and patch level will be displayedon the screen.Now when you know the Android OS version on your device, you can check for theavailable OS updates for your device. Follow the steps below and update yourdevice using the Settings.Step 1: Open Settings and then go to System -> Tap About Phone if you don’tsee Advanced on the screen.Step 2: Tap System updates.Step 3: Tap on Update if there is an update available for your device. Yourdevice will reboot.

Part 3. Things You Must Know about Mobile Update software for Android Free

DownloadUsing the above methods, you must have downloaded and updated the Androidsoftware on your device. But there are things that you need to know before youupdate your mobile phone.In this part, you will learn some important things that are needed forsuccessfully updating your Android software.”

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