Part 2 How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer Using USB

How to Transfer Photos from Android phone to PC over WiFi

If you’d like to transfer photos from your Android phone to your PC over Wifi,we recommend Droid Transfer. The app will also copy other data from yourAndroid phone, including music, contacts and messages. Here’s how to transferphotos from phone to laptop or PC over WiFi: 1. Download Droid Transfer on your PC and run it. 2. Get the free Transfer Companion App on your Android phone from Google Play Store. 3. Scan the Droid Transfer QR code with the Transfer Companion App. 4. The computer and phone are now linked. Select the photos that you’d like to transfer, and hit “Copy Photos”!How to transfer photos from phone to laptop – Droid Transfer Find out moreTransfer Companion:Droid Transfer:

How to Transfer Photos from Android phone to computer over a USB

ConnectionIf you prefer transfer photos from your Android phone over USB, connect yourphone to your computer with a USB cable.Once connected, you’ll see your device name in the Windows File Explorer onyour computer.Double-click your device. Here you can access its internal storage. Yourphotos will be located in either the “DCIM” or “Pictures” folders.Simply select the pictures you’d like to transfer, right-click and hit copy.Then, right-click and paste into a location on your computer.How to Transfer Photos from Android to Computer – USB transfer

Part 1: How to Transfer Photos between Samsung and Computer with Samsung

Photos TransferGroups of photos have taken up all the storage space on your Samsung phone?That is vital moment to move the pictures from your Samsung to computer. Howto transfer pictures from Samsung phone to computer? The key is Samsung PhotosTransfer — Samsung Messages Backup, a perfect application to transfer photosfrom Samsung to PC. As using it, you may enjoy its evident strongpoints –quick transfer and easy control.Key features & Highlights of Samsung Photos Transfer1. Back up photos on Samsung Galaxy quickly.2. Transfer the pictures and other data like music, call logs, messages,videos and so on between Samsung and computer.3. Restore and backup your files from PC to Samsung with 1 click.4. It suits not only Samsung phone, but also most brands of Android phones.5. You can read/view your text messages, add and delete your contacts of yourSamsung phone on the computer with it.Importantly, Samsung Photos Transfer supports all the versions of operationsystem of Samsung phone as long as above 4.0. For example, this app iscompatible with Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4,Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Note 9 Plus/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6/Note 5/Note 4, SamsungGalaxy J3/J3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5 and etc. Additionally, if yourphone is Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and so on, Samsung PhotosTransfer is also work.Welcome to download the software here, please select the alternative versionof your computer.

1.1 How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer with 1 Click or

SelectivelyIf your cell phone is Samsung Galaxy S7, how to transfer photos from SamsungGalaxy S7 to computer with 1 click or selectively? The answer is SamsungPhotos Transfer. Actually, it supports all versions of Samsung. This app cannot only help you transfer your pictures with 1 click, but also you can sendyour pictures selectively when you need. Thus, it makes the transfer moreconvenient than before.Steps of transferring photos selectively for you:Step 1. Download and Install it on your ComputerFirst of all, please download the right version of the app on your computer.There will be a pop-up window to show you the install when finishing download.Please enter “Android Assistant” module to access Coolmuster AndroidAssistant.Step 2. Launch the app and Connect your Samsung Phone to PCThen, please launch Samsung Photos Transfer and connect your Samsung to PCwith USB cable. Enable USB debugging on your smartphone as prompted.The app will detect your device automatically and quickly. tap on “Allow” onyour Samsung and the app will access the device.Step 3. View Contents and Select your PhotosNext, when the software accesses your phone successfully, you can view yourtype files on the interface as below, including the photos. Click “Photos”option on the left and then click “Phone Gallery”, your photos will show up onthe right.Now, you can select your pictures by ticking on the small squares. After that,tap on “Export” icon on top right to transfer photos from Samsung to PC.Note: If you need to transfer all the photos from Samsung to computer, you cantransfer them with Samsung Photos Transfer with 1 click. Here’s the way.- Please tap on “Super Toolkit” on the interface above, and you will seeBackup and Restore two options,- Please click on “Backup”, you will get a pop-out page. Please choose Photoson the list, the app will transfer entire photos from your Samsung phone tocomputer.Tips: How to transfer photos from Android to a computer fast?

Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7 to Computer

via Smart SwitchSmart Switch is an app to help you move your photos, settings, contacts,messages and other data from old Samsung phone to new one or from yourcomputer to Samsung device via USB cable or Wi-Fi. And how to transfer photosfrom Samsung S10/S9/S8/S7 to PC? Smart Switch will help you in ease. However,when you transfer photos from PC to phone, you can use only Samsung phone asthe receiver, because it cannot transfer data to other brands of smartphones.Here’s the using guide:Step 1. Download and Install Samsung Smart SwitchIn advance, you need to download Smart Switch on your PC. Launch it andconfirm the items with clicking Accept.Step 2. Connect Samsung to PCNext, connect your Samsung to computer via a USB cable. At the same time,ensure your phone is unlocked. If you are the first time to use the app, youwill be prompted to allow it to access your phone.Step 3. Operation of Transfer on App- After entering the app, tap on “More” on the top right. Then tap on”Preference” and click “Backup items” tab.- You can choose the types of data to transfer in the tab. If there are bulksof photos need transferring, the time of transfer will become longer.- When you have selected the photos which you want to transfer, then click”OK”. If click “Cancel”, the process will be quitted.- Next, click “Backup” and “Allow” if the app asks permission.Step 4. Wait for finishingFinally, when the process of transfer is end, tap on “OK”. Now, your photosare transferred from Samsung device to computer.

Part 3: How to Download Pictures from Samsung Phone to computer Using

Samsung KiesPossibly, most people know Samsung Kies even use it once. Then how to transferphotos from Samsung S7 or other version to PC? Samsung Kies which is anofficial application can transfer photos from Samsung to PC in ease. You canuse it to transfer contacts, music, photos, videos and podcast from phone toPC and vice versa. Believe it, and you will send pictures comfortably.Here’s how:Step 1. Download and Install Samsung Kies on PCFirstly, you need to download and install the right version of Samsung Kies onyour computer.Step 2. Link Samsung to PCThen you need to prepare a USB cable, run the app and link your Samsung deviceto PC with it. Please remember to make sure USB debugging is on.Step 3. Access and Get ContentsNext the app will recognize and access your Samsung and get the contents onits list on the left. Click “Photos” option and you will see your photos onthe app.Step 4. Select Photos and TransferWhen you see your photos on the interface, please select the photos that youplan to transfer, finally tap on “Save to PC”. The task is over.Then select a location such as a folder on your computer where will be used tostore the photos.Notice: There is a little difference in the different version of Samsung Kies.But the main Steps are similar. You can also get help from the steps above.

Method 02.Transfer Data From Smartphone To Samsung S9 Using Dropbox

Step 01 – On your smartphone, download the Dropbox application from the appstore. Then, launch the app on your phone.Step 02 – Log in or create a new account.Step 03 – Click the + icon on the bottom right side and then click “Create OrUpload Files.” Then, click “Upload Files” and locate the data you want tosend. Then, start uploading.Step 04 – On your Samsung S9, download and install the Dropbox app and loginto the same account.Step 05 – Select files to transfer data to Samsung S9. Click the three dots atthe top right corner. Then, click Save To Device.People Also ReadHow to Transfer Files from PC to Samsung TabletHow to TransferItunes to Android

6 Methods to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC in 2021 [Must Read]

Questions like below are asked frequently:- “How do I transfer photos from my Galaxy S8 to my computer?” – “How do I transfer photos from Android to PC?” – “How do I transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy A3 to PC?” – “How do I transfer contacts from Samsung to PC?” …Photos are really important to us because they are full of our memory, theymean a lot to us. We can’t delete them for expanding our cell phone capacity.We should backup these photos to computer from our mobile phone in order tokeep them safe so that we can look at these pictures when you want to remembersomething good that happened in the past.If you are a Samsung user, you will definitely need this article to learn howto transfer photos from Samsung to PC with ease. Here, I will show you 6methods to help you realize this goal.Part 1: Best Way to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC via Coolmuster AndroidAssistant Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer Using USB Part 3: How to Import Photos from Samsung to PC with Wi-Fi FTP Server Part 4: How to Download Pictures from Samsung Phone to Computer via Dropbox Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy to Computer via GoogleDrive Part 6: How to Transfer Pictures from Samsung Phone to Computer via Bluetooth

Part 1: Best Way to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC via Coolmuster

Android AssistantTo transfer photos from Samsung to PC with Coolmuster Android Assistant is thebest way. It will complete the job quickly without damaging any data on yourSamsung. Maybe you will ask “What Coolmuster Android Assistant can do?”. Theanswer is that this program can do anything you can imagine, like 1-click tobackup and restore Samsung data, being a perfect Contacts & SMS & Call Logsassistant, managing multiple Android devices simultaneously and so on. It’sreally a great new for the new users who are confused the difficult transferbetween their Samsung and computer.Besides, it is fully compatible with almost all Samsung phones and tablets,including but not limited to Samsung GalaxyS10/S10+/S10e/S9+/S9/S8+/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 9/Note 9Plus/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6/Note 5/Note 4, Samsung Galaxy J3/J3 Pro, SamsungGalaxy A9/A8/A7/A5 and etc.Now, I will show you 2 ways to transfer pictures from Samsung to PC with thistool. The first one is using the function of “Export”, the second one is thefunction of “Backup”. Without further ado, check out the steps and transferSamsung photos to computer with me.Tips: There are 2 version for you, one is the Coolmuster Android Assistantwhich for all Windows system, the other is Coolmuster Android Assistant forMac. You can select the version that best matches your computer.Here’s how to transfer photos from Samsung to PC selectively or all at once:Step 1: Launch the Program and Connect Your Samsung with a USB Cable.After installing the program, you need enable USB debugging on your Samsung toensure that your cell phone will be detected by Coolmuster Android Assistant.When you succeed, the interface will be like this below.Step 2: Start to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC.Way 1: Using “Export” function to transfer photos from Samsung to PCselectively.Click the “Photos” icon in the left menu simply and tap the button of “Export”above these photos. Select the photos that you’d like to transfer to your PCby ticking these pictures and when you finish selecting, tap “OK” to make theprogram start to transfer.Way 2: Using “Backup” function to transfer all photos from Samsung to PC.Tick “Super Toolkit” option on the top of the screen and you can see the”Backup” icon behind the “Essentials” section, tap on it and select the”Photos” tabs. Choose the location on your PC that you want to save by clickthe “Browse” and click the “Back up” button to make the program to proceed.Video Tutorial: Note: The different between “Export” and “Backup” is whether can selectpartial photos what we want. If you want to save parts of the pictures, youshould choose “Export” function to transfer. If you want to save all of thepictures on your Samsung, you need to select the way of “Backup”. Of course,you can use “Export” to select all the photos one by one, but it will wasteyou time to do this step.By the way, if you want to know how to transfer videos from Samsung GalaxyS6/S7/S8/S9/S10 to computer, you can also take full advantage of CoolmusterAndroid Assistant.You may want to know:2 Ways to Export Android Contacts to VCFExport/Save Android Contacts to Excel (CSV or XLS)

Part 2: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Computer Using USB

A USB can transfer photos from Samsung to computer. It’s the easiest andsimplest old method to transfer, but this way is only works for media files.Here are the steps. Step 1: Connect Your Samsung to PC via a USBRemember to click “ALLOW” or “OK” when your phone pops up a window to ask youwhether allow access to device data and grant the permission that whether willdownload and install the device drives on your computer.Note: If there’s no pop-up window on your phone, open the “USB debugging”option in “Developer options” which in the “Settings” part.Step 2: Go to File Explorer on PC And Transfer Photos.You’ll see your Samsung device show on the screen. Click your device and findthe folder named “DCIM”. Open the folder, you can see your photos from Samsungand now drag or copy the pictures to your computer.

Part 5: How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy to Computer via Google

DriveOne of the cloud storage – Google Drive can transfer photos from SamsungGalaxy to computer. This tool can provides 15GB for free user to use which isthe biggest storage offered among all the cloud storage. Maybe it is the bestcloud storage for our new user.Before the steps, you need to download and install the Google Drive on youriPhone and computer.Step 1: Turn on Google Drive on Your Samsung and Upload the Photos.Open the Gallery app on your phone and select the images that you want totransfer. And then click “Share” icon and tap “Save to Drive”. Use GoogleDrive account to log in Google Drive and choose the folder to save yourpictures.Step 2: Find the Folder named “Google Drive” on PC to View the Pictures fromSamsung.After you download the photos to Google Drive, you will see the folder named”Google Drive” on your PC, tap on the icon and the pictures will appear onyour right hand that from your Samsung.Note: Because of the limitation of the Google Drive, you can’t select morethan 10 photos at once.

Part 6: How to Transfer Pictures from Samsung Phone to Computer via

BluetoothIf your PC can support Bluetooth function and you can use Bluetooth to importpictures from Samsung phone to computer. I am sorry to say that most ofdesktops don’t have this function, but the laptops can use this method tocomplete the transfer. Follow the steps and have a try.Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth on Your Samsung And Computer.On your Samsung phone, open the “Settings” and find the “Bluetooth” icon andopen it. Remember to check out whether enable all the devices can detect yourSamsung.On your PC, use the keyboard to press “Windows key + A” to open the Centerpanel and turn on the “Bluetooth”.Step 2: Match Your Samsung Phone to Computer via Bluetooth.Launch the “Settings” of “Bluetooth”. Find your Samsung phone’s bluetooth andpair with it. Click the button of “Yes” on your computer and the button of”OK” on your Samsung.Step 3: Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Computer.Choose “Receive files” in the section of “Send or receive file via Bluetooth”on your computer. Now, you can select the photos on your Samsung phone andshare with PC by tick “Share” and “Bluetooth” icon. Just wait for a moment,these pictures are transferring from your phone to your PC.The Bottom Line:To sum up, I will recommend you Coolmuster Android Assistant to transferphotos from Samsung to PC. It’s the most convenient procedure for new users tomanage between mobile phone and computer, no matter which brand of phone (Ithas to be Android).Compared with other methods, Coolmuster Android Assistant is more quickly tocomplete the transfer and run all operations safely without losing any data.Now, it has a new function that export contacts to Outlook and import contactsfrom Outlook. Go and have a try the free trial version of Coolmuster AndroidAssistant first, you will find it is really suit with you.Hot Article:How to Edit Samsung Contacts on PC with Samsung Contacts EditorHow to View Text Messages on Computer for Android Phone (3 Ways)Samsung Desktop Manager SoftwareHow to Transfer/Share Apps between Two Samsung Galaxy PhonesHow to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac (Top 4 Ways)”

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