Method 3 Reset the device

Method 3: Android SDK tools

Android hard-set app works on any Android devices, including the crasheddevices. The only prerequisite is that you have turn on the USB debuggingmode.Step 1: Download Android SDK Manager from Google developer website and installit on your PC. Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.Step 2: Launch Android SDK Manager, check the box in front of Android SDKTools and uncheck other boxes. Click on the Install button at bottom rightcorner of the interface to install SDK tools on your computer.Step 3: Locate to platform-tools folder in Android SDK tools installationdirectory. Hold Shift key and right-click on your mouse and choose Opencommand prompt here.Step 4: Type adb reboot recovery in the command window to reboot your Androidhandset into recovery mode.Step 5: Then you can remove your handset and execute method 2 to hard resetAndroid device.

Method 4: Android Device Manager

This is the only way to Android hard reset remotely. And the prerequisite isyour smartphone has connected to internet and added Google account.Step 1: Access Google’s Android Device Manager Website in a browser and signin the same Google account.Step 2: ADM will search your handset on the map automatically. When it wasfound, you should click on the Erase button to continue.Step 3: Then a confirm dialog will pop up; you need to click on the Erasebutton again to execute factory reset.Android Device Manager is a powerful tool. Even if your handset is offlinenow, it will perform the factory reset once your phone connects internet.

3. Recover Android Data after hard reset

Hard reset Android will delete all personal data. Don’t worry! Tipard AndroidData Recovery could recover and restore deleted data and files. It could scanthe whole internal storage and allow you to select any data for recovery.Moreover, this tool could recover the original files but not thumbnail.Android Data Recovery works well on any Android devices, even it crashed orbroken.

Part 1: “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account

that was previously synced on this device.” What’s the Problem?This error occurs typically when the Android phone’s default Factory ResetProtection (FRP) gets activated, due to some mishap or accidental factoryreset. It is a security protocol offered by the Android OS to its user toreset the phone/device outside of the built-in settings feature.If you wish to acknowledge the reset initiation, then all you are required todo is enter your Google account credentials and start using the Android phonefrom scratch. But if you wish to keep your settings on the phone intact orforgot your login information, then you can bypass the Google sign-in optionthrough a variety of fixes, which we will discuss in the latter part of thearticle.* * *

Part 2: How to Bypass “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a

Google Account that was previously synced on this device”?There are three methods to fix the factory reset protection protocol andbypass the Google account sign-in, which we have stated in the list below: * Method 1: Fix FRP through the OEM Unlocking feature. * Method 2: Use FRP Bypass APK to fix Google Account Verification. * Method 3: Reset the device.

Method 3: Reset the device:

If you are still unable to bypass the Google sign-in lock and do not rememberthe login credentials of your Google account, then the logical solution is toperform a hard reset of the device. Follow the instructions below to reset theAndroid device: * If you are using a Samsung phone, then press and simultaneously hold the Power button, Volume Up button, and the Home button(located at the bottom of the screen); * You are required to keep holding the buttons until you see a booting display on the screen; * Select the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” option and proceed further; * Now select the “Yes – Delete all user data” option; * Select through the power button the option: Reboot System Now.* * *

Power reset/restart and Factory Data Reset steps

Check if the issue is resolved after each step.Step 1: Power Reset or Restart OptionsIf the power cord is accessible, try a power reset. If not, then use either ofthe restart options. * Unplug the TV power cord from the wall outlet, wait two minutes, then plug the power cord back in. * Restart the TV with the supplied remote control: * Press and hold the POWER button until Power off appears on the screen * Press and hold the POWER button until a menu appears → select Restart * Restart the using the menu. On the remote: * Press (Quick Settings) → Settings → System → Restart → Restart * Press HOME → navigate to Settings → About → Restart → Restart * Press HOME → navigate to Settings → Device Preferences → About → Restart → RestartNote: When restarting with the remote or menu, the TV will automatically poweroff and back on after a short time.Step 2: Factory Data ResetWARNING!Performing a factory data reset will remove all customer settings inthe TV including Google™ account settings, apps, channels, and wirelessnetwork settings.Notes: * You can sync your apps with your Google account to recover some of the application’s data after you perform a factory reset. Follow the steps below depending on your TV menu. * Press HOME → navigate to Settings → Device Preferences or Accounts and Sign in → Google → Choose synced apps → select items to sync → Sync now * Press HOME → navigate to Settings → Google → Choose synced apps in Sync → select items to sync → Sync now * Press HOME → navigate to Settings → Personal → Google → Choose synced apps in Sync → select items to sync → Sync now * If you have a KD 750H series TV and have updated the firmware to version 60104 or higher, use the Factory Data Reset location change after firmware update for 750H models article instead.If the HOME screen displays on the TV screen 1. On the supplied remote control, press the (Quick Settings) or HOME button depending on your TV. 2. Select Settings. 3. The next steps will vary depending on your TV menu options: * Select System → About → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes. * Select Device Preferences → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes. * Select Storage & reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes.If the HOME screen doesn’t display (the HOME button on the remote controldoesn’t work)If the remote control has the ACTION MENU or (Quick Settings) button andthere is a response, follow the steps below. 1. Press the ACTION MENU or (Quick Settings) button. 2. Select Settings → Device Preferences 3. The next steps will vary depending on your TV menu options: * Select System → About → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes * Select Device Preferences → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → YesFor other models 1. On the supplied remote, press the HELP button. 2. Under How to use your TV select Help Guide (Manual) 3. Select Settings. 4. Select Configuring the TV. 5. Select Watching TV or TV. 6. Select Settings. 7. The next steps will vary depending on your TV menu options: * Select Device Preferences → Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → Yes * Select Storage & Reset → Factory data reset → Erase everything → YesNotes: * The factory reset may take a few moments. Wait until the process completes. * You may need to enter a PIN code (if one was set on your TV) when you select the Erase everything option. * After the factory reset process completes, the TV will start the Initial Setup wizard. You must agree to the Google Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.Step 3: Forced Factory ResetWARNING! Performing this procedure will remove all customer settings in the TVincluding Google™ account settings, apps, channels, and wireless networksettings.. * This procedure is generally used to resolve issues with app errors, the TV restarts by itself, or the TV doesn’t respond to remote control commands. * Your TV must have Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow or higher operating system installed in order to perform this procedure. * This procedure may require two people. * Depending on which TV model you have, the location of the buttons will vary.Note: The number of the buttons on the back, side, or on the front (below theLED light) of your TV determines which reset steps you need to follow. 1. On the TV: 2. Perform the Factory Data Reset (Step 2) again. If the issue still occurs,&nbspContact the Product Support team&nbspfor further assistance.A complete guide with all you need to knowTable of contents01Pre-setup requirements02Android TV: Initial setup03Know your AndroidTV04Essential apps05FAQAdamya Sharma / Android AuthoritySo, you’ve got yourself a brand new Android TV that you need to set up fromscratch. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll walk youthrough the basic setup process for Android TVs. Unlike Android onsmartphones, there’s not much software segregation on Android TV devices. Ifyou learn how to set up and use one, you’ve learned how to set up all of them.Besides showing you where things are on your Android TV and how to use itsvarious features, we’ll also help you with a list of apps you might want todownload to get the most out of your Android TV.So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to set up a new Android TV.

Android TV: Pre-setup requirements

Before you start setting up your Android TV, you need to make a note of a fewthings that you will need. Check that you have the following: * A Wi-Fi internet connection * A Google accountIf your TV doesn’t have Android TV built-in, you’ll need: * An external Android TV device * One TV or monitor that has HDMI ports and supports High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) * One HDMI cable (usually provided within the box)If you have all these prerequisites in place, you are now ready to startsetting up your new Android TV. These are three ways you can do that: usingyour Android phone, using your Android TV remote, or using your computer.Related: The best Android TV boxes you can getWe’ll detail all those methods bellow. If you’ve already completed the initialset up of your Android TV and want to jump straight to the other sections, youcan do so by choosing the appropriate option from the menu on the left.

How to set up an Android TV using the remote?

* When your TV says, “Quickly set up your TV with your Android phone?” use your remote to choose Skip. * Connect to Wi-Fi. * You might need to wait for the system to update. * Choose Sign in and then use your remote. * Sign in to your Google Account (you can also skip this step and do it later). * Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup.

Home-screen customizations

If you don’t like the way your Android TV’s home screen is arranged, you canchange the channels you see by default and rearrange the home screen apps.To add or remove existing channels — the icons on the left of your home screen— scroll right to the bottom of the home screen. Here, you’ll see an optioncalled Customize Your Channels. Tap on it to rearrange your preferences.To re-order apps and adjust autoplay settings for previews that you see onyour home screen, navigate to Settings > Device Preferences. Here, you’ll findoptions to enable/disable video and audio previews as well as rearrange appsfor your Android TV’s home screen.

Google Assistant and voice search

Most Android TV remotes these days come with a dedicated Google Assistantbutton for voice search and navigation. Google Assistant is built into yourAndroid TV, and you can activate it by pressing the Assistant or microphonebutton on your remote. To make sure the Assistant can hear you, speak into themicrophone on your remote. Some premium Android TVs also let you summon GoogleAssistant with the “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” wake words that you’d use ona smart speaker.Also read: Google Assistant guide: Make the most of your virtual assistantYou can ask Google Assistant to quickly find and play your favorite shows, getanswers from the internet, and control your smart home devices. It can evencontrol playback and volume as well as switch off your Android TV with voicecommands. You will find a full list of what you can ask Google Assistant here.

Android TV setup: Apps to get started

Adamya Sharma / Android AuthorityYour Android TV comes pre-loaded with various popular streaming apps, so youwon’t need to install things like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You also getGoogle Play Movies & TV and Google Play Games pre-installed. Having all theseapps already in there is great, but you might want to consider installing thebelow-mentioned apps to get started with your Android TV.”

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