Method 1 Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Best YouTube Downloader Apps

1. YouTube Go 2. Videoder 3. NewPipe 4. arkTube 5. Dentex 6. Snaptube 7. InsTube 8. VidMate 9. YT3 YouTube Downloader 10. TubeMate 11. YMusic 12. TelegramImportant:Use these apps to download the YouTube videos that you own or the ones withCreative Commons reusable license.

Download YouTube videos on Android using Videoder

* Open YouTube on the app. * Search for the video. * Choose the video format. * In the pop-up, edit the file name and download location. * Tap on Start Download.

Download videos using Snaptube

* Open the app and select the YouTube mobile site from its Homepage. * Search for the video in the YouTube search bar. * Select the video and tap on the red download button displayed on the right side of the video. * Choose the quality of the video, and your video will start downloading.You can download the Snaptube application from its official site. It isavailable for free with no in-app purchases but contains ads.

Download YouTube videos using YT3 Downloader

* Open the app and search for the video you want to download. * Select the MP3 or MP4 download file option shown on the right side of the video. You can also have an audio preview before you download it. * You can also share a video from Youtube app to YT3 downloader to download it.

Download YouTube videos using TubeMate

* Open the app and visit the video-sharing site. * Pick your desired video from the search results. TubeMate will ask you to choose the video quality * After selecting the quality and resolution of the video, you can tap the download button.

YouTube video downloaders FAQ

How can I download the video from YouTube?You will need to buy YouTube Premium in order to download videos from theYouTube app and view them offline. You can also use YouTube Go app to downloadvideos within the app, however there are several restrictions to it.What is the best YouTube video downloader?When it comes to third-party tools, New Pipe is the best YouTube videodownloader in our opinion. It’s fast and has an intuitive interface for easyvideo downloads.How to download YouTube videos for free?You can use third-party YouTube downloaders or the YouTube Go app to downloadYouTube videos for free.Did you find this list of the best Android video downloaders to be helpful?Share your views in the comments.TubeMate YouTube DownloaderTubeMate YouTube Downloader is an app to download videos from Youtube directlyonto your mobile phone, thanks to which you can have all your favorite videossaved within your SD card memory and watch whenever you want.Using this app is as simple as accessing the video of interest through the’browser’ that comes integrated within the app itself. From there, simplypress the green arrow located at the bottom of the screen.At that moment you can choose what quality you want to download your video in,normally having many different resolution options adapted to the variousterminals Android compatible with this app. Depending on the download formatyou choose, you might need an extra app to play your files.The downloaded videos by default are sent your storage card, but you caneasily move them at your whim if you’d prefer to store them in separateplaces. TubeMate YouTube Downloader is a very easy to use video downloadertool whose main trick is precisely that: you can download any video inseconds.9 Free Music Download Apps for AndroidDownloading music has become easier than ever before. These days, you can findmany apps that allow you to download music in a hassle-free way.Using these apps to download your favorite tracks is possibly the easiest wayout. The good news is that most of these apps are free. You can use these appsto download as many tracks as you want.If you are an Android user and looking for music download apps, you are in theright place. In this post, we are going to give you a brief overview of someof the best and free music download apps.Also read: 5 Best Music Apps for Android & iOS

iTube HD Video Downloader

The first and the best app to download YouTube videos that we would recommendis iTube HD Video Downloader , which is an all-in-one media management toolthat has powerful features such as YouTube video downloader, video converter,video transfer, built-in media player, built-in browser, and integrated filemanager. This YouTube video downloader app software is available on Mac andWindows and it can be used to download videos from YouTube very quickly,reliably, and efficiently. Besides downloading YouTube videos, you can alsotransfer the downloaded YouTube to your mobile devices like Android, iPhone,iPad, Kindle, Xbox and other consoles in 1 click. The interface of the YouTubedownloader app has been intuitively been designed for ease of use. Overall,iTube YouTube Video Downloader App is undoubtedly the best one that candownload YouTube videos in the easiest way

iTube HD Video Downloader – Best YouTube Downloader App to Download

YouTube from URL or Extension * Download videos from 10,000+ popular video sharing websites that include YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Netflix, Hulu, etc. * Support all types of media formats and allows you to convert downloaded audio and video files into any format that you like. * Equipped with a video recorder which allows you to capture any online video even those “unable to download sites”. * Transfer YouTube videos to your Android or iOS device once sync the YouTube videos on your smartphone or tablet with those on your desktop computer. * Batch download all the videos or music songs from a YouTube Playlist, Lynda Playlist, Spotify Playlist, etc. simultaneously. * Directly download media files from a sharing link of online storage backup providers like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc. * Private Mode to protect your video downloading information with a password known by yourself only. 02of 12

YouTube Downloader (Android)

If you are looking for an all-in-one app that will allow you to not onlydownload but also manage videos on your Android device, then this is just thetool you need. YouTube Downloader for Android lets you function in two ways:First, you can search and download videos from within the app itself. Second,you can make use of the default YouTube app from where you will have to usethe ‘Share’ option to send the video to YouTube Downloader fordownloading. You can choose any method, whichever is convenient for you. Whendownloading the video, you can choose between the different video formats oryou can extract audio only from the video as well. There is one thing that youneed to keep in mind regarding the app though – when you open it for thefirst time, it will ask you to download a small plugin, let it install. As forthe app itself, there is a main dashboard that you can use to manage yourrecently downloaded videos, a file manager, and a built-in media player fortesting out the videos.Pros: * Built-in media player for testing out videos. * You can download videos in several formats, including audio only. * Allows downloading from the default YouTube app directly. Cons: * Requires you to install a plugin. * Can be difficult to use and understand for novice users. 04of 12

Tube Video Downloader (Android)

With Tube Video Downloader, you can search for and manage YouTube videos in anumber of formats (including MP3) and resolutions. The videos are directlydownloaded from the YouTube server itself which ensures a speedy connectionand high downloading speed without compromising on the reliability. The appautomatically detects whenever you are playing a YouTube video and prompts youwith a download option to make the process convenient for you.Pros: * High speed downloading with reliability. * The interface is easy to use and understand. Cons: * Does not support batch downloading. * Does not have a built-in media player. 09of 12

Method 1. Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Go to using any browser and the Download button will automaticallyappear at the top left of every video that you wish to download. If youhaven’t found the Download button, click here to get more info about how toinstall a download extension to browser in steps.

Method 2. Download YouTube Videos from URL

Just copy the link of the video you wish to download and click”Paste URL”. iTube YouTube downloader app will handle the rest for you. Youcan insert as much as 1000 URL links to download all the videos together. Withthis oustanding feature, you can save time download videos, just save all theURLs to a note then paste them all in iTube HD Video Downloader to let it dothe rest for you.

Method 3. Download YouTube Videos by Recording

Click Record button, drag and slide the frame of the recording window toconfirm the video screen you want. Or you can customize the video recordingscreen in the “Capture Area” by manually. It is recommended to use theRecord method when you have time watching the YouTube video, because when youfinish watching, the video will be ready in your folder. Also, you can usethis way to capture any video or live sessions playing on your screen.8 Free Music Download Apps for AndroidWe’re well into the streaming generation of media consumption with musicdownloads in the age of Spotify, and it’s starting to feel a bit like DVDs inthe age of Netflix. With that said, there’s just something reassuring abouthaving your music right there on your device without having to worry about thevagaries of bad Internet connections or keeping yourself entertained on long-haul flights. You probably want a music download app for your Android phone todownload music to your device.Here are our favorite music download apps for Android that won’t cost you apenny.Note: several of these apps need to be downloaded from outside the Play Storeand will require you to allow unknown sources on Android.”

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