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15 best Android Wear OS watch faces to download

Android OS is known for its customization ability. Name the feature and youcan customize it on your Android device as you want. Be it themes, launchers,wallpapers or widgets you can personalize it endlessly.Well, the same power of Android customization is available on Wear OS as well.Besides changing the watchstrap you can customize watch face according to yourwish.Check out: Best video players for AndroidThere is no dearth of cool watch faces on the Google Play Store as Google PlayStore has plenty of them. Moreover, Google Play Store has a separate page forWear OS watch faces that lists all the watch faces.Don’t worry, you don’t have to scroll through each and every watch face on thePlay Store to find the best one. We have done that work for you.Check out: Best Android icon packs that you should tryHere we present to you the 15 best Wear OS watch faces

Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces

Are you a fan of an analog watch? Then Weareal. Realistic Watch Faces is foryou. With 5 different types of watch faces under its banner viz. Rider,Airpower, Golder, Acute and wonderland, each watch face is extraordinary inits own way.Check out: Android apps that transfer data wirelessly between Android and PCWhile Rider and Airpower models display current temperature (°C/°F) andbattery level, the Airpower mode also displays Google Fit steps counter.Besides that, the app gives you the ability to preview the watch face.→ Download Weareal

WatchMaker Watch Faces

WatchMaker Watch Faces is a curated community that grants you access to tonsof watch faces. The app besides providing you with appealing watch faces alsolets you build your own watch face. With powerful editing tools and real timepreview of edits, WatchMaker is a must try watch face app for your Wear OS.Check out: Gmail tricks you should know about→ Download WatchMaker Watch Face

LED Watch face with Weather

Definitely worth the money as the LED watch face offers abundant informationin dot matrix style. Although the prime focus is on weather data, it offersother information such as step counter, phone battery, and watch battery. Inthe weather department, it presents information such as temperature, sunriseand sunset, pressure, humidity, Wind Speed & Direction.Also read: How to recover notifications cleared from notification bar onAndroid, including Samsung devices→ Download LED Watch Face

Looks Wear OS Watch Faces

Whether you like a clean interface or information rich watch face, or littlebit of both, Looks watch face offers everything. It includes nine watch facesunder its banner viz. Astral, atoms, radius, portions, places, quoti, sleekand stellar.→ Download Looks Wear OS

Theme based watch face

Google Play Store also provides many graphic based watch faces. These watchfaces are designed for both circular and square screens and give your watch aunique cool.Check out: High battery usage by Android? Here’s how to fix it.Some of the watch faces that we like are:9 exceptional Android Wear watch facesCustomization is a core part of Android Wear’s appeal, both in the ever-expanding selection of watches you can choose from and in the diverse range ofdesigns you can use for your watch’s face.And you know what? Both areas are equally important. Sure, you need to havehardware you like in order to enjoy Android Wear — but having a watch faceyou love can really take your Wear experience to the next level. Being able tocustomize and change your watch’s face is a big part of what makes asmartwatch special, after all. And when it comes to Android Wear, there’s noshortage of excellent options available.But finding the right face isn’t always easy. With the oodles of designs outthere, you really have to take the time to buy and try a bunch if you want touncover the cream of the crop.Well, fear not, my friends, for I’ve done the dirty work for you. After muchexploration and experimentation, here are nine Android Wear watch faces thatstand out to me as being particularly exceptional.I love this design’s simple and (you guessed it) elegant vibe, with its tworows of animated numbers and the subtle yet impactful “glow” animation itdisplays every time you activate your watch’s screen.Most of all, though, I love the many ways Minimal & Elegant lets you takecontrol and customize how it looks. Within the face’s settings in the AndroidWear app, you can change all sorts of details about the design to make it suityour style or mood — everything from fonts and colors to what text andinformation is shown above and below the main clock (I changed mine to havethe day and date along with the temperature and current weather conditions,for example).The design has a couple of fun advanced options, too: You can opt to set up a”Colors Scheduler” that’ll automatically change the colors of your watch facebased on the time of day, and you can add “Little Worlds” — things like cityscapes or lineups of Android robot silhouettes — onto the face’s lower end.That creates a neat effect on the Moto 360 in particular, as it turns thewatch’s sometimes-awkward “flat tire” bottom into a cool-looking feature.Pujie is hands-down one of the most polished, practical, and customizable Wearfaces I’ve encountered. As I’ve written before, the face lets you personalizepractically every detail of your Wear watch’s appearance — everything fromthe presence or absence of hands to the size and style of numbers, on-screentext, and minute markings.The Pujie face features three customizable indicators that can show thingslike the weather, your watch and/or phone battery levels, and the current timein alternate locations. You can choose to include calendar events as well,with an optional center-of-watch hotspot to view a list of upcoming events.And slick animations all throughout the design go a long way in elevating theWear experience and making it extra delightful.Skymaster’s classy design manages to combine the style of a traditional watchwith the function of a smartwatch — all without getting overly busy orcluttered, as many watch faces tend to do.The face gives you up to four dials that can display the date, the weather,your watch’s battery status, and the time in any alternate time zone. Andaside from those dials, you can customize the face’s color along with the logotext (where it says “JR 360” on mine). You can also play with the hand styleand control how dim the display’s ambient mode will go.

4. Orbit ($1.65)

Orbit’s a great example of a futuristic face design that doesn’t veer intotacky terrain. It brings a spaceship-like display to your watch’s surface,complete with control panels showing the date, weather, and your device’sbattery level.Orbit isn’t quite as customizable as some other faces — you can pick from afew color schemes and themes, opt to show or hide numbers along the face’sperimeter, and change the second hand’s behavior from “ticking” to “sweeping”– but when a design looks this good to begin with, who really cares?Sleek, simple, and tasteful — that’s the best way to describe the Cool Circlewatch face, which brings a splash of color to your Wear device with a designthat’s classy and glanceable as can be.Cool Circle lets you choose any imaginable color for its main accent. Itssettings also have a handy option to increase the amount of time your Weardisplay remains lit when you activate it, which can be quite useful if you’veever wished the face would stay fully illuminated a little longer.On the face, you’ll see a combination analog-digital clock along with the day,date, and your watch’s battery level. There’s a nice chunk-based second tickeralong the perimeter in the same color as the accent. And that’s it.Sleek, simple, and tasteful — remember? Oh, and it’s also free.This one’s a bit different from the rest, as it’s a theme for Facer — an appthat provides the framework for you to download and install thousands of user-created designs. Once you buy the main Facer app, the theme itself is free;all you have to do is visit its page from your phone and click the link todownload it. Facer will take care of the rest.Now V2 gives you a taste of Google Now on your Android Wear watch, with largetext showing the time and date atop a Now-like background that automaticallychanges based on the weather around you. The bottom part of the face featuresmore detailed weather info with a black background that has the benefit ofhiding the flat tire on the Moto 360, since it blends almost seamlessly intothat area of the screen.The face’s one flaw is that its ambient mode remains a bit too bright, withthe colorful Now-like images remaining visible and in full color even in thatdimmed state. The beauty of Facer, however, is that you can tweak every detailyourself: Just open up the face in the Facer app, tap the editing icon (thetwo stacked diamonds) in the top-right of the screen, and go into eachbackground image to uncheck the “Display when dimmed” box within.Voilà: You’ve just taken a cool face and made it even better.If fitness is your primary focus, the Runner face for Android Wear is just thething for you. Runner puts your heart rate and current step count for the dayalong with the time, date, and battery levels for your phone and watch into aclean design that’s simple and easy to read.The Runner face has a second ticker along its perimeter that fits nicely withthe fitness theme. You can customize that color along with the backgroundcolor; you can also turn on or off the heart rate and step count info, ifyou’re ever so inclined.Talk about a clever way to keep track of multiple time zones: The aptly namedWorld Timer watch face puts 24 time zones around your watch’s perimeter — onefor each hour, letting you quickly see the time in different locationsrelative to your own.You can pick your own reference city, which always sits at the 12:00 position,and you can customize the cities around the ring to your suit your fancy. Oh,and that icon of Earth in the middle? It changes throughout the day to showhow the planet actually looks from the sun at any given moment.This last face turns your Android Wear watch into a dynamic display that showsyou the current and upcoming weather in an attractive sliced-pie design. Theface is divided into thirds, with the current time at the top and a graphicshowing the forecast for each chunk as you move around.As I wrote when initially describing Runway last December, smartwatch facedesigners have tons of info at their disposal, and many of them end up tryingto cram too much of it into a small surface area. I don’t want my watch faceto be a complex dashboard jam-packed with every bit of data available; I wantit to be something I can easily glance at to glean pertinent info — the typeof info only a connected device could provide, and the type of info I’dactually need to know at a glance.That’s precisely what Runway does — and like the other faces featured on thispage, it does it exceptionally well.MORE: 5 animated Android Wear watch faces worth tryingTop 10 Best Wear OS Apps – 2021If you’re looking for some useful apps for your Wear OS smartwatch, you’re inthe right place. We’ve decided to look through the Play Store to find someapps and present them to you. Just to be clear, there are a lot of Wear OS-compatible applications in the Play Store that you can install, but we had totrim that down to only 10 for this list. We chose the ones that we tried outand that worked really well, while we also tried to keep this list ratherdiverse.Below, you’ll find several apps from Google, along with a cool watch face app,a launcher app, an app that will help you keep your fitness in check, and soon. You can really make your smartwatch a lot more useful if you install someof these apps on it. Some people prefer to use it as a notification center andmusic control gadget, if you want more out of it, read on, and try out some ofthese apps.

Top 10 Best Wear OS Apps 2021

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best Wear OS apps for 2021, includingany download and in-app purchase costs.| Download Cost| In-app cost (per item) —|—|— Facer Watch Faces| ✕| $0.99-$39.99 Pixel Minimal Watch Face| ✕| $1.99-$19.99 FitMe| ✕| ✕ Google Keep| ✕| ✕ Google Pay| ✕| ✕ Google Maps| ✕| ✕ Wear Gesture Launcher| ✕| ✕ Wear Casts| ✕| $0.99-$9.99 Lifesum| ✕| $3.75-$52.56 Infinity Loop| ✕| $0.99-$22.99

Top 10 Best Wear OS Apps 2021 Downloads

Below is a little more information on each app, a suggestion for the type ofuser the app is best suited to, and a direct link for easy downloading.All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are alwaysrecommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.

Facer Watch Faces

* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: Varies with deviceIf you don’t like the watch faces that come pre-installed on your smartwatch,you can always download some new ones. You can either look through the PlayStore for separate watch face apps, or install an app like Facer. Facer isessentially a hub for watch faces, for your Wear OS smartwatch. There are over15,000 different watch faces available inside this application, so take yourpick.The usefulness of this app doesn’t end there, though. Facer even allows you tocreate your very own watch face. It has a really useful tool that you can usefor that purpose. Set up a layout that fits your needs, slap a backgroundimage of your choice, if you want, add some flare to it, and you’re good togo. Facer is definitely one of the first apps that you should install on yourWear OS smartwatch.Download Facer Watch Faces

Pixel Minimal Watch Face

* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: 7.1+Pixel Minimal Watch Face app is all about a single watch face, which is reallygood, by the way. That is the watch face used for the featured image in thisarticle. If you like minimal watch faces that are extremely useful, this isthe way to go. You don’t have an option for an analog watch look here, but adigital one is really cool. On top of that, you can also set up some widgetson the watchface itself, making it extremely useful.For example, I set both time and date to be displayed in the middle, while theweather info is at the bottom. In the top-left corner is my currently-playedmedia content, while next to it you’ll notice the battery percentage, and thenotification counter. That way, you can have all the relevant information onyour watchface. Simply alter this watch face to serve your needs. Do note thatyou’ll have to pay up to customize those widgets, though.Download Pixel Minimal Watch Face

Infinity Loop

* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: Varies with deviceThe last app on this list is actually a game. We had to include at least onegame for your smartwatch, just in case you get bored and need a quick game topass the time. Not many of you will be playing games on your watches, but thisone is actually quite appropriate. This is a puzzle game that actually looksexcellent on your wrist. The last of screen real estate really doesn’t hurt itat all.This game aims to increase your logic skills. You’ll need to connect all thelines and corners to make perfect connections. The game will throw you into achaotic situation, and you need to make sense of that. The game is extremelysimple to play, but it will make you think in order to complete it. Somelevels can be really challenging, and ideal to waste a couple of minutes whileyou’re waiting for a bus, train, or doing something else when you’re out andabout.Download Infinity Loop5 animated Android Wear watch faces worth tryingOne of the coolest things about Android Wear is the ever-expanding array offace designs you can find for your watch. I’ve already put together acollection of some of my favorite Android Wear faces, but there’s a morespecialized category that also deserves to be addressed: watch faces that areanimated.Almost all watch faces are technically animated, of course, since they containsome level of movement. What we’re talking about here are designs that haveanimated elements beyond the basic clock parts, as a core part of their design– kind of like a live wallpaper for your wrist. Done right, such an approachcan add a new dimension to your smartwatch experience without taking a hugetoll on your device’s battery life.These five animated Android Wear watch faces are great examples — and they’reall worth giving a whirl.Weareal brings a lifelike light-and-shadow effect to some tastefully donedesigns. The effect is simple but impactful: When your watch is illuminatedand you move your wrist around, you see the illusion of light reflecting onthe various surfaces of the face. It’s something LG has also built into a fewof the preloaded faces on its own smartwatches, and it’s really a cleveraddition.Animation aside, Weareal’s designs have a clean and minimalist vibe withlittle in the way of extraneous info. As of now, you can pick from fourdifferent themes — light gold, dark gold, black, and silver, with or withoutnumber markers — though from the looks of it, more options should be on theway soon (possibly via optional in-app purchases).If futuristic designs are your cup of tea, Wear Time may be just the face foryou. The design shows a ticking circuit board with subtle electrons flowingbehind it. It’s a neat touch without being so over the top that it’sdistracting.Wear Time has a ton of options for customization, too, including the color,position, and format of the time and date along with the color and intensityof the circuit board and electrons.This aptly named face puts the time into orbit right on your wrist. It’spretty straight-forward and somewhat short on options, but if you like a touchof space in your life, it’s a nicely done no-frills design you’re bound toenjoy.Uh — hello? Pac-Man. Watch Face. What more need I say?This last one’s a bit different from the rest, as it’s a theme for WatchMaker– an app that provides the framework for you to download and installthousands of user-created designs. So in addition to the face itself, you’llneed to have the premium version of WatchMaker, which costs about three bucks(and opens the door to using tons of other faces, too, many of which arefree).But enough about the nuts and bolts of it: Material Animation gives you abright and colorful Material-esque design with a moving landscape backgroundthat changes based on the time of day and current weather conditions. It’sloaded with indicators and options, including the ability to tap the watch indifferent places to pull up info like calendar events and alternate timezones.That’s all for now, folks. Still hungry for more? Click over to my mainAndroid Wear watch face roundup:9 exceptional Android Wear watch facesThe 28 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces Since Wear LaunchedAndroid Wear has only been out for a few weeks, but already developers aretrying their hands at designing apps for Google’s wearable platform. Sincethis is a new usage paradigm for Android, it’s hard to know what sort of userexperiences will catch on and which will fall flat. This is the firstinstallment of what will hopefully become a regular part of our roundups – allthe best apps and watch faces for Android Wear. If it’s interesting,innovative, or just plain odd (and designed for your wrist), we’ve got ithere.

Find My Phone (Android Wear)

This is one of several apps that have shown up to make it harder to lose yourphone. Find My Phone will alert you if the Bluetooth link between the phoneand watch is lost, indicating you might have forgotten your phone. If it’sjust hiding in the cushions someplace, the app can make it beep. It’s kind oflike the Android Device Manager, but it’s on your wrist and much moreconvenient.It’s time to say goodbye to forgetting or losing your phone. With brand newAndroid Wear app you will never forget your phone and quickly find it in onetap.Android Wear Watch will buzzing to stop you from going out from your phone.Can find your phone? Just tap on notification or start Find My Phone app onyour watch and tap on the button to launch alarm and visual signals on yourphone (even if it’s in silent mode).The alarm can be setting up for your needs. You can:- Set alarm volume- Turn on gradual volume increasing- Turn on vibration- Set screen brightness- Turn on FlashlightThe main functionality available for free, but some alarm customizationfeatures available only in PRO version, that can be purchased in app (price is$0,99).

Calendar for Android Wear

Android Police coverage: [New App] Calendar For Android Wear Is A Basic,Colorful Calendar For Those Wearable Android DevicesThe Google calendar currently lacks any Wear features, though I’m pretty sureGoogle isn’t going to do anything like the aptly named Calendar for AndroidWear. This app puts a tiny calendar on your watch with month, day, anddetailed view options. The colors are customizable, and it does look nice. Atthe same time, it’s not easy to tap on things this precisely on a 1.6-inchscreen. Still, this just goes to show you that if there’s a niche, someonewill fill it.This application is only available Android Wear Device.You can view your calendar on your watch.* Monthly(free), Daily(premium), Detail view(premium). * Setting color, first day of week(free) * Displaying calendar of events(premium).

PixtoCam for Android Wear

Android Police coverage: [New App] PixtoCam Allows You To Use Android Wear AsA Remote Viewfinder / Shutter For Pictures Of Lego (And Also Other Things)Android Wear has the potential to make operating your phone without touchingit easier than ever. Even somewhat creepy uses are possible. Case in point,the description for remote viewfinder app PixtoCam: “as nothing happens on thephone even turned on i can lend my phone and take pictures of girls who use it;)” Yeah… creepy. Just because it has definite creeper appeal is no reasonto abandon ship, though. There are perfectly legit uses for a remoteviewfinder and shutter control.PixtoCam allows you to view and control cameras from your watch to takepictures or make videos. Don’t matter if your phone is on or off just launchPixtoCam on your Android Wear Watch and get a realtime preview. You can selectthe front or rear camera, zoom in and out, rotate the image, use a self-timer,adjust the flash setting, use torch in video mode and more.what people have told us they do with PixtoCam ? we can not say some.especially under table :/- as nothing happens on the phone even turned on i can lend my phone and takepictures of girls who use it 😉 .- look my back- takes family pictures, all together- scare my cat with torch recording videoPlease don’t stop to tell us how you use this application, we like it.- Get realtime preview even in movie recording mode*- Works without any action on phone, it can be on/off or locked- 2 modes : camera and video.- Zoom : double tap to zoom, long click to reset**- Fast select button : change camera, rotate image, set flash, light torch,self-timer- On top phone battery level and charging state widget (yellowdischarging/green charging)It is simple, effective and often essential

@here for Android Wear

This app is another take on mapping on your wrist, but it has a specific usecase. @here shows a card on your watch with your location, which can be usedto launch a mapping app on your phone, ostensibly for sharing your locationwith friends. It’s a neat idea, but I’m not sure how useful or convenient itwill be in practice, seeing as you need to take the phone out to share things.Have you ever been at a new location and needed to tell a friend where theycan meet you? Well, @here makes your life easy. Whenever you stop at a newlocation, @here will add a notification to your Android Wear device with yourcurrent address. Swipe left to see the neighborhood (e.g. “Mission District”in San Francisco), City, County, and other information about your location.Swipe left once more to see a map, and quickly launch your favorite mappingapp on your phone right from your watch.@here will intelligently update the notification on your watch when you stopat a new location, but if you want an update on-demand, just say “OK, Google,start @here”, and the notification will appear.

Wear-Enabled Phone Apps

Android Police coverage: Wearable Widgets v2.0 Adds Support For Android Wear,Can Send Any Widget To Your WatchWearable Widgets is one of the most interesting apps to add Android Wearsupport. This app’s thing is taking the widgets from your phone and mirroringthem on a wearable device. Android Wear support was added recently and itworks pretty well. Just pick the widget you want to mirror and the app showsup as a card on the watch. Tapping on it lets you view and interact with thewidget just like you would if it were on the phone. You do have to spend a fewbucks to upgrade to the pro version if you want to mirror more than onewidget, though.Widgets you can wear. Put virtually any homescreen widget from your phone ontoyour smartwatch or Google Glass™. Supports Android Wear and Sony SmartWatch 1& 2; Samsung Gear (Tizen) is coming soon.PLEASE NOTE: You MUST have one of these devices (Glass or a supportedsmartwatch) to use this app.This is early software and we’re still actively ironing out bugs as theyemerge.Using with Android WearWith your Wear device paired to your phone, just install and run this app, andselect a widget or two. Then say to your watch, “Ok Google, start widgets.”(If you prefer, you can also find Wearable Widgets in the touch menu of thewatch, in the “Start…” with Sony SmartWatch 1 and 2You’ll need Sony’s Smart Connect app ( installed andconfigured on your phone, but you probably already have that. So, just runWearable Widgets, and select a widget from the list that pops up. To see it onyour wrist, simply tap our “W” icon on the watch’s home screen, and voila.

Watch Faces

Editor’s Note: Yes, Google has not released the official watch face API yet,and has advised developers to avoid publishing watch faces to the Play Store.However, these things exist, so we’re listing them here. Some devs havealready promised a swift update as soon as the API is available. There will besome bugs (like the taller cards blocking things), but a few of them take thatinto account. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Better Wear Face

I think Better Wear Face is my favorite custom watch face currently. It hasoptions for text and digital time displays along with the date and optionalweather. You can set any image as the background from your phone as well. Allthe UI stuff is kept toward the top of the screen so the taller cards workwell. It’s nice to have the additional info anyway.My first Android Wear Watch Face.The main features:- Two Beautiful Watch Styles- Weather in both Fahrenheit and Celsius (For certain watch faces)


Consider this listing an FYI, because WearFace is kind of broken right now.All the watch faces are full screen, so the taller cards block stuff. It alsokind of clutters the watch face selector with several designs you might not beinterested in. If you swipe everything away constantly, it’s usable, but morethan anything this is an interesting look at how designing your own watch facecould work on Wear eventually.Create your own custom Android Wear Watch face (WearFace).In addition you get three quality design watchfaces for you LG G Watch,Samsung Gear Live and Moto360.Just install the app on your mobile and sync the apps from the Android WearApp.HOW-TO create your personal watchface (see video)1. Design your own watchface by creating four pictures for the dial,hourhand, minutehand and the secondshand. (best 320x320px and .png format)Look on to find template file. (Good Imageeditor on AndroidPixlr)2. Save your own custom watch face files into the Pictures folder.3. Make sure that the Wear device and the phone/tablet are paired (seeAndroid Wear App).4. Start the WearFaces App, click on “Create custom WearFace” und choose thedifferent files.5. On the Wear device choose the “Custom WearFace”.6. In the app on the phone click Send to Wear”.7. Wait until the watch appears and be happy about your own clock face.

Matrix face for Android Wear

Android Police coverage: There Is Now A Matrix “Falling Code” Watch Face ForAndroid Wear (It Was Inevitable And You Know It)Did you ever have one of those Matrix falling code screen savers on yourcomputer? Don’t lie. Now you can relive those heady days with the Matrixfalling code watch face. This was bound to happen, but again, the lack of aproper API makes its usefulness limited right now.”The Matrix” themed watch face for Android Wear.By Dheera Venkatraman code:

Wear Time Circuit

This is one of the few regular paid Android Wear watch faces I’ve seen pop up.It’s probably using the workaround provided by Google to get paid apps toinstall to a Wear device. Is a circuit board watch face worth $0.99? That’s upto you.This is a custom watch face for Android Wear devices that displays a circuitboard with flowing electrons.During normal operation, the watch face consumes minimal CPU (and thereforebattery) by displaying a simple dot-matrix display clock. When you touch thewatch face, the screen is illuminated to reveal the circuit with flowingelectrons.The watch face supports both 12 and 24 hour formats. The format will match howyou have configured your phone settings.

Binary Watch Face

I have yet to see evidence anyone actually wants to use a binary clock in reallife. It seems more like nerd-cred run amok to me, but whatever floats yourboat. This was one of the first custom watch faces for Wear, but the cardissue is present here too. Install at your own risk.At this time, there is not a way to change the notification card height.The “OK Google” text unfortunately is also unmovable right now.As soon as APIs is available, we will get that fixed right away.A Binary watch face for you Android Wear device.The companion app the installs on your handset with the watch face allows youto configure the colors on the watch face. Choose from a wide array of colorsto give you face a style that suits you.Easy to learn how to read the time and impress your friends with your level ofawesomeness.There is a picture explaining how to read the time in the screenshots below.NEW – Premium Features- You can turn on a digital clock which can help you to learn how to readbinary time.- Better color choosers with a wider array of color choices.- Change the layout from the default vertical layout to a horizontal layout.- Change the background color to make your watch face even more your own.

Wear Face Collection

Wear Face Collection is definitely an app to watch as soon as the API is done.It has a ton of custom watch faces, many of them free. It also doesn’t clutterthe Wear device with entries for everything. You can just push over the oneyou want to use. I’d probably hold off on buying a premium license until weknow when Google’s watch face API is going to happen.A new collection of watch faces for Android Wear .Design, classic, casual, the collection is growing everyday.You MUST have one of the following watch :- Samsung Galaxy Gear Live- LG G WatchAfter install on your phone, the app automatically installs itself on thewatch.Please activate it from the watch :Long press on the clock, and select “wear face collection”This app is freemium, but at least half of the faces are FREE.

Weather Wear Watch Face

And here’s yet another watch face that I’ll totally consider paying for oncethe API issue is sorted out. Weather Wear Watch Face crams a lot of data ontothe screen, and does so without looking too cluttered. There are fourdifferent themes, plus extra features like a disconnect alarm and multiplevibration modes. The developer pledges to update the app as soon as the API isdone.By installing this you’ll get the watchface on your wrist and a companion appon your mobile device which will let you configure the watchface in every part(Few of the options are only for PRO users).Some of the options and features are: * 4 Different watchfaces to meet your taste * Battery Percentage indicator * 2 Weather providers (for now): Yahoo and OpenWeather * Ability to set the weather refresh interval * 3 Different watch vibration modes * Option to let your wrist vibrate every hour like a cuckoo clock * Option to let your wrist sligtly vibrate every time you receive a weather update * 24 and 12 hour format * Celsius and Fahreneit support * Phone disconnection vibration * and much more Cards size issueWe’re aware that notification cards are large in this watch face like otherwatch faces. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way to choose the size ofthem. Once google releases the API we’ll upgrade the app accordingly :)”

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