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15 best Android Wear OS watch faces to download

Android OS is known for its customization ability. Name the feature and youcan customize it on your Android device as you want. Be it themes, launchers,wallpapers or widgets you can personalize it endlessly.Well, the same power of Android customization is available on Wear OS as well.Besides changing the watchstrap you can customize watch face according to yourwish.Check out: Best video players for AndroidThere is no dearth of cool watch faces on the Google Play Store as Google PlayStore has plenty of them. Moreover, Google Play Store has a separate page forWear OS watch faces that lists all the watch faces.Don’t worry, you don’t have to scroll through each and every watch face on thePlay Store to find the best one. We have done that work for you.Check out: Best Android icon packs that you should tryHere we present to you the 15 best Wear OS watch faces

WatchMaker Watch Faces

WatchMaker Watch Faces is a curated community that grants you access to tonsof watch faces. The app besides providing you with appealing watch faces alsolets you build your own watch face. With powerful editing tools and real timepreview of edits, WatchMaker is a must try watch face app for your Wear OS.Check out: Gmail tricks you should know about→ Download WatchMaker Watch Face

Looks Wear OS Watch Faces

Whether you like a clean interface or information rich watch face, or littlebit of both, Looks watch face offers everything. It includes nine watch facesunder its banner viz. Astral, atoms, radius, portions, places, quoti, sleekand stellar.→ Download Looks Wear OS

Theme based watch face

Google Play Store also provides many graphic based watch faces. These watchfaces are designed for both circular and square screens and give your watch aunique cool.Check out: High battery usage by Android? Here’s how to fix it.Some of the watch faces that we like are:9 exceptional Android Wear watch facesCustomization is a core part of Android Wear’s appeal, both in the ever-expanding selection of watches you can choose from and in the diverse range ofdesigns you can use for your watch’s face.And you know what? Both areas are equally important. Sure, you need to havehardware you like in order to enjoy Android Wear — but having a watch faceyou love can really take your Wear experience to the next level. Being able tocustomize and change your watch’s face is a big part of what makes asmartwatch special, after all. And when it comes to Android Wear, there’s noshortage of excellent options available.But finding the right face isn’t always easy. With the oodles of designs outthere, you really have to take the time to buy and try a bunch if you want touncover the cream of the crop.Well, fear not, my friends, for I’ve done the dirty work for you. After muchexploration and experimentation, here are nine Android Wear watch faces thatstand out to me as being particularly exceptional.I love this design’s simple and (you guessed it) elegant vibe, with its tworows of animated numbers and the subtle yet impactful “glow” animation itdisplays every time you activate your watch’s screen.Most of all, though, I love the many ways Minimal & Elegant lets you takecontrol and customize how it looks. Within the face’s settings in the AndroidWear app, you can change all sorts of details about the design to make it suityour style or mood — everything from fonts and colors to what text andinformation is shown above and below the main clock (I changed mine to havethe day and date along with the temperature and current weather conditions,for example).The design has a couple of fun advanced options, too: You can opt to set up a”Colors Scheduler” that’ll automatically change the colors of your watch facebased on the time of day, and you can add “Little Worlds” — things like cityscapes or lineups of Android robot silhouettes — onto the face’s lower end.That creates a neat effect on the Moto 360 in particular, as it turns thewatch’s sometimes-awkward “flat tire” bottom into a cool-looking feature.Pujie is hands-down one of the most polished, practical, and customizable Wearfaces I’ve encountered. As I’ve written before, the face lets you personalizepractically every detail of your Wear watch’s appearance — everything fromthe presence or absence of hands to the size and style of numbers, on-screentext, and minute markings.The Pujie face features three customizable indicators that can show thingslike the weather, your watch and/or phone battery levels, and the current timein alternate locations. You can choose to include calendar events as well,with an optional center-of-watch hotspot to view a list of upcoming events.And slick animations all throughout the design go a long way in elevating theWear experience and making it extra delightful.Skymaster’s classy design manages to combine the style of a traditional watchwith the function of a smartwatch — all without getting overly busy orcluttered, as many watch faces tend to do.The face gives you up to four dials that can display the date, the weather,your watch’s battery status, and the time in any alternate time zone. Andaside from those dials, you can customize the face’s color along with the logotext (where it says “JR 360” on mine). You can also play with the hand styleand control how dim the display’s ambient mode will go.

These wear OS apps (android wear apps) helps to get the most out of your

smartwatchAndroid Wear OS is the operating system for most smartwatches available on themarket. Watches running the Android ecosystem make our day more productive.With a smartwatch, you can receive notifications directly on your wrist, replyto messages, silence the phone, and keep count of your daily activity. GettingAndroid Wear apps on your wrist is as easy as installing the corresponding appon your phone and then syncing your watch with the Android Wear OS app.

13. Infinity Loop: Best Android Wear Watch Applications

Many games for Android wearable devices are considered an exercise offrustration as the limited screen does not engage a good user experience.Still, with Infinity Loop, users can easily play games on wearables. Forexample, users can play an easy and relaxing puzzle game where they can spenda few minutes waiting at the railway station or in line at the grocery store.Infinity Loop is a fun way to boost your logic. A puzzle game is considered tocreate intricate looping patterns or apply a basic concept: connecting manyobjects and making fun of them. Infinity Loop is a good puzzle with great zenstyling. The aim is to clear your mind and reduce stress without any strain orconflict in your everyday life to resolve expectations.Key Features of this Android Wear Watch App: * Dark mode. * Infinite levels of the game. * Less-challenging game. * Easy to play.Download | Google Play: 4.7

Top 10 Best Wear OS Apps 2021

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best Wear OS apps for 2021, includingany download and in-app purchase costs.| Download Cost| In-app cost (per item) —|—|— Facer Watch Faces| ✕| $0.99-$39.99 Pixel Minimal Watch Face| ✕| $1.99-$19.99 FitMe| ✕| ✕ Google Keep| ✕| ✕ Google Pay| ✕| ✕ Google Maps| ✕| ✕ Wear Gesture Launcher| ✕| ✕ Wear Casts| ✕| $0.99-$9.99 Lifesum| ✕| $3.75-$52.56 Infinity Loop| ✕| $0.99-$22.99

Facer Watch Faces

* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: Varies with deviceIf you don’t like the watch faces that come pre-installed on your smartwatch,you can always download some new ones. You can either look through the PlayStore for separate watch face apps, or install an app like Facer. Facer isessentially a hub for watch faces, for your Wear OS smartwatch. There are over15,000 different watch faces available inside this application, so take yourpick.The usefulness of this app doesn’t end there, though. Facer even allows you tocreate your very own watch face. It has a really useful tool that you can usefor that purpose. Set up a layout that fits your needs, slap a backgroundimage of your choice, if you want, add some flare to it, and you’re good togo. Facer is definitely one of the first apps that you should install on yourWear OS smartwatch.Download Facer Watch Faces

Binary Watch Face

I have yet to see evidence anyone actually wants to use a binary clock in reallife. It seems more like nerd-cred run amok to me, but whatever floats yourboat. This was one of the first custom watch faces for Wear, but the cardissue is present here too. Install at your own risk.At this time, there is not a way to change the notification card height.The “OK Google” text unfortunately is also unmovable right now.As soon as APIs is available, we will get that fixed right away.A Binary watch face for you Android Wear device.The companion app the installs on your handset with the watch face allows youto configure the colors on the watch face. Choose from a wide array of colorsto give you face a style that suits you.Easy to learn how to read the time and impress your friends with your level ofawesomeness.There is a picture explaining how to read the time in the screenshots below.NEW – Premium Features- You can turn on a digital clock which can help you to learn how to readbinary time.- Better color choosers with a wider array of color choices.- Change the layout from the default vertical layout to a horizontal layout.- Change the background color to make your watch face even more your own.

Weather Wear Watch Face

And here’s yet another watch face that I’ll totally consider paying for oncethe API issue is sorted out. Weather Wear Watch Face crams a lot of data ontothe screen, and does so without looking too cluttered. There are fourdifferent themes, plus extra features like a disconnect alarm and multiplevibration modes. The developer pledges to update the app as soon as the API isdone.By installing this you’ll get the watchface on your wrist and a companion appon your mobile device which will let you configure the watchface in every part(Few of the options are only for PRO users).Some of the options and features are: * 4 Different watchfaces to meet your taste * Battery Percentage indicator * 2 Weather providers (for now): Yahoo and OpenWeather * Ability to set the weather refresh interval * 3 Different watch vibration modes * Option to let your wrist vibrate every hour like a cuckoo clock * Option to let your wrist sligtly vibrate every time you receive a weather update * 24 and 12 hour format * Celsius and Fahreneit support * Phone disconnection vibration * and much more Cards size issueWe’re aware that notification cards are large in this watch face like otherwatch faces. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way to choose the size ofthem. Once google releases the API we’ll upgrade the app accordingly 🙂

Primary Watch Face

Primary Watch Face crams that main watch screen with fitness stats, weatherupdates, the date and let you keep a close eye on that precious battery life.There’s a free and premium versions with the latter letting you add incomplications, activity tracking, a missing notifications indicator and evenbattery consumption graphs. Go for the free option and you’ll still get toshow off the time, battery status, the date all in its slick pretty watch facelook.Free (in-app purchases), Google Play

Retro LCD Wear Watchface

We love this retro-tastic watch face, inspired by the Casio classics of the1980s. As well as telling you the time and prompting feelings of nostalgia, itkeeps you updated with the battery status of your wearable.Free, Google Play

Pixel Watch face

If you’re the proud owner of a Google Pixel , or if you’re just particularlycut up about the continued absence of a real Pixel Watch, this face could be auseful answer. It’ll brand your watch like a Pixel product, so you can kidyour friends and, just maybe, yourself.Free, Google Play”

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