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TP Vision has announced the imminent arrival of Freeview Play on Philips’

range of Android TVs.A recent agreement between Google and Freeview, the UK’s largest TV platform,means that Freeview Play will be coming to Android TV devices, and TP Visionhas now confirmed that the linear TV and catch up service will soon beavailable on Philips’ TVs that use the Android Smart OS.Launched in 2015, Freeview Play now has over 7 million users who have accessto 85 live channels (including 15 in HD) and 20,000 hours of on demand TV fromBBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My 5, UKTV Play, CBS Catchup Channels UK andHorror Bites – all through a through a single, user friendly interface.Philips 2020 TVs that use Android TV OS will all include Freeview Play asstandard from the point of manufacture. Owners or purchasers of 2019 Androidmodels will receive an over-the-air firmware update which providesinstructions to enable Freeview Play.Martijn Smelt, CMO for Europe at TP Vision, commented on the inclusion ofFreeview Play to Philips Android TVs, saying, “The addition of Freeview Playis the final piece that allows us to confidently say Philips Android TV setsoffer the best overall package on the UK market. Independent tests prove thatwe already lead the market in terms of picture quality, sound quality anddesign, plus our unique Ambilight technology that is so loved by ourcustomers.” He added, “To that, we can now offer a complete UK catch-up TVcombination to rival any of our competitors.”Philips started its partnership with Android TV back in 2014 and has committednearly 50 percent of its TV range to the smart operating system including thepremium OLED, OLED+ and LED-LCD ranges. The company offers an alternativesmart OS on its more affordable TVs called Saphi.Simon Hunt, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Digital UK, theoperators of the Freeview Play platform, explained, “We are looking forward toPhilips bringing Freeview Play to their full smart TV line up, including theirhigh-end OLED TVs. Freeview Play content underpins so much of British viewingand this commitment from Phillips is testament to the platform’s popularityand the quality of content we have available.”If you own a 2019 Philips Android TV why not let us know how you get on withthe Freeview Play upgrade in the discussion thread?Source: Press release Image Source: TP VisionPhilips launches Android TVs with Google Play apps and gamesStars of CES 2014 winnerPhilips is set to launch its first smart TVs powered by Android operatingsystem in Q2 2014, TP Vision has announced at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.The new Philips Android TVs – the first Android TVs from a European TV brand –will give users access to the Google Play Store and with it a huge selectionof apps, games, music and movies, while also promising a “faster and morefluent TV and entertainment experience”.The Play Store and Android OS will integrate with a new Philips interface thatwill also offer the existing Philips smart TV offerings, from BBC iPlayer toSpotify and USB recording.Scott Housley, Global Head of Product and Strategy at TP Vision, admitted thatPhilips’ existing smart TV propositions had fallen short.”Android OS helps with speed and performance… smart TVs need to operate theway a smartphone or tablet works. Previously our performance hasn’t beenstrong enough,” he told got a first look of the Philips Android TV in a briefing at CES and theinterface certainly looked very slick, allowing us to play familair Androidgames with very little sign of lag, while also browsing the rest of the GooglePlay Store.The layout, which TP Vision told us isn’t the finished article, is a mucheasier to navigate interface than many previous Philips smart TVs with theaddition of the familiar Google Play store app icon.Click through to the Google Play store and the screen is identical to theappearance on tablets, though again, we’re told there will be some moretweaks, such as the removal of the power icon.The TVs will be powered by a “powerful quad-core chip”, which promises tomajor on delivering big-screen gaming, which appears to be a real focus of theAndroid sets.We enjoyed a quick play of some Android games using a standard Logitechwireless gaming control and the performance was impressive, while the Philipsremote control also brought gesture control and promised Google Voiceintegration in future.The first Philips TVs featuring Android are due in March 2014 in selectedEuropean markets and Russia, with the new TVs set to come to the UK later inthe year.We were told there would be no noticeable premium for Android TVs but that theOS would be predominantly on higher-end sets.Maarten de Vries, CEO TP Vision, said: “In 2014, we will start the roll-out ofPhilips TVs featuring Android in the higher end of our product portfolio.”We expect that consumer appreciation and take-up will rapidly grow. By 2015already the majority of our Smart TVs will be Android powered.”Scott Housley, Global Head of Product and Strategy at TP, added: “We believethat Android… will seriously boost the Smart TV experience, bringing thespeed and user friendliness on par with the experiences users get from theirmobile smart devices of today.”MORE: CES 2014 highlights – Day 2by Joe CoxFollow on TwitterJoin us on FacebookHow to give your Chromebook an app-vant(Pocket-lint) – At its I/O conference in June this year, Google finallyconfirmed plans to bring Android apps to Chrome OS products. That means thatsoon you’ll be able to fling Angry Birds from a catapult on your Chromebookand download a shedload of other apps you’d normally find on your smartphoneor tablet.

What is it?

Put very simply, it’s the ability to download and install apps from the GooglePlay Store onto your Chromebook. Once enabled, Chromebooks with the capabilityto support Android apps will have a Google Play Store app. Opening thatreveals an app store that looks virtually identical to the one on your phone.

Which apps can I install?

Once the Android app support for Chrome moves out of its beta/developmentphases, you’ll be able to download and install almost any Android app. Someapps, of course, are restricted by hardware and won’t run on a Chromebook. SMSapps or any apps that need access to carrier-provided text messaging (WhatsAppas an example) won’t run on a Chromebook. Neither will apps that need GPS orapps that need a rear camera. Thankfully WhatsApp does have a web versionwhich you can access from any browser, which connects to your phone.Still, you’ll be able to download apps like Microsoft Word, Netflix, Skype andmany others that don’t run natively on Chromebooks currently.There are perhaps a couple of downsides here. In its current state, Androidapps can’t be resized onscreen, so you end up with a full screen single app alot of the time, just like you do with most Android smartphones. Secondly,Chromebooks aren’t known for having much storage space, so having appsinstalled will undoubtedly take up some valuable space on some of the lowercapacity models.

Which Chromebooks are compatible?

As of right now, the only Chromebook with Android app support is the AsusChromebook Flip, and even then it’s only supported if you are on the developerchannel of Chrome OS and have the latest version installed.Within the next few weeks, Google will add support for the 2015 ChromebookPixel as well as the Acer Chromebook R11. Later on this year, and on to nextyear, support will be added for dozens of other Chrome OS powered laptops. Youcan find the entire list here and it contains Chromebooks from all of the mostpopular manufacturers – including Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshibaand HP among many others.


It’s clear from looking at the current state of Android app support on ChromeOS that we’re still some way from it being a publicly available, consistentfeature. It’s not ready for the public and only works on one device running avery temperamental version of the operating system. It’s probably going to bea few months at least until you get your hands on it, but it’ll soon comearound, and when it does, Chromebooks will suddenly become far more useful.Writing by Cam Bunton. Originally published on 21 June 2016.How To Install Play Store on Smart TV?Make yourself comfortable, we’re going to explain how to download and installPlay Store on your Smart TV. Android devices can be considered intelligentonly if they provide apps for our requirements.It means that if you want to watch videos, the device should be able to runYoutube, Netflix and to browse the Internet, there should be some browser appsand to explore files, there should be some File explorer applications.Furthermore, it must be easy to install apps using a centralized platform likeGoogle Play Store. Today we will talk about a serious problem faced by manySmart TV users.That’s all on the Google Play Store. The Play Store is not available today formany of the Android TVs available on the market. For various reasons, theproducers deliberately hide this structure.Since some manufacturers preload Smart TVs with the Play Store, this cannot bejustified by avoiding this possibility to other manufacturers.Without the Play Store, it’s difficult to find the right version of an appsupported by your Smart TV. Apk files are also available outside the PlayStore, most of them do not support Android TV.

(Solved) No Play Store on Smart TV – How to install the apps?

Although downloading the Play Store is very simple, this step is not very easyfor everyone to buy a new device. Although most of the time this is alreadyintegrated into the Android operating system. In case you didn’t know, everyoperating system has its own application store.Just as the iOS system has its own “App Store” store. In the case of Android,it has its official store called “Google Play Store”. In which, you candownload many free or paid applications.

Install the Play Store on “Smart TV” TV

How the world of technology is constantly advancing due to the strongcompetition between industries. As if it wasn’t enough, enjoy the Androidoperating system on mobile phones or tablets. From time to time, Android hasextended its platform even to the big screen of televisions.Emerging on the so-called “Smart TV”, so that you can enjoy all the servicesand applications offered by the operating system. But this is only achieved bydownloading your virtual store called Play Store.Through which you can download applications that allow you to directly watchfree movies or soccer games. Like listening to the latest music, downloadinggames and even books. Some of these applications are Netflix, photo and videoeditor, Amazon, YouTube, etc.

What is the Google Play APK download?

It often happens that the system does not allow access to the Play Storedownload, in these cases, there are APK files. These files make it easy toinstall many applications, perhaps not authorized, without downloading themfrom Google Play.In fact, one of the advantages of downloading is that you don’t need to beconnected to a WiFi network or data plan. You can download it from a computeror from your Android phone. Look for the corresponding APK in the browser andsave the file. Then transfer it to your Smart TV.A simple tool to transfer these files is to save them after downloading themto the Google Drive cloud or it can be Dropbox.So you just have to open one of these applications on your Android TV andinstall it.> It is also possible to download the application on a computer and save the> apk on a Pendrive, then insert the key on your TV and install by activating> the installation of third-party applications.

How to download the Play Store on your Samsung Smart TV?

With this app on your Smart TV, you can download what you want on yourcomputer. You can download applications like Netflix, Amazon or, why not, manygames of all kinds. Google Play Store will perform all the searches for theapplication you are looking for in a much simpler and faster way.Therefore, you cannot miss this opportunity. Furthermore, it is important tonote that this is the last e most recent version of the Google Play Store.Therefore, you will have no problems with the interface which is very simple.On this site, you are offered thousands of free applications, such as paidones. As I told you, it has a very intuitive interface which means your searchis fast and you won’t get lost trying to find your applications. It’s not veryheavy, it’s a very fast program and doesn’t take up much space on your SmartTV.This application is essential for your TV so you can’t miss this chance toDownload the Google Play Store for Smart TV. Needless to say, the download iscompletely free. See you next time!We hope to have clarified your doubts on this topic and that you coulddownload and install the Play Store on your Smart TV without problems.

1 Try the apk version of the target app

One possible way to install apps on Android TV is by using the appropriate apkfile. The Apk files of all the apps in the Play Store are available fordownload. You can use sites like apkmirror, apkpure, etc. To get thecorresponding apk file. Once you have downloaded the relevant file, you cantransfer the file to your Smart TV using a USB file.For some apps, there are many versions corresponding to the architecture. Somake sure you download the one that best fits your TV architecture. Discoversome of the best apps that work with your smart TV. Similar to Androidsmartphones, you need to select the “Install from unknown sources” To enablethe installation of apk files outside the Play Store.

2 Aptoide – The best alternative to the Play Store on Smart TV

Aptoid is an alternative to the Playstore for Android devices. You candownload almost all the apps available on the Play Store using Aptoide. It hasa large collection of apps that are ready for download. Although there aremarkets like Fdroid, GetJar, Apkmirror, none of them work with a Smart TV.You can install all those apps, but it’s difficult to use the TV remotecontrol to control these apps. Aptoid lists the apps that support your device.You can click the Install button to install the apps directly on the TV.Since Aptoid is not affiliated or approved by Play Store or Google, many ofyou may have doubts about its safety. Because it’s an open community foruploading apps, you need to worry about security issues. But the Aptoide teamprovides many clarifications regarding the safety aspects. There is anantimalware system, which analyzes every file that is sent to the aptoidsystem.Aptoide states that it is scanning the file sent with 6 antivirus tools andtherefore there is no possibility of malware infection in the apps sent toaptoid.

How to install Aptoid on your Smart TV?

Step 1: – Download the Aptoid Apk file. You can download Aptoid TV apk fromhere.Step 2: – Now move the downloaded apk to a USB stick and connect it to the TV.If you have browser support on your TV, you can download Apptoid Smart TV apkdirectly on your TV.Step 3: – Once you have the apk file on your TV, install it. Make sure you’ve“checked” the unknown Source installation to install apps outside the PlayStore.Step 4: – Follow the instructions on the screen.Aptoid works like Play Store. The Aptoid TV version lists all the appssupported by Smart TV. So, if there is no Play Store on your Smart TV, you canmake use of this clever innovation.Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh 2021Android TV Box Buying in BangladeshAndroid is a smart opertating system specially designed for mobile. TheAndroid operating system has gained so popularity in Bangladesh that this isalso available in other devices. TV is one of the other popular devicesfeaturing Android operating system.What is Android TV box ?Many of us already purchased the standard TV or LCD TV but now want to tastethe features of Smart TV. Android TV box does this job that means it willconvert your regular TV into a smart TV through this smart box.What can I do with this smart TV box ?You can connect to Internet, watch Youtube, play videos and games by thisAndroid TV box.Can it convert my old CRT TV into smart TV ?Your TV needs to have at least one USB port.What connection features Android TV box provides ?Android tv box comes with LAN, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity features but it dependson the model.Can I play 4K video ?Yes, you can play 4K video but your TV and Android box must support 4K videofor eye-catching performance.Where I can get the Android TV Box in Bangladesh ?Android TV box is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh and all over the country.”

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