How to Transfer Files from Android to PC over Wi Fi 6 Ways

Browse the contents of your Android device’s built-in storage or SD card

and transfer files between it and your Mac, with this simple utilityIt is normally not possible to transfer content between an Android device andyour Mac, as the former is not displayed as a volume when connecting it viaUSB.However, you can take advantage of Google’s Android File Transfer app, astraightforward tool that lets you browse your device’s storage and transferfiles with simple drag and drop actions.

Intuitive application that relies on drag and drop to help you transfer

files effortlesslyAndroid File Transfer is very easy to use, as you only need to connect yourdevice via USB and launch the application. It then displays all the files andfolders on your phone or tablet’s internal storage, while the contents of SDcards are listed in a separate tab.If you want to transfer a file or folder on your Mac, you can just drag itfrom the window to your desktop, and the same operation can be used to copynew files onto the device. It is also possible to create new folders or deleteitems.

No-nonsense application for transferring content between your Mac and

your Android devicesAndroid File Transfer is quite a useful OS X utility that should provide youwith everything you need to copy files to and from your Android-based mobiledevices.While being able to preview items or search for content would certainly havebeen helpful, the Android File Transfer app still manages to be quite to thosewho need a quick and easy method of transferring their files to their Androidphone or tablet.

How to Transfer Files from Android to PC over Wi-Fi? [6 Ways]

If you are also wondering how to transfer files from Android to PC via WiFi,there are several methods you can utilize to achieve Android wireless filetransfer to PC. People resort to wireless data transfer due to severalreasons. For instance, you may not have a USB cable making it necessary totransfer the files via Wi-Fi or any other app which utilizes Wi-Fi technology.Wi-Fi data transfer has several benefits that have attracted people to use itduring their daily file transfer. You can as well use the WiFi transfer methodto enjoy the several advantages associated with it.Way 1: How to Transfer Files from Android to PC with WiFi Transfer(Recommended) Way 2: How to Send Files from Android to PC via Android WiFi File Transfer App Way 3: How to Do Wireless File Transfer from Android to PC via Cloud Services Way 4: How to Conduct Wireless Data Transfer from Android to PC with Bluetooth Way 5: How to Realize Wifi Data Transfer from Android to PC with Airdroid Way 6: How to Transfer Files from Android to PC over WiFi Using Pushbullet

Way 1: How to Transfer Files from Android to PC with Wi-Fi Transfer

Among the top 6 methods in this article, it is highly recommended to take fulladvantage of the Android WiFi transfer tool – Coolmuster Android Assistant(Windows/Mac) to wirelessly send files from Android to PC, and vice versa.With it, you can choose to transfer your Android phone data to computer withWi-Fi or transfer files from Android to PC using USB cable as you like. Eitherway is easy to operate and the transfer process is stable. More importantly,you can backup everything on Android phone, including contacts, call logs,photos, videos, songs, audios, text messages, apps, documents, etc. You canchoose to transfer all of them with 1 click or simply some of them as youlike.By the way, this Android wireless file Transfer tool is widely compatible withalmost all Android phones and tablets, including but not limited to SamsungGalaxy S10/S10+/S10e/S9+, Galaxy Note 9/Note 9 Plus, HTC U11+/U11/10 M10H,HUAWEI Mate X/Mate 20, Xiaomi 9/9 SE, LG G8s/G8/G7/G6+, Sony Xperia XZPremium/XZ1/XZ5, etc. You don’t have to worry about it compatibility.Download this Android WiFi file transfer tool – Coolmuster Android Assistanton your computer and follow the steps to transfer files over WiFi now.

Way 2: How to Send Files from Android to PC via Android Wi-Fi File Transfer

AppUsing Android WiFi File Transfer app, the process of how to transfer filesfrom Android to PC via Wi-Fi is straightforward but a little bit complicated.You have to upload files and then download file that you need. Anyway, you canfollow a few steps to accomplish the process. Here are the steps to follow:Step 1: Download and install Wi-Fi file transfer appYou will need to proceed to Google Play and download the Wi-Fi file transferapp. It is a free app available on Google play, which you can download andinstall on your phone.Step 2: Set up passwordThe software allows you to transfer files securely; you will be prompted toset up a secret password. Ensure you enter the password so that you can have asecure file transfer process. Proceed and click yes to get the IP address overwhich you can transfer the files.Step 3: Use IP address on the browser to access the filesYou will use the IP address you had provided on the Android app to access thedata on PC. Type the IP address on the pc then proceed to get the files on thePC from your Android device. You can select the files you would like todownload on the PC. The app works in a natural way. You can as well close itafter the file transfer is over.

Way 3: How to Do Wireless File Transfer from Android to PC via Cloud

ServicesYou can as well utilize cloud services to transfer files from your Androiddevice to the PC. When you upload files to Dropbox or Google Drive, you canopen them from your PC and download them. There are even features that you canuse your Android to upload files to the cloud services and sync them to yourPC. You will access them from any PC. You can learn how to backup photos onAndroid phone with Google Drive and Dropbox in details here.Another way you can easily share files such as photos is through emails. Whenyou send emails, the files are stored in the cloud. You can access themanytime using any device. It is a straightforward Android wireless filetransfer that many people utilize without knowing.

Way 4: How to Conduct Wireless Data Transfer from Android to PC with

BluetoothYou can as well accomplish wireless file transfer using Bluetooth. You canperform wireless file transfer on Android if you do not have Wi-Fi. Here aresome of the steps you can follow to accomplish the file transfer:Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on both devicesIn this case, you will have to turn on Bluetooth on both the PC and theAndroid phone. It is necessary to ensure all your devices have the Bluetoothfeature for the process to work.Step 2: Pair the devicesFrom the list of devices displayed on your PC, select your Android phone andpair it. Provide the security code for security reasons. Allow receivingmessages between the two devices on the prompt you will be offered.Step 3: Select the files to transferThe Bluetooth feature will allow you to select the files to transfer. Selectthe files and will enable the transfer to progress. You can transfer the filesover the PC, after which you will save on the preferred device.

Way 5: How to Realize Wi-Fi Data Transfer from Android to PC with AirDroid

You can use the AirDroid app to transfer files from your pc to the Androiddevice. It is a versatile app that allows you to transfer a wide range ofmessages to your PC. Here are the few steps to follow so that you canaccomplish the file transfer:Step 1: Turn on the Wi-Fi connectionYou will have to tune on Wi-Fi connection on both the devices. Ensure you areusing the same Wi-Fi connection.Step 2: Install AirdroidYou need to go to the play store and install the app on your phone. Thetransfer files over Wi-Fi will be possible if you can have the app installedon your device. The process of downloading the app is straightforward.Step 3: Open AirDroid on the Android deviceYou will have to sign in to the app and follow the prompts on the screen. Theapp will guide you till you reach the final stage where you are required toenter the IP address. Enter the IP address of your PC, and the app will allowyou to share the files.Step 4: Transferring files from Android to the PCAfter you have installed the app and connected the devices, you need toproceed to tap the preferred files. Click on the tap to allow file transfer.Select the files you wish to transfer, and the process will run smoothly.

Way 6: How to Transfer Files from Android to PC over Wi-Fi Using Pushbullet

Pushbullet is another method to accomplish Android Wi-Fi file transfer. It isa reliable app that allows you to see a notification on the screen as well astransfer files. To get started, you need to install Puhsbullet on both thedevices you wish to transfer the files. Ensure the devices are on the same Wi-Fi network.1. Launch the app and allow the transfer option.2. On the menu button, select the pushing option. There is a paperclip iconyou will have to choose the files which you intend to transfer.3. Click on the “Send” button, and the process will begin.

Words in the End

There are several ways on how to transfer files from pc to Android. You needto select one which can work well for you, and you will realize the bestresults. The idea to transfer files from Android to PC over Wi-Fi can avoidthe stress of carrying transfer cables.Related Articles:How to Transfer Music from Android to Computer [3 Methods]How to Send Large Videos on Android? Top 7 MethodsBackup Text Messages from Android to PC or New Phone [Full Guide]Android File Transfer (Windows/Mac) – Transfer Android Files to/from ComputerHow to Transfer Photos from Android to Laptop? [Full Solutions]How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone? 4 Ways for You3 Ways to Transfer Files between Android and Mac OSAndroid is the most popular OS for smartphones and used widely. If you areusing a Windows PC, it is quite easy to transfer files from Android to PC. Butin case you are an Android user and having a Mac OS, then it is not an easytask to transfer files between Android and Mac. But thankfully, there are somereally good tools to make the transfer process easy. So here are the 3 ways totransfer files between Android and Mac OS.Related Reading:Â 3 Best Twitter Apps for Mac OS

2. Android File Transfer for Mac:

Android File Transfer for Mac is a free app from Google which allows you totransfer files from an Android smartphone to your Mac OS. You just have toinstall the dmg file and connect your Android smartphone to Mac using the USBcable. The app will detect the Android phone and you can copy or transferfiles from Android to Mac. Please note that you will need a proper cable toconnect your Android phone to Mac.”

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