How to make live wallpaper for Android

Are live wallpapers bad for the battery?

Basically, live wallpaper consumes more resources than a static one. However,live wallpapers are not bad for the battery of your device. It will only causeyour device to consume more power from its battery. Draining the batteryfaster but not drastically.

Can live wallpapers have sound?

Live wallpapers can have sound. You can even interact with some of the livewallpapers. Have you seen a video game live wallpaper? If not, then check outthis “Space Shooter” live wallpaper from Google Play store.

How live wallpaper works?

Live wallpapers are basically created from animation and programming. It’ssimilar to creating a 2D video game but instead of it to work on a gamingconsole, live wallpapers are designed to work as a wallpaper for an Androiddevice. You can learn more about live wallpaper creation for Android here.

2 Really Good Live Wallpapers for Android

The last part of our list of live wallpapers is actual live wallpapers thatyou can download online. The 2 live wallpapers listed here are really goodones that provide an amazing experience for Android users. Furthermore, theseare not just simple live wallpapers, they are interactive as well.So without further ado, let’s get into it.

How to make live wallpaper for Android?

Making a live wallpaper for Android is not as easy as it sounds. However, theeasiest way to make a live wallpaper for Android is by downloading an app,like the “GIF Live Wallpaper,” that lets you make any GIF images as a livewallpaper.

Do live wallpapers drain the battery?

As contradicting as it may sound, live wallpapers are not actually bad for thebattery. However, most may say that their live wallpaper apps consume lessbattery, it is still an undeniable fact that live wallpapers do contribute tothe bigger consumption of your batteries power.

Does live wallpaper use data?

Some live wallpapers actually use data but most do not. Live wallpapers thatchange images as based on the server of the app are the ones that use data.The best example of this is the Google Chromecast, on your television, youwill find that Google Chromecast changes the background image every minute. Itdoes so by taking images from the server of Google which uses data.

Maxelus live wallpapers

Price: FreeMaxelus is a developer on Google Play a ton of gorgeous live wallpaper apps.Some of the more popular ones include Space Colony, Supermassive Black Hole,Alien Shapes, Symphony of Colors, and more. Most of them are space themed.They also have some customizable elements such as color. There are over adozen live wallpapers available. They won’t wow you. However, the Moscaic 3Dlive wallpaper is very excellent.* * *Read more:* * *

Maxelus live wallpapers

Maxelus is a Google Play developer with a tonne of beautiful live wallpaperapps. The space colony, supermassive black hole, alien shapes, coloursymphony, etc, are among the most popular spaces. Space is a subject for mostof them. They also feature certain configurable colour aspects. More than adozen live wallpapers can be found. They will not wow you. They will not wowyou. The live wallpaper Moscaic 3D is, nevertheless, extremely good.

How to choose a free live wallpaper app?

Sadly most live wallpaper apps are resource hungry and battery guzzlers thatwill drain your battery twice as fast. You want an app that will not drain thebattery or slow down the device dramatically. If the battery life is veryimportant to you when using an android wallpaper app might be the best option.

How to apply a live wallpaper

Step 1: Download a wallpaper from an app on the Google Play store or yoursmartphone’s local theme store.Step 2: Press and hold on the home screen.Step 3: Tap the Wallpaper & Theme icon at the bottom of the screen orWallpaper & Styles from the pop-up menu.Step 4: Tap Live Wallpapers.Step 5: Select a live wallpaper from the list.Step 6: Alternately, just tap on the Wallpaper app icon and follow the promptsto adjust the settings.Step 7: If you’re using a weather-based wallpaper app, be sure to enable yourlocation.Step 8: Tap Apply or Set to set the live wallpaper as your background.Note: Your instructions may differ slightly from those above. Eachmanufacturer tends to use a slightly different method to change wallpapers,but the basics are similar, and you should be able to find your way throughwith some exploration.

Wallpaper Changer Apps for Android: Wrapping Up

Source: TenorThese are some of the best automatic wallpaper changer apps for Android thatyou can download right now. All these mobile apps deliver an amazingexperience that you will love. Change how your Android phone looks and addamazement to it with the help of these Android apps. Which one did you likethe best? Do let us know in the comments section below.Get an Android Mobile App of Your OwnVerveLogic is an Android app development company that can help you get amobile app of your own. We have a team of professional Android app developersthat can help you get a mobile app that is robust and functional. We make useof the latest tools to deliver apps that are industry-ready.19 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2021If you are not happy with the live wallpapers offered by your gadget, thisvery post is what you need. As you know, there are tons of live wallpaper appson Google Play, but not all of them worth being installed on your device.However, we have chosen only the best tools of this category instead of you.So here are the most popular apps with live wallpapers. For your convenience,the applications are divided into two groups. The first part is dedicated tothe tools that represent collections of live wallpapers with hundreds ofoptions to choose from. Then comes the selection of the apps with thematic orspecific wallpapers. You may find them suitable for you as well.There is no need to browse the applications and read dozens of reviews byyourself. Going through this post will be enough to find the most suitable appfor you.”

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