How to Install Android Wear 2 0 on Huawei Watch

How to update your smartwatch to Android Wear 2.0 manually using OTA downloads

Google began the process of rolling out Android Wear 2.0 to a plethora ofsmartwatches all the way back in February. This latest update brings manyenhancements and refinements, but most notable are its revamped UI, on-watchPlay Store, and watch face complications. If you’re hoping try out the newfeatures of Android Wear’s latest but haven’t received the OTA update yet, youcan try to manually install it on some watches with ADB tools…Note: If your device can’t connect to a computer via direct USB connection,this guide isn’t for you. For instance, the Moto 360, Fossil watches, and someothers can’t connect to a computer via USB (unless you want to do some serioushardware modifications). You can debug over Bluetooth on a Moto 360, but thatwon’t work when your device is in recovery.

Connect Android Wear to your Computer

If your Android Wear watch can connect to a computer via USB and you’re usinga Linux or macOS computer, you simply need to plug in your device. Once yourdevice is connected, a notification will appear on your watch asking you togive your computer permission to use ADB debugging. Unlock your companionAndroid phone or tablet and check “Always allow from this computer” and selectOK to allow ADB debugging between your watch and computer.If you’re on Windows, however, things can be a bit more complicated. You needto install the drivers for Android Wear. Installing the device drivers forAndroid Wear can be a bit tricky, and for some devices it’s not currentlypossible. This Stack Overflow post shows you all that you need to do to get itworking.If your Android Wear can’t be connected to a computer via a USB connection,you probably missed the disclaimer above. Debugging over Bluetooth won’t workwhen the device is in recovery, so you’re out of luck — you’ll just have towait until your device received the update over-the-air.

Download the Android Wear 2.0 OTA

The next step in updating to Android Wear 2.0 using OTA files is to actuallydownload the proper OTA file for your device. The list below are downloadlinks straight from Google (hat tip to /r/AndroidWear for putting thesetogether):Note: If there is more than one download option, that means that there is morethan one build of Android Lollipop or KitKat available for your device, andyou need to download the one that correlates. Also, if you’re stumbling uponthis guide looking to upgrade to a different version of Android Wear, just doa quick Google search for the latest OTA images. The rest of the steps in thisguide should still apply.Some watches that are going to get the Android Wear 2.0 update unfortunatelycan’t be updated via ADB. Currently, these include Motorola devices (Moto 3602nd gen., Moto 360 Sport), Fossil devices (Fossil Q Wander, Q Marshal, QFounder), Casio watches (Casio Smart Outdoor, Pro Trek), and Michael Korsdevices. Keep reading for the full list.>

Prepare your Device

Once you have the OTA zip downloaded, reboot your watch into its recovery. Todo this, run the command “adb reboot bootloader” and navigate to the recoverymenu. Alternatively, you can try “adb reboot recovery”. Once you see the greenAndroid with the red warning symbol, tap the screen. A menu will appear on thescreen from which you can select an item by swiping up or down on thetouchscreen. Swipe right when you’ve highlighted “apply update from ADB.”

How to Install Android Wear 2.0 on Huawei Watch

1. Firstly, enable ‘USB Debugging’ option from main settings on yoursmartwatch.2. Download and setup ADB & Fastboot Drivers on your PC.3. Now you need to download Android Wear 2.0 firmware .zip file to yourcomputer. Make sure to transfer the firmware file to ADB folder.4. Next connect your Huawei Watch to your computer.5. Go to ADB and Fastboot folder, and launch command window. To do so, pressshift + right click anywhere in the ADB folder and choose ‘open command here’.6. Now check your connection by entering the below command:adb devicesIf your device is listed here, you can continue with the following procedure.7. Given another command to boot your device into Bootloader mode or Fastbootmodeadb reboot bootloader8. Once you’re in the bootloader mode, navigate to Reboot recovery optionusing the side button and select it by holding the same button.9. Swipe right on the menu and tap on “apply update from ADB”.10. Finally, enter the below command to start flashing Android Wear 2.0firmware on your Huawei Watchadb sideload File_name.zip11. That’s it! Once done with the flashing process, the device automaticallyreboots into normal mode.Note: The first boot might take up to 5 minutes to complete. So, keep patience& wait!Now you have successfully installed Android Wear 2.0 Nougat firmware on yourHuawei Watch. If you have any difficulty during or after the flashing process,do let us know in the below comments.Top 20 Best Android Wear Apps for Smartphones and WatchesMany mobile companies are now developing their technology to compress theheavy use of smartphones and converting them into the wrist smartwatch withall the features of an android phone. Let’s just imagine; you just brought abrand-new android smartwatch for yourself from an electronics store. Now thematter is, you must know how to utilize a smartwatch through the Android wearapps. A user of a smartwatch finds a great helping hand with the android wearapps. From getting the phone’s update to do other android mobile functions onyour smartwatch easily by syncing your devices with the smartwatch apps.

Best Android Wear Apps

* * *Not all wear apps are built to give you only phone notifications. Some wearapps will provide you with the daily functions to do; some are for fitness andhealth stuff; some may be having cool features for entertainment.Even Apple watch company has limited wear apps in the iOS cloud store, but inthe google play store, you will get hundreds of smart wear apps for androiddevices and wrist bands. So, let’s begin with the topic of the top 20 androidwear apps for android phones and smartwatches.

1. Wear OS By Google Smartwatch

* * *Hang on, and let’s meet the most popular wear app for an android device. It isthe first and most advanced features android smartwatch app developed byGoogle. With this app, Google assistance will help you get android content,and many more features are available.Like it helps to sync your google account data, control your smart deviceswith your wrist band, read messages, notifications, and similar stuff throughthe watch screen, and many more things. All you just need to install this wearapp onto your phone, then connect with your smartwatch through this androidapp and enjoy the rest.Important Features * Google assistance will guide you with the top features and useful shortcuts with this app on your phone. * This app helps to divert into your watch to get an instant reminder of your phone bar or screen notification. * Track your heart points and step goals toward the health progress and functionality of your body. * Stay more focused and motivated with the health guide to earning badges from achieving multiple daily tasks. * Personalize your watch theme and express more the watch display with cool watch faces from the app. * Don’t miss seeing the upcoming meeting or any important events with this smart reminder from your wrist.Download

2. Galaxy Wearable (Samsung Gear)

* * *Most of the Samsung galaxy phone users get a comfortable experience using thiswear app on their phones. You may have any supportive smartwatches or gearsregarding your Galaxy phone. Now you want to listen to your favorite music orsee any tube videos on your smartwatch.To use galaxy buds or any galaxy gears, you must have to allow this wearandroid app in your phone. Following the steps, first, you need to installthis android wear app into your device. Then pair both of the devices viaBluetooth and, finally, monitor the whole android functions from your smartwrist gears.Important Features * From this android watch app, you can get to connect or disconnect with your android galaxy smartwatch. * Update the system software of your smartwatch and load any apps into the watch with this supportive app. * Download or manage any android app of a Samsung gear with this wearable application from your galaxy devices. * Make your suitable alarm setting with this app. Choose the reminder time and ringtone base on your preferences. * Find the lost Samsung gear easily with the app, as this super cool android watch app always tracks your gear. * This wearable gear app doesn’t support any kind of VR-type device or 360-degree gadgets to connect with your watch.Download

9. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch App

* * *One of the most popular watch brand names is Fossil, and Its hybridsmartwatches are also very favorable to Fossil lovers. So, to use a Fossilsmartwatch definitely, you will need a wear app to connect with your androidphone. You can do all the necessary work through the watch with the help ofthis wear application.Customize the functional buttons and make a suitable setting of your FossilSmartwatch with this app. Inside this app, you will see an elegant classiclook and very handy default settings, but you can customize the theme andsettings later.Important Features * Watch your daily activities start and health improvements in the Fossil smartwatch app’s active data dashboard. * Make customize the button with that assign to setting many functionaries and options for your Fossil hybrid wristwatch. * Turn on the notifier of this app and pair it with the watch to see who is calling or texting you instantly. * Make this watch app as your smart device manager for android’s operating updates and download or install any apps. * The white background will make you impressed, and the elegant theme will give you a user-friendly context. * Perform as an active sleeping tracker to control or manage your perfect sleeping time with this application.Download

11. Smartwatch Sync & Bluetooth Notifier

* * *Always stay up to date and keep an eye on what is happing in your mobile usingthis wear notifier android app? It is very easy to maintain and not sodifficult to pair with your Android wearable gadgets. Fast notification alertmaker and almost allow every social app’s notifications to show on your handsmartwatch.With the help of this app, you can switch to camera mode on your phone. Youcan click photos instantly with any screen tap, play music, and read textmessages too. This wear app can be paired with most of the china featuressmartwatches or gear devices.Important Features * Different types of colorful theme bars will delight your user experience from your android phone. * Always get up to date with your phone what is happing from your wristwatch when your phone is in sleep mode. * Customize your app’s notification setting according to your need. Only allow important notifications to display on the watch. * Get some video guidance and user instructions about this app from the support center with community policy. * The main fact is, this wear app allows almost every smartwatch and wrist band to work onto it. * No pop-up ads are allowed to disturb you in this best android wear app on the home page.Download

12. MiBand 4- Watch Face for Xiaomi Mi Band 4

* * *Mount to see your Mi band with many cool watch faces. This wear app wasdesigned for the Xiaomi Mi Band users to decorate the band display. Gethundreds of screens faces for the band display of your favorite anime andcartoon characters. There are lots of default watch faces that are availableto use.Not only some limited existing watch faces, but you can also download orpurchase many free or paid band faces from the internet. Easy access to thestore to download and sync any face to set up the wear app with any of yourandroid mobiles.Important Features * This android watch app has some incredible color themes for the home and other side pages. * From this app, get different categories, the full specification, and overall details of an individual watch face before download. * Share your favorite watch faces with your Mi band community allies and get some unique faces for free. * Filter your search more specifically to collect your watch faces based on your taste from this wear app. * Get the author or publisher link for more of their creative watch faces to download for your Mi band. * Choose the preferable languages along with your watch faces and set them on your wristband.Download

18. Fundo Wear

* * *To get the convenient user experience of the smartwatch, this wear apppresents great basic combined uses of your android mobiles and watches. Theintegrated application data can all be found in this app’s home screen. Acomplete and unified experience of your smartwatch gets this android wear appinto your phone for free.Though this app allows some required brand watches to use, the users stillfind great benefices with this wear app. From your physical terms to doactivities, all status can be collected with this android app. To control yourwatch camera and click photos, this one is best on our list.Important Features * Allows real-time push messages or flash messages of the contact on your smartwatch through the Fundo Wear app. * Make a Baidu voice query command from your wrist gear or smartwatch to make a call and search any contact numbers. * Set up your motion steps challenge or calories burned rush challenge for daily activities from this one. * Simply activated your mode to sport from sleep mode and reverse the mode when it’s a time of sleep monitoring. * Get a weather icon with details of the city or local residents on the wear application on the phone. * The trajectory of navigation of smart the google map tracker to find out your previous and recent positions or stoppage points.Download”

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