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5 Best Live Wallpaper Apps – Android (2021)

One day we are in a mood, went to a gallery on our phone or surfed through asite, selected the picture we liked, adjusted and set it as our wallpaper.This is a story of each one of us with our phones.Wallpapers are the digital images used as a background for screens ofelectronic devices that were first introduced by X Windows System. Only a fewsolid or simple color patterned images were used as wallpaper only fordesktops in the 80s while Microsoft was the first to allow users to customizetheir desktop’s wallpaper in the 90s. As with the advent of smartphones andseveral modified versions of PCs, more the wallpaper got modified. While previously the images used for wallpaper were always supposedly static,just a few years recently software tech companies started launching “livewallpaper ” bringing the era of wallpaper to a whole new height. Livewallpapers are purely animated 2D and 3D images. Unlike ordinary wallpaper,Live wallpaper is dynamic meaning the image will have sort of repeated motionson each interaction with the user and is available through various apps. Several mobile operating systems and desktop operating systems do support livewallpaper. However, they have their own limits to completely support anyassociated apps whereas Android is the only one that already has in-builtsupport.Here are the top 5 best live wallpaper apps for Android users:

Best 3D Live Wallpaper Apps for Android :

1. Pixel 4D 2. Walloop 3. Parallax Live Wallpapers 4. Water Garden Live Wallpaper 5. Parallax Background HDNote: The applications listed below are not in order, feel free to choose anyone of those as per your choice.

3. Parallax Live Wallpapers

This wallpaper application has featured some of the best parallax 3Dbackgrounds for your live wallpaper needs in various categories. Most of thewallpapers available in this application are of 2K & 4K quality.The mixture of uniquely crafted 3D, static, and parallax wallpapers areseriously amazing and comes with some best features like auto wallpaperchanger along with 2-time frames that you can customize yourself.

2. Wallpaper Wizardrii

This app lets you set any image you want as your wallpaper.The only problem it has is that it can’t enlarge small pictures withoutpixelating them.Therefore, you have to use large images with higher resolutions.It has lots of exciting options such as crop exact, crop landscape, and cropportrait for different orientations.Wizardrii also lets you enlarge or shrink your image to fit your screen sizeusing the scale option.If you find all these features confusing, you can use the “exact” option toset the wallpaper without cropping or blurring.Top 10 Best Wallpaper Android Apps – Updated February 2021Everyone appreciates a nice wallpaper, right? Well, yeah, which is why we’rebringing you our top apps picks for best wallpapers. There are a ton ofwallpaper apps in the Google Play Store, but not all of them are good. On topof that, not all people prefer the same type of wallpapers.We did our best to select a wide variety of wallpaper applications to showyou. So, no matter if you prefer AMOLED wallpapers, live wallpapers, abstract,or minimal ones, you should find something for yourself here. Wallpapers canreally make a difference when it comes to your smartphone setup, as they coverthe back of your home screen, and the wallpaper you choose you’re bound tolook at every time you unlock your phone.Speaking of which, some of these wallpapers apps also offer automaticwallpaper changing. That is great for those of you who really don’t want tohave the same wallpaper greet you every time you unlock your phone. As alreadymentioned, there’s something for everyone here. Read on if you’re interested.

Top 10 Best Wallpaper Android Apps 2021

Below is a quick overview of the top 10 best wallpaper Android apps for 2021,including any download and in-app purchase costs.| Download Cost| In-app cost (per item) —|—|— Zedge| ✕| $1.1-$23 MINIMALIST WALLPAPERS| ✕| $1-$9.3 Walloop| ✕| $1.3-$6.5 Abstruct| ✕| $2.3 Starless| ✕| $1 LitWallz| ✕| $1 WalP| ✕| ✕ Backdrops| ✕| $1.3-$2.9 Walpy| ✕| $3 Walli| ✕| $0.99-$14.99

Top 10 Best Wallpaper Android Apps 2021 Downloads

Below is a little more information on each app, a suggestion for the type ofuser the app is best suited to, and a direct link for easy downloading.All download links go to the app’s Google Play Store listing. Users are alwaysrecommended to download apps from Google Play or an authorized app store.


* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: 4.1If live wallpapers are your thing, well, Walloop is probably the app for you.This app brings quite a few live wallpapers to the table. Just to be clear,the app is not limited to live wallpapers. You’ll find regular, high-qualitywallpapers here as well, but live wallpapers are its main focus.The app can be set up to automatically change your (live) wallpapers. It evenallows you to use your videos as live wallpapers, if you want. The app comeswith a ‘Live Lock Screen’ feature, which allows you to decorate your homescreen and lock screen with two different live wallpapers at the same time.This app can serve you as a regular wallpaper app as well. It is packed withwallpapers, and it even has a great collection of AMOLED wallpapers.Categories are available here, and the app’s UI is also great. It’s minimal,and it’s extremely easy to use. The app is free to use, though in-apppurchases are an option.Download Walloop


* Price: Free to download * In-app purchases: Yes * Android version: 4.2+Many people these days are interested in so-called AMOLED wallpapers. That isnot all that surprising considering that they fit great on AMOLED displays.They draw less power than your regular wallpapers, and look really minimal atthe same time. Well, there are quite a few apps dedicated exclusively toAMOLED wallpapers, and Starless is one of them.Starless is arguably one of the best AMOLED wallpaper apps in the Google PlayStore. This app is free to use, though do note that both ads and in-apppurchases are a part of the experience. That being said, this app looks great.The design is spot on, and the offered wallpapers are great in terms ofquality.There are over 10 categories to choose from, and the app allows you to bothset and download wallpapers. You can also create your favorite wallpaperslist, if you want, you can simply tap to favorite specific wallpapers. Nomatter if you’re looking for fullHD, QHD, or 4K wallpapers, this app has youcovered.Download Starless

Top free wallpaper apps to beautify android home screen

In courtesy of Google play store, we have access to various wallpaper apps forbeautiful high-quality images and artworks. However, finding the rightwallpaper for your android phones can be challenging because you want abeautiful background that won’t get in the way of seeing your icons. On theother hand, having a dedicated android wallpaper app means you can viewcurated collections based on your preferences. For example, you can find dark,black images gorgeous to look at on an AMOLED display that also saves battery.

What are the best wallpaper app for Android?

We’ve put together a list of wallpaper application that makes it easy to getawesome free wallpaper. Now you don’t have to search through millions ofphotos on the web with the following cool wallpaper apps for android.

Wallpapers by Google

Price: FreeGoogle was decent enough to put together a wallpaper app to give its users aselection of cool background images. It also allows you to set up the separatelock screen and home screen wallpapers with an auto-set function to see newwallpapers every day, so each day, you are greeted with a new background. Ifyou are looking for some high-quality images and artworks, then look nofurther.

Amoled Wallpapers

Price: Free with adsMost high-end android smartphones now feature AMOLED display, capable ofshowing pure black color by simply turning off the tiny LEDs. You can alsotake advantage of the technology by using dark wallpapers that look gorgeousand saves battery life. AmoledBackgrounds is the wallpaper app where you canfind popular AMOLED wallpapers. It basically pulls together user-sharedbackground from Reddit thread r/AmoledBackgrounds and puts them together in anice way to pick the best one.

pixWalls – 4K Wallpapers

Price: Free with adsPixWalls is a newer wallpaper app with tons of creative wallpaper imagesavailable for quick and easy downloads. You can also search by tags,resolution quality, aspect ratio, and category. The backgrounds are created bymany independent artists using photoshop or illustrator. The app is open-source and a completely free wallpaper app.

Free Wallpaper Downloads for Android Device

Get bored of the same wallpaper all the time? These five best Androidwallpaper downloads contains a variety of themes and pictures to be yourunique wallpaper. Check them out.1. 500 Firepaper WallpaperThe 500 Firepaper app gets all of its photos from 500px which makes it one thebest wallpaper apps. Similar to many other wallpaper apps, it will cyclethrough the photos at an interval of your choosing. It is also a professionalphoto site for sharing images. The 500 Firepaper gives you access to highquality images to use as your backgrounds, and it allows you to choosecategory. You can select how often the images update and do so based on a timeor when you turn off or lock your screen, whether you want the parallax effectand then select the image.2. Backgrounds HDThe Backgrounds HD app is one of the free and best apps available due to thewide number of images within it. All of the images are of high quality. Unlikesome wallpaper apps, Background HD is developed to be laid out very well tomake searching simple. There are over 5,000 images for you to choose and thenumber is constantly growing as we are speaking. As you know, not allwallpaper apps give you the ability to share images that you like and that isone of the ways that Backgrounds HD stands out from the rest.3. Zedge Ringtones and WallpapersIf you search the apps in the market a lot, you must have known that ZedgeRingtones and Wallpapers is one of the applications trusted by millions ofpeople. When you choose an app you want it to be safe and reliable, and theseare not issues with Zedge. The HD wallpapers are optimized for your screensize so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the image to make sure it fitsbecause the app takes care of that for you totally. Besides, Zedge also hasthe function of offering various music ringtones for your Android device.4. Muzei Live WallpaperMuzei Live Wallpaper gets its name from the Russian word meaning “Museum”.Unless you make changes to the settings, Muzei will rotate through famouspieces of artwork giving you a different one as a background each day. If youdecide you don’t want to see famous art, you can choose to select images fromyour personal gallery as well, either specific or random ones. The blurfeature is develped for you to see all of the artwork on your screen which isvery considerate. Having this feature, the background won’t overwhelm theother elements on your phone whether they are apps or widgets. If you want tosee the full image not blur at any point, just double tap the screen. It iseasy and simple for all Android users.5. Cool Wallpapers HDCool Wallpapers HD stands out from the crowd due to its large collection ofimages and easy navigation. As soon as you download this app you will noticethat there are thousands of images for you to choose from. As a matter offact, there are currently more than 100,000 collections of images and more arebeing added each day. In a word, Cool Wallpapers HD is incredibly easy tonavigate so you can find images quickly and easily.Note: If you are big fan of art and have saved lots of wallpapers on yourAndroid phone, you may need to back them up on the computer in case you deletethem by accident some day. Here is a image backup program which can help youtransfer the photos on Android phone to PC safely. You can download the freetrial version of it or by directly clicking the blue icons below.Related ArticlesBest Free Music Player Apps for AndroidTop-rated Android Writing Apps You Can’t MissBest Android home screen customization appsAndroid smartphones support the extreme level of customization to the skin ofthe operating system. The devices come from various manufacturers running sameOperating System varies in design and style due to the open nature of Android.Well, you can also customize your home screen with several apps. We introduceyou to Best Android home screen customization apps that are most helpful incustomizing or editing your smartphone home screen skin.”

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