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Android TV on Raspberry Pi: Inexpensive DIY HTPC and Gaming

With the low cost of the Raspberry Pi, a DIY Android TV streaming device isultimately worth the inconvenience of no Google Play Store or officialsupport. It’s a simple project which benefits both multimedia enthusiasts andAndroid TV app developers. While I won’t be phasing out my Nvidia Shield TV,I’ll likely keep a microSD card loaded with Android TV for the Pi around. It’suseful for taking on the go, especially considering the small footprint of theRaspberry Pi and overall low cost of completing this project. Emulators run well, and streaming is generally solid. So long as you’rewilling to sideload apps and resort to alternative app sources, the Android TVOS for Raspberry Pi is easily the best non-Linux distro for the Pi. Your turn: What operating systems are you running on your Raspberry Pi?Moe Long is an editor, writer, and tech buff with a particular appreciationfor Linux, Raspberry Pis, and retro gaming. Writing online since 2013, Moe hasbylines at MakeUseOf, TechBeacon, DZone, SmartHomeBeginner,, DVDNetflix, and Electropages. You can read his writings on film and pop cultureat Cup of Moe, check out his tech reviews, guides, and tutorials at Tech UpYour Life, and hear his thoughts on movies on the Celluloid Fiends podcast.Aside from writing and editing, Moe has an online course, the Beginner’s Guideto Affiliate Blogging From Scratch. When he’s not hammering away at hiskeyboard, he enjoys running, reading, watching cinema, listening to vinyl, andplaying with his dog Sebastian.Android TV gets its own iPhone app

Android TV gets its own iPhone app

Google has quietly introduced a new iPhone application that works with AndroidTV, its smart TV platform for standalone media players and TVs. The Android TVapp for iOS lets those with any supported device use their iPhone as a remotecontrol for their system – just like the Android counterpart already offers.With a basic, no-frills design, the app lets you search using your voice ortext, as well as use the d-pad or gestures to control your Android TV.The app works over Wi-Fi to connect with your Android TV, and requires thatthe iPhone and player are on the same network.In addition to offering another way to work your Android TV, the app allowsmultiple people to connect remotes in order to take advantage of Android TV’smulti-player games.Having a remote app that works across devices for this purpose is fairlyimportant, so it’s surprising that Google took so long to bring this app toiOS. But perhaps that speaks to the company’s larger focus on its moresuccessful smart TV platform, Google Cast (previously known as Chromecast.)Those low-cost dongles snagged the title of “most popular streaming device” of2015, as Google sold over 20 million of the original Chromecast devices.The new Android TV app is a free download on iTunes.How to pair your Android TV with the new Google TV remote

Football Live tv Streaming app:

Watch live football on iPhone free with football Live TV APK available onApple store Store. Which offers you to watch football streaming free on youriPhone device.This is indeed a perfect package of television for your iPhone device; withit, you can view any sports channels, do streaming, and other things forfootball fans.Almost all the best TV sports channels which streams live football match areaccessible with this application such as,Sky Net, Eurosport, Russian Sport, MotorSport, ESPN, SuperSport, Bein, LaLiga, Sport Klub, Dubai Racing, NFL Network, Pac 12, and even more.Even if you are not available at the time when a football match was going on,you can watch the highlights of the game on many channels.You can download sports APK from the App Store for free of cost, almost allthe features of the application are discussed all above.Ios devices are very serious about their user privacy. You can download itthrough the app store, but always check and see the permission you give.

Live Football TV is another excellent football streaming app that offers the

user to watch live football streaming and also the highlights of the match.It provides you with an excellent user experience and reminders for yourfavourite sport; stay in touch with the happening now matches.1.) It contains official TV streams of football matches from all over theworld.2.) Provides match schedules along with multi-platform broadcast listings.3.) It is a mobile application for to get live soccer scores.4.) It displays the real-time scorecard of different matches at the same time.All the commenters and other updates are very fast.You can add any of the sports live games from the schedule to your calendar.That would work as a type of reminder to you for the match.Within the application, you get the latest updates of scores, match stats,commentary, and also get notifications about the plays of your favourite team.Download sports Apk of the game from the link available below or go to GooglePlay Store and install it from there.Live football scores on tv fixtures you can use this to watch on tv, itprovides you schedules for tv from broadcasters as sky sport, BT sport,premium sport, BBC, etc.You can also download a sports tv app for pc from Microsoft Store, whichenables you the feature to access sports in PC.

Live Football Tv streaming HD:

Live sports APK is here, with over 60K+ downloads watch live football matches,leagues, and sporting event, this app provides all events.You are going to get all the match updates, tips, predictions, and stream allthe realtime sporting events going on. You can also watch and get soccerscores.This APK provides you with the best video quality, highlights, and bettingtips also if you play fantasy leagues.In addition to this, you can also enjoy UFC fight night, boxing, and NBAgames, best reviews 4.4 stars in google play store.

CBS Sports (best football streaming app):

It is a digital sports network that also provides its app, with over 103K+reviews this app gains four stars out of 5 the most trusted APK by users.You will get all the sports news, videos, live streaming. They cover MLB, NBA,NLF, NHL, WNBA, and many more.You can also earn cash prices and money up to $5000 by playing live games andBlow challenge, which is organized by them.Get real-time game trackers, video highlights, analysis free live CBS sportsradio all in all this can be your best pick what I think, try and comment.If we talk about how this APK looks and features so you will get dark mode,custom feed option to get notified with all latest updates.

The best football streaming app ESPN:

With over 290,000 downloads ESPN in the well-known keeps, you stay updatedwith your sport anywhere any time.Watch live and on-demand sporting events with HD quality and DVR support, getupdates with the notification feature.Stream real-time games and shows 24/7 with there ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ESPNU,and many more channels to watch your live sets.Like other apps for android and iPhone, you can customize this according toyour needs, select your favourite games and team to stay updated.The best feature of this is you can also stream live National and Regionalradio, with over 100 ESPN podcasts.This is available on all platforms such as Android, Ios, android tv box,amazon fire tv, Chromecast, Xbox, and others.Football streaming app for Android is free, but please read all reviews beforedownload it contains advertisement beside that it is the best APK for watchingsport live.

Towards the END of free Streaming apps:

After reading the whole article, Still, thinking which one is best? For you towatch live football streaming free on android or iPhone.Here we listed the best free football streaming apps for android and iPhonewith all its features and benefits so that you can watch live footballstreaming free on android or ios.All the apps talked about above are well tested under different aspects ofsituations, so if you face any issues, comment below.There are other apps also available which offer you to watch live footballstreaming. Such as Jio Tv or Airtel TV and many others too which could attractyou towards them effectively.If you face any issue with this or any other article, comment, or contact us,we connect to you as soon as possible hope you have a great day. Cheers!Some hand-pick articles for you.Amazing ways to earn money online from home for students.A complete guide with all you need to knowTable of contents01Pre-setup requirements02Android TV: Initial setup03Know your AndroidTV04Essential apps05FAQAdamya Sharma / Android AuthoritySo, you’ve got yourself a brand new Android TV that you need to set up fromscratch. Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll walk youthrough the basic setup process for Android TVs. Unlike Android onsmartphones, there’s not much software segregation on Android TV devices. Ifyou learn how to set up and use one, you’ve learned how to set up all of them.Besides showing you where things are on your Android TV and how to use itsvarious features, we’ll also help you with a list of apps you might want todownload to get the most out of your Android TV.So without further ado, let’s take a look at how to set up a new Android TV.

Google Assistant and voice search

Most Android TV remotes these days come with a dedicated Google Assistantbutton for voice search and navigation. Google Assistant is built into yourAndroid TV, and you can activate it by pressing the Assistant or microphonebutton on your remote. To make sure the Assistant can hear you, speak into themicrophone on your remote. Some premium Android TVs also let you summon GoogleAssistant with the “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” wake words that you’d use ona smart speaker.Also read: Google Assistant guide: Make the most of your virtual assistantYou can ask Google Assistant to quickly find and play your favorite shows, getanswers from the internet, and control your smart home devices. It can evencontrol playback and volume as well as switch off your Android TV with voicecommands. You will find a full list of what you can ask Google Assistant here.

Android TV setup: Apps to get started

Adamya Sharma / Android AuthorityYour Android TV comes pre-loaded with various popular streaming apps, so youwon’t need to install things like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. You also getGoogle Play Movies & TV and Google Play Games pre-installed. Having all theseapps already in there is great, but you might want to consider installing thebelow-mentioned apps to get started with your Android TV.


Plex is one of the best Android TV apps you can get. It organizes all yourpersonal media, including photos, music, movies, shows, and more, and presentsit in a simple, easy to navigate UI. Of course, you can also stream all thatmedia from within the app. But that’s not all that Plex is all about. The appalso gives you free access to dozens of HD over-the-air broadcast channels forfree. In the US, these free channels include networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX,PBS plus, and many more. Plex also features ad-supported video-on-demandcontent, which it has now expanded with a partnership with Crackle. This meansyou can stream the entire Crackle library using the app.

Google Drive via Send files to TV

If you have media such as photos or videos stored on your Google Drive andwant to access it on a big screen, you can just download the Google Drive appon your Android TV. Sadly, the Google Drive app is not available through theGoogle Play store for Android TVs. However, you can always sideload the APKfile by installing the Send files to TV app on your smartphone and television.This way, you can transfer the Google Drive APK file from your phone to yourTV in a jiffy.There are various other apps you can download to enhance your Android TVexperience besides the starter apps mentioned above. Check out our list of thebest Android TV apps to get the most out of your TV.

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Become a home entertainment expert with our handpicked tips, reviews anddeals. Delivered Wednesdays.Google says the functionality will work for the more than 80 million activedevices run its Android TV smart TV operating system or its new variant,Google TV. In the US that includes the Chromecast with Google TV and NvidiaShield TV streamers as well as TVs made by Sony, TCL and Hisense.GoogleAlthough this is the first time it’s been built directly into Android,controlling a TV via a phone is nothing new. Google has long offered similarfunctionality with its Android TV remote control app, for example, while Roku,Samsung, LG and others allow remote control via phone apps.Meanwhile iPhones and iPads can control Apple TV streaming boxes and AirPlay2-compatible TVs using Control Center in iOS and/or the Apple TV Control app.The built-in TV remote features are rolling out to Android devices later thisyear.[Update 3: How to Force] Google plans to redesign the Play Store on Android TVto add video previews for apps

Android TV apps

There’s a huge range of apps available on Android TV via the Google PlayStore.These include most of the streaming favourites, like Netflix, Disney Channel,Spotify, HBO Now and YouTube. Depending on your country, there are also a lotof live TV channels, including NFL, Bloomberg TV and ABC. There are plenty ofgaming apps, too, such as Crossy Road, Final Fantasy IX and Minecraft.What’s important here is the Google Play Store on Android TV only displaysapps that are supported by the TV platform – not all of the apps available onother devices, including smartphones.

Android TV key features

Curated content: Android TV analyzes the kinds of TV shows and movies that youusually watch, play and listen to, and serves up similar things you’re likelyto be interested in.Universal search: You can use the search bar at the top of the Android TVinterface or the voice search button on your remote to find what you’relooking for. Android TV crawls a number of services, including Netflix, Hulu,YouTube and Google Play Movies and TV to find what you need, and usually liststhe lowest price first.Native Google Cast support: All Android TV players and TVs have Google Castbuilt-in. That means you can stream content from your device to your TVwhenever you see the Google Cast icon. This is sometimes referred to asChromecast built-in.Voice search via the remote: Instead of scrolling all the way up to the top ofthe interface and typing out the name of the show, movie or actor you’relooking for, you can simply speak the name into the Android TV remote – thisis a great time-saver.Google Assistant integration: Near the end of 2017, Google’s smart assistantmade its way into Android TV. Google Assistant on Android TV is the same onethat’s built into the Google Home and some higher-end Android phones. Just say”OK Google” to begin.For the most part, it’s a lot like Siri or Cortana – Google Assistant can makecalendar appointments, check your to-do list and answer inquiries aboutpopular topics. What makes it unique is that it also can control your smarthome products like thermometers, light bulbs and smart locks, too.Games via the Google Play Store: Fancy playing a game of Pong between seasonsof Breaking Bad? Android TV currently has more games on its store than anyother TV operating system. Like Android on phones, some games are free andothers cost money.Actor bios and filmographies: Let’s say you’ve just watched Guardians of theGalaxy 2 and now you want to see what other films Zoe Saldana has been in.Search Zoe Saldana on Android TV and you’ll find every title she’s starred in.Click a TV show and you’ll find a synopsis, where you can watch the show andthe rest of the show’s cast.Google Chromecast devices feature Android TV apps as well (Image credit:Google )


Q. Can I watch cable TV on an Android TV box? A. It depends. Some cable TV providers offer Android TV apps that enabledirect access to their cable TV lineup. More commonly, cable TV providers giveyou a login that can be used with channel-specific apps. (For example, youcould log in to the HGTV app or the Lifetime TV app individually.) ManyAndroid TV box owners opt for subscriptions that provide cable TV channelsover the internet, such as YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV, or PlayStation View.Q. Can I connect an external hard drive to an Android TV box? A. Yes. All Android TV boxes have USB ports for adding more storage. If you’replanning on using external storage for DVR recordings or personal media, justabout any USB hard drive will do. If you’re hoping to use external storage forgaming (which has unique requirements), get an external hard drive with itsown power source for best performance.Android 6 MarshmallowWho doesn’t love eating marshmallows roasted on a fire? This popular sweetgave its name to Google’s Android version 6, its Linux-based operating systemthat was presented in May of 2015 at the Google I/O and that started arrivingon smartphones and tablets in October of that same year.> The greatest updated of Android 6 regarding previous versions is its> permission management.”

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