Ematic 4K Android TV box What I Like

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Android Smart TV Box works like a smartphone, Buy Android TV Box and takesyour entertainment experience to the next level. Think a television running anandroid operating system will create ease of use, it will be easier for you toload and uninstall programs, software, games, and other android services. Infact, the Best Android TV Box is a game changer in making your entertainmentfull of fun and trouble-free. It is a next generation device which is unlikethe traditional TV sets. The gadget provides you several smart TV solutionsand you get more entertainment without any hassles.

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The smart box is equally great for both the LED and LCD, These extraordinarylittle smart boxes are running Android 7.1, 8.1, and 9. The system is reallyfast and easy to navigate. The device is the best investment for people wholove entertainment. The technology offered through these devices makes thewatching experience absolutely distinctive. You can watch your preferredmovies and videos directly from the local storage of the device or you canalso do streaming from the apps like YouTube, Daily Motion, and many more.Playing games on a big screen is now possible with Android TV Device, it isreally very useful to play classic games of your choice on the Android TV.The Android TV Box has the ability to perform countless tasks, it supportsvideo playback, web browsing, flash, games, all Apps of Android platformwithout any lag. It perfectly works and the features won’t let you stay awayfrom the device for long. Another important feature of the device is “ContentSharing”, you can share your favorite websites, movies, news and other contentfrom your living room with your family or friends. This TV box presentseverything that an expensive Android phone can do, and that too on a bigscreen of your TV. Whether it’s browsing the internet, watching movies, orplaying games, this device can show you everything.The 4k Android TV Box Price in Pakistan is highly affordable, the price startsfrom 2,750 PKR and you can buy the one that suits your budget.

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M Tech Store proudly presents the best android TV box to its valued customers,whether you are from Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, we will deliver yourfavorite TV box at your doorstep. We have listed some of the best Android-powered TV Boxes at our store. We are proud to sell the best Android poweredTV Boxes not only in the big cities but in the whole of Pakistan. We haveearned great status by delivering high-quality products. We also offer well-organized services to customers. We only sell a wide variety of high-qualitytech products ranging from Smart Android TV Boxes to other tech products andgadgets. We only list the best products in the market and all our products are100% genuine.The IPTV box price in Pakistan is reasonable when you are buying it from MTech Store because we have the best device listed at the most affordable ratesas compare to our competitors.

Android TV Boxes

We have a decent version of Android Boxes, some of them are listed below: * X96 Mini Android B * Xiaomi Mi Box S An * SMART BOX T9 4GB+6 * SMART BOX X96 MINI * SMART BOX MXQ 4K QThe TV Boxes have internal memory, latest android versions, high power CPU &GPU, high speed, Bluetooth connectivity, USB option, etc. We import theseproducts directly from the company.If you need 4K Ultra HD Android TV with Google Voice Assistant & DirectNetflix Remote Streaming Media Player, you should buy Xiaomi Mi Box S AndroidSmart Tv Box which is fully loaded with amazing features. Other boxes alsohave great features that you can check by yourself.In the box, you will find the TV box itself, the remote control, the powerlead, and HDMI cable. The boxes have a number of preinstalled apps, there isan option to uninstall or replace the existing apps with the new one. You cansimply connect your box to the internet via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, the boxworks perfectly fine over Wi-Fi. The box supports several audio and videoformats, play is easy and quick, and it is actually really simple to operate.Buy Now!Android Smart TV Box

How does it Work?

A lot of people get confused between a Smart TV and Smart TV box. Well, besidethe expansive difference in cost, both of them have a huge difference in howthey work, although the end result is almost identical. Both let you use yourtelevision as you would use an android phone. Both allow you to downloadAndroid apps, play Android games, watch Youtube videos, check your mail and doanything that a regular Android phone would allow, except, of course takingcalls.The main principal behind it is a fully operational Android operating system.It also comes equipped with an IP TV software that allows you to watch allyour favourite TV channels for free by making use of your internet connection.It is for this reason that these devices are also sometimes known as IP TVbox. The TV card of these devices come ready equipped with Wi-Fi andEthernet, so they can easily connect to your home or office internet. They arecapable of connecting to all kinds of networks, like your Wi-fi router orbroadband internet cable. What’s more, they even come with support for both 3Gand 4G internet! All you need to do is insert your modem or dongle into theUSB port and you can use internet directly from your SIMM card!There are other names that people lovingly call these devices by. Since theyhelp you stream movies, some call it a streaming media player. Still otherscall it an Android mini PC, since you can also use it like a PC by connectingit to a keyboard and mouse! In other words, it gives you the benefits of botha Smart TV and a PC at less than a fraction of the cost. That is just howlucrative an android tv box price in bd is!The Safaricom Ematic 4K Android TV Box ReviewFacebook Twitter WhatsApp EmailA few weeks ago, Safaricom announced the availability of the Ematic 4K AndroidTV box in Kenya that acts as the successor to the Safaricom Digital TV andInternet box from 2018. This digital TV and internet box was good but is datednow and struggles to compete with most of the new Android TV boxes we see onthe market.Unlike its predecessor, this new Android TV box has no Safaricom branding andit looks like Safaricom is just its main distributor in Kenya. You can get itfrom Masoko for Ksh 6,900 which is reasonable if you ask me. You should alsobe able to get it from Safaricom retail shops across the country. I have beenusing the Ematic Android TV box for close to one week and this review willrevolve around that.With the many Android TV boxes in the market right now, you may not be surewhich one is perfect for you. This review is to help you decide if the Ematicbox is worth your money or not. For those using previous Safaricom Androidboxes, should you upgrade to this new one?

Ematic 4K Android TV box: What I Like

The Ematic Android TV box is a very compact device that has a smallerfootprint compared to the Safaricom internet box. It is almost the same sizeas a standard external drive. With its small size, it can be perfect when youare travelling and want the Android TV experience in your hotel room.Even with its small size, it comes with a good number of ports including twoUSB ports, TF (Micro SD) card slot, a HDMI port, ethernet port, AV out port,S/P DIF port and the last slot for power in. These ports give you a number ofconnection options depending on your setting.The two USB ports allow you to connect an external device to the box and playthe content on that device on your TV. This can be an external hard drive thatyou have your movies on or any other supported device. The TF card slot does asimilar thing and you can insert a Micro SD card there are play the content onthe card.The HDMI port is one of the primary ports you will need to connect the Ematicbox to your TV if your TV has a HDMI port too. If the HDMI port is missingfrom your TV, the AV out port is what you will use and for that you will needto purchase the necessary cable which is not included in the box.The Ematic box supports HDMI CEC (consumer electronics control) and this letsyou control both your TV and the Ematic box with just one remote. You candecide to just use your TV’s remote to control both of them eliminating theneed of having two remotes at the same time.The ethernet port is what you will use if you want to connect the Ematic boxto the internet through an ethernet cable. If you have Wi-Fi around, it may bethe best option as you will eliminate the need of having additional cablesconnected to your Android TV box. * 2 USB ports, TF slot * One of the best things about the Ematic Android TV box is that it offers thecomplete Android TV experience. It does come with Android version 8.1 but wasupdated to Android Pie. The version of Android you run on your phone may beAndroid 10 but with Android TVs, the most recent version is not usually thesame as the version you have on your phone so Pie for this case is prettygood.Since it is powered by Android TV, users get access to a selection of appsthat they can download through the Play Store. The Play Store has all themajor streaming applications you may need from ShowMax, HBO Max to Amazonprime and any other one you may have in mind. The Ematic box comes withNetflix and YouTube pre-installed so all you have to do is log in to youraccount and you are good to go. This box is certified by both Google andNetflix unlike some of the other boxes on the market.Through the Play Store, you also have access to games that you can choose toplay on your TV. Most of the applications for Android TV are optimized to workwith the remote and so are a number of the games. Some games will requireadditional hardware (gaming pads) for a much better experience.Powering the Ematic Android TV box is a quad core Cortex A53 chipset that hasbeen paired with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. You are not going to downloada ton of applications so the 8GB of storage may be sufficient for most people.The box supports Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi ac connectivity. Both connectionshave worked perfectly so far and I have not had any issues.The Ematic box comes with a very minimalistic remote that connects to the boxvia Bluetooth. The remote has a dedicated Google Assistant button that you canuse to activate the digital assistant. The assistant can help search forcontent on the different platforms you have signed into. If you are lookingfor a specific movie on ShowMax, just say “Hey Google, play Movie X onShowMax” and it will search for it and play. Also on the remote are dedicatedbuttons to launch YouTube, Netflix and the Google Play Store.Ematic 4K Android TV box remoteUsing the Ematic box the last few days has been very smooth, better that whatthe Safaricom internet box offered. It does support 4K so if you have a 4Kpanel, expect some very good viewing experience. If you do not have a 4K TV,the resolution of what you are viewing will default to 1080p which is not sobad.I have had the Safaricom Internet box since it was launched and to be honestit does not match up to this. From the setup process to day to day use, theEmatic box shines all through.

Ematic 4K Android TV Box: What is it competing With

The Ematic 4K Box is not the only Android TV box on the market. Its biggestchallenger is far is the Mi Box S that is available for around the same price.The two are quite similar and both are powered by Android TV with the Mi Boxcoming with Android 8.1. They both support 4K streaming so in the end it willbe about your preference. Ematic is anew brand in Kenya but it is worth givinga shot, the box is promising in my opinion.Most of the other Android TV boxes on the market do not excite me to be honestand so far the Ematic box and the Mi box S are my favourite.As for the Safaricom Internet box, the two are worlds apart with that devicebeing bulky and not that great for streaming content on Netflix. Netflix didnot work on it at all. The box was also expensive compared to the Ematic boxand was very big, almost as big as the set top box you may in your home. Thesoftware experience was also slightly different compared to the Ematic boxthat feels smooth and something you can recommend without any shame.

Who it’s not for?

* If you have a smart TV and only stream content on YouTube, Netflix, Showmax or any other popular platform * If you already have an Android TVAlso Read: The OPPO A92 Review: Worth The HypeFacebook Twitter WhatsApp EmailBest Android TV Boxes in 2021This product guide was written by GearHungry StaffLast Updated January 26, 2018GearHungry StaffGearHungry Staff posts are a compilation of work by various members of oureditorial team. We update old articles regularly to provide you the mostcurrent information. You can learn more about our staffhere.GearHungry may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article.Learn moreAndroid TV seeks to provide and organize digital content for your TV. Theproblem with Android TV is that it usually requires a very expensive Smart TVto run it properly and this is where the Android TV box comes in. The AndroidTV box augments your existing TV and allows it to take advantage of the fullcomplement of Android TV features. Below we’re going to take a look at the 9best Android TV boxes on the market today.


NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro 4K HDR Android TV BoxThe NVIDIA SHIELD is easily one of the best Android TV boxes on the market.Made by the same company that produces the world’s best graphics cards, thisTV box is the ultimate way to bring 4K android streaming to your TV. Itenhances HD video to 4K, has 3GB of RAM, and 16GB built-in storage. Plus, itcombines Dolby Vision HDR with Dolby Surround Sound for a cinema-qualityexperience. On top of that, it comes with an advanced remote control that hasvoice control built-into the design. If you’re looking for the best Android TVbox on the market, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one better than the NVIDIASHIELD.You might also like some of these reliable Siri remote alternatives for theApple TV from our list. Check them out.ProsMarket leader in Android TV BoxesAmazing picture and sound qualityImproved remoteGoogle Assistant & Chromecast built-inConsNot future proof in terms of HDMI portsPricey


Pendoo Android 9.0 TV BoxThe Pendoo Android 9.0 TV Box is pretty stacked when you consider how much itcosts. An Android TV Box with this amount of power and number of featureswould have set you back hundreds of dollars, just a few years back. With 4GBof RAM, a 32GB eMMC, and an Allwinner H6 Quad-core cortex-A53 CPU, you canbrowse the menu, open and close apps, and view content with barely any lag.Anyone that’s messed about with cheaper Android TV boxes will know that thisis not the norm. It’s also equipped with Android 9.0 and three USB 3.0 ports,so you can connect external devices easily. If you’re looking for value formoney, the Pendoo Android 9.0 TV Box is pretty hard to beat.You may also be interested in some of these quality blu-ray players from ourlist. Check them out.ProsPowerful streamingBarely any lagImproved wifi connectionConsNetflix won’t work after updatingDifficult to set up


Pendoo Android TV Box 10.0Next up, we have the most recent Pendoo Android TV Box 10.0. The main reasonto buy this over other Android TV Boxes on this list is that it’s equippedwith Android 10.0. Add this to the Allwinner H616 64-bit Quad-Core ARMCortex-A53 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of high-speed flash memory and you getone of the fastest TV boxes on the market. We already talked about howequipped the Pendoo Android TV Box 9.0 is. Well, this box is the model up andit doesn’t cost a whole lot more. If it’s the speed you’re looking for, thePendoo Android TV Box 10.0 is the product for you.Here are some of the top-rated TV wall mounts for a quick, painless install.Check them out.ProsStreams without any lagImpressive specsCompetitively-priced

Features To Look For In Android TV Boxes

Not every Android box is created equal and not all offer the same array offeatures. Before you go spending your hard earned money on an Android TV boxfor your home you should consider the following factors:Internet Connectivity – Your Android TV box won’t be much good if yourInternet connection is slow or unreliable. Make sure your Internet connectionhas the capacity to handle HD video before investing in a device designed todeliver HD to your TV.Additional Connections – Many users want to be able to connect SD cards, USBsticks, satellite feeds and other devices to their TV via the Android TV box.If you’re one of these folks make sure the Android TV box you have your eyeson has the requisite ports.Apps – Some folks want their Android TV box to come with pre-installed appswhile others like the idea of receiving a ‘clean’ box. If you don’t have thetime to install apps make sure the Android TV box you buy has plenty of thempre-installed.Storage – Most people who buy an Android TV box want the option of recordingprograms, sporting events, movies and the like. If you are one of these peoplemake sure your Android TV box comes with adequate memory to do this.

Q: Can you use an android TV box anywhere in the world?

A: Anywhere you can find a TV with the aforementioned HDMI port in a room witha dependable WiFi connection.Android TV Box Price in Bangladesh 2021Android TV Box Buying in BangladeshAndroid is a smart opertating system specially designed for mobile. TheAndroid operating system has gained so popularity in Bangladesh that this isalso available in other devices. TV is one of the other popular devicesfeaturing Android operating system.What is Android TV box ?Many of us already purchased the standard TV or LCD TV but now want to tastethe features of Smart TV. Android TV box does this job that means it willconvert your regular TV into a smart TV through this smart box.What can I do with this smart TV box ?You can connect to Internet, watch Youtube, play videos and games by thisAndroid TV box.Can it convert my old CRT TV into smart TV ?Your TV needs to have at least one USB port.What connection features Android TV box provides ?Android tv box comes with LAN, Wi-Fi, USB connectivity features but it dependson the model.Can I play 4K video ?Yes, you can play 4K video but your TV and Android box must support 4K videofor eye-catching performance.Where I can get the Android TV Box in Bangladesh ?Android TV box is available in Dhaka, Bangladesh and all over the country.Buy Android TV Box for LED/LCD at Best Price in PakistanNowadays, everyone uses to spend their leisure time on their mobile phones anddo their activities. They do not give time to their families; as a result,family members feel scattered and lonely. They have complained to each otherof not giving sufficient time to get memorable moments. Also, most peoplespend their time to do jobs or business. Females do their house chore, andchildren spend most of their time on studying. So, at the end of the day or onweekends, family members need to spend their free time altogether to feelrelaxed and happy.Laptab.com.pk brings a fantastic offer to you to join your whole family in asingle large platform in the form of Smart TV Box. It is a small device whichyou can connect with your TV and convert it into smart LCD to utilizeuniversal apps. It gives you the mirroring effect of your android phone toyour smart TV. You can run all activities and apps on a large screen which youdid on a small screen earlier. You can get hundred of dish channels includingall Indian, Pakistani, English and other channels with different languagesfree of cost to connect this Android smart tv box.Smart box android is a whole package which facilitates you and your family interm of connecting you with your business to accomplish your work at home on alarge screen instead of feeling tired to use small screen. It also makes easeto ladies to watch unlimited dramas, movies, music and cooking shows so thatthey can feel relaxed after doing house chores.Besides, your kids also get an advantage to watching cartoons, educationalmovies and documentaries to enhance their learning skills and exposure. Also,children enjoy playing millions of apps and games by downloading from Googleplay store and stayed home, which helps to prevent them from any lousy companyoutside the home. You can also enjoy sports with HD resolution with yourfriends and get excited and amused to watch games on a big cinema-like screen.Further, smart box android allows you to make your LCD into an intelligent PCwhich enables you to do web surfing and browsing with fast and quick internetaccess. You can also send e-males, run social media such as Facebook, Skype,twitter, youtube and many more to be connected with your friends through yourLCD while sitting on a couch or laying down on your bed to enjoy your freetime and get relaxed. Despite smart box tv gives you a facility to connectwireless keyboard or mouse or air mouse to your LCD to make it a smallcomputer and perform your all activities. It also gives an option to connectyour mobile phone via Bluetooth and use it as a remote control.Features:-1. This tv device gives you a cinema-like effect with 4k, 2k or 1080Presolution and 3d premium high-quality sound make your lounge a cinema andprovide an opportunity to entertain your holidays and weekends with yourfamily rather than to make plans for going outside.2. It also has pre-installed Kodi software from which you can download manychannels and apps already so that you do not need to worry about streamingyour required channel and waste your time on the setting.3. The best feature of having a different range of RAM and ROMs includingAmlogic S905W along with ARM Mali-400MP2 and 2 GB DDR3 of RAM, 4GB RAM + 32GBROM, 1.8GHz Quad Core Processor and many more to increase the high processingspeed as well as storage capacity for getting best results on your screen.4. Smart android tv box also consists of HDMI port, USB port, Bluetooth,input and output port as well as SD card slot which gives you lot of optionsto make your life full of colours and brightness. Some of the android boxeshave the option of setting different frequencies of FM radio and enjoymultiple radio channels.Laptab provides the best and the most economical solution for turning simpleTV into the latest model. You can shop for the best and newest productsincluding T95M QUAD CORE ANDROID SMART TV BOX, Q7S Android Smart TV Media BoxQuad Core with Web Cam, SCISHION V88 Plus TV Box 1G+8G , AIR MOUSE JS6/T6KEYBOARD WITH TOUCHPAD.Moreover, you can also get benefits by purchasing different other androidboxes according to your budget. If you have a low budget, MXQ Android TV Boxcould be the best option. This one is ideal for its low price. For high speedand HD results, purchase it today, NexBox A1 and Z4 Android Box Ideally suityou in economical prices.And if you are a lover of ultra-thin size and a quad-core processor, we alsohave NEXBOX A95 or H96 Pro, comparatively higher prices. However, the resultsof this smart box will be great.Read Less25 Best Android TV Boxes For 2021 [We’ve Tested Them All]Updated July2021OK, you have decided you want a TV box to enable content streaming on your bigscreen, and that Android is the best operating system for you. Now all youneed to do is find the best Android TV box. Simple, right?When you start searching, you will find that there are literally hundreds ofdifferent Android TV boxes available, all with slightly differentspecifications. So, how do you know which Android box for TV is best for you?Well, to get you started, I have reviewed 25 of the best Android TV boxes onthe market. I have listed which one is best for what type of streaming, so youcan find not only the best Android TV box but also the best TV box for whatyou want to do with it.

Best Android TV Boxes – Top Picks

1. Best Android TV Box – NVIDIA Shield 2. Best for 4K Streaming – Roku Streaming Stick+ | HD/4K/HDR Streaming Device 3. Best 10.0 Box – Transpeed 10.0 Android TV Box 4. Best For Smart Integration – Amazon Fire Cube 5. Best For IPTV – Tanggula 128GB TV Box

What Should I Look For?

There are some “must-have” features you should be looking for in your nextAndroid TV box, so I’ve made this list with those in mind.Note: If you’re wondering, What is an Android TV box?” click on the linkto find out. Each of the devices I recommend will have a list of whichfeatures it supports and which ones it doesn’t. Think of it like your ownpersonal shopping checklist.Must-Have Items * 4K Streaming * Minimum Quad-Core CPU * H.265 Hardware Decoding * Android 8.0 Oreo (or higher) * Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching * OTA Firmware Updates * HDMI 2.0 * USB 3.0 * Dual-Band Wi-Fi andor Gigabit EthernetNice-To-Have Items * Unlocks Netflix in 4K * Voice Control * Smart Home Integrations * Dolby Digital Sound optionsNot every device on this list will have all of these features. That would makethings way too easy. But, the way I’ve set this up, you can decide foryourself which of these features is important to you and which you can skipthis time around.Here is the list of the 25 best Android TV boxes:

2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – Best For 4K Streaming

As you go down this list, you are going to find that the main drawback with alot of Android TV boxes is that they are not authorized to unlock Netflix andAmazon Prime Video in 4K.SHOP NOWAll the boxes on this list have the power to deliver 4K streaming, but thestreaming services have to authorize the boxes to have access to theircontent. To date, they have only authorized boxes from big name brands such asSony, Samsung, and NVIDIA. More affordable boxes from lesser-known brandsaren’t on the list.This means that in most cases, if what you want your Android TV box for is tostream content from your favorite streaming services in full 4K, you need apretty expensive box … or you need an Amazon Fire Stick.This little stick will cost you less than $50, and it is still only $70 if youchoose to get the bundle with the Gigabit ethernet connection adapter. That isa pretty good deal considering it comes with the Alexa remote, which costs $30if you want to buy it on its own, and the stick integrates with your Alexasmart home system.However, there is a very good reason why many people avoid the Fire Stick,despite being the best value method for streaming in 4K.It is because it does not use a standard Android operating system, butAmazon’s Fire operating system, which is locked down. You can’t downloadfrom the Google PlayStore, you can only download a much more limited range ofapps from the Amazon store.In addition to this, when you search on Fire TV, you will always get Amazonresults first. They will even rank paid-for-access content from Amazon abovefree access to content that you might have in other apps.The stick is also designed only for streaming and isn’t really powerfulenough to support more sophisticated activities, such as gaming.But, if all you want to do is watch Netflix in 4K, there isn’t a betteraffordable option.CHECKLIST: * Voice control * Smart home integration * Unlocks Netflix and Prime Video in 4K * 5.1 Audio Passthrough * H.265 Hardware Decoding * Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching * OTA Firmware Updates * HDMI 2.0 * Dual-Band Wi-Fi and/or Gigabit EthernetClick here for the latest price.

4. Transpeed Android 10.0 TV Box – Best 10.0 Box

While you would never get a new Android phone that wasn’t running the latestoperating system, the same is not true for TV boxes. They don’t need to doas many different things, so often work pretty well on older versions of theoperating system.SHOP NOWA lot of the boxes on the market today are still using Android 9.0, becausethis was specifically designed with Android TV in mind, so it is a very stableoperating system. But there are a few boxes out there that are already using10.0, and this option from Transpeed is one of them.Available for less than $70, it has a powerful quad-core CPU, 4 GB of RAM and64 GB of ROM, USB 3.0, Dual Wi-Fi, and all the latest decoding software.What you don’t get is voice command, smart home integration, or DolbyDigital Sound delivery, though this is true for most of the boxes on thislist.To make up for the lack of voice command, it does come with a mini-keyboard,which is incredibly useful when it comes to complicated search terms.Read our full review here.CHECKLIST: * 5.1 Audio Passthrough * H.265 Hardware Decoding * Android 10.0 * Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching * OTA Firmware Updates * HDMI 2.0 * USB 3.0 * Dual-Band Wi-Fi and/or Gigabit EthernetCheck the latest prices here.

7. Tanggula Android 9.0 TV Box – Best For IPTV

If you are looking for a “fully loaded” box that comes with access tohigh-quality content included, then this option from Tanggula is probably thebest on the market.SHOP NOWThe box itself is pretty powerful with a quad-core, Android 9.0 operatingsystem, 4 GB of ROM and 128 GB of RAM, all of which is capable of deliveringnot just 4K but full 8K image quality. However, it doesn’t have voicecommand or smart integrations, but it does have a very hand air-mouse.But what most people are looking for when buying this box is access to 4,000TV channels including more than 2,000 local and national U.S. channels, 800 UKchannels, 400 Canadian channels, and many more. While that might sound like alot to navigate, it is actually very intuitive and you can favorite the fewchannels you actually watch.But to say you get free access to these channels when you buy the box is not100% true. The box will set you back about $300 and includes one year ofaccess to all Tanggula content. After that, you need to pay $79 per year forcontinued access to the content.That is still a lot cheaper than a live TV streaming subscription, andTanggula is one of the few brands still offering this kind of IPTV service.Read our full review here.CHECKLIST: * Android 9.0 OS * Cortex-A55 CPU * 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM * Supports 8K Ultra HD resolution * Equipped with 2.4G/5G Dual-Band Wi-Fi * BT 4.0 technologyCheck the price options from here.

10. Pendoo T95 Android 10.0 TV Box

Brand new for 2020, Pendoo’s T95 TV Box makes the most of Android 10.0 OS.Outstanding compatibility with games, apps, and software combines with user-friendliness, making this TV box one that’s sure to gain plenty of fans.Shop NowWhat to love: Pendoo has done a great job of eliminating some of the issuesseen in earlier products – annoying problems with buffering and freezing aredistant memories.This 10.0 Android TV box supports both 4K and 6K Ultra HD resolution, vastlyimproving picture quality. Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie, orcheering on your favorite team, you’ll notice tons of stunning details andricher colors than ever before.Like many others that made it onto our list of the best Android TV boxes, thismodel offers convenient plug and play features, so you can dive right intoyour next binge-watching session. The remote control features a button thattakes you straight to apps, and setup is super simple.What’s missing: While Kodi fans will appreciate that this box comes with thelatest version of Kodi (v18.5) pre-installed, there are no pre-loaded add-ons.Don’t hate Pendoo for this, though; they’re only following regulations.If Bluetooth compatibility is on your list of must-haves, we’re sorry toreport that this unit doesn’t have it, meaning it probably isn’t the rightTV box for you.Last but not least, make sure you have some AAA batteries on hand if youdecide to go for this model. You’ll need to put two of them into the remotebefore you get started. On a happier note, an HDMI cable is supplied.Read our full review here.CHECKLIST: * 4 G RAM * 32 GB Storage space * SD card slot and USB ports * Android 10.0 * 6K/3D videoClick Here For Latest Price

11. Greatlizard TX6 Android 9.0 Smart TV Box

Android 8.1, a newly updated Amlogic S905X2 quad-core with the ability tosupport recordings, make the Dolamee X2 A95XMax TV box a great choice.Shop NowThis box has plenty of speed and memory – 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM meanyou’ll never run out of space. It’s one of a few we’ve found thatsupports 5G Wi-Fi, so if 5G is available in your community or coming soon,this box is all ready to go.Pricewise, this box is a little spendy but considering all the upgrades,it’s definitely worth the extra money. 4K and the ability to record makethis a great choice.What to love: Not only does this TV box have USB 3.0, it also offers Bluetooth5.0, so however you transfer data, it happens quickly.The hard drive is big, plus it’s expandable. You can add up to a 2TB 2.5”notebook-sized SSD/HDD if you like, without worries about freezing orbuffering. If you expand, make sure you format the SSD/HDD before you add itto the TV Box.What’s missing: Like a lot of TV boxes, this one has a low-end remote andthe user manual isn’t that great either. Kodi is installed but you’ll wantto update to the newest version. Overall, this box does not disappoint.CHECKLIST: * 5.1 Audio Passthrough * 265 Hardware Decoding * Android 9.0 * Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching * OTA Firmware Updates * HDMI 2.0 * USB 3.0 * Dual-Band Wi-Fi and/or Gigabit EthernetClick Here For Latest Price

Bonus: EVANPO Android 7.1 Smart TV Box

If you are looking for something functional but reliable, then consider thisAndroid 7.1 streaming device from EVANPO. It offers the best compatibilitywith software, games, and applications. If you want to use your mouse andkeyboard, connect them wirelessly for maximum control.SHOP NOWIt has all the technology it needs to do the heavy lifting including a quad-core, H.265 hardware decoding, built-in HDR processing, and 4K HD and 3Dvideo. You are unlikely to come across anything this box can’t decode andplay.CHECKLIST: * Android 7.1 * 16 GB Storage * MicroSD slot * Quad-core * H,265 hardware decoding * 4K HD and 3D videoClick Here For Latest Price

Are Android TV Boxes Worth It?

If you want to cut the cord to cable and instead stream the entertainmentcontent you want on-demand, then a TV box is a good investment. And an AndroidTV box is a better investment than most because it comes with no restrictions.If you get a proprietary TV Box, like Apple TV, you are restricted on what youcan use and how. You need to use Apple-approved apps through the standardApple interface. That is fine for most people, as Apple has done a very goodjob of creating a sleek and usable interface and all the most popularentertainment content is available.But, while Android comes with a great proprietary launcher and many amazingnative apps, it is open-source, so there is so much more you can do with it.You can download and run third-party apps and even launchers and interfaces onyour device. So, you have the option of customizing your entertainment anddoing it your way.

Are Android TV Boxes Illegal?

Android TV boxes are entirely legal. There is nothing dubious about usingequipment that allows you to stream content directly to your television.If you have heard talk about the legality of TV boxes, it relates to howpeople use them, rather than the box itself. A TV box lets your streamNetflix, TV channels, and movies to your television using the legal apps thatprovide this content, usually for a cost.But, since you can stream almost anything to your TV using your TV box, it isalso possible to play films that have been downloaded illegally or usestreaming services that you might be using illegally, for example, through aVPN to appear like you are in another country.These acts are still illegal.

The Verdict

There are many TV boxes on the market, but an Android TV box is one of thebest options if you are looking for something flexible.While the Android launcher and app are awesome, Android is also open source,so you have a lot more options at your fingertips if you want to customizeyour experience.But it also means there are lots of different options on the market, and itcan be incredibly difficult to choose.Which Android TV box is right for you depends on what you want to do with it.Do you just want to stream a bit of Netflix? Do you want to download and storeyour own content? Do you want to make the most of your 4K or even 8K TV?Whatever your need, one of the items on our list will fit the bill.What do you think? Have we missed any Android TV boxes you think would be abetter choice? Let us know in the comments below.If you want to learn more about Android TV boxes, check out our Android TVbox-related articles.”

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