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The 28 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces Since Wear Launched

Android Wear has only been out for a few weeks, but already developers aretrying their hands at designing apps for Google’s wearable platform. Sincethis is a new usage paradigm for Android, it’s hard to know what sort of userexperiences will catch on and which will fall flat. This is the firstinstallment of what will hopefully become a regular part of our roundups – allthe best apps and watch faces for Android Wear. If it’s interesting,innovative, or just plain odd (and designed for your wrist), we’ve got ithere.

Wear LCD Watchface BETA

Another classic watch face, but this developer specifically says the cards arean issue for the time being. When’s that API coming out again?LCD Wear Watch Face for ANDROID WEAR DEVICES.BETA till full API released…known issues cards are over time.This WatchFace brings your the LCD Feeling from the 90s to your Wrist.-Pair your device with watch. -Install the application -Choose the watch face from your Android Wear watch. Due some layout problems with the shadow on the Gear Live, i have removed ittemporally and working on an solution.

Binary Watch Face

I have yet to see evidence anyone actually wants to use a binary clock in reallife. It seems more like nerd-cred run amok to me, but whatever floats yourboat. This was one of the first custom watch faces for Wear, but the cardissue is present here too. Install at your own risk.At this time, there is not a way to change the notification card height.The “OK Google” text unfortunately is also unmovable right now.As soon as APIs is available, we will get that fixed right away.A Binary watch face for you Android Wear device.The companion app the installs on your handset with the watch face allows youto configure the colors on the watch face. Choose from a wide array of colorsto give you face a style that suits you.Easy to learn how to read the time and impress your friends with your level ofawesomeness.There is a picture explaining how to read the time in the screenshots below.NEW – Premium Features- You can turn on a digital clock which can help you to learn how to readbinary time.- Better color choosers with a wider array of color choices.- Change the layout from the default vertical layout to a horizontal layout.- Change the background color to make your watch face even more your own.

Convergence Watch Face

Convergence is the first Wear watch face I’ve seen that takes advantage of theaccelerometer. It has a material Design vibe to it with the floating circles,which actually move as you tilt your wrist. it goes static in sleep mode,though. The card issue is present here, but hopefully the dev gets thatstraightened out as soon as the API is done. Will it eat battery? Maybe.Convergence is a Material themed watch face for your Android Wear device. Timeelements move as you move… because they can.Choose from 8 designer color pallets to customize the look to your mood,outfit, or just to appease the voices in your head.Convergence goes into low power mode when your Wear device dims to maximizebattery life. Low power mode drops to 2 color visuals (white on black) anddisables animations and motion detection.Install the app to the device (phone) that you have connected to your AndroidWear device. Once installed, just long press on the watch face on your Weardevice, then scroll over to select “Convergence” as your active watch face.

Chron Watchface

Chron looks like a nice watch face that I’d consider using as soon as theofficial API is ready to go. It’s not really usable right now because you haveto swipe away all your cards and have new ones hidden in sleep mode to readthe time.The perfect face for the perfect system. Customize your Android Wear watchface tomaintain control of your daily cycle while on (and off) the grid.- Tells time (hour, second, and minute hands)

Weather Wear Watch Face

And here’s yet another watch face that I’ll totally consider paying for oncethe API issue is sorted out. Weather Wear Watch Face crams a lot of data ontothe screen, and does so without looking too cluttered. There are fourdifferent themes, plus extra features like a disconnect alarm and multiplevibration modes. The developer pledges to update the app as soon as the API isdone.By installing this you’ll get the watchface on your wrist and a companion appon your mobile device which will let you configure the watchface in every part(Few of the options are only for PRO users).Some of the options and features are: * 4 Different watchfaces to meet your taste * Battery Percentage indicator * 2 Weather providers (for now): Yahoo and OpenWeather * Ability to set the weather refresh interval * 3 Different watch vibration modes * Option to let your wrist vibrate every hour like a cuckoo clock * Option to let your wrist sligtly vibrate every time you receive a weather update * 24 and 12 hour format * Celsius and Fahreneit support * Phone disconnection vibration * and much more Cards size issueWe’re aware that notification cards are large in this watch face like otherwatch faces. Unfortunately, at this time, there’s no way to choose the size ofthem. Once google releases the API we’ll upgrade the app accordingly 🙂

Best Android Wearable Apps for Smartwatches 2021

Many popular applications are used on Android Wearables with highcompatibility. So, let us go through a massive Android wear apps list:

1. AccuWeather: One of the Best Android Wearable Apps

Being among the best Android wearable apps, AccuWeather is widely recognizedas an Android Wear application with 2.0 support. The application can performall of the basic operations, such as displaying current temperature, weatherforecast, radar, other meteorological notifications. The applications alsoprovide information related to smaller statistics, including humidity, windspeed, etc. It is one of the best Android wear weather apps.It works effectively on both Android Wear and a connected mobile device.Almost all the application issues are temporary, as users may findadvertisements in the free version of this application that they can avoid bytaking a premium and getting their app upgraded to the pro version. However,there will be no significant changes, even after upgrading to the pro version.Key Features of this Android Wear Watch App: * Local forecasts according to your location. * Hazard alerts for safety. * Minute by minute forecasts for keeping you updated. * Forecast filters according to your preferences.Download on Google Play: 4.4

3. Bring!: Best Android Wearable App

Bring is an application used to list your grocery items using your wearabledevices. The application accompanies a decent structure, a lot of choices, andan interactive Android Wear support. You can make separate records fordifferent exercises. Additionally, the app utilizes a card and tile design onits interface. It seems unique and newer than most of such grocery shoppinglist applications.There are a lot of note-taking applications on Android Wear, yet this one isenchanting. It is additionally allowed to download with no in-applicationpurchases, subscriptions, or advertisements. Google Keep is another incredibleapplication for this sort of stuff and in the case where you need aprogressively broad note-taking application. Google Keep is also listed in theupcoming sections of this blog.Key Features of this Android Wear Watch App: * Item predictor for recipes. * Like and share the recipes. * Add photos to the list. * Wide-range of articles available.Download | Google Play: 4.5

12. Google Pay: One of the Best Android Smartwatch Apps

Google Pay is among the most useful smart watch Android apps to have inAndroid wearables. Users can simply put their smartwatch close to the terminaland pay for their tickets, food, beverages, or whatever they are purchasingwithout having to turn a wallet, purse, or phone out of your pocket. When yourwearable device has NFC, it’s relatively more straightforward and faster tolaunch and use Google Pay.The quick, easy way to pay online, in stores, in apps and more is Google Pay.All without your wallet, book a flight, grab lunch, see a show, and enjoy newexperiences. It’s quick to get started on the web or with an app. Simply add acard, and you’re ready to go.Key Features of this Android Wear Watch App: * Encryption support. * Check recent transactions. * In-built home tab dashboard. * Add cards easily.Download | Google Play: 4.6

13. Infinity Loop: Best Android Wear Watch Applications

Many games for Android wearable devices are considered an exercise offrustration as the limited screen does not engage a good user experience.Still, with Infinity Loop, users can easily play games on wearables. Forexample, users can play an easy and relaxing puzzle game where they can spenda few minutes waiting at the railway station or in line at the grocery store.Infinity Loop is a fun way to boost your logic. A puzzle game is considered tocreate intricate looping patterns or apply a basic concept: connecting manyobjects and making fun of them. Infinity Loop is a good puzzle with great zenstyling. The aim is to clear your mind and reduce stress without any strain orconflict in your everyday life to resolve expectations.Key Features of this Android Wear Watch App: * Dark mode. * Infinite levels of the game. * Less-challenging game. * Easy to play.Download | Google Play: 4.7

Ease Your Life With Android Wearable Apps

With versatile options of functionalities on Android wearable, Google featureseasy access to the best Android wear apps. Google Play store provides numerousquality Android wearable applications where users can utilize thousands offeatures on a small screen. Most of the wearable devices supporting Google’sWear OS or Android Wear indulge in many handy capabilities.Android wearable apps are no longer only a way to display short notificationsbut also feature interfaces to entertain users and systematically track theirhealth-related information. However, there is still a high possibility forthese applications depending upon a partner application installed in asmartphone or alike parent device with a few standalone features on thewearable device. If you are searching for Android wearable apps developmentservices, you can contact a wearable app development company that exquisitelysuits your brand.”

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