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YouTube Video Downloader Apps for Android

YouTube Downloader APK for Android to get videos and Music for Free. Enjoycontent offline with these Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps on your deviceStorage.YouTube Downloader APK is the video downloader app that allows you to saveyoutube videos offline on your Android storage for free, YT is the mostpopular video streaming App with over 1.5+ Billion downloads on Android.YouTube is a great source of knowledge and entertainment catering to millionsof useful videos. YT also introduced the popular offline feature which letsyou download the videos on your App itself. This feature is very popular andhelps to save videos locally on the App.Google doesn’t support direct YouTube video download to the gallery. Also, nosuch apps which promote YouTube Video download are available on Google PlayStore as it violates the core policy of YT. But there are many 3rd party appsthat help you download the videos/audio (mp3) from YouTube directly to yourAndroid phone storage. In this post, I have talked about some of the bestAndroid Apps for YouTube Video/Audio Downloads which can make your work mucheasier.YouTube Downloader APK is the best utility apps for Android to save video andaudio files on your device storage. They let you store the files for free atdifferent resolutions. YT Downloaders are one of the most sought applicationsfor any Android device due to its powerful capabilities. Today let us answerthe popular question. How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?Note: We do not endorse any of the following Apps nor are we affiliated withit in any form. Use the App for your personal purpose.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?

Lately, YouTube has allowed its users to download many videos so they can viewthem offline. However, you will not be able to run these videos from any otherplace than the YouTube application itself, and you will not be able todownload all the available stuff on YouTube.Also Read: 12 Best YouTube Videos Downloaders for PC.Moreover, if you want to make a ringtone out of a music video, it could be sohard because you will not find the downloaded video in your gallery or anyother place that you can access and modify the files saved in.

Step 2. Download YouTube Videos to Android

Now go to and find your favorite video. When you open the video,you will get a “Download” button on the video windows. Simple click the buttonto download the video.Or you can just copy the URL of the YouTube video, and then paste the URL iniTube HD Video Downloader using the “Paste URL” button. This ultimate YouTubedownloader supports to download multiple videos at the same time, all you needto do is to paste the URL links into the downloading blank and separate eachone with Enter button. You can insert up to 1000 video URL, once completed,this YouTube downloader app will automatically analyze the URL and start todownload.If the downloaded YouTube videos are not supported by your Android devices,you can convert the video format. To do so, find the video you want to convertfrom “Downloaded” tab in the “Download” menu at first. When you put your mousebutton on the video, you can see the “Add to Convert List” icon on the rightof the video list, try to click this button to import video to “Convert” menu.In “Convert” menu, you can find your video, please click the “Convert” button,in the open up format selection window, you can select an output format orchoose a device name as target output. Lastly, click “OK” to start theconversion.

If you are looking for an YouTube downloader app for Android, you can try

EasyTube. It is one of the simplest methods to download YouTube videos to yourAndroid device.How does EasyTube YouTube Downloader for Android work? All you need to do is to get this YouTube Downloader free download forAndroid. EasyTube will show some categories for YouTube videos by default butyou can also browse your own videos. Once you have found what you are lookingfor, you tap on Download. All available formats for the video will show up,and additionally you will be able to download a copy of the audio in MP3format. All you need to do is tap on the one that you want and download willstart automatically. You can later access your downloaded videos and audio onDownloads at the options, and even playback them on its embedded video player.TubeMate is an Android YouTube downloader app that provides the fastestdownloading speed among all others. Even the HD and full HD videos can bedownloaded fast using TubeMate. The application supports multiple formats. Youcan download and watch 3gp, MP4, FLV, and MP3 videos using TubeMate. It ispossible to convert your favorite videos in MP3 or desired formats using thisAndroid application. It also has an internal video player for watching thedownloaded YouTube videos.How does Tubemate YouTube Downloader for Android work? After installing the application and open it for the first time, you will seea much more polished interface, very similar to the actual YouTube app. Fromthis point you can use it just about the same way. The only difference is thatonce you find the video that you want to download, you will see a green arrowat the top of the application, to your right hand. Just by tapping on it, youwill be able to download the different versions available of the video or onceagain, extract its audio. A download library and video player are alsoavailable on this app.YouTube Downloader is one of the most popular Android mobile app fordownloading YouTube videos. It has lots of features and it is convenient touse the application too. Just a click on the video downloading option woulddownload and save your favorite videos directly to your phone. It provides afine working experience. The free YouTube downloader app for Android lets theusers download as well as share the YouTube videos directly while watching avideo. You can use this app to extract or convert videos to MP3. It providescustomize usage facilities and supports videos of almost all formats orquality. From this application you can copy and paste the download link toother apps.How does this YouTube Downloader app for Android work? YouTube Downloader allows you to operate in two different ways, the first,just like the apps we checked above, is searching and downloading the videofrom within the app itself. The second method, is to just use the defaultYouTube app. From there you can Share the video and select YouTube Downloader.However you choose how to use it, you will be able to choose which version ofthe video you want to download or if you want to extract the MP3 audio. If itis the first time that you run the application, it may ask you to download asmall plugin, but do not worry, this will happen only once. Now, from theDashboard section of the application, you will be able to access your recentdownloads and open them in the integrated media player.Finally, for the sake of simplicity Videoder is an Android YouTube downloaderapp that you can use to easily download the versions available of YouTubevideos to your device. You can go ahead and download and install it.How does Videoder YouTube Downloader for Android work? Despite not having a video player itself or being able to extract the audiofrom the videos, Videoder does a very good job in a clean interface that iseasy to use. It relies on the Android default video player or any other mediaplayers to show the videos. Like the other downloaders it will let you choosefrom the different versions of the video available for download and give youquick access to the downloaded videos, all from two tabs Search and Downloads.TubeMate is an Android app that provides the fastest downloading speed amongall others. Even the HD and full HD videos can be downloaded fast usingTubeMate. The application supports multiple formats. You can download andwatch 3gp, MP4, FLV, and MP3 videos using TubeMate. It is possible to convertyour favorite videos in MP3 or desired formats using this Android application.It also has an internal video player for watching the downloaded YouTubevideos. Tubex also allows one to choose the preferred video quality beforedownloading. It uses resume break points technology that allows one to pauseand resume the download process.How does Tubex YouTube Downloader for Android work? After downloading and installing the app,launch it to open the interface.Click the Tubex icon and type the name of the file that you want to searchfor. Click on your favorite video among the results. This will prompt threeoptions, click download to proceed. After clicking, a list of options onresolutions will be generated. Click on your preferred resolution and downloadwill start automatically. Finally, click on the download tab to see theprogress as the file is being downloaded.Vidmate is an Andriod YouTube Downloader App that downloads files at a highspeed. If you search for files and you are not ready to download at thatparticular moment, it has a feature called “save for later”. Once you click onit, your file is saved and it will be available once you launch the app lateron. It also provides security for sensitive files through its feature calledcontent locker.How does Vidmate YouTube Downloader for Android work? Launch the app after you have installed it. When interface opens, type thename of your preferred file. It searches and gives you a list of files tochoose from. Select your favorite file and click download. The file will bedownloaded automatically. Click the download symbol on the upper right cornerto view the progress of the download and also to view other downloaded files.YTD Video Downloader for Android is an android app that is capable ofdownloading multiple files at the same time.How does YTD YouTube Downloader for Android work? Download the YTD video downloader App and install it on your device. Launchthe app and once the interface is open, click on download tab. On yourbrowser, open youtube and search for your favorite file. Click on it, once itis open, highlight the URL on the top of Youtube interface. Right-click on itand select the option “copy”. Minimize the Youtube interface and get back tothe YTD video Downloader Interface. Once you are there, the URL that you hadcopied is pasted on the search bar. Click on the download tab and your filewill be downloaded automatically.SnapTube downloads videos from youtube fast and conveniently. It has theability to categorize videos since it has a section of most viewed videos,popular videos and also daily recommendations. One can search for a videoamong these categories or by typing the name of the video on the search bar.How does SnapTube YouTube Downloader for Android work? Install the SnapTube App and launch it. Type the name of the file on thesearch bar. On the search result click on your favorite file to select it thenclick download and your file will be downloaded automatically.FREEdi is another the most popular free Android YouTube downloader. However,it is best for downloading the MP3, AAC, and MP4 formats. FREEdi supportslower version like Android 1.5 firmware for downloading and playing videos.This is an application that provides pause and resume option for downloadingYouTube videos. You will get notified by the app once the download iscomplete. The in-built streaming video player is also quite impressive.

Part 3. Tips on YouTube Red Download on Android

We already know if you try looking for YouTube downloaders on the Play Store,you will find nothing much useful. But an alternative is to download theapplication package file (.apk) and install it yourself. The first thing youneed to do is to enable app installation from other sources different to theGoogle Play Store. For this, go to your apps and look for Android Settingswithin them. Once there, go to Security and make sure you enable the Unknownsources checkbox. You can now go all the way back to Home, and you will beable to install any applications, even if they are not available at the PlayStore.

How to download YouTube videos on Android using NewPipe

* Install the application. * Open the app and search for the video you want to download in the search bar. * Click on your desired video from the search results. * Tap on the download button and select the quality and format of the file. You can also edit the filename. * Click OK, and your download link will be generated automatically.You can download the NewPipe app from F-Droid or from its official website.

How to download YouTube videos on Android using arkTube

* Install the app and give permission to access media. * Go to YouTube and select the video that you want to download * Tap on the Share button * Tap on the icon that is labeled Video * Select the resolution * Wait for the download to complete.

Download YouTube videos using YT3 Downloader

* Open the app and search for the video you want to download. * Select the MP3 or MP4 download file option shown on the right side of the video. You can also have an audio preview before you download it. * You can also share a video from Youtube app to YT3 downloader to download it.

YouTube video downloaders FAQ

How can I download the video from YouTube?You will need to buy YouTube Premium in order to download videos from theYouTube app and view them offline. You can also use YouTube Go app to downloadvideos within the app, however there are several restrictions to it.What is the best YouTube video downloader?When it comes to third-party tools, New Pipe is the best YouTube videodownloader in our opinion. It’s fast and has an intuitive interface for easyvideo downloads.How to download YouTube videos for free?You can use third-party YouTube downloaders or the YouTube Go app to downloadYouTube videos for free.Did you find this list of the best Android video downloaders to be helpful?Share your views in the comments.How to Download YouTube Videos on Android? [Multiple Methods]

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?

If you want to watch a YouTube video offline on your Android device, you canchoose to directly download it and then watch it without a Wi-Fi or a dataconnection.But how to download YouTube videos on Android? Here are three methods: * You are allowed to directly download YouTube videos on the YouTube app if you have subscribed to YouTube Premium. * You can use a desktop YouTube video downloader to download your needed YouTube video to your PC and then transfer it to your Android device. * You can use an online YouTube video downloader to download your needed YouTube video to your PC and then transfer it to your Android device. * You can also use the best YouTube downloader Android to download YouTube videos to your Android device if you don’t subscribe to YouTube PremiumIn this post, we will introduce these four methods in detail.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android?

* Use YouTube Premium * Use MiniTool uTube Downloader * Use an Online YouTube Video Downloader * Use the best YouTube Downloader for Android

iTube HD Video Downloader

The first and the best app to download YouTube videos that we would recommendis iTube HD Video Downloader , which is an all-in-one media management toolthat has powerful features such as YouTube video downloader, video converter,video transfer, built-in media player, built-in browser, and integrated filemanager. This YouTube video downloader app software is available on Mac andWindows and it can be used to download videos from YouTube very quickly,reliably, and efficiently. Besides downloading YouTube videos, you can alsotransfer the downloaded YouTube to your mobile devices like Android, iPhone,iPad, Kindle, Xbox and other consoles in 1 click. The interface of the YouTubedownloader app has been intuitively been designed for ease of use. Overall,iTube YouTube Video Downloader App is undoubtedly the best one that candownload YouTube videos in the easiest way

iTube HD Video Downloader – Best YouTube Downloader App to Download

YouTube from URL or Extension * Download videos from 10,000+ popular video sharing websites that include YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, Netflix, Hulu, etc. * Support all types of media formats and allows you to convert downloaded audio and video files into any format that you like. * Equipped with a video recorder which allows you to capture any online video even those “unable to download sites”. * Transfer YouTube videos to your Android or iOS device once sync the YouTube videos on your smartphone or tablet with those on your desktop computer. * Batch download all the videos or music songs from a YouTube Playlist, Lynda Playlist, Spotify Playlist, etc. simultaneously. * Directly download media files from a sharing link of online storage backup providers like Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive, etc. * Private Mode to protect your video downloading information with a password known by yourself only. 02of 12

Method 1. Download YouTube Videos by Download Button

Go to using any browser and the Download button will automaticallyappear at the top left of every video that you wish to download. If youhaven’t found the Download button, click here to get more info about how toinstall a download extension to browser in steps.

Method 2. Download YouTube Videos from URL

Just copy the link of the video you wish to download and click”Paste URL”. iTube YouTube downloader app will handle the rest for you. Youcan insert as much as 1000 URL links to download all the videos together. Withthis oustanding feature, you can save time download videos, just save all theURLs to a note then paste them all in iTube HD Video Downloader to let it dothe rest for you.”

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