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Download Android 10 Stock Wallpapers [FHD+]

The Android 10, aka Android Q, is finally available for the Pixel devices.Google has officially released the Android 10 with some really cool newfeatures. After testing the developer previews and beta updates, now Googlehas started pushing the newer version of Android as a stable release. Theupdate brings a lot of goodies including new stock wallpapers collection. Hereyou can Download Android 10 Wallpapers in full-HD resolution for yoursmartphone.

Android 10 – Details

Android 10 comes with a lot of new features, some features are not even seenin the early beta releases. And one of the major updates is the Dark Mode. Themost awaited features, the Dark Mode finally arrives on the stock version ofAndroid. And this one seems to be impressive. And the best part is, It workswith almost every single app background. It simply turns out the background todark which feels really nice to the eyes. Let’s talk about some otherfeatures, Live Caption, this is one of my favorite features on the Android Q,it lets you see the caption of videos, podcasts, and audio messages.The next big change is the gesture navigation, Yes, the Android 10 brings anew navigation gesture, which is a pretty handy feature. Now you can easilycontrol your smartphone with the help of gestures. Smart Reply is yet anothernew feature which shows you quick actions directly in the notifications. Otherthan that, now you can get the latest Android updates along with the securitypatches directly from the Google Play System Updates. Yes, It is prettysimilar to downloading an app from the play store.Digital Wellbeing along with Focus Mode (beta) helps you in disabling theannoying notifications from the app which is distracting you. Other than that,the Android Q, aka Android 10 comes with privacy controls, sound amplifier,location controls, family link, performance, and usability enhancements. Youcan find the full list of features on the official Android website. TheAndroid 10 is available for all the Pixel devices, also for the first-genPixel phones. Now, let’s take a look at the Android Q wallpapers.VIDEO* * *

Android 10 Wallpapers

The newer version of Android packs with a huge chunk of stock wallpapers, andAndroid 10 is not an exception. There are a total of 20 new stock wallpaperscomes with the Android Q. All the wallpapers have a minimal texture on theback, few are landscapes, Earth, Art, and abstract walls. Few wallpaperseasily manage to vanishes the notch with the dark background texture. It isavailable in 1080 X 1920 pixels resolution, so don’t worry about the quality.Below we have provided the preview of Android Q wallpapers to provide a hintof the wallpapers.> Note: This is a preview of wallpapers and just for the representation.> Preview is not in the original quality so don’t download from images. Use> the download link given in the download section below.* * *

Android 10 Stock Wallpapers aka Android Q Stock Wallpapers – Preview

Android Q Wallpaper 1 Android Q Wallpaper 2 Android Q Wallpaper 3 Android QWallpaper 4 Android Q Wallpaper 5 Android Q Wallpaper 6 Android Q Wallpaper7 Android Q Wallpaper 8 Android Q Wallpaper 9 Android Q Wallpaper 10Android Q Wallpaper 11 Android Q Wallpaper 12 Android Q Wallpaper 13Android Q Wallpaper 14 Android Q Wallpaper 15 Android Q Wallpaper 16Android Q Wallpaper 17 Android Q Wallpaper 18 Android Q Wallpaper 19Android Q Wallpaper 20* * *

Download Android 10 Wallpapers

All the wallpapers are beautifully designed, you can love using these walls onyour smartphone’s home screen as your default wallpaper. If you are interestedin using these wallpapers on your home screen then you can download Android Qwallpapers in this section. Here we attach Google Photos and Google Drive linkby which you can download the wallpapers for your phone’s home screen or lockscreen.Download Android 10 Wallpapers (Google Photos)Download Android 10 Wallpapers (Google Drive)Once downloaded, simply Go to your downloads folder or Photos (Gallery) appand then choose your favorite wallpaper, open it and set it on your homescreen or lock screen. That’s it.* * *If you have any query, you can leave the comments in the comment section.Also, share this article with your friends.* * *More Related Articles:Stable Android 10 Available for Snapdragon Galaxy S9/S9+Finally, Stable Android 10 update is now started rolling out for theSnapdragon S9 and S9+ in the US for the Galaxy S9 users. The Exynos variantsof the S9 get the One UI 2.0 firmware update at the starting of 2020. OtherSamsung flagship phones which also get the update are Galaxy S10 series, Note10 series, Galaxy S9 series, and Note 9. The software update for the T-Mobile,Sprint, AT&T, etc. because the Snapdragon variants in the USA went throughsome network carrier testing. Now, the T-Mobile, among others are releasingthe first stable build of Android 10 for Snapdragon Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.The latest Android 10 update has a new build number, i.e., G960USQU7DTA8 forthe Snapdragon S9 (SM-G960U) and G965USQU7DTA8 for the S9+ (SM-G965U). Rightnow, it is available for selective carrier variants in the United States. Andit includes T-Mobile (TMB) and Sprint (SPR) S9 and S9+ devices. Also, theunlocked S9 (SM-G960U1) and S9+ (SM-G965U1) variants in the USA are alsogetting new firmware build numbers. The build number for S9 (SM-G960U1) isG965U1UES7DTB2 and for S9+ (SM-G965U1) is G965U1UES7DTB2, and it is based onOne UI 2.0. Users can download the full stock firmware update from Samsungservers and upgrade their carrier-locked or factory unlocked S9 device bymanually to Android 10 through Odin FlashTool.The One UI 2.0 firmware update has all the Android 10 and Samsung goodies suchas improved location permissions, advanced privacy tools, the full- screennavigation gestures from Google Pixel, advanced dark mode, or Night Mode. Italso has the latest Android security updates, updated one-handed mode, updatedBiometrics, brand new battery usage graph, Digital Wellbeing, pre-installedAndroid Auto. There is also a removal of Android Beam and many more things.Some of the Samsung tools such as Good Lock, Galaxy Labs, and Theme Park willwork with One UI 2.0.This tutorial will update the user’s Samsung Galaxy S9 to a stable Android 10update. It can be done on both devices at the final beta 3 for the S9 or theprevious stable Android 9.0 Pie. So, now there are two methods. * The most suggested method is flashing the full stock firmware by using Odin FlashTool. It will also factory reset the user’s device, and they will lose all data. So it is recommended that the user should back up their phone completely. * Another option for users is to wait for the OTA update to become live in their location. After that, they can go to Settings > System Updates > Download OTA updates manually.

User’s in the United States (USA) can Download stable Android 10 for

Snapdragon Galaxy S9/S9+Now, the United Staes user can enjoy the full stock firmware for theirSnapdragon Note 9 devices. The firmware is based on the stable Android 10update whose carriers are now available. It has all the full stock Odinfirmware, which can be manually upgraded to Android 10 One UI 2.0 firmware andflashed into the Note 9 devices, regardless of the network carrier.Now, to download the Android 10 full stock Odin firmware, users have to clickthe MediaFire link below, or else they can download it directly from SamsungServers by using the Samsung Firmware Download tools.

How to download the full stock Odin firmware directly from Samsung servers?

The Samsung Firmware Downloader (SamFirm) tool and the newly added Frija willmake the user download the latest stock firmware for any of the Samsung Galaxydevices. It comes in a .TAR file extension. So, users can download the fullfirmware update (One UI 2.0 based on Android 10) for their Snapdragon S9. Oncethey have the full stock firmware, then they can flash it by using the OdinFashTools.The users have to find the model number of their S9 from Settings > AboutPhone. Also, they have to find the region or CSC code from which it belongs.For example, product code or CSC code for US carrier T-Mobile is TMB, andSprint is SPR, unlocked, etc. * First, users have to download and extract the latest SamFirm tool or the Frija Samsung Firmware Downloader. * Then they have to go to About Phone in Settings in their S9 devices and note down the model number such as SM-G960U/SM-G965U. * Then the user has to find the CSC code for their Galaxy S9 phones. It is known as a region or product code. Then, in this case, the user can use TMB/SPR for Android 10. * After that, input the model number and the region code. * Then, the user has to select or check the Auto box. * Also, they have to check the decrypt automatically box. * Then click on the check updates option. * When the details are visible, then click on the download button.

How to install the One UI 2.0 Android 10 for Snapdragon Galaxy S9 via Odin

FlashTool?To flash the latest firmware update in the S9 device, users must do backup allthe data, apps, media, and all storage to PC. As the Odin FlashTool will dothe factory reset to the user’s phone. So, do a backup. Users can laterrestore the backup in their new firmware as well.The full stock firmware for Samsung will come in a .TAR file extension and tweigh around 2 GB in size. When the user downloads it, then they have toextract the zip to get a TAR file. Then the user has to do flashing it intotheir phone by using Odin FlashTool.

How to Install One UI 2.0 full stock firmware in the Galaxy S9?

1. Users have first to power off their Galaxy S9 devices completely. 2. Then the user has to reboot the phone into Download mode or Odin mode. 3. To reboot the phone user has to press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power Buttons at the same time. When the Samsung logo appears, then they will see a screen with a warning sign. Then press the Volume Up button to proceed. Now the user will be in the Download Mode. 4. Now, the user has to download and extract the latest Odin FlashTool. They can also use the modified Odin tool if that will not work. 5. The user has to run the odin.exe file as an administrator. 6. Then the user has to connect their Galaxy S9 to PC through USB cable. Odin should output a message named Added. 7. Now the user has to download and extract the firmware zip file to get TAR image files. Then add the firmware files to Odin. And if there is only one file, then add it into the [AP] slot. Or else add to the Odin sections properly. Such as BL for BL, AP for AP, CP for CP, CSC for CSC (not HOME_CSC). 8. Now under the options tab user has to make sure that only Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time are selected. 9. Then the user has to check the log tab and click on the Start button on the bottom right.The output should be visible in the log. Once the flash is successful, the logshould say PASS.Note: To get out of Download Mode, the user has to hold the Volume Up andPower buttons for a few seconds, and then their phone will reboot normally.Download Latest Android 10 Wallpapers (New Design Wallpapers)Google has announced the beta version of Android Q on March 13, 2019, but theupdate only for a few devices can access this beta release. Google has beenreleased the Android Q beta update for all six Google Android device. RecentlyGoogle stated that from now on the Android versions will not be named asdesserts as they did in earlier versions. Instead of desserts, Google namedAndroid Q as Android 10. So the new logos and designs were out recently. Sohere you can Download Latest Android 10 Wallpapers (New Design Wallpapers).Also, the newest Android 10 stock wallpapers are available now.

Android 10 New Design:

The new Android logo is somewhat the same but as per me, it looks more neatand cool. This may be a sign that the final test on this latest Android 10Version is going on and soon it will be available to all the devices.Obviously, it will be available first to Pixel devices later will be availableto all the manufacturers according to their time. There are lots of featurecoming with the latest Android version. Like, System-wide dark mode which istoo much hyped now, a desktop mode which will enable Android to use as adesktop. Also, according to some leaks, the back button is ditched and nowgestures are available instead of buttons.Here is the official logo reveal posted by the Google on youtube!!

Download Android 10 Wallpapers:

The download file contains around 2 wallpapers. Also, the wallpapers are vividand beautiful. They add perfectly to the display of the device. The resolutionof the wallpapers is 1080 x 2160 pixels along with the aspect ratio of 19:9.More Wallpapers will soon be added.You can easily download these wallpapers from the link provided below afterthat You will get a zip file at the end of downloading. Extract this zip filein your device in order to access those wallpapers. The wallpapers areprovided in the original quality. So let’s go down to download Android 10 NewDesign Wallpapers. See the screenshots below for more reference. Android Qwallpapers download link is below.The Android 10 Stock Wallpapers are available now!! It has 20 new wallpapersfrom the latest Android 10!!

Download New Android 10 Stock Wallpapers:

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