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The Best Android Tablets for 2021

Apple isn’t the only name in tablets, though sometimes it seems like it. Whilemanufacturers have slowed down their tablet-making over the past few years,there are still several great Android tablet options. If you’re integratedinto the Android ecosystem already and mainly use Google apps, an Androidtablet may be the best option for you.No matter your use case, there’s an Android tablet for you — whether you’relooking for something for productivity, gaming, or anything else. This listoutlines the best available Android tablets for 2021 so you can figure outwhich one will work best for you. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, which is packedwith top-end specs, a beautiful display, and productivity chops, is our toppick.Looking for more some sweet tablet deals? Check out all the best deals wecould find on Samsung tablets. Or, if you’re not married to Samsung, check outall of our favorite tablet deals.

Best overall: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

Andy Boxall/Digital TrendsWhy should you buy this? The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a hardware king, withtop-end processor power, a beautiful display, and Samsung’s responsive S Pen.Who’s it for? Anyone who wants the best of the best — and has the cash tospend on it.Why we picked the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7:The Galaxy Tab S7 is the best Android tablet you can get right now. The devicehas an absolutely stunning display, whether you get the 11-inch model or thelarger 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7+. The 11-inch model’s LCD is already beautifulenough, but the S7+ swaps it out for an OLED display, so it’s even better. Thetablet also supports HDR.Under the hood, the tablet is no slouch. It offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865processor, which is the same chip that powers Samsung’s Galaxy S20, and 6GB or8GB of RAM is more than enough to keep this tablet going. It comes with 128GB,256GB, or 512GB of internal storage, but it can be expanded via a microSD cardif you’re looking to download lots of stuff.Even the speakers are pretty good, and there are four of them around the edgeof the device. The rear-facing, dual-lens 13-megapixel and 5-megapixel maincamera are capable of recording 4K video at 30 frames per second, while the8-megapixel front camera is good enough for selfies and video chat. Poweringit all is an 8,000mAh battery, which can be charged up quickly if youseparately buy a 45W charger. And, the included S Pen works smoothly andnaturally.The software experience is pretty good, for an Android tablet. While Androidapp developers traditionally haven’t really developed their apps for the largescreen, Samsung somewhat gets around this with the Samsung DeX desktopinterface.The downside here is the high price — if you’re primarily after a laptopexperience, then Samsung’s Chromebook Pro or Microsoft’s Surface Go are bothcheaper and might suit you better.If you want the best Android tablet experience, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is agood choice. It’s a solid step up from the Tab A 8.0, but that high pricemight give you pause.Our full Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 review

Best budget Android tablet: Amazon Fire HD 10

Julian Chokkattu/Digital TrendsWhy should you buy this? The Amazon Fire HD 10 has a nice big screen, withenough processing power for most, and it works excellently within Amazon’secosystem.Who’s it for? Anyone who just wants a big screen for basic video-streaming andsocial media.Why we picked the Amazon Fire HD 10:The Amazon Fire HD 10 is the most affordable tablet on our list. A new, 2021version is due out in May, bringing a bump up in RAM and an improved camera.However, the 2019 Fire HD 10 is still a great machine, and features the sameprocessor as its 2021 counterpart. It has a decent display with a resolutionof 1920 x 1200 pixels that’s flanked by stereo speakers with Dolby Audiosupport, making it a good device for watching movies on the go. The Fire HD 10also features dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can connect to both 2.5GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands for fast download speeds. The tablet has a quad-core processor and2GB of RAM. It’s still no speed demon, but it does offer adequate performanceconsidering the price.You can buy the Amazon Fire HD 10 with 32GB or 64GB of storage, but it alsosupports MicroSD cards. It should last up to 12 hours on a single charge,which is good. This tablet runs Amazon’s Fire OS — an operating system basedon Android — so any future software and security updates will come fromAmazon. Alexa is built-in for hands-free voice commands, but as it isn’t atraditional Android tablet, there is no Google Play Store — you have todownload apps directly from Amazon’s App Store. If you’re happy with a smallerscreen and more limited specs, then the Amazon Fire HD 8 is a real bargain at$80.Read our full Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) review

Can any gaming tablet be used with Android controller?

Yes, Android controller can be attached to almost any Android tablet or mobiledevice.

(1) What are the reasons to buy a Samsung tablet?

ShutterstockA Samsung tablet is a portable companion whether you are on a mission-criticalproject or simply browsing the web. Here are reasons why you should consider atablet: * Portable productivity stations – a tablet allows you to visualize information and function like a laptop or PC in an office setting. It is helpful when presenting slides or communicating key points during meetings. Thanks to a feature called Samsung Dex, you can also transform your Samsung tablet into a PC. It allows you to attach a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Allowing you to have a portable computer wherever you go. * Expressing creativity – a tablet also allows artists, illustrators, and graphic designers to create images and communicate concepts visually. Samsung tablets are well suited to the creative types given the S-pen stylus and compatibility with illustration software such as Medibang, ClipStudio, and Adobe Photoshop. * Immersive entertainment – with tablets, you can enjoy browsing Youtube videos or watch movies on a bigger screen than on a smartphone. E-reading on your favorite books or articles is also much easier given the larger screen reducing the need to scroll from side to side to read a sentence. Most tablets today also have a “reading mode”, reducing brightness and turning the screen black and white for a more comfortable experience. * Perfect travel companion – if you travel a lot, a tablet is a great way to keep productive or entertain yourself when you’re in a taxi, at the bus station, or on a flight. With a screen larger than a smartphone, but less bulky than a laptop, tablets are a great way to stay connected while you are on the go.

(3) What are the best Samsung tablets today?

Given you now have a clearer understanding of the specs, here are ourrecommendations for the top Samsung tablets in the Philippines today:

Does the tablet’s operating system matter?

Tablets come with three main operating systems: iOS for iPads, Android orWindows 10 for everything else. Amazon’s Fire HD tablets come with their ownFire OS but in reality, this is a heavily modified version of Android designedto sell you Amazon goods more effectively.In some respects, it makes sense to stick to what you know when in search ofthe best tablet. It’s certainly easier to stay within the same ecosystem, aseverything will have a great familiarity about it – and Apple products, inparticular, are very good at syncing between Mac, iPhone and iPad. Likewise,if you’ve only ever used iPhones and Windows laptops, taking the plunge withAndroid will take a little getting used to. But, in truth, it doesn’t matterwhich one you use that much, what with cloud storage being what it is. It’svery easy to move documents and files between all three, be it throughDropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.READ NEXT: Best cloud storage platforms

Fire 8 Tablet with Alexa – Best Tablet for E-Book Consumers

Amazon’s Fire series of tablets have been a big name in casual, affordabletablets for a few years now. Their custom Android interface is simple yetdiverse, with a focus on e-book reading and web surfing.With a sleek, light-weight design and surprisingly powerful hardware, they’vebeen pretty widely-received overall.Features * Operating System: Android (Custom, Fire). * Size: 8”. * Resolution: 1280×800 (189 ppi). * CPU & RAM: Quad-Core 1.3GHZ ARM CPU; 1GB RAM. * Camera: VGA front-facing camera; 2MP rear-facing camera (720p HD recording capability). * Battery Life: 12 hours (5 with Bluetooth on). * Storage Space: 32GB onboard. * Additional Features: Integrated Alexa assistant, expandable SD memory slot.PerformanceThe Fire isn’t going to perform that well as a gaming tablet. While its GPU isacceptable, it’s not optimized for heavy accelerated gaming. Equally, while itplays most web video fine, it’s not capable of rendering 1080p HD video, norwill it hold a framerate at 60fps on YouTube.However, as a general web content consumption device, comic book reader, imageviewer, and e-book reader, it excels in every way. With Alexa and a nicestereo Bluetooth speaker, it also works well as a portable entertainmentcenter – as long as you don’t mind being stuck at 720p/30fps for video most ofthe time.Pros: | Cons: —|— * Amazon is a reputable business, and you can rely on support and warranty with any device they brand. * Nice custom Android interface. * Optimized for music and books. * Long battery life. * Decent response time thanks to the quad-core CPU.| * Weak, unoptimized GPU. * Low RAM. * Low onboard storage space. * Not as optimized for video as it could be. ConclusionIf you’re not a stickler for super-high frame rates or ultra HD video andaren’t much of a mobile gamer, you might enjoy this tablet. If you’re mostlyinto browsing social media, looking at pictures and reading books, then thisis possibly designed specifically to target your needs.Those new to devices like this will also find this one an ideal learningdevice, without feeling as if it condescends to them.Amazon Fire 8 with Alexa: Check the current price

Dragon Touch K8 Kids Tablet – Best pen tablet under 100 for kids

For children who’re artists, Dragon Touch K8 Kids Tablet can be a bit of aproblem, as styluses break easily, and can be easily lost. This rigid,childproof tablet offers a string-attached, easy-grip capacitive stylus.Being soft-tipped, there’s no way for a child to injure themselves, and it’sgentle on the screen. The hinged end lets it stand up straight, making itideal for kids to draw on.Features * Operating System: Android 6.0 Marshmallow. * Size: 8”. * Resolution: 1280×800 (171 ppi). * CPU & RAM: Quad-Core 1.3GHZ ARM CPU; 2GB RAM. * Camera: 2MP front-facing camera; 2MP rear-facing camera (720p HD recording capability). * Battery Life: 8 hours (5 with Bluetooth on). * Storage Space: 16GB onboard. * Additional Features: Pre-installed art package and kid-friendly game package. Attached, child-friendly stylus.PerformanceThis is intended for artistically-inclined children, both in form factor,hardware optimization and software package. This would be ideal for point-and-click games, and encouraging artistic creativity in developing minds.It’s hardened enough against a child’s rough housing, and you can rest assuredthe stylus can’t be a choking hazard or implement for accidental injury.Pros: | Cons: —|— * Child-friendly hardened design. * Easel-like form factor for artistic pursuits. * Attached stylus is impossible to lose and safe for kids. * Excellent art and games package. * Lots of memory for demanding graphics usage.| * Looks a bit too much like an infant’s toy, despite being a powerful young creative tool. * Stylus tip is too fat/big for precise art. * No real parental controls by default. ConclusionIf your child is artistically-inclined, or you want to encourage wildcreativity, this could be a solid, durable tablet that serves just thatpurpose.Facilitate unchained creativity without worrying about writing on the walls,or paints making terrible messes.This isn’t an ideal gaming tablet, and its form factor is less than ideal forvideo on the go, though.Dragon Touch K8: Check the current price

How to choose the best Android tablet for you

Why should I buy an Android tablet?The biggest advantage Android tablets have over their rivals is affordability.The cheapest options from Apple and Microsoft will cost you well over £300 butthere are numerous great Android tablets available for a fraction of thatprice. If you want a cheap tablet, there are no two ways about it, one of thebest Android tablets is the way to go.Another big draw of Android tablets is that Android OS is an open-sourceoperating system and therefore far more customisable than Windows OS or iOS.Features and applications can be tailored to your own personal tastes in waysthey can’t if you’re tied to Microsoft or Apple’s systems. It’s worth notingthat Fire OS, which is exclusively used by Amazon’s tablets, works slightlydifferently. It’s based on Android OS but lacks Google’s apps and services.What size Android tablet should I buy?This very much depends on what you’re going to use the tablet for. Thesmallest option on this best Android tablet list features a 7in screen, whichis fine for catching up on the news or firing off a few emails but not so hotwhen you want to watch a movie. If you plan on streaming a lot of videocontent on your Android tablet, you’ll be better served by a display of 10inor above.How important is an Android tablet’s processor?The processor is the driving force behind your Android tablet. The better theprocessor, the faster the tablet will be, though the price tag will reflectthis improved performance. We won’t detail the exhaustive list of processorsused by Android tablets, but a general rule of thumb is the more cores it has,the better it will perform. The best Android tablets typically houseprocessors with eight cores (referred to as octa-core processors), while mostof the others have four cores.Does screen resolution matter?Resolution is dictated by the number of pixels displayed on the screen andaffects picture quality. It’s presented as two numbers, 1,920 x 1080px forexample, the first of which relates to horizontal pixels and the secondvertical pixels. If two otherwise identical 11in screens have differentresolutions, the one with a higher resolution will display a higher-qualityimage. The difference isn’t always obvious on smaller screens but if you’rebuying a larger tablet and plan on doing a lot of streaming, aim for thehighest resolution possible.How much storage does my Android tablet need?You get what you pay for when it comes to storage. Cheaper Android tabletsgenerally come with 16GB or 32GB of storage, while larger tablets provide256GB, sometimes even more. How much you need entirely depends on what youintend on using the tablet for. If you’re using it for work and need to beable to save hundreds of files or find yourself recording videos and takingloads of pictures, 16GB will get eaten up pretty quickly. If you use the cloudto save documents or only plan on using your tablet for light web browsing, aless roomy device will do the trick just fine.Should I buy a cellular or Wi-Fi Android tablet?All tablets come with the ability to connect to WiFi networks but if you wantto be able to get online when you don’t have network access, you’ll have tobuy a cellular version. These allow you to insert a SIM card into your tabletand as you would with your smartphone and use data to access the internet.Cellular tablets typically cost more than WiFi models and you also have tofactor in the extra money you’ll be spending on data. So, unless you’redesperate for internet access wherever you are, we recommend you stick with aWi-Fi-only model.READ NEXT: The top online retailers of refurbished iPads* * *

What is the best tablet for student?

We highly recommend iPad for students and college purposes because of theperformance and seamless experience they offer. The Samsung tablets are also agreat option to use with a stylus for note-taking.

What is the best tablet for taking hand-written notes?

The iPad and Apple Pencil make the best combo for taking hand-written notes.The Apple Pencil offers excellent latency, and it gives a real feel of writingon paper.The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is also an excellent tablet for taking hand-writtennotes as it comes with S-Pen within the box.”

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