Devices supported and prices

What is Play Pass?

Play Pass is an app and games subscription service. It is Google’s latestattempt to get Android device owners to engage more with apps from the GooglePlay Store.Google launched the new Play Pass subscription service on September 23, 2019.At launch, Google confirmed Play Pass comes with access to more than 350 appsand games. That’s free access, beyond the price of the monthly subscription.This means not only is there no cost to downloading a Play Pass app or game,but also no ads or in-app purchases after downloading.Google says it will continue to add new apps and games each month. Thisarticle will be updated each time Google adds new apps and games with AndroidTV support.To find out more about Play Pass, see here.

How much does Play Pass cost?

Play Pass is a subscription service priced at $4.99 per month. For that fee,Google provides access to more than 350 Android apps and games.When the service first launched, early subscribers were able to sign up to theservice for just $1.99 per month. This was a limited-time promotional priceand the deal ended on October 10, 2019.Promotional subscribers are locked into the discounted price for twelve monthsas long as they do not cancel their subscription in the meantime. Followingthe twelve-month promotional period, those users will be rolled over to thestandard $4.99 monthly price.New subscribers do have the option to test out the service for free beforedeciding on whether it is the right subscription for them. Play Pass comeswith a 10-day free trial.

Download via a web browser

The second option is to simply click through any of the links below using aweb browser. Whether on mobile or desktop, as long as you use a web browser toaccess the link, you’ll be directed to the app or game’s Play Store listing.Here you’ll not only be able to see that the app or game is included with PlayPass, but you can also send it to your Android TV device.Web Play Store Play PassTo send the app or game simply click on the “This app is compatible with someof your devices” shown underneath the app or game’s title. A drop down menuwill appear allowing you to choose which device to send the game to.Select the desired Android TV device and the app or game will be installed onthat device.

What Android TV apps and games are included with Play Pass?

Play Pass offers access to 100s of apps and games for free with asubscription. Generally speaking, the number of apps and games with Android TVsupport on the Play Store is extremely limited compared to Android mobile.That’s the same with Play Pass.Below is a quick overview of the full list of Play Pass apps and games withAndroid TV support included. The download and in-app purchase prices are alsolisted. However, they are just for reference as these charges are offset bythe Play Pass subscription.| Download Cost| In-app cost (per item) —|—|— AccuWeather| ✕| $0.99 – $3.99 Annelids: Online battle| ✕| $0.99 – $36.99 Bridge Constructor Portal| $4.99| ✕ Chameleon Run| $1.99| ✕ Evoland| $4.99| ✕ Jungle Adventures| ✕| $0.99 – $49.99 Jungle Adventures 2| ✕| $0.99 – $49.99 Lichtspeer| $3.99| ✕ Marvel Pinball| $0.99| $0.99 – $4.99 myTuner Radio App| ✕| $3.49 SAMURAI II: VENGEANCE| $1.49| ✕ Space Marshals| $4.49| ✕ Star Wars: KOTOR| $9.99| ✕ Suzy Cube| $3.99| ✕ Thimbleweed Park| $9.99| ✕ The Bug Butcher| $1.99| ✕ Wayward Souls| $6.99| ✕ Weather Live| $5.99| ✕ White Noise| $0.99| $0.99

Android TV Play Pass apps and games with download links

Below is a little more information on each game as well as a direct link tothe Play Store listing for easier downloading.

Devices supported and prices

The three smart TV and streaming device operating systems mentioned here havebig similarities to their smartphone counterparts, particularly when it comesto supported devices. Android TV, like the Android smartphone OS, is availableto various television manufacturers to license and use on their devices.Notable manufacturers that use Android TV are Sony, Xiaomi, Vu, and TCL fortelevisions, while we’ve also seen streaming devices such as the MarQTurboStream running on this platform. Android TV is built into the televisionsthemselves, and many different models are available across budgets and sizes.Android TV is usually built into the television itself, so you won’t need anadditional deviceAmazon’s Fire TV (itself a forked version of Android) is largely for its ownrange of streaming devices such as the Fire TV Stick 4K. In India, two Fire TVStick devices are available: the Full-HD Fire TV stick is priced at Rs. 3,999,while the much more feature-filled Fire TV Stick 4K costs Rs. 5,999.This operating system is also licensed to some manufacturers for theirtelevisions, with Toshiba and Insignia being key licensees in the US. Onidarecently launched the first Fire TV Edition television in India in partnershipwith Amazon, priced starting at Rs. 12,999.Apple tvOS is an operating system based on iOS, developed by Apple for itsApple TV range of streaming devices. The platform is used exclusively onApple’s own devices, and is not available to license by other manufacturers.Apple TV devices are priced at a premium, with the full-HD Apple TV (32GB)retailing for Rs. 12,900, and the Apple TV 4K (32GB) costing Rs. 15,900.

What is Android TV Box?

Android is the new entertainment box of today’s era which is made on theAndroid operating system. If you run an Android smartphone, then you will alsofind it easy to operate this Android TV Box. Today in these boxes you caninstall Android applications like mobile. With the help of this box, you canplay Gaming, Live TV, Social Media, Typing, Microsoft Office, etc. on your TVitself. You’ll also need a wireless keyboard, and mouse for this. Then your TV willact as a laptop or computer.Note – If you do not have an internet connection then this box will work onlyas a media player i.e. you can only watch videos stored on USB. It is uselessto use this box without internet, better then you can take the box to watchLifetime Free TV of DD Free Dish.

How do I choose a good Android TV box? –

What do you look for whenever you buy a smartphone or laptop? It’s simple, itsspecification. Here’s what you have to do even before you buy an Android box.While buying an Android box, do not look at its price. So don’t look for cheapAndroid boxes, always find choose a good Android TV box.

RAM / Memory of Android TV Box –

The higher the RAM, the more you will be able to install Android applications.Due to more RAM, the performance of Android apps will also be good.

Android TV Box space –

You can read the need for space to run a good and heavy Android application.Also, you can secure digital content. So see as much space as possible.

CPU / Processor of Android TV Box –

Here you can choose the latest CPU / Processor of the Android TV Box just likea smartphone because it will give you good performance and speed, as well assupport new applications and new upgrades to Android.In the same way, watch the latest GPU of the Android box too, so that yourgaming experience will also seem real.If you want to know more about that how to choose a good OTT / Android TV Box

7. AUSHA Android 10 TV Box 4GB Ram 32GB ROM

AUSHA Android TV Box has the latest Android 10 operating system with Allwinner64-bit Quad-Core Cortex A53 CPU. It has 4GB DDR/32GB EMMC Flash for superiorpicture quality and its performance.If you want the best performance or speed then this 4GB Android box is goodfor you. It has greatly improved the reliability of your TV box, avoidingcrashes caused by insufficient memory. This Smart TV box supports 4K/6K UltraHD resolution and 3D movies, with professional HDR10 and H.265 video decodingtechnology to enjoy higher quality and the sharpest experience with lessbuffering.Pros | Cons —|— 4GB Ram for High Performance | No Satellite TV Tuner, So the Internet isrequired 32 Internet Space for more applications | Quad-core CPU for Gaming and fast switching | Support 4K/6K Ultra HD resolution and 3D movies | Latest Android 10.0 | Price Rs.4499 – Buy Now* * *”

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