Check for Android system updates

Force Stop and Clear Data

Play Store might be misbehaving due to some leftover data or cache memory. Toclear old data and cache, go to Settings and open Apps and find Google Playstore.Once inside, I would recommend you to first Force stop the app and then tap onClear data to Clear all data (this will delete data and cache).You might be asked to log in to your Google account again when you open PlayStore. Do it and see if it helps.Repeat the same process, but this time for Google Play Services which you willfind under Apps only.

How to fix the Play Store download pending error:

Editor’s note: We will regularly update this guide as Play Store issues ariseand solutions roll out.* * *

Clear Google Play app cache and data

Hadlee Simons / Android AuthorityIf the steps above did not help, it’s time to try something different.Clearing the Google Play Store app cache often solves a lot of problems,download pending issues included. Here is how you can do this (Note: the stepsmight differ depending on your Android version and manufacturer UI, but onlyslightly). * Head to Settings, then Apps. * Locate the Google Play Store and tap it. * Underneath the Disable, Uninstall updates, and Force stop buttons, you will see App notifications and other options. Tap on Storage. * Make sure Google Play is closed, and then hit the Clear Cache button. * If you don’t want to repeat steps, you can clear the data as well.Finally, you should restart your device. Once your smartphone or tablet hasrebooted, downloads should be no longer be pending.* * *

Uninstall and reinstall Play Store updates

If you are at the end of your rope and nothing seems to help, a more drasticstep might be in order. Uninstalling all Play Store updates. You can do thisthrough Settings > Apps > Google Play Store> Uninstall updates. You may beprompted to change the Play Store to its factory version. If so, tap OK.”Don’t factory reset your phone if you haven’t tried uninstalling Google Playupdates.”All that’s left is to open Google Play and retry your download. Don’t worrytoo much about downgrading your Play Store, though! The app will automaticallyupdate itself to the latest available version. If for some reason, you need toupdate or install it manually, you can follow our detailed guide ondownloading and installing the Play Store here.11 Proven Solutions to Fix Google Play Store Not Working Issue

10. Hard reset your device

If you have done with all of the above solutions and still Play Storecrashing, and you are aggressive to get it, then only try this method. Usingthis method will delete all the data of your device. So take a backup of thewhole. Follow the step by step instruction below.Step 1 – Go to setting and find “backup and reset” there.Step 2 – Click on it. And then Click on the “Factory data reset” option.Step 3 – Now confirm your action and tap on the “Reset device”.This will take a while to reset your device completely. After completion,start the Google Play Store and set up as a new device.How To Fix Android Won’t Download AppsWe love our smartphones because they are so brilliant in handling our sociallives, work, relationships, and calendar. Our reliance on these phones is tothe extent that we begin palpitating when we realize that we forgot our phonesomewhere. So do our phones have the superpower of controlling us? The truthis that our phones may not be as powerful as they seem without all the appsthat we download to them.These apps allow us to turn our phones into intelligent little machines thatload us up on information regarding several things in our lives and worldwide.With apps being so crucial for a smartphone, imagine how your smartphone’slife could come to a near standstill if your Android won’t download apps. Itis why we have looked up solutions that can help you fix Android won’tdownload apps.Read also: How to fix no signal on Android

Solution 10: Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

Sometimes, your Play Store updates may be the cause of the problem. So,uninstall the update and allow the app to update once again. It can help insolving the problem. Once the updates are re-installed, try to download theapps repeatedly to check if it is working as expected. * Go to the Settings menu of your device. * Tap on Apps or Application Manager and look for Google Play Store. * Tap on Play Store and tap on the option that says Uninstall Updates. * Once the updates are uninstalled, tap on the home button to come out of the screen. * Now restart your device and go back to the Settings and then tap on Apps again to head into Google Play Store for the second time. * Now tap on Update and allow the app to update itself.Once the app has been updated, head into the Play Store and check if the appsare now being downloaded or not.

Steps To Fix Android System Update Failed To Install

Step 1: Connect Your Android To PCFirst download and install Android Repair on your computer and launch it.Next, select the “Repair” from the available options.Now connect your Android phone or tablet to computer and select “AndroidRepair” among the available options.In next Window, select the correct brand name, model number, country/region,carrier. After that confirm the warning message and click “Next”.The Android Repair software may delete all data on your device. Simply, typein “000000” to confirm to continue.Note: It is strongly recommended that you must back up your Android databefore repairing your Android using Android Repair Tool.Step 2: Repair Android Phone In Download ModePrior to Android Repair, it is important that you must boot your Androiddevice in Download Mode.Below follow the steps to boot Android phone/tablet in DFU mode!For Android phone/tablet with home button: * Power off your device. * Press and hold “Home + Power + Volume Down” button for few seconds (5-10 seconds). * Release all the buttons and press “Volume Up” button to enter Download Mode.For Android phone/tablet with no home button: * Power off your device. * Press and hold “Power + Volume Down + Bixby” buttons for few seconds (for 5-10 seconds). * Release all the buttons and press “Volume Up” button to enter Download Mode.After that click “Next”. The software will start to download the firmware.After the download and verification of the firmware, the software willautomatically start to repair your Android device.In just few minutes of time, your Android phone or tablet will have all thesystem issues, errors, problems fixed.> Also Read: Solved: “Android Is Starting” Followed By “Optimizing App” Issue

Google Play “Download Pending” Issue

When downloading an app on Google Play, some of you may have come across adownload pending message. It’s usually not a thing of concern as it’s normalwhen you’re queueing downloads. But it can turn out to be quite a problem,especially if your download stays on pending.Many reasons might cause this, but it’s easy to fix it yourself. Here are afew things you can do to get rid of the download pending error.Note: Some of these methods may differ slightly depending on the phone,Android version, and UI you have.

4. Clear cache and app data

If the methods above don’t work for you, clear the cache and data of yourGoogle Play app.Remember, deleting the app data removes your account from the app and all thesettings you made within it. But don’t worry, you can always set those up backagain once you login to the Google Play app.1. Ensure that the Google Play app is closed. 2. Go to your device settings app and proceed to the app list. Search for theGoogle Play store app and tap on it. 3. On the app information page, tap Storage. 4. Tap Clear Cache. You can tap Clear Data as well.Now, restart your device, open Google Play, and try downloading an app. Ifthat doesn’t work, clear the cache and data of your Download Manager and PlayServices.

Check your storage space

If your device is low on space it can stop apps downloading & installing. Yourdevice may be low on space if you’ve seen a notification about storage space,or if there’s less than 1 GB available when you check.

Clear cache & data from Google Play Services

1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your Settings app. 2. Tap Apps & notifications App info or See all apps. 3. Tap Google Play Services. 4. Tap Storage or Storage & cache Clear cache. 5. Tap Clear storage Clear all data OK. 6. Open the Google Play Store, then try your download again.

Check for Android system updates

An updated Android system can help apps like Google Play work properly.Depending on your device how you check for updates might be different. You maybe able to: 1. On your Android phone or tablet, open your Settings app . 2. Tap System Advanced System update. 3. Check to see if an update is available.Note: If your device is running Android 2.2 or below, Google Play may not workproperly. Contact your device manufacturer for help.”

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