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Best 5 Ways to Transfer Videos from Android to iPhone

Have you just purchased your new iPhone, but rather than revelry, the troubleof transferring videos from your Android to iPhone keeps you worried? If youare facing the same problem as many of us, you have come to the right place!Here we tell you the best 5 methods on how to transfer videos from Android toiPhone without compromising on quality.

Part 1: How to transfer files from Android to iPhone via WiFi using SHAREit

(Wirelessly)SHAREit is a free application that lets you share files and folders amongsmartphones, tablets, and personal computers.It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.For using it, you just need to run this app on both devices, and connect thesame local Wi-Fi on both devices.Now, let’s check how it works for you to transfer data from Android to iPhone.Data supported:Any documents, photos, music, videos, and apps.Step 1. Download SHAREit on iPhone and AndroidGo to App Store and Google Play to download this app on both devicesseparately. Or just visit its official page,, todownload this app, install and run it immediately.Step 2. Send data from AndroidEnable the same Wi-Fi connection on both devices. On your Android phone, press”Send” to select the file types you want to transfer and “Next” to see a radarlike screen to find your iPhone name.Step 3. Receive data on iPhoneOn your iPhone, press “Receive” on your iPhone screen to save data on youriPhone.Get the details to send Android photos to iPhone.Then you will find the received files store on “My files” folder on the homescreen of this app. They are arranged in different folders based on their filetype.Note:1. You need to reconnect Internet for new transfer.2. The transferring speed is based on Wi-Fi environment, distance between twophones, the reading speed of memory card or the operation state of the phone.

Part 3: How to transfer files from Android to iPhone at once (without

Internet)If you want to get a fast speed for transferring and keep data on iPhone safe,just use the last method, using iPhone Transfer.It helps you transfer data from Android phone and put the received files oniPhone orderly.Data supported:Photos, contacts, videos and audio.4,000,000+ DownloadsMove data from Android to iPhone in one click.Do not interrupt existing data on iPhone.Transfer files between Android and iPhone quickly.Works for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/6, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, etc.Great, right? Just check the steps to send files from Android to iPhone.Step 1. Run Phone TransferDownload and install the right version of the best phone transferringapplication to your computer based on the operating system. Plug both yourAndroid phone and iPhone to your computer with the original USB cords. LaunchPhone Transfer to let it detect your devices.Step 2. Select contactsMake sure your iPhone is detected as the “Target Device” and Android phoneappears in the “Source Device” area. If not, hit the “Switch” button to makeit right. There are three options, “Contacts”, “Photos” and “Media”. Check allof them or desired data types. And uncheck “Remove the chosen data on TargetDevice before copy” to protect existing data on iPhone.Step 3. Move from Android to iPhoneIf you are ready, click the “Start to copy” button to start moving data fromAndroid to iPhone. Then disconnect both smartphones from the computer when itis complete.Note:1. This tool does not transfer apps. You can refer to this page to transferapps from Android to iPhone.

1: Recommended Method to Transfer Your Whatsapp from Android Device to

iPhoneIf you don’t want to struggle with the manual methods to transfer WhatsAppfrom Android device to iPhone, then try Android Transfer Tool.It is an advanced and professional tool that transfers data between Androidand other devices. Using this tool you can transfer contacts, apps, photos,videos, chats, calendars, call logs and many more.So, instead of going for a manual solution, use this reliable tool. To knowhow this tool works, follow this guide.

2: Transfer WhatsApp Using Email

Here, you will find the way to switch WhatsApp from Android to iPhone byexporting the entire chat history of the contacts in Email.Follow the steps below to shift WhatsApp data using Email: * Open WhatsApp on your Android device. * Click on the three vertical dots located on the top right corner of the screen. * Select the Settings option from the menu. * Under Settings choose Chats. * Select the Contacts whose chat history you want to transfer to iPhone. * Now you can include or exclude the media files that are attached in the chat history of the selected contact. * Then compose interface of Gmail will be opened on the screen with the attached WhatsApp chat history. You may enter your mail id or just save it as a draft. * Now open your Gmail account using the same email id on iPhone and download the saved chat history from a draft section of the mail.NOTE: After restoring WhatsApp data on your iPhone, you will only be able toview your chats in the form of a text file.

2: How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone?

As on Android, WhatsApp allows keeping its backup data on Google Drive.Similarly, in the case of an iPhone device, the iCloud service is used tocreate a backup of its data. So use the iCloud server to backup data andrestore it in the new iPhone device.

Xender: File Transfer, Sharing

This large file sharing app offers 200 times Bluetooth transfer speed andsupports Android, IOS, Tizen, Windows, PC/ Mac cross-platform transferring.Xender can use to transfer files with flash speed, and the highest speed canreach 10M/S. Xender supports almost any format of the files to share betweenthe iPhone and Android. This file-sharing app can be used to share files likedocuments, music, pictures, videos, and apps without restrictions in size orany cables. Like other large file transfer apps, Zender won’t use any data totransfer files between mobile phone. The built-in file manager feature enablesus to view, move or delete files and make a backup copy whenever need.Download Zender: PlayStore | iTunes

How do you share pictures and videos from Android to iPhone?

1. Install Google Photos App on your Android. 2. Launch Settings in the Google Photos App on Your Device. 3. Access the Backup & sync Settings in the App. 4. Turn on Back up & sync in Google Photos for Your Device. 5. Wait for Android Photos to Upload.

How do I transfer large files from Samsung to iPhone?

To transfer files from Android to iOS, you need to install Send Anywhere onboth devices. After you’ve installed the app, open the app on both thedevices. You’ll see a send and receive button in the home screen. Tap on theSend from the device, that has the file you want to transfer and choose thefile(s).

Can Android share iPhone nearby?

Google is launching a new Android feature called “Nearby Share” that enablesdirect sharing between any device running Android 6 and up. … Nearby Shareworks very much like Apple’s AirDrop feature for the iPhone: you simply selectthe Nearby Share button on the share menu and then wait for a nearby phone toappear.

How can I share files from Android to IOS?

1. Download the Shareit app and install it on both the Android and iPhone devices. 2. You can send and receive files using this app. 3. On the Android device press the “Send” button. 4. Now select the files you want to transfer from Android to your iPhone.

Can you transfer data from Android to iPhone with a cable?

On your new phone, select the type of your old phone (Galaxy, iPhone, etc.).Next, tap Cable on both phones. Smart Switch will scan the old phone fortransferrable content. Select the data you’d like to transfer to the newphone, and an estimated transfer time will be displayed.”

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