Best 16 Tizen Apps for Samsung Z4 and Z3 include New Apps

Best 16 Tizen Apps for Samsung Z4 and Z3 (include New Apps)

Without good applications an operating system is nothing. Tizen don’t havemany apps compared to Android but enough for full fill the essential need of asmartphone user. Then we are short list same best Tizen apps for Samsung Z2,Z3 and Z4 mobile phone.TIZEN is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and it is an Opensource OS like android, which is started in 2012. Actually, tizen is indeveloping stage but Samsung works hard for making a perfect & popular OS.Samsung announced that it will give cash prizes of $10,000 if their apps makeplaces in top 100 most downloaded apps on its Tizen platform and Samsung spendtotal $1 million in cash prizes. Still, Samsung released two smart watches(Gear S2, Gear S3) and four smartphones (Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) powered byTizen operating system. Company also introduces tizen based Smart TV. Here islist of the best tizen apps for Samsung’s Z2, Z3, Z4 devices in 2020.

Best Tizen Apps for Samsung Z4, Z3 (2020)

Note: All Apps of Samsung Z series Phone(Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4) can be downloaded viathe Samsung’s Tizen App store and tpk file extension is used for Samsung Zseries smartphone (tizen OS) application package.

8. VLC media Player

The VLC Media Player is a open source software that play almost any kind ofvideo formats from and also supports all audio formats. It is the best videoplayer on tizen Z2, Z3, Z4 smartphones after MX player, But MX Player is nolonger supports on Tizen smartphones. This tizen player support videosubtitles and also play online streaming media file on the mobile.

13. Hancom Office

The Hancom Office Viewer is an excellent app to open documents for tizengadgets. It supports opening word documents, spreadsheets and presentations aswell as viewing PDF documents. This Smart Office suite allows you an optimizedview feature that includes full screen mode, auto-fit to page, and more.

14. Torrent Downloader

Torrent is a big file sharing platform and many people use torrent fordownload movies, episode, song…….more, i am here for inform you about thisTorrent Downloader manager app for tizen smartphone. This allows you todownload all torrent files directly into tizen phone’s SDcard. It comes with aeasy-to-use interface and downloading speed acceleration feature.

15. WhatsApp: Status

This is a free whatsapp status app for Samsung Z2, Z3 and Z4 users. It comeswith a lot of interesting, funny, sad, and lovely WhatsApp statuses for free.If You want to know about tips or hidden features of whatsapp and be betterWhatsApp user than friends, then It should be installed on Tizen Mobile.

2. Opera Mini Web Browser

With the Tizen OS Samsung already launched one simple and easy browser forTizen Phones. It comes with preloaded on every Tizen phones and always bethere for every internet users. Wait, is it enough for users or they need moreoptions? Yes, they need more options and to complete user’s need, the Operacommunity launched their Opera Mini Web browser on Tizen Phones as well asSamsung Gear series smartwatch. Tizen allows third party browsers on itsplatform and the first browser is Opera Mini, the fast, secure and simplebrowser to use.Like its Android and Windows Phone version Opera landed with all the superfeatures. The favorite Speed Dial feature is here in your finger tips to openyour most used Web pages. It included suggested apps and games from OperaMobile Store, it doesn’t force you to use them, you can only open them if youlike. It has shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter and some shopping sites onhomepage for easy search. In the My Site option you can see most visited orfrequent sites, also the suggested category for sports, music, travels orsocial media sites.

3. Angry Birds

Angry Birds is the best casual game which has addictive gameplay and beststory line. The pigs made birds angry and now he and his friends wants revengeby hitting pigs. You have limited hits and in these moves you need to hit allpigs. It is click, drag and attack type game, to attack on pigs you must knowsome kinds of physics, otherwise you will miss your target.It has many levels and missions in gameplay and they becomes more and moreharder after the levels. Also it has many types of helping hands in gameshopfor few chunks. Before the official Angry Birds movie launch, it is perfecttime to enjoy this game on Tizen. After the loss of ACL for Tizen app AngryBirds game is no more in Tizen Store. If you already have downloaded this gamethen you can play it.

8. IMO Free Video Calls

This is the first time when one authorised video calling app entered into thestore. Previously, some app comes but has not successful with their callingfeatures and user’s experience. This time it won’t happen, it has all theneedy features to connect with your beloved ones and talk to them over videocalling. Compare to other video calling apps it is very easy to call and verystrong to handle your privacy.The other two famous calling apps WhatsApp video & audio calling and Skypefrom Microsoft were the first choice from customers. Still no word from themand here now we have good option. Tizen developers has said many times beforethat after the launch of Tizen 3.0 firmware update we will see many videocalling apps in store and IMO is the first one to got this opportunity.

5. IMO – Free Video Calling App

IMO is free video calling app for Tizen users. It is the first video callingapp comes with all needy features. It can even perform better in lowconnectivity area.

8. Opera Mini Web Browser

The Opera Mini Web Browser was the first third party browser for Tizensmartphone. It is created by official team for this platform. You can surf webpages in clear view with a full security. It has many shortcuts to use infuture and have bookmarks and save me features. It available on all Tizensmartphones.

10. NewsHunt

The NewsHunt app is very helpful to get all the breaking news. It providesnewspapers in many Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil,Telugu and even in English. You can choose your favorite category to get allthe news from that section. For example if you want to get all the businessnews then you can follow Business category. Get NewsHunt app from Tizen Store.Note: Due to th loss of ACL for Tizen tool, all ACL supported apps are nolonger available in Tizen Store. Use their companion apps for your usage.To find more such creative apps go to Tizen Store and install them on allTizen smartphones – Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3 and Samsung Z4. As Imentioned these are popular Android apps currently available for Tizensmartphones. Most of these apps are created by original developers. Anysuggestions on this article? Feel free to give it in comment box.”

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