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Best TV Remote Apps for Android in 2020

Android is a versatile platform that allows OEMs to try out new hardwareconcepts. If you happen to own any decently specced Android device, you enjoythe benefits of a lot of sensors on it. One of them is the IR blaster, whichhas been part of high-end phones for a long time. Generally located on the topof your smartphone, it can control a lot of your home appliances that haveremote control functionality built in. Your TV forms a major part of yourappliance list and if you happen to lose its remote control, you can controlit easily through your phone. However, you will need an IR Blaster aka TVRemote app that lets you do so. So, coming up is a list of the best IR Blasterapps aka best TV remote apps that let you control your TV or any otherappliance, smartly from your phone in 2020.Note: Your phone needs to have an IR sensor built in for the IR Blaster appsto work, obviously. You can check the availability of the sensor by goingthrough the spec sheet of your device. You can also ensure its availability bylooking for a small darkened piece of glass on top your device.

2. Mi Remote Controller

Mi Remote Controller is one of the most powerful remote controllers that youcan use. Firstly, the app not only works with TVs but also with set-top boxes,air conditioners, fans, smart boxes, projectors, and more. Secondly, the appfeatures a minimalist and ad-free UI despite being totally free which makes itstand out from other apps on this list. The app also supports various Androidsmartphone manufacturers including Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, HTC, Honor, Nokia,Huawei, and more. So, there’s a high chance that your device is supported.When it comes to TV brands, the supported brands include Samsung, LG, Sony,Panasonic, Sharp, Haier, Videocon, Micromax, and Onida, among others. As youcan see, Mi Remote Controller offers versatility both in terms of supportedsmartphones and TVs and other appliances that can be controlled using it. Youshould definitely try it out.Install: Free

8. Universal Remote Control

As the name suggests, Universal Remote Control is truly a universal app forcontrolling smart TVs, ACs, Home Theatre, Set-top box, HDMI Switch, and a lotmore. You can use the app to control TVs from various manufacturers, eitherthrough the IR sensor or by using the WiFi/Bluetooth feature. It has thelargest database of devices with IR support and the developer constantlyupdates them with proper configuration. The best bit about Universal RemoteControl is that it’s compatible with portable sticks like Roku as well. So ifyou have connected a Roku Stick to your TV then you can easily control thewhole setup with this app. Some of the other notable features are powercontrol, volume up/down, navigation, reverse/fast forward, play/pause, etc.Keeping all the points in mind, if you want a feature-packed app with both IRand smart remote support then Universal Remote Control is a great choice.Install: Free with ads

9. Remote Control for TV

Remote Control for TV is another excellent app for controlling TVs having anIR blaster. You can turn your Android smartphone to a smart TV remote in justa few taps. The app offers remote configurations for more than 220,000 devicesincluding TVs and home theaters. It has support for smart TVs from Samsung,LG, Sony, Panasonic, and so on. In case, your TV is old and has legacy remoteconfigurations then you can use its various universal remote controls to checkthe compatibility. What’s more, the app has a layout very similar to an actualremote which should help you navigate your TV in a better way. Having saidthat, I did encounter a few ads initially, but it’s definitely usable and youcan give it a try.Install: Free with ads

Use these Best IR Blaster Apps to Control Your TV

So, these are some of the IR blaster or TV remote apps that work very well.These surely make it easy to use your TV without the inconvenience of aseparate remote controller. If you have an IR remote app pre-installed, youcan check if those apps work efficiently or not. Because if they don’t, ourlist features the best IR Blaster Apps you can get on Android. So, try themout and let us know how you like them. Also, if you feel we have missed out onsome worthy TV remote app, do let us know in the comments section below.10 best TV remote apps for AndroidJoe Hindy / Android AuthorityThe IR blaster is officially a niche feature these days. It’s becoming rarerand rarer as a feature since phones are trying to remove as many ports aspossible. However, those with an IR blaster are useful for all kinds of littlethings. One such instance is as a remote control for basically anything withan IR receiver. That can include TVs, air conditioners, some thermostats,cameras, and other such things. Today, let’s talk about TV remotes. Here arethe best TV remote apps for Android!Please note, most ecosystems provide their own remote apps these days. LG TVshave LG-made remote apps. Samsung does the same as well and so does Google,Apple, Vizio, Roku, and most others. Before you start reading, we honestlyrecommend the remote app made by the manufacturer of the thing you’re tryingto control. Otherwise, enjoy your stay!Read more:* * *

Yatse: Kodi Remote Control

Price: Free / Up to $6.49Yatse is one of the go-to remote apps for Kodi. It has a boat load offeatures. You can cast media to your streaming devices if needed. It also hasnative support for Plex and Emby servers. You can access an offline library,control Kodi in its entirety, and it even has support for Muzei and DashClock.We’re only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things this app can do.However, this is best used on something like a home theater PC connected toyour TV. You can try it out for free. You’ll get every feature if you go pro.Joe Hindy / Android Authority* * *

Phone OEM remote apps

Price: FreeMost phones with an IR blaster come with a remote app. You can typically findthese in the Google Play Store. For instance, some Mi devices uses Xiaomi’sbuilt-in TV remote app (linked). These are the apps that the manufacturerstested with their devices. Thus, it’s fairly likely that they’ll work at leastokay. You usually don’t get a lot of features. However, OEMs include thoseapps on their devices for a reason. At least they usually do. Sometimesthey’ll even pre-install the pro version so you don’t have to buy it. Youmight as well give these a shot first to see if they work since you alreadyhave them.Joe Hindy / Android Authority* * *Thank you for reading! Check these out too:If we missed any of the best TV remote apps for Android, tell us about them inthe comments! This is an update of a formerly written article, so check thecomments for some suggestions from our readers! You can also click here tocheck out our latest Android app and game lists!9 Best TV Remote Apps for Android and iOSWe all know that “there’s an app for that” when it comes to modernsmartphones, but have you considered using your smartphone as a remote controlfor your TV or home entertainment system?There are quite a few mobile apps out there that promise to replace yourremote control, but these are the ones we think are the best TV remote appsavailable today.

App-Specific Remote Controls

Another wrinkle in the smart TV remote app story is the existence ofsmartphone apps that can control smart TV apps. The best example is YouTube.Let’s say, for argument’s sake, you have a smart TV with the YouTube app on itas well as your phone. If you’re logged into YouTube on both your phone andsmart TV, you can search, play and otherwise control content using the phoneapp. This is especially useful for doing text searches and using more advancedYouTube features.If your smart TV has an app that’s also available on your phone, it’s worthchecking if the developers offer any sort of remote control interactionbetween the two.

AnyMote Universal (Android & iOS)

Anymote is one of the best universal remote control apps we’ve used. Itsupports both IR and WiFi-based device control. This is good since the GalaxyNote 10+ we tried this app on doesn’t have an IR remote blaster. However, theapp immediately detected the Samsung Smart TV on the same WiFi network. It canalso act as a remote for a long list of smart devices and apps, includingacting as an iTunes remote and a VLC media player remote.You can use the basic functions of the app with advertising, but to unlock itsfull potential you’ll have to pay. Either that or buy AnyMote hardware, buttheir devices have been discontinued. Also, be sure to carefully check thelist of devices that aren’t compatible with the app in the app description.Lean Remote is another app with a strong focus on infrared remote control. Youcan control everything from an air conditioner to smart set-top boxes with it.The developers pitch the app as a collection of discrete remotes. Includingremotes for Roku and Android TV devices. Sony and LG TVs are also included, asare Chromecast devices.Lean have separated the WiFi and IR remotes from each other into differentsections, making it easy to keep it all straight. The interface is alsouncluttered and pretty easy to use. It may not be the most polished interface,but when all you want is to find the right buttons quickly, this approach hasa lot going for it.Unified TV is not a free TV remote app, but it’s also pretty inexpensive andthe developers reportedly have no issue refunding users who find it doesn’twork with their handsets. In any event, it’s only about a dollar and if itdoes work for you that’s worth way more than the asking price.There are more than 80 device-specific remotes on offer here. The appssupports a fair number of phones with built in IR blasters as well as twospecific WiFi IR blasters. Before you buy the app, make sure that the brandsor devices that you have are listed under supported hardware.Like many other remotes of its type, the actual remote interface is prettyminimal, but if you’re using officially supported devices with it, Unifiedseems to offer one of the smoothest experiences. That is, judging by userfeedback and reviews.

Unified Remote (Android)

This last remote control app should, strictly-speaking, not be on this list atall. It’s not an app to control your TV or smart TV set top box. Instead, it’san app that acts as a remote controller for your PC.The reason we’ve tacked this TV remote app on here is because there are plentyof people out there who have a laptop or home theater computer attached totheir TVs. Unified Remote lets you take control of those computers without theneed for a bulky mouse and keyboard.It also has specialized remotes for common applications such as Plex, VLC,Spotify, iTunes and Google Music. If you have devices that need to go the HTPCroute, Unified is an essential application to have.5 Best Universal Remote Apps for Android 2021Technology is getting smarter and we not only have smartphones but smart TVsand smartwatches as well these days. Thanks to multiple video streamingplatforms, TV is still one of the best sources of entertainment. But theexperience could get annoying if you lose or misplace the remote. In suchinstances, a smartphone comes in handy. Yes! You can easily control a smart TVright from your smartphone. In this post, we will share 5 of the bestuniversal remote apps for Android in 2021. With that said, let us jumpstraight into the article.

Universal Remote Apps With Wi-Fi or Infrared

Many smartphones come with an IR blaster making it easy to operate productsthat ship with an IR receiver. However, modern-day smart TVs come with Wi-Fibuilt-in. So, you can make use of any universal remote app to control a TVwith an Android smartphone where both the devices are connected to the sameWi-Fi network. That’s the only criteria.

Universal Remote Apps With Wi-Fi or Infrared

Many smartphones come with an IR blaster making it easy to operate productsthat ship with an IR receiver. However, modern-day smart TVs come with Wi-Fibuilt-in. So, you can make use of any universal remote app to control a TVwith an Android smartphone where both the devices are connected to the sameWi-Fi network. That’s the only criteria.”

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