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Best Clock Widgets For Android To Customize Your Home Screen 2021

The best thing about Android devices is that you can customize them. There aretons of apps available in the Play Store. You can use these apps forcustomizing your device. Also, you can use widgets for customizing your homedevice. In this article, we are going to talk about the best clock widgets inthe play store. You can use them for customizing your home screen. You can use clock widgets for checking the current track. Also, they will helpyou in customizing your home screen. In this article, we are going to discuss10 amazing clock widgets available in Play Store. If you are using an Androiddevice, then you can easily download these widgets in your device.

3. Bobclockd3 – App URL

Bobclockd3The name of this app is a little weird. However, it provides very coolfeatures to its users. You can use it for optimizing your phone. Also, thereare various colors in this app. This will help you in making your home screenmore colorful.You can also change the size of the clock and date in this app. It will alsoallow you to use both uppercase and lowercase modes. You can choose any modeaccording to your preference. Also, this widget is free. Thus, you don’t needto worry about any additional charges. You can directly download it from thePlay Store. If you want a colorful clock widget, then this app is perfect foryou.ChronusThis is another amazing clock widget. However, it is also a very effectiveapp. You can add this widget to your home screen. Also, you can add it to yourlock screen. There are various options available in this app. You can choosefrom these options: * General Appearance * Calendar Events * Time Panel * Clock and AlarmAlso, you can customize each of these options. After that, you can add them toyour lock screen. However, these widgets are only compatible with devices thatare running Android 4.1 or higher. Almost every Android device is running onthe latest Android versions. Thus, you don’t need to worry about compatibilityissues.If you are device is still running on Android 4.0, then you should change yourdevice. Your device can’t support most of the android apps. Thus, it is betterto buy a new device.One More Clock WidgetThere are two separate versions of this app. You can use the free version ofthis app. However, there is also a premium version of this app. If you want touse the premium version, then you need to pay $0.99. According to me, the freeversion of this app is a better option. It offers various features to itsusers. Thus, you don’t need to worry about buying the premium version. Theskins in the free version are very simple. You will only find a white textover a transparent background. Thus, it looks very minimalistic. The user interface of this app is very simple. You can easily use this app.However, there are various templates and designs available in this app. Itwill also display the weather forecast. This is perfect for people that areliving in a region that has unpredictable weather. Also, you don’t need tocheck the weather separately. You can directly check it in the clock widget.There are various different themes available in this app. This is also thebest feature of this app. You can select the perfect theme for your homescreen. If you are a creative person, then you can go for a colorful theme.Otherwise, you can use simple themes.Simple Calendar WidgetIf you want to see all your notifications and tasks on your home screen, thenthis app is perfect for you. It will show you all your notifications on thehome screen. This app is extremely easy to navigate. Thus, anyone can easilyuse it. It offers various features to its users. Simple Calendar Widget willshow you clock, calendar, backup details and tasks on the home screen.There are various different options that you can choose. However, it is bestto display only the important ones on your home screen. This will help you ineasily checking the important information. If you are showing too many detailson your home screen, then things will become very confusing. Thus, it isbetter to only show important details.Pretty Binary Clock WidgetThis is another very amazing clock widget. It will show you time in binarycode. Also, you can use personalized colors in this app. The app will show youthis color whenever you will open the screen. Thus, it is a perfect app forcreative people.Clock WidgetThis is a very simple app. It will give you exactly what you need. You don’tneed to worry about any other unnecessary clutter. If you are only looking fora clock widget, then this widget is perfect for you. You can choose betweenvarious custom clock styles. Also, you can pick up your own color scheme.The app will also work with the default clock app. You can directly open youralarm app by clicking on the clock widget. If you are using Task Manager, thenyou must add this app in the whitelist apps list. This will ensure that theclock widget can update your device time.This app is a very basic app. The best thing about this app is its simplicity.If you are device is running on Android 4.1 or above, then you can use thisapp. Also, this app is completely ad-free.If you are looking for an amazing clock widget, then this app is perfect foryou. There are more than 9 themes in this app. Also, it supports both digitaland analog clocks. It is one of the best clock widgets available in themarket. However, some of the styles are very old now. There are threedifferent sizes available in this app: 4×2, 2×2 and 4×1. You can choose any ofthe sizes according to your needs. If you want to cover the whole screen, thenyou can choose4 x 4 widgets. However, make sure to make some extra space onyour home screen. ClockQIf you are looking for a more sophisticated widget, then ClockQ is perfect foryou. It offers many unique features to its users. You can’t use clock widgetson the lock screen of your device. However, you can still use this widget onyour home screen. There are more than 26 fonts available in this app. You canchoose the perfect font for your device. It will allow you to customize yourclock widget according to your taste. If you are a premium user, then you canchoose from 38 fonts.These are the 10 best clock widgets available on the Play store. You can useit for decorating your home screen. Also, you can customize these clockwidgets according to your needs. If you are a creative person, then you aregoing to love this app. There are various themes available in every app.Hence, you can also use the default themes. These widgets will help you intweaking your home screen. However, make sure to add only important elementsin your widget.There is no universal clock widget for every person. You should try theseclock widgets and find the perfect one for you. If you are looking for asimple app, then you can go for Clock Widget. However, if you are looking fora creative app, then ClockQ is perfect for you. These clock widgets will helpyou in increasing the beauty of your home screen.19 Best Android Widgets To Customize Your Home ScreenSmartphone widgets are basically some tools or important component of an appto help you navigate things faster on your phone. Widgets were not always thiscool as they are now. It took a while, but now widgets can make yoursmartphone experience much easier and quicker. You don’t have to open an appevery time and search for a particular feature or screen if the widget forthat is available on your home screen. There are hundreds of inbuilt appswidgets as well as third-party widgets that can be used on your Androiddevice. So, here we bring you the best Android widgets for Clock, Notes,Tasks, Search, Calendar, Weather etc.Please remember many widgets are already on your device. Just long press onthe home screen and tap on the four squared widgets icon. You can select allthe important widgets by tapping on them or by dragging them to the homescreen.

1. Transparent Clock & Weather

This is one of the most downloaded Weather apps mostly for its best freewidgets. You can choose from many widgets to apply on your home screenaccording to how much information you need from the app.In the widget, you can see the date, time, location, holiday status, today’stemperature, next day temperature, wind speed, humidity, dew point, batterypercentage, alarm status, etc. Isn’t that too much of information on a smallscreen?App link

5. Sectograph: Calendar clock widget

Sectograph is another stylish widget mainly for the purpose of viewing theplanned events on the home screen. This app is synced with the Google Calendarand all the events set by you for the day are shown in an enchanting roundwheel.In the center, you can see the date and time. It is also possible topersonalize the appearance of the wheel but that is a paid feature.App link

6. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

1Weather is one of the most used apps for weather updates, especially for itsmany cool widgets. The best thing about this widget is that you don’t need aseparate widget for the Google search. One of the widgets of this app hasGoogle search bar along with time, location, date and temperature.You can open any one app by tapping on the clock. This is like a shortcut andyou can choose the desired app from settings of the app.App link

8. Battery Widget Reborn

This widget is just to show the status of your phone’s battery and otherdetails related to it. In the notification bar, it shows how much time thebattery is going to last and also the temperature of the battery currently.It also has a pro version with little more features like power saving mode,multiple icon styles etc.App link

11. Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

You have to sign in to use this app. It is pretty simple note-taking app. Itswidget is useful and you can instantly write all the to-dos whenever somethingcomes to your mind. It won’t let you forget anything as all the uncompletedtasks will be on your home screen.You can choose to categorize your to-dos in sections like Travel, Work, MoviesTo Watch, Groceries etc.App link

Best Clock Widgets For Android You Should Start Using

Here are my best picks for clock widgets:All the mentioned apps are available for free with in-app purchases forgetting access to advanced features.

16. DIGI Clock Widget

This app is mainly designed for Time and Date only and does its best to makethe most out of it. I mean it is so customizable. It provides basic editingfeatures like changing 12-hour format to 24 hours format. Just like FancyWidgets, DIGI too offers their users to select different widget size. Sizesavailable are 2×1, 4×1 , 4×2 , 5×2 , 6×3.What makes it interesting is that this app lets you play with all the settingsregarding the widget’s display. Let me give you a brief overview of all thesettings available. * Show seconds * Change time font * Alter time color and transparency * Enable font outlines * Show shadow under time * AM/PM Settings * Date color and font settings * Background settings * Scale and Rotate * Click Action- Choose action when the widget is tappedand so on.Download it from Play Store For Free

19. Sense Flip Clock & Weather

This app is a perfect combo of the clock and the weather widgets. You canchoose from three widget size provided which are 4*1, 4*2 and 5*2. It has thebest user interface in all of the apps mentioned here making it the best freewidget for Android.It offers a lot of customizations like Clock themes, icon skins, time fontsand so on. Apart from these customizations, you get the optional feature todisplay the weekday and next alarm time.What I liked most about this app is its weather reports. First, all the datacan be monitored on the daily, hourly and weekly basis. Second, there are alot of forecasts included like weather forecast, wind forecast, precipitation,moon forecast, and sun forecast.Download it from Play Store For Free

Final Words

All these apps are great and can be very helpful when you need a quickshortcut to daily activities info and settings. I would definitely recommendyou to go for clock and weather app as it provides a lot of features and won’teven surpass your storage criteria.Every day something new rolls out in this tech age. These were the most usefuland best Android widgets still relevant in 2018. Widgets save our time and ifwe become habitual of them, they make using smartphone much simpler andfaster. If you use any of such cool widgets, do write them in the comments.Top 8 Best Clock Widgets for Android to Better Customize Home ScreenWidgets for Android are something that would always remain popular no matterwhat. Now, users tend to search for widgets that help them improve theirproductivity or simply to make things easier. Instead of launching the app andcreating a new task, with widgets, you can create it with just a single tap.So, why not the same for clock widgets for Android? Well, if you want tomanage your time, set alarms quickly, make your home screen look beautiful orcheck international time in a single tap, then you are in need of the bestclock widgets for Android.If you just put up a search term – “clock apps,” you will get a lot ofapplications listed which would probably confuse you. And, you will finally beforced to try most of them to see which one would you like to keep installed.The clock widget app that you choose would differ according to what youprefer. For instance – you prefer more productivity, which leads to adifferent choice. Now, if you prefer good looking clock widgets for Android,it would result in yet another set of options. So, keeping them in mind, wehave compiled a list of the best clock widgets for Android that you should beusing!Also Read: 5 Best iOS Launchers for Android to Make Android Phone Look LikeiPhones

Top 8 Best Clock Widgets for Android to Better Customize Home Screen

Previously, we have shared a list of best Android calendar widgets. If you arelooking for a great clock widget for Android? There are many weather and clockwidgets for Android available in the Google Play Store. Let’s explore top 8best clock widgets for Android devices.Weather & Clock Widget for Android developed by Devexpert.net is a cool clockwidget app that looks as good as it works. Interestingly, this one could actas one of the best clock widgets for Android and one of the best weatherwidgets as well.It is not a standalone clock widget app but also offers the integration todisplay the weather information. By that, you will be able to keep track ofeverything that you normally need. You can choose from various layoutsavailable to display both the time and the weather information on your homescreen. Yes, it may not be as customizable as you want a clock widget forAndroid to be, but it is both informative and gentle to look at.Also Read: Top 8 Best Android Music Player Apps to Supercharge Your MusicExperience

8. Round Clock Widget

Round Clock widget is one of the most beautiful round clock widgets we haveever seen. You can head on to the widget settings right from the home screento add them.In either case, you can just launch the app to customize the widget. It letsyou customize the round design/color. Besides, you can also change the fontstyle, choose to enable or disable the animation, and also opt to display thesecond animation or not.Also Read: Top 6 Best Android Wallpaper Apps that You Must Have”

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