3 Ways to Use Android Phone as Mic for PC

3 Ways to Use Android Phone as Mic for PC

If your computer does not have a mic, do not worry- you’re still in luck withyour phone. Several free tools can make your Android phone function as a full-fledged microphone for a laptop or desktop. In this article, let’s look atthree easy ways to use an Android phone as a mic for your PC.Related | Remove Background Noise in Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams

How to Use Android Phone as Mic for PC

Most modern Android phones have good-quality microphones and can easily beused as the go-to mic for online video classes or work meetings. Besides otheruse cases like audio recording, you can also use your phone as a mic or gamingon the PC. All you need is a tool that can stream audio from your phone’s micto your PC.

Step 1- Install WoMic on Phone and PC

1. To begin with, download and install the Wo Mic desktop client on your PC. 2. Then, install the Wo Mic Android app on your phone from Google Play Store. 3. Open the Wo Mic app on your phone and PC.

Step 2- Verify Wo Mic Device Is Working

1. 1. Press Win + X on your Windows PC. 2. Select Device Manager from the available options. 3. Here, click on Sound, video, and game controllers. 4. You should see “Wo Mic Device” under it.

Step 4- Check if Your Phone is Working as Mic

1. The Wo Mic app should now start streaming the audio from your phone’s mic to your PC. 2. You can check the same in any recording or calling app. 3. Alternatively, click Options in the Wo Mic desktop app. Select Play in Speaker. 4. If everything’s fine, you can hear sound captured by the phone’s microphone. Make sure your PC isn’t on mute.

Connect Wirelessly

You can connect Wo Mic with your phone via other channels given below. * Bluetooth: Pair your phone with the computer if you haven’t done that. Turn on Bluetooth on both phone and computer. * Wi-Fi: Turn on Wi-Fi on both phone and computer and connect them to the same Wifi network or hotspot. * Wi-Fi Direct: Turn on SoftAP on the phone and connect the PC to this AP.You can change the connection method, control port, and audio source mic in WoMic app settings.

Step 1- Install EZ Mic on Phone and PC

1. Download and install the EZ Mic desktop client on your Mac or Windows PC. 2. Then, install EZ Mic mobile app on your Android phone. 3. Open the app on your phone and PC. 4. You’ll now see the EZ Mic app in the Windows notification area.

Step 3- Check if Your Phone’s Mic is Working on PC

To check if your phone’s mic is working on PC, you can try using any recordingsoftware or calling apps. However, there’s another method too, given below: 1. Open Control Panel on your PC. 2. Here, click on Hardware and Sound. 3. Select Manage audio devices under Sound. 4. Go to the Recording Tab. 5. Here, click double-click the EZ Microphone. 6. Go to the Listen tab. 7. Check the box for Listen to this device and hit Apply. 8. You shall now be able to hear the voice captured by the phone on PC. 9. This means that the phone is working fine as the input mic for the PC.If you experience lag, check the connectivity. Also, open the task manager onyour PC and set EZ Mic and related services to high priority.Note: The free version of EZ Mic disconnects every four minutes. You’ll haveto reconnect it again, which could be tiresome. If you ever plan to buy thepremium version, make sure that the software is working fine on all yourdevices.

3. On Video Call Platforms like Google Meet, Zoom

Popular video calling platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoomlet you join in via your phone’s audio. This gives you an alternative optionfor using the phone as a mic with a desktop or laptop for video calls.Zoom lets you call yourself to join audio by phone or manually dial in themeeting. Similarly, on Google Meet, you can use the join audio over the phonecall, be it before joining or during the meeting.Here’s the detailed guide on using a phone as a speaker and mic for GoogleMeet.

Wi-Fi Method.

If you find the first method complicated, which isn’t actually. Then, thismethod will be helpful to you. Before starting, just make sure the same Wi-Fiis connected in both PC and Android smartphones.1. Open WO Mic Android App, and open App settings by tapping on the cog-wheelicon. Tap on transport and select “Wi-Fi”. Select Mic (mode 3) in the audiosource.2. Go back to the home screen of the App. And, tap on Play Icon. You will seethe App will show you an IP address to Connect. We will need it in the ClientApp.3. Open WO Mic Client App. Click on Connections > Connect.This time, do select “Wi-Fi” and in the “Phone IP address”, enter the IPaddress shown in your smartphone. Click on “Connect”.That’s it, you can now use Android Phone as Wireless Mic for Windows PC. Youcan also use your Android phone as a webcam, read my article on it.How to Use your Android Device as a Microphone to your PC

How to Use your Android Device as a Microphone to your PC

March 11, 2016 By Sreelakshmi MenonHow to Use your Android Device as a Microphone with Wo mic:- This postintroduces before you an innovative application called WO Mic. WO Mic can makeyour Android device function as a microphone. It comes handy when themicrophone in your computer is damaged. You don’t have to waste your moneybuying a new one. You can use this application for talking or voice recording.Also the lag is connection is too negligible to be of notice. So here’s how toinstall WO Mic and use it.

How to Use your Android Device as a Microphone

First up, you have to install WO Mic in your Android device. * Visit Google Play and install WO Mic app. * Windows users must install WO Mic drivers and the client setup program.You can download them at the links given here. WO Mic Client Setup ProgramWO Mic Driver * Mac users can follow the link below and install WO Mic app.WO Mic appIn Mac, additional drivers are not required. You’ve to simply install the app. * Open the app in your Android device. * Tap on SETTINGS. Then tap on Transport. * Three options will pop up. Tap on Wifi. * In the home screen, you will see an IP Address. Write down this IP address somewhere. You will need it later on. * Open WO Mic in your computer. Click on Connection. Then click on Connect. * A Select transport option pops up. Choose Wi-Fi. In the corresponding box provided, enter the IP address you had written down before. Click OK. * Select Options. Click a tick on Play in speaker. * Wait for a few seconds to get the connection.Once connected, on the bottom-left corner, it will show the status asconnected. * When you’re done, Click on Connection. Then click on Disconnect.WO Mic also has an auto reconnect option so that it connects on its own. Theset up and installation is quite simple. Give it a go!Sreelakshmi writes on Windows 10 tips and hacks.”

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