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5 Best Android Data Eraser Software – Permanently Deleted Phone Data

Data security has become a big issue amidst all the financial frauds andidentity thefts that are taking place online nowadays. To keep personal datasafe, you have to delete it permanently for which, you need to do more thanthe delete photos, videos, and other files from the phone. It is alsoimportant to wipe data when you are selling your phone or recycling it as youdon’t want anyone else to misuse your information.Continue reading the article to know our top five Android data eraser softwarepicks.

The Five Best Android Data Eraser Software

You have to download these software on your computer to erase data. Most ofthem only support the Windows operating system, but there are few that supportiOS. They are specifically developed for Android phones, so they won’t work oniOS devices. The process will take a long time because it is getting rid ofall possible data, so start it and continue with some other work.

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Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Top 5 Android Backup Software for PC [2021 Reviews]By Adela D. Louie, Last updated: June 3, 2021One of the most important things that we have and use in our everyday life isour mobile device. It does not matter what we do about it or how we use it, itis still considered to be as one of the most important things that we shouldhave.In using our Android device, we usually stored several types of data such asmovies, pictures, videos, contacts, messages, and more. This is also one ofthe reasons why we highly value our Android devices.However, due to some circumstances in life, there will be an incident that youmight end up losing all of your important data on your Android devices.Let’s face it, we will never know what can happen.Tips:Because of this, having all of your data backed up is one of the best ideasthat you should do for you to avoid panicking or getting stressed out once youexperience losing your data. Now, for this type of dilemma, there is actuallya lot of backup software for PC that you can choose from.All of these programs can be used easily and efficiently. Here we have listedsome of the best Android backup software that you can use for you to backupall of your data from your Android device.Part 1: The New and The Best Android Backup Software for PCPart 2: More BestAndroid Backup Software for PCVideo Guide: How to Backup Data for PC fromAndroid DevicesPart 3: Conclusion

Part 1: The New and The Best Android Backup Software for PC

If you have no knowledge of some of the best Android backup software, then nowyou may need to know what the best software to choose and use. There is onethat stands out. This is no other than the FoneDog Toolkit – Android DataBackup and Restore.The FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore has totally a lot morefeatures than those we have mentioned earlier. And with all its features, youwill never worry about a single thing in the case that something bad happenedto your phone.KEY FEATURESBy using the FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup and Restore, you will beable to experience all its best features such as the following. * It can allow you to selectively backup your data from your Android device to your computer with One Click. * It can allow you to backup all of your Apps and Apps Data. * It can allow you to backup your Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, Videos, Music, and Documents. * It can allow you to preview and restore your backup file to other Android phones that you have. * It supports over 8000 Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Pixel, Nexus, and more. * This software is very easy to use. * It will give your data 100% security. * You can selectively choose the data that you want to backup or restore using this software.How to Backup and Restore Data Using FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backupand RestoreAs we have mentioned earlier, the FoneDog Toolkit – Android Data Backup andRestore is actually very easy and simple to use. With that, here is a guidefor you that you can follow.

How to Use the Best Free Android Backup Software for PC

FoneDog Android Data Backup and Restore is the new best free Android backupsoftware for PC. There are 6 steps in details showing you how to process thedata backup: 1. Download and install FoneDog Android Data Backup and Restore. 2. Launch and run the program on your computer. 3. Connect your Android phone to the computer. 4. Choose the Data Backup option. 5. Select the data file you want to make a backup. 6. You will later get a notification while the backup is finished.

Step 7: Choose Backup File to Restore

Once that you have connected your Android device to your PC, go ahead andchoose “Device Data Restore” from the main interface. The FoneDog Toolkit– Android Data Backup and Restore will then show you all the backup filesthat you have.From the list shown on your screen, go ahead and choose the backup that youhave made recently. You will be able to determine this by looking at the timeand the date that the backup was made. After choosing the backup file, goahead and click on the “Start” button.

Part 2: More Best Android Backup Software for PC

Now, if you would wish to backup all the data that you have on your Androiddevice, then you will be needing a backup software for your PC. Because ofthis, we have listed here the best Android backup software that you actuallyuse.

What is the best Android data recovery free?

As an Android user, you might be knowing that Android phones don’t come witha recycle bin where all your deleted data stores automatically. Butintelligent developers have created various Android data recovery softwareprograms that can solve all kinds of data loss-related issues.With the increased availability of data recovery software programs in themarket, it is really difficult to choose which one is the best. Today, you aregoing to learn about carefully selected top 8 free Android data recoverysoftware programs. They will surely help you decide the best software for yourrequirements but before that, let’s understand a few things.If you get the trouble of data loss from Android phone, you would want to getthe best free data recovery to help you retrieve data back. The best Androiddata recovery free is that data recovery tool which can get back the data lostfrom your phone without any problems and in a very short time. Moreover, youdon’t need to pay anything to gain this benefit. This article contains thetop free Android data recovery software. All you have to do is visit theirwebsite, download, install, and use them to get your data back. The

1. Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery

Jihosoft Android Phone Recovery immediately recovers Android data lost underany situation. You can even get back your messages, contacts, SMS, and calllogs amongst other media and document files. This also is available for bothWindows and Mac Operating Systems.

2. MyJad Android Data Recovery

Jad Android Data Recovery can recover the lost data of your phone even if itis rooted, dead, or stolen. It is compatible with all the latest Androidsmartphones and is run on the Windows Operating System. This software alsoallows you to create a backup of all your important files to your computer.

3. Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery

Aiseesoft Android Data Recovery helps you get back the lost data from yourAndroid phone or tablet. It is capable of recovering the data lost from 8different scenarios and is available for both Windows as well as Mac. Its freeversion allows access to some features whereas, with the pro version, you caneasily access all the features.

4. Tenorshare Android Data Recovery

Tenorshare Android Data Recovery software claims that it has the highestsuccess rate of data recovery amongst its peers. Whatever type of file youwant to recover – WhatsApp message, SMS, email, photo, or anything else – itcan recover all in minutes. It promises to get back your data from 8 differentscenarios and can be run on Windows as well as Mac.

6. Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery

Gihosoft Free Android data recovery supports to retrieve data from Androidphones and tablets. Recover deleted files from Android internal SD memorycard, it supports the mobile phone like Samsung, Huawei, LG, HTC, and otherphones. Recover lost files includes photos, music, videos, contacts, andmessages, etc.”

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