2 1 Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 10 MINS

5 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 13/12/11

Congratulations on getting a new iPhone 13/12/11! The next important thing isto transfer all data from old Android phone to the new iPhone. Check 5 ways totransfer contacts from Android phones to iPhone 13/12/11 step by step.The latest flagship device from Apple is equipped with tons of high-endfeatures and will certainly provide an unforgettable experience. Though, ifyou truly want to have a seamless experience, then you need to start byimporting your contacts. After all, a phone is nothing without its contacts,right?As tedious as it might sound, it is in fact pretty easy to transfer contactsfrom Android to iPhone 13/12/11. You can use iTunes, Move to iOS, MobileTrans,and tons of available options. Here, I’m going to teach you how to importcontacts from Android to iPhone using the five most popular options.

Part 3: Transfer Contacts to iPhone 13/12/11 using SIM card

If you don’t want to use any dedicated application to transfer Androidcontacts to iPhone, then you can also use its SIM card. Needless to say, theoption will only work if you are physically moving your SIM card from onephone to another. Also, your SIM card should have enough space to accommodateyour contacts. Mostly, only the contact number and name is accommodated in thelimited space. Other details like photo, email, ringtone, etc. are discardedin the process. Here’s how to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone usinga SIM card. 1. To start with, go to your Android phone’s Contacts app > Settings > Import/Export contacts. 2. From here, choose to export all contacts to SIM. If the SIM card has enough free storage for your contacts, then the process will be completed successfully. 3. Now, using a SIM ejector tool, remove the SIM card from your Android and attach it to your iPhone. 4. Once the new SIM is detected on iPhone, go to its Settings > Contacts and choose to “Import SIM Contacts”. 5. Confirm your choice and wait for a while as all the SIM contacts would be imported to your phone memory. Pros:Cons: * Time-consuming. * A lot of additional data related to contacts would be lost. * Might not work for an extensive contact list.

Part 5: Transfer Contacts to iPhone 13/12/11 using iTunes

Lastly, you can also take the assistance of iTunes to sync your Google accountcontacts with iPhone. However, you should know that the technique often doesnot work and yield several compatibility issues. Furthermore, make sure thatyour Android phone contacts are already synced to your Google account inadvance. If everything is ready, then follow these steps to transfer contactsfrom Android to iPhone. 1. Connect your iPhone to the system and launch an updated iTunes version on it. 2. Go to the Info tab on iTunes and enable the option to sync contacts with Google account. 3. Log-in to the same Google account where your Android contacts are present and grant iTunes the permission to access it. 4. Apply these changes and wait for a while as your Google contacts would be synced to your iPhone. Pros:Cons: * Compatibility issues. * Not all contact details are transferred. * Time-consuming. There you go! Now when you know about five different ways on how to importcontacts from Android to iPhone, you can easily make this transition. If youhave recently got a new iPhone 13/12/11 and would like to transfer your datafrom an existing device, then give MobileTrans a try. With just one click, youcan transfer contacts from Android to iPhone 13/12/11. Since it provides aholistic solution, it will also let you transfer all other kinds of contentlike messages, photos, videos, music, bookmarks, call logs, and so much more.In this way, you can easily switch to a new iPhone without experiencing anydata loss.

Android File Transfer

If you have a Mac, you can use your Mac to transfer files from Android toiPhone with the Android File Transfer app, the official app from Android fortransferring files from Android to a Mac.Step 1. Connect your Android device to your Mac and locate the files that youwant to transfer. On your Mac, install Android File Transfer, open it.Step 2. Select the files that you want to move and drag them to a folder onyour Mac.Step 3. Disconnect your Android device and connect your iPhone to your Mac.Step 4. Within the Finder app, click on your iPhone.Step 5. Based on the files that you want to transfer, add the files to thecorresponding section. For example, if you want to transfer music, drag themto the Songs section in the Music app. You can choose to sync your entirelibrary or only selected tracks. Step 6. Click Sync and then you can find your files on your iPhone.

Method 1: Transfer contacts from Android during iPhone setup with “Move to

iOS”The first port of call when switching to an iPhone is to use Apple’s own app”Move to iOS”.This free app is great for transferring your Android content to a new iPhone,but there lies its biggest drawback too – this method can only be used whensetting up a brand new iPhone.If you have already completed the setup of your new iPhone, you’ll need to useone of the other methods in this guide.Move to iOS app (Image source: Apple)As well as your contacts, Move to iOS can also transfer your messages, photos,videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, calendars and free apps.So, let’s see how to use ‘Move to iOS’ to transfer your contacts (and more)from Android to iPhone: 1. Launch Google Play Store on your Android and download the “Move to iOS” app (your device must be using Android 4.0 or higher). 2. Grab your new iPhone, turn it on and begin to follow the steps to set it up. Connect to your Wi-Fi network when prompted. 3. On the “Apps & Data” step, choose “Move Data from Android”. 4. Note the security code displayed on your iPhone. 5. Open “Move to iOS” on your Android and enter the security code when required. 6. Choose the data you want to transfer to your iPhone. Ensure that Contacts is selected for the purposes of this guide!

Export Android contacts to PC

1. Download Droid Transfer and connect your device using Wi-Fi or USB. 2. Click Contacts. 3. Click “Copy Contacts…”, then “Copy to Contacts” to export all your contacts to the Windows Contacts app.You can copy all contacts by clicking Copy Contacts without making aselection, or clicking a contact, then using ctrl+a on your keyboard.Alternatively, you can select certain contacts to export, if you don’t need totransfer them all to your iPhone.Once you’ve exported your contacts, you’re ready to sync them with youriPhone…

Part 2. Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android via iCloud

When switching from iPhone to Android, one of the most important content youwant to transfer is contacts. Unfortunately, the iPhone sim card is smallerthan the one in Android phone and iPhone contacts are usually saved in a phonememory card. Although Many Android phone has also the nano sim card forchanging sim card between android and ios flexible, there are still someandroid phone adapt bigger sim card. That means, it’s not available to justinsert iPhone sim card on Android phone, which usually works in transferringcontacts from android to android.Don’t worry. If you like saving iPhone contacts to accounts, like iCloud,Google, it’s easy to do iPhone to Android contact transfer. Here, I takeiCloud as an example.Step 1. On your iPhone, navigate to Settings and select iCloud.Step 2. Sign in your iCloud account and turn on Contacts to sync contactsbetween iPhone and iCloud. Calendars can also be ticked at the same time, andthen sync the calendar from iCloud to Android.Step 3. Open browser and land iCloud main page. Then, click Contacts to enterthe contact management panel. Click Show Actions Menu and click ExportvCard…. Then, contacts in iCloud will be saved as a vCard file on thecomputer.Step 4. Plugin a USB cable to connect your Android phone or tablet tocomputer. When it’s recognized, go and open the SD card of your Android phone.Cut and paste the exported vCard file to the SD card folder.Step 5. Navigate to the Contacts app on your Android phone. Tap the menu iconleft to the main button and you get the menu list. Tap Import/Export andchoose Import from USB storage. Then, import the vCard file to your Androidphone.Tips If you want to know more ways to transfer contacts from iPhone toAndroid, you can find more satisfying answer on ways to transfer contacts fromiPhone to Samsung, and switch contacts from iPhone to android.

Step 1. Run the Android to iPhone Data Transfer Tool

Run MobileTrans – Phone Transfer, the best Android to iPhone data transfertool on the computer, and you will see the window as follows. After then,connect your Android phone and your iPhone with the computer via USB cablesrespectively. Make sure that both devices can be successfully detected by yourcomputer.

2.1 Transfer contacts from Android to iPhone (10 MINS)

To transfer Android contacts to iPhone 13/12/11/X/8/7, you can save allcontacts on the Android SD card, and upload to your accounts, like Google,Yahoo!, iCloud, and then sync to your iPhone. In the following part, I’d liketo show you how to make it via Google account.Step 1. On your Android phone, go to the Contacts app. Tap the button on theleft of the home button to show the menu list. Tap Import/Export.Step 2. Click Export to USB storage> > OK to save the contact list to your SDcard. Connect your Android phone with your computer via a USB cable as a disk.Open the SD card file to export the vCard file to your computer.Step 3. Open your Gmail webpage on your computer. Click Gmail > click Contactsto show the contact control panel. Click More > Import…. > click Choose Fileto select the vCard file you have saved in steps 2 to import it.Step 4. On your iPhone, click Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > AddAccount… > Google. Log in with your Gmail account and tap Next to finish thesetup. Turn on Contacts. Then, contacts will be synced to your iPhone).

Can You Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

For users who are going to change from iPhone to Android or who have bothiPhone and Android phones, transferring contacts from iPhone to Android isnecessary. Then there comes the question: Can you transfer contacts fromiPhone to Android? iPhone and Android use different operating systems and savefiles in different formats. Is it possible to transfer data between thesedevices?There are many platforms or services that can serve as the “intermediarycommunicator” between iPhones and Android phones and can help you transfercontacts or other files from an iPhone to Android or vice versa. Therefore,the answer is obviously ‘Yes’ and there are many possible ways.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android in 6 Ways

The ways to transfer iPhone contacts to Android include:Workable Solutions | Step-by-step Troubleshooting —|— Method 1. Use iCloud | Turn on iCloud Contacts > Visit iCloud.com on PC…Fullsteps Method 2. Use Data Transfer Software | Transfer iPhone contacts to acomputer…Full steps Method 3. Use Google Account | Â Go to “Settings” > Tap “Mail, Contacts,Calendars”…Full steps Method 4. Use Email/Text | Create a new message or email and addcontacts…Full steps Method 5. Use SIM Card | Take the SIM card out of the iPhone and insertit…Full steps Method 6. Use iTunes | Install iTunes > Connect the iPhone to the computer…Full steps Read on to get the details and take the one best suited to your needs.

Method 5. Transfer contacts from iPhone Android via SIM card

Do you want to transfer all the contacts from iPhone to Android? If youriPhone contacts are stored on the SIM card, the best way for you is to importthe contacts to the Android phone via SIM card.To transfer contacts from iPhone to Android via SIM card:Step 1. Carefully take the SIM card out of the iPhone and insert it into theAndroid phone.Step 2. On the Android phone, go to the “Contacts” app.Step 3. Click “More” > “Settings” > “Import/Export” > “Import from SIM.”Step 4. When a popup appears, click “Import” to confirm the operation.”

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