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How to set your Google Photos images as a live wallpaper on Android

Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how toeasily get the most out of your gadgets, apps, and other stuff.Your Google Photos image collection can already feature in a personalizedscreensaver or picture carousel on smart devices around your home, such as theNest Hub.And now, those photos can also grace your Android phone’s home screenin the form of live wallpaper.Google Photos‘ latest app update enables you to set your memories as anautomatically rotating wallpaper. To use this feature, you should have theapp’s v5.22. Once you’ve updated it, here’s how you can set your photos aslive wallpaper: * Go to your home screen and long-press an empty space. * Head to the wallpaper section. * Scroll down to Live wallpapers. * Select Memories to set your images as a live wallpaper.Setting live wallpaper from Google Photos memoriesSadly, there’s no way to control what picture shows up as a wallpaper on yourhome screen or lock screen. So, be prepared to get random and crappy picturesyou don’t remember you captured.Published December 4, 2020 – 6:15 am UTCBack to top19 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android in 2021If you are not happy with the live wallpapers offered by your gadget, thisvery post is what you need. As you know, there are tons of live wallpaper appson Google Play, but not all of them worth being installed on your device.However, we have chosen only the best tools of this category instead of you.So here are the most popular apps with live wallpapers. For your convenience,the applications are divided into two groups. The first part is dedicated tothe tools that represent collections of live wallpapers with hundreds ofoptions to choose from. Then comes the selection of the apps with thematic orspecific wallpapers. You may find them suitable for you as well.There is no need to browse the applications and read dozens of reviews byyourself. Going through this post will be enough to find the most suitable appfor you.

1. NoxLucky – HD Live Wallpaper, Caller Show, 4D, 4K

The first app to be reviewed isNoxLucky. As it is so multifunctional, you will definitely find the necessary featurehere.First of all, the tool contains hundreds of free live photos for the users tochoose from. What is more, the content is regularly updated. The thing thatmakes the app so convenient in use is wallpaper division according to variousparameters (categories, colors, tags, keywords, etc.). So regardless of yourtaste, you will find something appropriate for sure. By the way, download thewallpapers on your device is supported here as well.Secondly, if you would like to set a photo from your gallery as a livewallpaper, the app will become your assistant in this matter. Thus, you willbe asked to upload this very image. After that, the app will do its best intransforming it into a photo of great quality and making it alive. After itgenerates a live wallpaper with your image, just set it on your Home Screen.Apart from this, you will also have access to other users’ creations. In thissection, you can get some inspiration or even choose ready-to-install livewallpapers for yourself.Have you ever thought of setting a short video as a live wallpaper? This veryapplication will let you do this. You will need to import a video from yourgallery, TikTok, or Instagram. After that, you will be provided with handytools to make the video look like a live wallpaper.As for additional features, the app also includes the selection of shortvideos that can be set when you receive a call. Talking about Home Screen,with this tool, you will be able to set a time to make the wallpapers change.You may find this feature so useful.

2. Live Wallpapers, Screen Lock, Ringtones – W.Engine

Here is the alternative calledW.Engine. If you are in search of live wallpaper tools with frills (like ringtones),this app is what you need.First of all, the tool will provide you with thousands of live HD wallpapersfor free. What is more, the developers assure that some backgrounds will be of4K or even 8K quality. At the same time, they won’t be so battery life-consuming. Your only task is to choose the wallpaper you like the most bybrowsing some of the 30 categories.In addition, uploading your own images making them live will also be possible.As for the videos, they can be transformed into live wallpapers as well. Forthis, you will need to upload a video, adjust its speed and duration, and haveit set on your Home Screen.If you prefer diversity, the app will help you to adjust the wallpaperchanging. As a result, they will be shown with particular intervals one byanother.Apart from this, if you are interested in ringtones or notification sounds aswell, here is a feature for you. In the app directly, you will find hundredsof soundtrack options of various genres.

5. Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers

The last but not least app of this type isLive Wallpapers. What does it include?With this app, you will have thousands of wallpapers (both static and live) atyour fingertips. Each of them will be of FullHd or 4K quality. Just choose thecategory you are interested in the most (there will be more than 30 of them)and find the background that suits you best.Apart from this, the tool also supports wallpaper changing. In this case, youwill be able to make them change automatically. As for an alternative, double-tapping on Home Screen will let you do it manually at once. Or you can adjustwallpaper changing each time you lock your device.> It’s getting more and more trendy to set wallpapers with quotes. If you want> to go with the times, here is the list of the tools to create such a> background for your Home Screen.

11. Paperland Live Wallpaper

As for an alternative, you may also tryPaperland Live Wallpaper. Again, the live background in paper style will make your home screen unique.Well, you will have access to various landscapes that can be synchronized witha time of day or weather in your location. At the same time, setting theparticular period of a day as a fixed will also be possible.The app also has a pro version. Thus, a premium user has access to theselected themes like holidays or rare sceneries.

14. Sphaera – 4K, HD Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds

How do you feel about installing an app where the live wallpaper is both abackground and a map? If your attitude is positive, installing the tool calledSphaerawill be a good idea.Right after you open the app, you will be offered to choose your location.After that, choose one of the 30 amazing map styles. By the way, they willvary from minimalistic to detailed ones. After that, it will remain to choosesome parameters (tilt, zoom, rotation), and set a map as wallpaper. Finally,when everything is done, the map wallpaper will change as your location willdo.However, if you want to set another area as a map, there is a selection of theapp’s pre-chosen spots that will perfectly suit your Home Screen. At the sametime, searching any location manually and setting it as a background will alsobe possible.

16. Asteroids 3D live wallpaper

If you are fond of space, we highly recommend you install the app calledAsteroids 3D live wallpaper. Here is what it is famous for.This very app will provide you with access to dozens of perfectly-designed 3Dlive wallpapers. each of them is extremely catchy, so the tool worth beingtried by you for sure.

18. Particle Live Wallpaper n Play

For those who are physics lovers,Particle Live Wallpaper n Playwill be the best choice. Gere are the app’s main advanatges.In this case, live wallpaper will consist of particles. As for customization,it will be up to you to choose the size, color, range, and background.However, you will also be able to choose one of the 10 pre-loaded modes.As for animation, after you set the app’s wallpaper, you will be able tocontrol the particles with taps. The tool supports touches of up to 10fingers.

1. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

This is the best screen saver app for Android that offers a lot of exclusivepictures you can use as wallpapers. There are such amazing and wonderfulcollections of images.Hence, with its simple interface, you can modify your smartphone easily.A variety of artistic backgrounds that are designed by experts are alsoavailable inside the app. You can get the update of wallpaper images per day.Also, there is an opportunity to send your creation to the app. So, manypeople would use it too.Besides, the high performances and its collections become the high point ofthis Backgrounds HD app. Even though it comes with HD goodies, this programsaves battery power.Download : ANDROID

3. Pixel 4D Live Wallpapers 4K

VIDEOThis is the true animated screen saver app that provides live wallpapers forAndroid phones. Users may choose one image to be the lock screen or homescreen.Otherwise, there is no need to have a custom lock screen to change it. Thevery first thing you have to know is whether your phone’s system supports livewallpapers or not.What makes the Pixel 4D is different from other applications is the real 4Ddepth effect. It is another level of 3D live wallpapers.Surprisingly, this app will not reduce the battery level as much as weexpected. The minimum usage is below 2 percent.Moreover, it is recommended to use the AMOLED live wallpaper to deal with thisissue. The developers promise to have new updates of the collection everyweek.Download : ANDROID

6. GRUBL™ Live Wallpapers 4Κ & Ringtones

VIDEOAnother great application for Android screen saver, it offers more than just acollection of graphics or images.Also, you can use the ringtone, notification sound, and alarm for free. Adeveloper called GRUBL brings this excitement to your phone.Moreover, users might decorate the lock and home screen with their collectionof epic video wallpapers.It is such a great screen saver app to install. Besides, the collection ofringtones and sounds are at your service. There are hundreds of them toexplore.The developer has claimed that this application is the only app on the storethat can apply 2 different wallpapers for the home screen and the lock screenthat does not need any modifications at all.However, smartphones need to support the live wallpapers for both screens.There is also an “Auto Changer” which gives an automatic change of graphicsdaily or per 6 hours.Thankfully, the app offers you pleasure in both visual and sound.Download : ANDROID

13. Glitter Live Wallpaper Glitzy

If you are interested in glittery live wallpaper for your phone’s screensaver, install this application. The developer claimed that this app is thefirst one in the world.Indeed, this app is more than just an animated image. It has got motionfeedback sparkles to enjoy.The combination of realistic glitter with parallax effect in one livewallpaper is just amazing. As you move your phone, you will see how theglitter reacts beautifully.This app allows you to create your version of glitter images to become thelock screen and home wallpaper.Instead of making it yourself, just select one of the available wallpapers.Then, choose the level of sparkles, modest or super glittery.All of the items in the app’s collection of live wallpapers are designed byartists. So, it is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product andnothing will be like this application anywhere else.Download : ANDROID”

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