11 Best Drawing Tablets in 2021

11 Best Drawing Tablets in 2021

Our FixThePhoto team uses the best drawing tablets for professional needs,therefore we know everything about their features. Our list includes onlythose models that are used by our expert team for working with photos and thatwe can confidently recommend as the best ones on the market.Nowadays’ market is full of remarkable drawing tablets that are meant forvarious purposes. You will find compact models at cheaper prices, as well asmodels with high resolution for advanced users.

Best Drawing Tablets FAQ

* What is the best drawing tablet in 2021?Wacom Cintiq 22. It is praised for a large screen for drawing, stylus withhigh sensitivity, a reasonable price and a seamless drawing process. * What is the best drawing tablet for beginners?Wacom Intuos S. The model is notable for its wide compatibility, customizationcapabilities and precise operation. Besides, it won’t cost you more than $100. * Do I really need a drawing tablet?When working with the mouse in Photoshop and Illustrator, you may not get thedesired results. You won’t be fully productive either. The entire process willtake longer, and the quality will suffer as well. * Which graphics tablets are used by professionals?Wacom Cintiq 22 Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 Wacom Intuos Pro10 Best Drawing Tablets for Graphic Design, Art & Drawing (2021)

Designers use drawing tablets mostly for digital illustration or photo

retouching work, it makes it easier and more fun than just using a mouse.Searching the best tablet for your graphic design needs is certainly not easy,because there are so many options available on the market.Many creatives, whether illustrators, artists or graphic designers in generalturn towards using tablets more these days to be able to complete theirprojects wherever and whenever—even away from office.Having a drawing tablet will make your life as a designer so much easier andmore enjoyable.As a graphic designer the question I get asked the most is:> What’s the best tablet for graphic design in 2021?I‘ve checked out various brands, from specialized ones like Wacom,to moreversatile options like iPad Pro and Galaxy Tabs, to very affordable ones likeXP-Pen and Huion.Every graphic designer will have different requirements, so I made sure mylist includes a variety of drawing tablets that you can buy in 2021.

Top 3 Note Taking Tablets Compared

Here are the best high-end, mid-range, and budget tablets:Product Image| | | —|—|—|— Product Name| Apple iPad Pro Best Premium Multipurpose Tablet| Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Best Android Tablet with Stylus| Microsoft Surface Go 2 Best Multipurpose Laptop & Tablet with Keyboard & Stylus Screen Size| 12.9 inches| 11 inches| 10.5 inch Resolution| 2732 x 2048 pixels| 1600 x 2560 pixels| 1920 x 1080 pixels Dimensions & Weight| 11.04 x 8.46 x 0.25 inches, 1.5 lbs| 11.3 x 7.3 x 0.2inches, 1.3 lbs| 9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches, 1.22 lbs Processor| Apple A12X Bionic 8-core CPU| 1.6 Ghz octa-core| 8th Gen Intel®Core™ m3 Processor OS| iPad OS 14| Android 10, One UI 2.5| Windows 10

The Best Tablet with Stylus – My Conclusions

Tablet technology has come a long way, and there are some awesome high-end andbudget options for note-taking tablets on the market. Any of the above-recommended products will serve you well and meet all your needs, whetheryou’re intending to use your tablet for creative projects or for taking notes.The best tablet is portable and lightweight, has a great screen resolution,and is powerful enough to run your favorite apps. All the tablets on this listtick the right boxes, and there’s something for everyone, no matter what yourbudget is.Everyone should have a handy little tablet, whether you use it for note-taking, drawing, graphic design work, or just surfing the web.Grab one of my top recommended tablets, and you won’t regret it – you’ll justwish you’d invested in one sooner!Hey, I’d love to hear what you think about this post. If you’ve got a questionor an opinion on this, leave a comment at the bottom.This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, Proactive Creativemay receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.7 Best Drawing Tablets for Photoshop & Illustrator | 2021As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on our website.If you make a purchase through links from this website, we may get a smallshare of the sale from Amazon and other similar affiliate programs. You canread our complete legal information for more details.Are you looking for an unbiased, objective review of the best drawing tabletsfor photoshop and illustrator? Artists using Adobe photoshop & illustratorrequire a drawing pad with the right specs; display size, pressuresensitivity, and compatibility (especially for photo editing).Grabbing the right photoshop tablet means a lot of research behind the prosand cons of sketching in adobe using a graphics tablet (pen & pad). I foundthat the best drawing pad for adobe are the ones that have a built-in screen.The best part about these is that they are nearly as good as Wacom (Cintiq &intuos), but at a much lower price point. These brands are great forbeginner/intermediate artists who want to create professional level artworkusing a photoshop pen tablet. If you’re strictly editing photos then view ourlist of the best Tablets for Lightroom and Photo Editing.On a budget?If you’re on a budget, you can choose a good cheap drawing pad forillustrator/photoshop by going with Huion or XP-Pen brands. These have theproper pen pressure and tilt technology for painting & sketching digitally.In this article, you’ll see a list that includes professional advice on whatthe best pen tablets for Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop are.Related: 5 Best Stylus for Photoshop (Photo Editing)

Best Drawing Tablets for Photoshop & Illustrator (Adobe)

There’s a big difference between different drawing tablets many are unawareof. Here are the best drawing tablets for Photoshop & Illustrator for thoselooking to accomplish professional level artwork at a great price point.

Is there Photoshop for drawing tablets?

Yes, there are Adobe Photoshop software for drawing tablets in the form ofboth Windows and iOS. The versions on iOS are slightly different, but achievethe same effect. You’ll be using an Apple Pencil ideally if using the tabletversion as it appeared to perform the best in our tests amongst the ApplePencil 1 vs Apple Pencil 2 comparison post.

Do drawing tablets automatically have pressure for photoshop &

illustrator?Yes, there are default settings, but these pressure settings for photoshop andadobe software can be modified through properties/settings of both thesoftware and your drawing tablet device.There are also different settings that are native to the drawing tablet andstylus you choose. For example, on Wacom you will have your own menu, whereasusing an iPad and Apple Pencil the settings for pressure to be adjusted willdiffer.Always keep in mind there are two different settings that can be adjusted: 1. from the app you are drawing on; ex. photoshop or illustrator. 2. From the drawing tablet or stylus brand software that you can install


Overall, The Best drawing tablets for photoshop are oftentimes also the besttablets for illustrator. This is because these adobe photoshop drawings padsare good for photo editing, retouching, precise brush strokes and accuratesketching in adobe illustrator due to their built-in screens… because you candraw right on the tablet!They also have pressure sensitivity (8192) and tilt technology as well asrechargeable stylus… many love this feature on their drawing pen tablet. TheseDigital drawing pads are of course compatible with adobeillustrator/photoshop.The best, well known drawing tablet for Photoshop brand is Wacom, which manybelieve to be too expensive. Instead, many digital artists on a budget areusing the XP-Pen and Huion graphics tablet. There are some pros and cons tothis for a proper drawing experience. As a professional myself I highlightedthese in this article.Mac/Apple fans often choose their iPad as their primary drawing tablet becauseit is compatible with adobe software (photoshop/illustrator) and also has ascreen they can draw right on. Additionally, they can connect it to their Macby using an app if they want a larger or second display monitor to draw with.Now that you can understand which is the proper drawing tablet for photoshopand illustrator you’re ready to create those top tier level art projects onthe correct pen tablet/drawing pad of choice.The best drawing tablet 2021Our guide to the best drawing tablets is here to help you find the right toolfor your digital art. Drawing tablets come in all sorts of sizes andconfigurations, with a range of different features for different types ofartists. Some have their own displays, some need to be plugged into monitors,and some are multifunctional tablets that also allow you to watch Netflix.This guide is designed to help you narrow down your search and find the tabletthat’s right for you. Whether you’re an experienced professional artist or acomplete newbie who’s never held a stylus before, there are tablets here thatrepresent a great buy. We’ve aimed to cover every skill level and price pointto suit all budgets.If you are new to tablets, you may want a quick rundown of the typesavailable. Broadly drawing tablets can be split into three categories –graphics tablets, pen displays and tablet computers. Our explainer goes intodetail about the differences between each type – click to jump straight to it.We’ve included models from market leader Wacom, as well as keenly pricedcompetitors like Huion, XP-Pen and Xencelabs. But it would be remiss not toinclude one of the most disruptive drawing tablets of recent years – noneother than Apple’s iPad Pro, which is one of the best drawing experiencesaround. We’ve assessed the pros and cons of each model to help you get a senseof which is right for you.If you’re shopping for a tablet to start your studies, you may want to checkout our guide to the best tablets for students, and if you’re buying for alittle one, we have a dedicated guide to the best drawing tablets for kids.But for now, let’s get to the best drawing tablets you can buy!(Image credit: Xencelabs)

The best drawing tablet accessories

Wacom Pro Pen 3D A third button may not sound much of an innovation, but it enables the Pro Pen3D to support pan and zoom in three dimensions, giving 3D artists unfetterednavigation at their fingertips.Wacom Inking Pen For that traditional feel, the Inking Pen enables you to place a sheet ofpaper on your Wacom tablet then draw onto it with ink, while the tabletcaptures your drawing movements at the same time. The Inking Pen is only forIntuos tablets: it can damage the screen on Cintiqs and MobileStudios.Adonit Jot Pro If the Apple Pencil doesn’t appeal or your iPad isn’t compatible, the AdonitJot Pro is a stylish pen that works on any iPad (or Android tablet). The nib,combining a fine-point tip with a plastic circle to register on the tabletscreen, looks curious but works well in practice.Today’s best drawing tablet accessory deals

The best drawing tablets: What are the different types?

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of drawing tablet. Each takes adifferent approach to the central challenge of helping you draw on yourWindows PC or Mac as if you were drawing on paper.In terms of drawing tablets, there’s everything from professional, high-resolution graphics tablets, to portable tablets that cost less than £40 andfit in a small backpack. There’s also a growing market of drawing tablets forlittle ones, and you can check out our dedicated drawing tablets for kidsguide if this is something you’re looking for. Want to go unplugged for a bit?Have a look at our best lightboxes for more hands-on creativity. And if you’relooking specifically for a tablet for editing, see our best tablets for photoand video editing.

Graphics tablets

(Image credit: Wacom)The traditional drawing tablet features a flat, featureless surface that youdraw on with a stylus, with the image displayed on a computer monitor.Graphics tablets remain the most affordable drawing tablet category. Theirmain disadvantage is the sense of ‘disconnect’ between the drawing surface andthe screen, although most people get used to this quickly.

Pen displays

(Image credit: Wacom)Pen displays consists of a flat-screen monitor with a pressure-sensitivesurface that you draw on with a stylus. They don’t have the sense ofdisconnect experienced with graphics tablets, are more portable and cost more.However, you get a lot of cables between the display and computer (see thebest computers for graphic design), and the display surfaces don’t offer the‘bite’ that graphics tablets do.

Tablet computers

(Image credit: Apple)Android and iOS devices like the Surface Pro and iPad Pro take on the otherdrawing tablets in two ways. You don’t need another computer: just download anart app and start drawing with your fingertip or a stylus. Also, when you wantto use the Creative Cloud suite on your main computer, these can function asgraphics tablets with apps like Astropad.

The best drawing tablets: Which one should you buy?

Right now, we’re confident in saying that the absolute best drawing tablet youcan buy is the Wacom Cintiq 22, which provides Wacom’s famous quality in apleasingly large tablet at a surprisingly affordable price. If you wantsomething a bit smaller (and cheaper), then go for the Xencelabs Medium PenTablet bundle, which comes with some surprisingly cool accessories and is veryaffordable.If you’re completely new to this market, it’s worth pointing out that thereare three different categories to be aware of. * Graphics tablets, which you draw directly onto with a stylus * Pressure-sensitive pen displays, which are hooked up to a monitor * Tablet computers, which can be adapted for drawing with an appNeed a recap? Here are the best drawing tablets, graphics tablets and tabletcomputers right now…Today’s best drawing tablet pricesRelated articles:”

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